Candy Loving Makes The Grade

Candy Loving took her usual seat in English One just as Professor Smith walked into the classroom. She sighed with boredom at the prospect of yet another class period discussing some book she found completely uninteresting. She hated the fact that she had to even take this class for her degree in communications at the University of Oklahoma. But it was part of the curriculum, so that was that. Even worse communications majors like her were expected to do well in this class. Candy really needed an A in this class.

She looked up at the front of the room where the professor was starting his lecture, her brain tuning
out his words while she went searching for a place to escape inside her mind. The only thing that did make this class bearable was the fact that Professor Smith was actually a pretty good looking guy and she could occasionally find a way to tease him. This was in fact something that she had been doing for a few years, all through high school and now in her first year of college. Whenever she had a male teacher she would help to pass her time in their classes by finding little, subtle ways of flirting or teasing them. Her antics ranged from being as mild as sipping seductively on a straw or licking a lollipop to as bold as not wearing any panties under a skirt and flashing them by uncrossing and re-crossing her legs.

Candy had what could best be described as a formidable body. Her anatomy was a perfect concoction of curves and flesh and light to elicit the most erotic fantasies out of any man and most women too.

Her thick brown hair cascaded around her angelic face in streams of soft waves and curls. Each strand would catch the light of the room and make a halo highlighting her flawless skin and her full red lips. Her eyes were dark but sparkling and expressive.

Her breasts were massive but just right on her lush body. They offered themselves as dreamy pillows or delicious treats; they were velvet and warmth and cream. The tan lines accentuated the large inviting nipples that looked so kissable.

Her waist was narrow adding to the delight of her round plump bottom and flaring hips and thighs as promised plenty of fun and lively action. Her legs were long and smooth and tan and seemed designed to be caressed by a hand traveling up towards her treasures.

Her belly was flat and drew attention to her dark thick bush beyond which those scrumptious lips lay ready to part at your touch.

Over the years she had gotten pretty good at making the right eye contact to ensure they would be looking her way so they could see whatever she was about to do. Of course none of them ever said anything or did anything about it since that would put the spotlight on them, especially back in high school when she was a minor.

Toward the end of this day’s class Mr. Smith reminded them about the paper that was coming due. Candy cursed under her breath as she realized that she had completely forgotten about it and therefore hadn’t even started. They were all instructed to sign up for a scheduled one-on-one meeting time during the next week with him to go over their outlines or rough drafts. A sheet was passed around and when it got to her she choose one of the later slots.

When the day of her meeting arrived she dressed herself with the idea of flirting her way out of trouble and into an extension on the paper. Knowing some of the ways men think, especially those ten or more years her senior, she chose a generic school girl uniform outfit, complete with the pleated, checkered skirt, plain white button up blouse, black shoes and frilly Barbie-socks. Before leaving she brushed her thick brown hair and checked herself in the mirror. She felt a wave of pride as she looked at herself, but paused just long enough to remove her bra thinking that she may consider herself an old pro at this game but she was actually new to the college scene and might need a little extra advantage. She admired the luxurious curves of her full breasts straining against tight fabric stretched across them. Her nipples could be seen underneath, shadowy circles hinting at the creamy delights of her body; the tips poked out just so, looking inviting and innocent at the same time.

She found Professor Smith in his office. When she walked in and he looked up she knew that her attire received the initial response she was after. She stood in the doorway and watched his eyes roam down then back up her body, pausing at her chest where her nipples were poking at the blouse even more due to a chilly breeze that was blowing from the air conditioner. A strange thought crossed her mind; was she getting excited by his attention?

When his eyes made it back up to hers she felt a shiver run down her spine as the expression in his drilled deep into her. Suddenly she started to have second thoughts about her approach but knew it was too late. So, drumming up what courage she could she bounced into the room and took a seat in front of his desk.

“Afternoon Miss Loving,” he greeted her finally, breaking the silence that she just noticed had been lingering. “How are you today?”

“Umm, well…” she started, trying to remember the line she had planned to use as her excuse.

“I see you didn’t bring your paper with you,” he interrupted her.

“Umm, no… See…” She felt his eyes burning into hers, effectively derailing her train of thought.

“Have you even started it?” He cut to the chase.

She watched him stand up and walk around his desk to the door which he swung shut. She heard the knob latch in place and felt her heart jump in her chest as she watched him turn toward her. He stepped back to the desk, this time on her side of it, and sat down on the corner of it.

Sitting in her chair she looked up at him, at his stern expression and his piercing eyes. She felt her breathing growing shallow as his presence filled the room and his aura overpowered her thoughts.

“Ummm… Pro- Professor Smi- Smith…” She stammered, trying to find her courage again.

