Candy Loving In White

Candy Loving and Susan Omega were tired; Candy had been spending the day at Susan’s studio getting ready for her trip to the Playboy Mansion in Chicago. The lovely Ms Loving was going out there for a shoot and Susan was the stylist. That meant Susan was helping the buxom playmate pick the outfits and the look she would be using. If they were working in L.A. then Susan’s husband would also be involved as a producer.

Candy of course had a voluptuous body that stopped traffic wherever she went. Susan was blonde and a bit taller than Candy but she was quite a beauty herself: vivid blue eyes, pouty, beestung lips and
an equally provoking 37-24-36 figure. Susan had a reputation of being quite a party girl at the L.A. mansion a few years ago, but now she was settled in her career and her marriage to Stan. Playboy gave them a lot of business and they were popular with many of the playmates.

Working with the bodacious Candy had been a sexy and stimulating experience. Susan liked to dress up with her clients and the pair made quite a team as they pranced around the studio in anever changing array skimpier and skimpier outfits. Of course they had to experiment with pulling bras down and lifting hems on slips to test the way various garments would work as Candy went through her erotic poses. Of course, Susan’s hands spent a lot of time on Candy’s awesome body and Susan noticed that Candy seemed to like touch herself and touching Susan too.

During the course of the day the two girls had gotten a bit turned on as their hands brushed over each other’s skin or Susan would lift and squeeze Candy’s luscious breasts to fit them into a bit of tight lingerie. Fingers would linger on nipples, or bottoms or bushes; there was a lot of sighing; both girls clearly felt an attraction but it was unspoken as they worked on picking outfits for the shoot.

The sexual tension right at this moment was almost unbearable. Candy was wearing an outfit that Susan had designed for her. The top was a sheer white blouse with a sequined fringe on the shoulders. The slacks were also sheer white, tightly hugging her shapely legs and ass, and the gossamer white fabric highlighted the thick curls of her dark bush. The two girls stood transfixed in front of the mirror gazing at Candy’s body. She looked incredibly fuckable. Susan was only wearing a simple ivory slip and the only sound in the room was the shallow breathing of the two girls and the rustling of Susan’s satin against Candy sheer material.

Susan was standing behind Candy and reaching around to tug on Candy’s blouse to tighten the cloth over the erect nipples. Candy couldn’t control herself and she brought her hand up to caress Susan’s hair as they swayed in front of the mirror.

“This is so sexy,” Susan murmured. Did she mean the clothes or the way they were embracing?

“Mmmmm,” Candy moaned. “Do you think it’s over the top?”

“I just like seeing you fantastic body; if you were mine I’d dress you like this all the time.”

“If you were mine, I don’t think you’d get any work done,” Candy giggled as Susan cupped her breasts and pushed them up. Candy tightened her grip on Susan’s neck and rolled her rear into Susan’s pelvis.

“Maybe we need a second opinion,” Susan finally spoke after they spent quite a few minutes in this pose just swaying in front of the mirror. The lustful longing between them was obvious but neither was ready to make a move. “Why don’t you ask Stan what he thinks?”

With a slight groan Candy loosened her grip on Susan and turned around. Her enormous creamy mounds brushed against Susan’s and there seemed to be a spark between them. Susan’s hands were on her ass and she pulled Candy up into her. “You know, Stan can be quite helpful. I know he’d love to see you like this. Why don’t you surprise him and I’ll be along in awhile.” Giving Candy a quick kiss on the cheek she pushed her away and out the door.

Stan’s workshop was across the hall. It was filled with lighting equipment, drafting tables, and models of sets. In the middle of the room was the vintage barber’s chair he was so proud of. He was sitting there reading an electrical manual when Candy came in. His back was to her and she put her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?!” she exclaimed playfully.

Stan covered her hands with his. “It can only be the gorgeous Miss Candy Loving! How’s the wardrobe coming?”

“We’re all set except for this last ensemble. Now keep your eyes closed ’cause I want your opinion.” She took her soft hands off of his face and came around to the front of the chair. She put one of her feet on the foot rest of the barber’s chair and with one hand on her waist and another behind her head she thrust out her chest and struck a pose. She was still tingling from the teasing time she had with Susan and being alone with Stan this way was just as exciting.

