Can’t Nobody – Kelly Rowland

Can’t Nobody – Kelly Rowland

By Kojain

Author’s Note – After seeing Kelly Rowland on the cover of KING
Magazine. I just HAD to write a story about her. Remember that this
is only fantasy.

I was at home, watching BET. It was some special about Beyonce
Knowles, talking about her new album, her group, etc. I was hoping
to have a nice quiet day off work. But then the phone rings. It was
my boss from the hotel, damnit! “Hey! I know it’s your day off, but
I need you in today. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you overtime! I promise!”
With a sigh, I got my clothes ready and headed down to the

I get to the hotel about 15 minutes later, my boss rushes and thanks
me for coming in. “Ok, there had better be a good reason you called
me here today!” I said firmly. He chuckled and replied “I said I was
paying you overtime, so chill out. Another VIP is coming in a few
hours and I need you around for the extra help.” “Why me? I’m not
the only employee here you know” I snapped. “Yeah, but after hearing
how you did a great job serving Ashanti, I decided this would be
great to promote us!” I grinned and said “Ok! Ok! Let me get
dressed.” Then I thought to myself about the time I had with
Ashanti. Oh yeah! I loved serving her well I thought as I was
preparing for work.

An hour later, I get a nice room prepared for the VIP coming. My
boss pages me that she’s almost here and I better get down here
ASAP. I’m on my way to the lobby to meet the VIP. The limo arrives
just as I make it to the doors. I can’t believe who just stepped out
of that limo, Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. I tried not to show
any signs of disbelief as I went to greet her. She wore a yellow
shirt that just stopped above her belly button and some dark blue
jeans. I remember seeing her on BET and music specials, but she
looked really nice up front. “Hello, I’ll be at your service this
evening. I hope you enjoy your stay here and our wonderful hotel” I
said calmly. Kelly gave me a friendly grin. “Hi there. I’m glad I’ll
be able to rest for awhile. My feet are killing me after that show
the other night.” I nodded and began to take her luggage up to her
room with her following. While on the elevator, she looked at me and
said “Well, you’re a lot cuter than Ashanti described you.” I rose
my eyebrow at that. “Ashanti told you about me?” I said nervously.
“Don’t worry, I heard nothing but good things about you. This is why
I decided to stay here because she told me this place was the best
in town.” I calmed down a bit at that. But I still don’t believe
Ashanti would say that. Then again I remember her saying she would
recommend this hotel to other singers. I guess it was all good, I
suppose. We showed her to her room, which I neatly prepared for her.
“Wow, this is great room. Thank you very much.” She smiled and gives
me a hug. I swear I also got hard enough to break through my uniform
and penetrate her right then and there. But I kept my stance firmly.
“Your very welcome” I said with a deep breath. “If you need any
help, feel free to call me up anytime. My boss got me here on
overtime so I’ll be here for awhile.” She nodded as she closed the
door. I walked a few paces away from her room and took a big deep
breath. ‘What the fuck was that?!’ I thought to myself. Then again,
I remember that Kelly does seem to be the more opened one of
Destiny’s Child, so I guess it’s only natural. I sighed and went
back downstairs to see if my boss had some other work for me.