“Miss Loving,” he cut her off. “I’ve been watching you. I’ve seen you in class, licking your lips and tossing your hair. I’ve even caught you flashing yourself at me when you’ve crossed your legs. I know your game; I’ve seen it before. You’ve probably been doing this for years, driving some of your high school teachers crazy with your antics, sending them home to their Playboy magazines and bottle of baby oil.

Candy blushed at the crudeness of this remark but the pinkness on her cheeks and chest made her look more delicious.

“But you’re not in high school anymore Candy. You’re in college now. You’re an adult. And those two things come with certain responsibilities. See, back in high school, if you teased a teacher there wasn’t really anything he could do because, well, you were underage. Even an eighteen year old high school senior is classified as a kid when you’re a teacher. But, here at college, we understand that you’re an adult. We respect that… And we expect you to respect it as well.”

In the silence that followed his words he slid off of the desk and stepped over to the chair she was sitting in. He stood over her looking down into her eyes and his hand reached out to touched her cheek. The feel of his gently caressing fingers sent shivers racing through her body. They brushed back and forth a few times before cupping her chin. He applied a little bit of pressure indicating that she should stand up. Slowly she rose to her feet, her eyes never leaving his. Once standing she still tilted her head back to gaze up at him.

“Now,” he whispered. “You come prancing in here with your hot little body all decked out for show like this, after all the teasing you’ve done, and, as an adult, you have to expect that something might happen. Clearly you want me to do something.” He ran his eyes up and down her curvaceous body, lingering on the lush breasts which were heaving up and down, almost bursting at the buttons. “Yes, it’s clear what you want from me. You know what you want don’t you Candy.”

The beautiful young girl stared at him and trembled. A tingle went up her spine and almost against her will she felt her chin drop for the slightest nod of assent. But that nod seemed to fill the room with heat as the air around them thickened. The two seem to be wrapped in a sensual haze that could only lead to one thing.

More than seeing it she sensed his other hand moving. She swallowed hard and blinked in an attempt to break contact with his probing eyes. She felt his hand close over her large, soft round breast, rubbing at her body through the blouse. Electrical currents shot through her body at the contact, her nipple hardening further. Her mind raced with what was happening, she searched for some way to stop him but stopped herself from finding an answer. She sighed as she pushed her chest to his hand.

Candy writhed a bit under his touch savoring the fingers digging into her succulent flesh. Her nipple was rock hard against the fabric.

“Umm… Pro- Profes..sor Smi- Smith,” she stammered in a soft, weak voice. “Sho- should we be…”

“Should we be what Candy?” He smiled. “Should we be touching like this? Should I be rubbing your nipple?”

“N- No…” she stammered again. “I me- mean, ye- yes. I me- mean… Wha- What are you gonna do?”

“Now Candy,” he smiled wider. “Do you really think I’m going to stop at your lovely breasts?”

He leaned in at that moment and pressed his lips against hers. The hand that was cupping her chin slid around to grasp the back of her head and he held her in place so that she couldn’t back away. His lips pushed against hers and she felt herself returning the kiss, felt her mouth opening as his tongue pushed its way inside. She felt his tongue swirl over hers and washed her own against his. She felt his hand massage her breast, felt it squeezing and kneading her delicious flesh through the material.

Her mind told her to do something, to stop him, but she ignored the instructions and instead kissed him deeply as she pushed her chest into his hand; she stood up on her toes and trembled in his arms. They kissed for several minutes while that hand massaged and kneaded her lush mounds. She felt it rubbing her, felt her nipples growing more swollen and hungry under its attention.

When he broke the kiss and pulled his face back from hers she looked up at him through heavy lids, her completion flush. Her bottom lip hung open just a little and quivered as she stood there waiting for his next kiss. Instead she felt his hand drift from the back of her head to the front of her blouse where it joined the other in undoing the buttons.

“Oh, M- Mr. Smi- Smith… Pl- Please,” she whispered her request.

She made clear her desire by lightly caressing his hands as he undid the buttons. The tiny buttons seemed to fly open as her creamy moist flesh poured out of her blouse.

His eyes moved down from her face as his hands pulled her top open to expose her breasts. She followed his gaze and she saw her swollen and red nipples inside the open blouse. She watched his hands descend upon her breasts, saw them cover her flesh, his fingers encircling her the swollen nubs. He rolled them, squeezed and massaged her fleshy mounds. She felt the heat of his attentions scorching through her body, felt other parts of her body becoming aroused.

“Oh, no, oh oh, n… Oh yess! Oh …Pl- Please Mr. Smith,” she whispered as she watched him playing with her breasts. “Please, yes.”

“Shhhh, Candy,” he replied. “Just let me look at these beautiful, beautiful globes.”

She raised her face slowly to his, her eyes yielding and pleading. Her breasts were tingling from his touch and she was rocking slowly on her hips. She stared in his eyes.

All she saw was his hungry eyes staring back at her. She felt his fingers twist her nipples, felt them pull on the hard little nubs. A shock wave of both pain and pleasure coursed through her body.