“OK, now open your eyes. I want an honest first reaction.”

“Holy Moses,” Stan moaned as he took in her body barely hidden by the sheer white threads.

“Do you really like it?” Candy dropped one hand onto his leg. “It’s not too strange?”

“Baby, you look dynamite.”

“What about the buttons? Should I undo more of them?”

“That could be nice,” Stan said, still staring.

Again, a charge filled the room. Candy had the urge to jump on top of him and tear his clothes off. She could see that he was already aroused. This outfit was turning on both of them.

She looked at him as he admired her curvaceous flesh and then she sighed. As if another person were speaking she heard herself whispering. “Could you undo the buttons for me?”

Stan nodded and gulped. Candy slowly came forward and lowered herself into his lap. Watching those eyes, that face, coming close to him was like watching the sun come up in the morning.

She snuggled into his lap rubbing her soft plush bottom against his already throbbing shaft. Very slowly, and very delicately she lifted his hands to the buttons. She watched intently as his fingers touched her. The warmth of his fingers even through the blouse brought out a soft hiss of pleasure from the trembling girl.

He worked open the first closure and pushed the fabric away, his fingertips running lightly over the tops of her warm creamy breasts. Then he did the next one. Now the only thing holding the blouse closed was the knot at the bottom. He caressed her breasts and her ribs before resting his eager fingers on her hips. He could feel her tremors as she turned her gaze from his hands to his face.

Candy was almost absentmindedly toying with buttons on his shirt. She was speaking softly, in a distracted tone. “Susan made this outfit. I don’t know what it’s made out of but it feels good against my skin. Do you want to feel it on your skin?” She was now rapidly, almost rabidly opening his shirt to expose his chest.

With a hungry hiss she pushed his shirt off and leaned down. Candy began to brush her nipples, still covered by the thin fabric, against his body. “How does that feel? Do you like the way that feels?” The breasts felt full and warm and moist, heavy against his skin and almost straining through the thin cloth as she pressed them against him urging him to feel their soft and plush comfort. All Stan could do was moan in satisfaction as her soft full breasts tickled his skin.

Candy’s warm lips ran lightly across his as she sat up again. She noticed a glass of water next to the chair and she took a long deep drink. For Stan it was a wild sex show as she threw her head back and stretched her long delicate throat and gulped while making sexy noises.

“Ahhhhh,” she panted and licked her lips with a grin. Still holding half full glass she held one of her breasts with her other hand. “We were wondering what this would look like wet. Do you want to see?” Suddenly she poured just enough water to cover her breasts with a silver sheen of liquid.

The fabric seemed to first fade then evaporate completely, leaving her awesome breasts glowing like jewels.

“What do you think?” she moaned huskily.

Without a word Stan slowly pulled the knot closing the blouse. As it came undone her creamy flesh came tumbling towards him offering her body to his mouth and hands.

He ran his fingers up her belly then between her now heaving breasts and across her shoulders as he gently pushed the blouse off. It fell to the floor with a delicate rustling sound that was matched by the quick intake of Candy’s breath as she realized that she was yielding to him. She was still hot from being with Susan all afternoon and her body was demanding some attention.

Candy twisted her body around so she was laying face up on top of him. Stan had lowered the chair so they were reclining. She braced her feet on the foot rest and using the arm rests too she pushed her body up slightly so it was dangling just above him, barely touching. Then she slowly began to writhe over him paying particular attention with her ass, making sure that his cock, still inside his pants, was caressed by her soft round cheeks. Candy snorted and groaned deeply as his hard shaft pressed against her delicious round bottom. Her eyes were glued to her massive mounds lying full and firm with the magnificent tan lines accentuating the bright pink of the large areolas and the luscious and meaty nipples.

His hands were racing over her body reading it like Braille. He traced circles around those yummy breasts as Candy moaned with pleasure, then ran the back of his hands along her rips and down her flat belly and cupped her pussy and held it firmly feeling the heat it was radiating through the pants. He was desperately trying to find the opening to those pants but with no luck.