Around 5PM, I’m downstairs taking a few customer calls and helping a
few of my other employees with some clean-ups. Kelly comes to the
front desk and asks if she can talk to me. I was about to tell her
that I’m really busy, but my boss comes up from behind me and tells
me to go on and that he’ll page me if he needs me. I shrugged and
decided to go on. I ask Kelly what she wanted to talk to me about,
but she whispered. “Not here, we’ll talk in my room.” I felt kind of
odd about it, but went on. We arrived at her suite. She closes the
door behind me and locks it. “So, what did you want to talk about
Kelly, and why couldn’t we talk downstairs?” I asked, not sounding
too nervous. She smiled and sat me down on the bed. “There’s nothing
to be nervous about, don’t worry.” She said smiling. “Do you think
I’m pretty?” Why the fuck would she be asking me this I thought to
myself. “I think you are beautiful, of course.” I said with a very
honest look. “Yeah, but I bet you anything you wish I had a body
like Beyonce, right?” She grinned. “I think Beyonce has a great
body, but come on. You have tons of admirers yourself you know. Have
you seen yourself in the magazines?” I can’t believe I just said to
her! OMG! “At least you’re honest. I really like that.” With that
said, she moved over and hugged me tightly. I got to cop a good feel
on her body with that. She was right, she wasn’t as curvy as
Beyonce, but her trim figure felt very nice and inviting. With that
in my mind, my arousal began to show through my pants. She looked
down at it slowly stroked it through my pants. “Hmmm, I can see that
you have some admirers as well.” She said wickedly as she got on the
bed and motioned me to come over. Once I got on the bed, removed her
shirt and unzipped my pants and pulled them down, giving my erection
some much needed relief. “Wow! Just what I need.” She said with a
sexy tone as she began to remove her pants. After they were
completely off, she began to shake her well-toned ass at me, which
for some reason, got me even harder. So I took it upon myself put to
take advantage, I guided my penis into her hairless cunt. She
started moaning softly as I slowly inserted my large penis in her.
Wow, her pussy felt just right, nice and loose. She was almost
perfect. I started pumping in and out of her doggy style with ease.
Kelly pushed her head into a pillow so her moans wouldn’t be so
loud, but I know by the sexual wailing she was giving off that she
was really enjoying this. “Come on! Fuck my pussy baby! Fuck me
harder!” She managed to let out not so loudly, luckily these floor
of the hotel is usually held for celebrities and other VIPs, so no
one could hear anything anyway. After about 10 minutes of railing
her cunt from behind, she turns her head and says “That’s enough, I
want you in my ass now!” With that said, I pulled out with
well-lubed dick from one hole to the other. Kelly started to tense
up slightly as my dick began it’s way into her tight ass, but
eventually I got it all way within the Destiny’s Child member. Her
pussy was good, but DAMN her ass was heaven! Kelly failed completely
in hiding any moans of pleasure as well. She moved her body so that
my cock had the most sensational feeling of it’s life. I banged her
tight ass recklessly as she started to moan louder and louder
“That’s right! Fuck my ass! Oooooooooohh damn boy!!! You like my
bootylicious ass don’t you?! Fuck it then! Aaaaaaaaah!” I can’t
believe she actually said ‘bootylicous’, but that turned me on even
more, that and her dark black ass with my dick going in and out over
and over again. I felt myself ready to unload, try as I might, I
just couldn’t stand fucking Kelly’s ass for too long. My breathing
started getting heavier as she moved her arse rhythmically to my
hard ass fucking. “Kelly, I’m about to cum girl… damn I’m about to
cum!” I moaned as I keep going. With that said, she pulled me out of
her ass and turned around with her while front to me, she then took
my shaft in her mouth, sucking and licking it quickly until I let
loose a huge blast of cum all over her stomach, tits, and face. I
sighed as Kelly milked whatever cum was left from my dick and licked
off some of it from her face. “Wow, I never thought you were this
much of a wild child.” I said weakly from my orgasm. “It’s like I
said in KING magazine ‘Men can dream about what I do in the
bedroom'”. She said with a grin. Just then, my pager went off, I
quickly got it from my pants pocket. It was my boss. He needed me
now. “Well, I better get going now Kelly.” She nodded as she wiped
the last of the cum from her face. “Okay, I better go get clean up
myself.” She giggled. Kelly came up and give me a kiss on the lips
before I put my clothes on and walked out.

I got back to the lobby to get back to work, my boss came up to me
and asked, “So what did you 2 talk about, eh?” “Nothing much, just
about music and stuff” I said, not trying to sound sly or anything.
Boy would he like to know.

(My second attempt at a story. Send comments, feedback, or whoever
you want next in line to be to

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