“Uuuugghh,” she whimpered.

“You’re a little turned on, aren’t you Candy?” He asked her, his tone growing forceful.

She looked up into his face from under her heavy lids, felt her bottom lip quiver more as his fingers pulled and twisted at her nipples harder. She looked again with an innocence as she jutted her chest into his hands. She wanted him to have her completely.

His smile had turned to a mischievous smirk and his eyes, filled with hunger and cruelty, were boring into hers. Unable to pull her eyes from his she stood there, her arms hanging at her sides while he mauled her breasts, and let a tear roll down her cheek.

“Don’t you want this, Candy?” He asked again.

Her failure to answer him the first time caused him to be more demanding this time. Gradually her eyes dropped, her vision filled again with the sight of his hands working her fleshy mounds as she felt the fire in her loins growing.

Again they kissed; she poured her entire pink tongue hot and hungry into his eager mouth. The tongue writhed inside him, surrendering her completely.

Then she broke away with a groan. “We shouldn‘t be doing this,” she sobbed, “No…don‘t stop. That feels so good. Yes.”

His pawing and mauling of her awesome bosom continued to make her squirm as he leaned in close.

He pushed her soft brown hair to the side with his face swooning in its sweet scent; he whispered in her ear. “I want you to suck me.”

The phrase sent bolts of dread and trepidation to Candy’s brain. She immediately understood what he was saying, understood where he would go with it. Her eyes rolled to his crotch where she could see a bulge pressing at his slacks. She thought about that bulge, the cock that it hid, thought about what he had said and how she already knew what she was going to do; in her mind‘s eye she saw the carnal pleasures overtaking them and she let out an audible gasp. Involuntarily her tongue flickered out to moisten her lips.

“Yes, I want you to do that,” he moaned; he too could already see those luscious lips engulfing him.

Although her tongue had only poked out a little he hadn’t failed to see it. She knew this when she returned her gaze to his face and yet another tear ran down her cheek. His hands left her breasts and came up to rest on her shoulders, applying pressure.

“Get on you knees,” he instructed her. “Get down there and suck my cock.”

Candy licked her lips brazenly but still she hesitated. “Oh, Mr. Smith, I want to but, but….Do you think it‘s OK?,” her voice pled now.

“Get on your knees, Candy,” he demanded, his hands pressing harder.

She felt her already weak legs give in under the pressure and dropped slowly to her assigned position. Once there her hands reached out of their own accord toward the belt and zipper between her and his cock. Candy struggled to understand what was happening, why she was doing this when she thought she didn’t want to. From another place she watched her hands undoing the fastenings to his slacks, saw them tugging on the waistband, pulling his pants down. She tried to stop herself but her body was acting without her brain.

When his pants lowered, exposing his under wear and the outline of his cock she heard herself murmur softly, felt her tongue once again moisten her lips. Again, on their own, her hands reached back up, they covered that outline and stroked it gently through the material.

“Take it out,” he instructed her.

Candy raised her eyes from where they were staring at his cock. He was standing over her, his hands on her head now, staring down with his malicious grin. She returned her eyes to his crotch and pulled down on his shorts. She watched his hard cock slip into view, saw it drop forward to bounce before her face.

Gingerly she reached up to it, her fingers wrapping around it and giving it a couple of gentle strokes. Again she looked up to him, her hand pulling at his fleshy member.

“Pl- Please,” she pled again, more tears flowing out. “It looks so good.”

She could see in his eyes that he was not going to back off now; she felt her own jaw slowly dropping as the irresistible urge took over her body. His hands pressed forward at her head. Her eyes locked onto his she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the tip of his cock. Very slowly she pressed harder, allowing the shape of his cock to part her lips gradually as she slipped part of it into her mouth.

“Ooohhhh yeah,” he sighed as the first inches slipped into her wet mouth. “Suck it, Candy.”

Candy felt the head of the cock slip into her mouth, felt it sliding across the sensitive nerves of her lips. She swirled her tongue over it, tasting the fleshy sweat fill her mouth. She watched his expression as his smile grew wider, pleasure mixing with the mischief.

Still looking up at him she worked more and more of his cock into her mouth, sliding her lips across the flesh tightly. She swirled her tongue and started the actual sucking process. Soon she had the top few inches of his cock sliding in and out of her suctioning mouth while her hand pumped the base of it. She felt his hands holding firmly to her head, saw his hips starting to pump in unison with her sliding mouth.

“Yeah, suck it,” he coached her. “Suck my cock girl. Feel it in your mouth, feel me fucking your sweet mouth.”

His hands were now holding onto her head firmly as he proceeded to push and pull it into a rhythmic pace with his own pumping hips. Gradually he forced more of his cock into her mouth until her lips were bouncing off of the fingers she had wrapped wound it. She felt his member sliding over her lips, she swirled her tongue over it and sucked harder with her mouth.