This is the scene that Susan walked in on. She stood at the head of the chair watching the pair writhing and moaning completely unaware of her presence. After a few moments she finally spoke, “I guess you like this outfit?”

Stan looked up at her and grinned. Candy was a little wide-eyed and nervous, unsure of what Susan would think about Stan humping a topless playmate. Susan came around to the front of the chair. “Hi, Candy,” she said softly.

“Hi…” was all Candy could get out. Now she was trembling with both desire and anxiety. She watched Susan closely, looking for a reaction. Susan meanwhile was staring at Candy’s fabulous breasts as her husband’s hands slowly traveled up Candy’s curvy torso and gently cupped them possessively.

Candy’s eyes were wide and smoldering. They looked at Susan and revealed her hunger and her apprehension. Candy’s lips quivered unable to form words. Without realizing it she was still running her ass up and down the bulge in Stan’s pants. All she was wearing were the sheer tight white slacks but in the heat of passion her skin was sweating and making them even more transparent. Candy’s bush gleamed like a mysterious black jewel.

Susan’s eyes were smoldering too. All afternoon she had been dressing and undressing Candy and all she could think about was sucking on the playmate’s delicious nipples. Now here was the mouth-watering playmate spread out like a feast.

“Mmmmm,” was all Susan said as she crossed her arms over her chest and with a delicate push of her fingertips guided the thin straps of her slip off her shoulders and onto the floor.

She climbed onto the chair next to Stan as Candy let out a deep moan.

Stan shifted his body and Candy was a quivering mass of sexual avarice as she was poured between the couple.

Stan and Susan were on their sides with Candy on her back between them.

Her hair was disheveled but lovely as it spread behind her in a dark halo. Her breasts and belly heaved up and down with each agitated breath, her shapely legs stretched out straight with little excited kicking motions. Her eyes flashed back and forth between the couple.

Stan and Susan could not take their eyes off of her. Her breasts were soft pillows of creamy flesh with areolas large as a palms and bright pink; they were topped by perky and inviting nipples. Almost at once all three tongues met and slathered all the mouths with wet hungry kisses. Stan and Susan’s tongues began a slow progress down Candy’s throat and towards those munchable mounds. Candy’s hands eagerly reached down with one set of fingers probing Susan’s already wet pussy and the other fingers squeezing Stan’s shaft through his pants.

Stan’s hands were massaging Susan’s nipples as his tongue and teeth worked over Candy’s left breast. Susan was matching his efforts on the other side and she was using her hands to squeeze Candy’s bottom and caress her pussy through the thin fabric.

Candy’s body was completely consumed by lust. Somehow her fingers managed to open Stan’s pants and her hands slid in to grasp the hot flesh of his cock. Susan’s juices were flowing over her other hand. With her chin pressed into her chest she watched the two mouths gobble up her quivering breasts. Almost in unison the two tongues began to bear down on and dig into the very tip of the nipples drawing flames from Candy’s sweet flesh into the hungry mouths of her assailants.

Now Stan had lifted her shoulder and fed more of her body into Susan’s eager lips. He lifted her hair and was kissing and licking the back of her neck and her soft shoulders. Susan’s hand was applying pressure to Candy’s glistening bush. Even through the fabric she managed to tease and taunt Candy’s clit.

With Candy on her side facing her Susan had full access to those delectable mounds and her mouth opened wide and ran frantically between the two inviting nipples. One hand continued to tease her clit as the other tried to pull the sheer slacks down. Stan was pulling them down off her ass.

“How the hell do you open these?” Stan groaned in eager frustration.

“We sewed them on,” Susan was able to gasp between gulps of Candy’s sweet skin.

Stan’s hands gripped the edge of the pants at the top of Candy’s ass and with a brutal tug ripped the fabric apart. Her plush round ass looked glorious in his hands as he squeezed them. In seconds Susan and Stan had torn the pants to shreds and with each tear ringing in her ears, Candy felt a thrilling bolt of pleasure race up her spine.