“Suck it baby,” he moaned. “Suck it while I fuck your mouth with my cock. While I fuck your sweet mouth.”

On her knees, her blouse hanging open, her huge breasts bouncing and swaying with the way he was jerking her body, she could do nothing except continue to accept his flesh into her mouth again and again. Alternately she would look up at him then look forward at his pumping hips and abs as he pushed himself into her mouth. She realized that he was actually fucking her face, fucking her mouth.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” she whimpered around his assaulting cock, her tongue swirling around and tasting his salty sweetness, tears streaming down from soft wide open eyes.

She felt his cock twitch at her noise, felt it grow a little more rigid in her mouth.

“You’re gonna swallow my seed baby,” he informed her. “You ever swallow a man’s load? Yeah, I bet you have, baby.”

Candy’s eyes flashed upwards as she desperately tried to get him deeper insider her throat. She knew he was going to come now and she also knew that there probably wasn’t anything she could do to stop him. Her mind wrestled with the idea as she tried to determine whether she wanted him to or not. He was staring back down at her, his eyes filled with a powerful need that she recognized and understood.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered again.

“I bet you’ve swallowed a lot of loads. You’re a little hotty, you know that. A beautiful little cock sucking hotty. And now you’re gonna swallow my load. I’m gonna come in your pretty mouth so you can swallow it like a good little girl.”

His hips and hands were pumping her mouth over his cock at a rapid pace now as the head of it bounced off the back of her mouth, a small bit of it even slipping into her throat. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock swelling in her mouth, felt it growing stiffer with each pump forward. Instinctively she sucked harder on it, she swallowed the seed oozing from it and waited for the spray that was coming. Professor Smith was grunting now as he humped her face urgently. A moment later she sensed his entire body tensing, felt him freeze as he buried his cock deep into her mouth. She felt and tasted his first spray of semen as it washed the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly. She gulped and sucked on his cock as spray after spray of his load pumped into her mouth, his cock twitching and jerking as it unloaded his juices.

“Ooohhh yeah,” he sighed after the last of his seed was down her throat. “I knew you could suck cock.”

Candy tried to slide him from her lips but he held her head in place with his softening cock still in her wet mouth. Instinctively she continued to suck on it, pulling at the flesh and draining every last drip of his semen from it.

“Keep sucking it baby,” he instructed her. “You’ve gotta get me hard again so I fuck you now.”

Candy’s mind screamed with his words. She felt torn between her fear and her desire. She had somehow convinced herself that after she swallowed him that he would be done with her and send her on her way. But now she knew different. Her mind reeled with the idea that he was still going to fuck her, which is what she’d expected in the first place, when he had first grabbed her breast. She really didn’t know how to react to this fact now. Her mind was ready for her to get out of there but her body was feeling an ache that she knew could only be filled by a cock in her pussy.

While she tried to come to grips with the whole situation she continued to suck on his cock. She felt it grow slightly harder again. Her hand was pumping at the base, squeezing and tugging the flesh, and her other hand had come up to gently hold his balls in its warm embrace.

“Yea, that’s it girl,” he told her. “Get me good and hard for that pussy of yours.”

He was leaning back against his desk looking down at her while she worked to manipulate his member. While he watched her he continued to talk to her.

“Yea, I’m gonna fuck that sweet little pussy of yours. I’m gonna stick my cock deep into you. I’m gonna watch you squirm while I fuck your gorgeous body. While I fuck your hot body. I came in your mouth and now I’m gonna come in your pussy.”

During this his cock steadily grew stiffer in her mouth and she was soon sucking on a near complete erection.

“Get up here baby,” he ordered, pulling her head off of his cock. “Get up here so I can fuck you.”

“Please Mr. Smith; be gentle,” she moaned now that her mouth was empty. “Please.”

His pleasured expression instantly turned to one of malice as he reached down and grabbed one of her arms. He pulled her upright, spinning them both around and pushing her back against his desk. She felt herself being lifted, felt her ass being set on the edge of that desk. One of his hands laid on her breast and while rolling her swollen nipple between its fingers pushed her backwards.

She soon found herself laying on top of his desk, her ass teetering on the edge of it, her blouse hanging open as her breasts heaved from her ragged breathing under his mauling hand. She felt his other hand on her pelvis, felt his fingers gripping the edge of her panties, felt it tugging them down. He jerked at her under wear, yanking them down off her waist and along her legs.

“Oh, yes, yes. Pl- Please Mr. Smith,” she cried now. “Please, I need you.

“Oohhh, yea, I’m gonna fuck you sweetheart,” he told her. “I’m gonna stick my cock into that wet little snatch of yours and you’re gonna love it.”

Then he yanked her panties down over her shoes and off her kicking feet. The hand left her breast and arranged her legs so that they were spread open, her feet propped against the desk edge, knees bent. She jumped when she felt that hand delve under her skirt and between her spread legs, his fingers brushing against her sex.

His fingers ran through the think and curly bush and reveled in the dewy warmth of her.

“Look how wet you got sucking my cock darling,” he informed her.

His fingers, two of them, had slid easily into her pussy, her juices having coated it for the easy access.

“You are a horny girl Candy,” he told her. “Getting all wet from sucking on my cock.”

“Yes, N- No…’ she whimpered. “Pl- Please.”

Her head rolled to the side as she tried to not look at him. In her peripheral vision she saw the hand drop out of sight. She felt his fingers pumping her sex, felt his thumb bumping into her clit. She felt her ass hanging precariously off the desk edge and used her legs to hold it steady, hold it from falling. Rolling her head back she saw that both his arms were pumping and she realized that he was jerking on his cock while he pumped her pussy.

“Ooohhhh, Mr. Smith,” she whimpered again as his fingers delved deeper into her pussy. “Ooohhh yeeessss.”

Candy rolled her head from side to side as he pushed his fingers in and out of her pussy while stroking his cock and staring down at her. She argued with her own mind as she tried not to want what he was doing, what he was going to do, but her body was telling a different story.

“Please Mr. Smith,” she cried. “Please.”

She felt his fingers slide her sex and felt his hand lay onto her belly. She saw him repositioning himself, felt his cock brush against her wet opening.

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you girl,” he leered. “I’m gonna stick my cock into your pussy. I’m gonna stick it in your sweet little pussy.”

She felt him push the head of his cock into her, felt it spreading her sex open and slowly filling her. Her body tingled with anticipation as each inch of his shaft spread her further apart.

“Pl- Pleeaasse,” she cried looking up at him.

“You feel my cock baby?” He growled as he pushed it further into her. “Feel it filling your pussy?”

“Ooohhhh God yes,” she whimpered.

He pushed himself fully forward, burying himself all the way inside of her sex. She felt it stretching her inside, felt her juices flowing to coat him, felt her muscles clenching at his girth. When he had the full length of his cock stuffed into her pussy he held it there, grinding himself into her. His hand still rested on her belly, almost as if he was holding her from sitting up.

“”Please Mr. Smith,” she continued to plead. “Please. Oohhh God please.”

After grinding himself into her for a minute he pulled back. She felt his cock slipping out of her, felt her lips being drawn out along it’s length as he retracted all but the last inch of it. Then he pumped forward again, still slowly, so that she could feel every millimeter of him as he pushed into her. Her legs came up and her ankles crossed behind his back; she squeezed her legs pulling him in deeper.

“Oohhh God,” she whimpered, her head rolling. “Please Mr. Smith. Please.”

“You like my cock in your pussy baby? You like me fucking you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, oh God. Yesss.”

He started to pump himself in and out of her, steadily building up his pace as his hard cock drilled writhing body. Soon she felt her body being pushed and pulled on the desk top, felt the piece of furniture rocking slightly with their motions. She also felt her juices flowing out. She felt his hands come up and start to knead her breasts as they rolled on top of her body.

“Oohhh please Mr. Smith. Please.”

“Yea baby, you like it. You like my cock. You like being fucked. You pussy’s all wet and hot, wrapped around my hard cock. Feel my cock baby? Feel it fucking your sweet body?”

“Oohhh God Mr. Smith, pleeaasse.”

His rhythmic fucking of her increased in speed, he was now pounding himself into her, rocking their bodies and the desk as he hammered his cock into her sex. She could hear the slurpy wet noises of their parts sloshing together, could feel him burying the full length of his cock in her with each hard inward thrust.

His fingers closed on her nipples and pulled them sending pain and pleasure signals through her body. She firmed the stance of her feet on the desk edge and lifted her ass an inch off the desk, lifted her sex at his cock.

“Pleeeaaasssse Mr. Smith, oohhh pleeaasse.”

“I knew you were horny Candy, I knew it. I knew you’d like sucking my cock and having me fuck you.”

She’d been listening to his words, listening to him and trying to understand why he was saying the things he said. She’d never liked that kind of talk before but his words seemed to hold her prisoner, to kindle some animal lust insider her, and they seemed have an overwhelming power on her. She felt the orgasm that had building in her since he had first grabbed her breast blossom to its precarious peak. His dirty words made her feel the heat from it, made her juices flow hotter. She didn’t understand why but she was confused withthe idea of her body enjoying all of this so much and the confusion seemed to enhance the pleasure.

“Ooooooooooooo,” she whimpered as she realized that he was going to make her come. “Oooo Mr. Smith.”

Her whimpering seemed to fuel his desire. She felt his pace and force increase even more as he released her breasts and grabbed her legs. He held them tightly, pushing them open wider while pulling them toward him. His hips were bucking at her, his cock slamming in and out of her pussy as he reamed her sex with its girth.