Susan quickly jammed two fingers into the already dripping pussy. Stan’s cock was sliding between Candy’s thighs and the tip was tickling at the bottom of her pussy’s lips.

With one motion Candy gripped Susan’s rear and pulled her against her own body, forcing the blonde’s fingers in deeper and driving Susan’s thumb over her clit. At the same time Candy’s back arched and her mouth found Stan’s for a deep and frantic kiss, their tongues rolling over each other pumping in and out in imitation of Susan’s probing fingers. Her hand found Susan’s pussy and dove in desperately seeking her lover’s clit.

An ever tightening coil of bliss was squeezing Candy’s spine and she knew it was about to burst. With her mouth still full of Stan’s tongue she began to groan like a waking beast. Her other hand was squeezing his shaft and the thumb was beginning to dig into the very tip sending arrows of painful ecstasy up into Stan’s body. Just as he threw his head out to scream with pleasure the coil in her spine twisted to the breaking point.

The orgasm which had been squeezing her cruelly now sprang out in flash after flash of sparks as her eyes glared into Susan’s and she saw her own bliss reflected there. Susan burst open too and the two beauties began to howl and thrash against each other, flooding their fingers with fiery juices.

Susan and Candy continued to howl uncontrollably as the coils in their agitated bodies kept tightening and releasing; the orgasm between them seemed to be one solid knot of steel bursting with shards cutting into them with sweet, tortuous bliss. Candy’s eyes managed to focus for a moment on Susan’s teeth biting down on her erect nipple.

The orgasms were still shooting through Candy as Stan pulled her away from Susan and onto her back. He used one hand to spread her thigh as he lifted himself up and over her. Susan pulled Candy’s other leg open and still throbbing from Susan’s fingers in her pussy Candy felt the hot tip of Stan’s shaft running across those swollen lips.

In a deft motion Susan moved her hand up and guided her husband into Candy’s hot tight sheath. Stan groaned as he felt Candy’s pussy squeeze around him. Susan formed a ring with her thumb and her pointing finger and squeezed the base of the rod securely. Her other thumb found Candy’s clit and went eagerly to work.

Stan paused for a moment luxuriating in the feel of Candy wrapped around his throbbing cock. He looked into her eyes and watched as she pressed her pillowy breasts together and pinched her own nipples. She took her gaze off of her breasts and stared at him. He could see the passion burning and and exploding. She opened her mouth but no words came out. Instead she thrust her hips up into him and threw her arms and legs around him.

Their bodies were now hammering into each other mercilessly. Each thrust of the shaft tightened the coil inside Candy; her body shook uncontrollably as she felt the steel rod plunge in deeper with each stroke. She kept lifting into him and rocking her hips to feel his cock in every crevice of her body.

Susan held tightly and refused and felt his seed building up like flood waters behind a dam. Candy too knew that she was in for a massive load as she felt shaft vibrate as she squeezed it with her eager body.

Susan loosened her grip for just a moment and the hot seed shot in and burned the coil around Candy’s spine. The charge of the heat sprang into her skull and she screamed and laughed; her eyes looked back and forth between Susan and Stan as her desperate breath made a musical sound with its frenetic hissing. Another salvo burst forth and shot into her skull. Candy knew she was finished, that her mind was fading into pure sexual power. Another burst and the steel shards of bliss tore into her, sparks of metallic colors searing every nerve of her thrashing body. Another burst, filling her almost to the brim. Her legs shot straight into the air and kicked wildly. A long wordless moan formed on her lips as her eyes squeezed shut, behind the lids — fireworks. Candy’s head snapped back and her spine stiffened as her body began to rattle in spasms of bliss. Another load, this time a long flowing flood of hot seed charging in and filling her up to her belly. It glowed red behind her eyes and she thrust up once last time and as she passed out her nails ran down his back drawing blood.

When Candy awoke later she found herself in a bed with white satin sheets. Soft silk scarves were tied to her wrists and held her arms to the headrest. She looked to the foot of the bed and saw Susan and Stan watching her. As she blinked to wake up she saw Susan lean forward, a large vibrator in her hand.

“Now the fun starts,” Susan moaned as Candy spread her own legs and moaned with her ….

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