He could see her face reddening and her dark eyes were moist with tears of yearning. Her lips were open in a wide O of surprise and bliss. Her cheeks seemed to be burning coals and her nostrils flared out with uncontrollable lust.

Her huge lush breasts quivered with each thrust, tickling his chest with the rock hard nipples.

She felt his increased force fuel her own desires, felt her orgasm leap toward the edge and start to wash down over her. Her head flew from side to side as her hands reached out to grip the desk edge behind her head. Her feet pried harder onto that edge and lifted her ass even higher toward his pumping member.

“Oooooo. Please, fuck, God, yeees, ooooooo,” she cried, thrashing into her orgasmic shivers.

“Take it girl!” He growled.

She felt him ram his cock into her deep and hard, felt it stretch and fill her. She felt her orgasm begin to rack every nerve that she could sense and felt her back start to arch off the desk top.

“Oohhh God yesssss,” she cried again. “Ooooooooooo. Pleeeaaaassssse oooooooooo.”

She felt his cock twitch as her muscles clamped down around it, squeezing it as her body quivered and shook through her orgasm. He pulled back once more before slamming himself into her with enough force that she felt the desk actually slide across the floor. Then he grunted loudly and held himself deep inside of her. She felt his cock jerk, felt it begin to spray its load into her pussy, the semen pumping against her inner walls.

“Oohhh God no. Oohhh God no,” she cried, her head snapping from side to side.

Her body jumped at his cock, pumped her hips at him as he shot his load into her pussy. Her orgasm rolled wave after wave over her and she squirmed on top of the desk as it racked her body.

A few minutes later her body slumped back onto the desk as she felt his withering cock slowly drop from her quenched sex. He stood looking down at her as he pulled his pants up and fastened them. She couldn’t move for a couple more minutes, only lay there with her chest heaving, her legs spread as a mixture of their juices leaked out.

“Okay Candy,” Professor Smith smiled at her. “You have your extension. Bring your paper by next week.”

She looked up at him trying to discern what he meant, not sure of the whole situation. She weakly pulled herself from the desk, her hands automatically working to fix her blouse and straighten her skirt. Her downcast eyes saw his hand, saw the panties he held in it. She looked up to his face and knew that she would not be getting the garment back.

“The rough draft that is,” he clarified. “You have a one week extension. You want a longer one, dress appropriately next week.”

She watched him casually walk back around his desk and take his seat while he in turn watched her attempt to repair her appearance. She looked into his face for some sign of something but only found mild amusement.

Minutes later she walked out of the office without either of them having said another word. Her mind was reeling with what had happened and she struggled to decide whether to actually do a paper or not. All she knew was she wanted that cock again and soon.

Candy left the office in a state of bliss, dizzy with confusion. She didn’t notice the door of the office next store open slightly and a cold, lecherous eye peer out. Poor girl.


Candy on her way to her Theories of Communication class a few days later. Professor Stock is a lizard and she loathes him as does every other student. But all Candy can think about is her confusion about Professor Smith. Does she want it to happen again. She already canceled two dates with her boyfriend to sit home and go over the events in his office again and again. She’s caught herself reaching down under her panties as the images flood her mind.

Get a grip girl …

“Ms. Loving, please see me in my office after class,” you tell me as soon as I step in your classroom. Well that doesn’t sound too good.

And of course I can’t fully concentrate on the subject you’re teaching, now that you have me wondering about what could be so important you need to discuss it in the privacy of your office. Especially considering what happened last time I went to a prof’s office.

Not that you usually give that good a class anyway. You take forever to get to the point and your digressions make it even harder to actually identify the point. Plus you are so critical and demanding… no wonder I am one of the rare students who excel in your class!

My grades being what they are, it’s not like I need close tutoring… and good thing I don’t have any plans tonight or you would kiss this little meeting goodbye. The only reason I’m going to your office is to satisfy my curiosity as to what it is you want to talk about in private.

And I hope you’re not getting all excited about having my tight little ass in your office because even if you weren’t a teacher and you could date me, I wouldn’t even lay eyes on you. I mean could you be more obnoxious when you inhale deeply before a sentence, probably thinking you’re about to say the cleverest thing ever?

“Close the door Ms. Loving,” you say in your nasal tone. Yeah, so you can look at my ass again? You think I don’t notice your little green eyes leering and your snaky tongue flicking over your lips whenever you see me?

Like I want to be in a closed room with you! I close the door anyway, facing you, sit in the chair in front of your desk and cross my legs, the hem of my skirt riding up my firm thighs, revealing a hint of the lace trimming from my stockings.

You just look at me, lick your thin lips and cross your hands on your desk. Why do you do that? Do you think it makes you look intelligent? God I hate it when you do it! I can’t wait to finish this semester and never hear from you again. You must be the meanest teacher ever.

You consider me silently, cocking your head, thinking you’re so fucking superior. I frown and, still not sure what you want from me, and quickly getting more impatient – as if that was possible! – I sigh.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Oh great! Here’s one of your long inhalations again! You ignore my question and start, “I spend a lot of time in this office you know.”

What the heck are you talking about? Get to the point! Jeez…

“So?” I ask with irritation. How did you even become a teacher anyway? Ugh… I rarely think like this, but I hate you!

You keep on ignoring me but you still stare at me with your little eyes, as if you wanted to cut me to pieces with a glance. “You know Ms. Loving, this building is very new, built only a few years ago. Not built the way they used. Very thin walls now. Did you know that?”

What the heck are you talking about? Are you going to give me a history of the school; tell me about how the English Department and the Communications department merged? I frown and look at you quizzically. “Why am I here?”

You lean back in your chair and take a long, deep, slow breath… Oh no! You’re going to say something very boring you think is the brightest thing ever said again!

“Well, Candy,” you start, crossing your arms on your chest. Candy? Since when do you call me by my first name? I don’t like this one bit…

“The walls are very, very thin. You can hear everything that goes on next store…”

Ugh! Just get to the point! God you speak slowly!

“You know who‘s office is next store.”

So that’s what you wanted to see me about?

“And?” I urge you to say what you want to say.

You just smirk, looking at me from head to toe, stopping on your favorite parts – my breasts and thighs.

Now I’m getting really impatient. I stand and head for the door.

“What do you want?” I ask, sneering at you, opening the door.

As I step out of your office you stop me with a sentence that is (for once) quick and direct, “Wouldn’t it be sad to compromise your reputation as well as that of Professor Smith…”

All right, you got my attention – for a change. I close the door, lean on it and cross my arms on my chest, my big breasts jutting forward as I do so.

“What do you want?” I repeat, ready to negotiate.

You chuckle with your annoying nasally voice and lick your chapped lips. “You are a very pretty girl, Candy, and I could use a little company…”

Oh please don’t be saying what I think you’re saying… you repulse me so much I couldn’t even fake wanting to be with you!

“Maybe if you were to keep me company for a while, I could keep my mouth shut about your… ‘visit’ with Professor Smith. You know how people are, they’ll talk… Not to mention a possible criminal file for dear Professor Smith.”

Think you’re darn clever don’t you? “And what if I was to mention this little meeting to the dean? What would people say about you?”

You stand and slowly walk towards me. I cringe at the thought of your sweaty hands touching me.

“You fail to see the point dear,” you say, getting so close to me I can smell your cheap cologne.

“This is about you, Candy; doesn’t matter what they say about me. The point is: do you want them gossiping about you? Do you want Professor Smith to lose his job?” you ask, leaning over me, putting your limp arms around my waist and locking your office door.

Darn! You might be right…

“Because that is what they’ll do, Candy, if I were to mention your ‘visit’. You know how narrow their minds can be…” you whisper in my ear.

A shiver of disgust gives me goose bumps, and for some reason my nipples think I am getting aroused and decide to grow hard.

I sigh. Shucks, you have a good point. People can be so close-minded. Not that I am about to tell you you’re right though!

“Screw you,” I capitulate, looking into your malicious little eyes.

“I knew you’d see it my way, my pretty, pretty, pretty girl,” you say, taking the time to kiss and nibble my neck between each syllable.

Your cold hands run up my thighs, under my skirt and find my black lace panties. You slide a finger along the crotch and chuckle, “Wearing the standard uniform I see.”

Standard uniform? Shoot! Even your sense of humor stinks!

You wrinkle my skirt around my waist and squeeze my ass, nibbling on my earlobe, brushing your crotch on my hip. I don’t move and suffer your fondling silently.

You sigh and caress my cheek with your slimy hand.

“No… Candy, this isn’t going to work. You either have to be a good, convincing lover, or I’ll be forced to reveal your…’secret’. Which will it be, dear?” you ask in a calm tone.

“Look mister, there is no way I will ever be able to pretend to like you. I accepted to keep you company, so I’ll let you do whatever you want to me, but don‘t expect me to enjoy it,” I answer in an equally calm tone.

You raise a brow, as if doubting what I just said.

Your moist hand goes up my inner thigh and you start rubbing my pussy through my black lace panties. And damn it, you’re good at it! Sliding your finger slowly, barely touching my pussy, teasing almost.

I get wet quickly; blessing or curse I still don’t know.

“Well… the slut is getting wet… good,” you chuckle, your thin, dirty fingers sliding inside my panties and finding my sensitive clit, rubbing it gently.

I don’t know how many women you paid to teach you how to rub a clit that way but I hear myself moan out of pleasure as your disgusting fingers play with my swollen clit.

“At least your cunt knows what’s good for you.”

What pitiful whore would let you touch her that way?

You’re rubbing my clit so good I actually hold on to your shoulders as I get a feeling you’ll make me come soon. But I quickly realize what I’m doing – holding on to you? Damn! No! – and I lean on the door instead, digging my fingernails into my palms.

You smirk like a pervert and quickly grab my shoulders to push me on your desk. I don’t resist, somewhat happy you stopped touching my pussy.

You try to kiss me but I purse my lips and back away before your lips touch mine.

“Fine,” you say between your teeth, violently spreading my thighs wide with your god damn filthy hands.

The crotch of my panties is quickly on one side of my pussy and your head is soon between my thighs.

“Oohh fuck no… don’t eat my pussy… I’ll suck your cock instead, ok?” I try to negotiate. I don’t want to feel your pointy tongue on my clit and maybe if I suck you off I’ll be done with you quicker.

You just bite my pink pussy lip and snarl, “Too little too late, darling!”

You take a deep breath, as if you were going to lecture me, but instead slowly start to lick my clit. And damn it! You’re good at this too!

I bite my lips and try to hold back my moans as your coarse tongue pleasure me against my will.

“Damn… screw you… damn dickless bastard! Stinking son of a bitch!” I whisper, almost chanting.

You don’t stop. You continue eating my pussy, sticking one, or two? – I don’t even want to know! – of your abject fingers in my slippery pussy.

I wince as I feel my orgasm start. I can’t believe you actually have sexual experience! How on earth did you ever become able to make a woman come? You’re so darn… repugnant!

I hold my breath as I come. I don’t want you to hear me, so I feel a bit lightheaded. I don’t want to give you the impression I enjoyed your mouth. You made me come, but it was purely a physical reaction.

“You disgust me!” I moan with the last wave of my orgasm.

You let me catch my breath and lean over me. Your lips are glistening with my pussy juice. Your breath smells of me. You smirk this perverted smirk again, your hard cock grinding on my crotch.

I hesitate… I feel like spitting in your face and wipe that lousy smirk off. But I don’t want to anger you. I didn’t humiliate myself coming under your sickening tongue for nothing.

You seem to read my mind and that sick, perverted smirk turns into a maniacal grin.

“You learn quickly, Candy. Such a good student you are…”

I repress a curse as you unzip your trousers and slowly pull out your dick. I try not to notice how big it is as I lie there, my thighs widely spread, waiting for you to just get it over with.

You don’t waste time. Neither do you take it. You just shove your cock all the way in my unwilling pussy.

And start pumping me hard. In and out your cock goes. Your eyes never closing always looking into mine, your damn annoying nasal voice moaning and insulting me.

“Your little pussy is so damn tight, Candy. So fucking wet.”

Damn you! How can I be enjoying myself with you? Have you seen your disgusting flabby stomach? What cheap woman could ever be attracted to that? How desperate would a girl need to be to let you stick your vile dick in her?

Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything worse, your thumb starts rubbing my clit.

Oh no! You’re going to make me come again! Why can’t you just have your little orgasm and leave me be?

You continue ravaging my pussy, grunting and sweating. Eww! Some of your sweat drips on my lips as you lean over me. I quickly wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

You let out a little yelping laughter. “That’s for another day sweetheart.”

I frown, whispering, “What?” I’ll throw up if you come in my mouth! Please don’t…

“Relax… not today. Today I’m just going fill your tight hole. Next week though, after class, you will suck my cock. And you will love it,” you grunt, drilling me harder.

Your thumb on my clit is slowly making me come, and by some stupid irony, you come exactly at the same time as me.

I shiver under you as your thick, nauseating juices quickly fills my pussy.

You just stand still for a short while, catching your breath. I am panting too. Though I’ve known better orgasms, I’ve also known worse lovers.

I shudder at this very thought; how can I think of you as a lover?

Again, you seem to read my mind – not so bad a teacher after all, reading your students well enough to know what they’re thinking – and grin, exposing your white, pointy teeth.

You slowly pull out of my pussy and replace my panties. For some reason I feel empty… I sit on your desk and shake my head my fingers rubbing on my forehead as if by hiding my eyes you’d just disappear.

You readjust your slacks and smile at me – a weird, friendly, warm smile. Or is it just the same smile seen from a different perspective?

“Remember to hand in your analysis before next Tuesday, Ms. Loving,” you say in that nasal voice which suddenly doesn’t sound so annoying.

I smile and nod, making sure my denim skirt is presentable. Your thick, sticky seed is slowly stirring in my pussy and my panties won’t hold it for long. Good thing I’m headed home.

“Thank you, Professor Stock,” I say, surprised at the words coming out of my mouth. Thank you Professor Stock? Since when do I call you Professor? Since when do I respect you? What the heck have you done to me?

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