Caprice loved to travel. Yet none of the places that she had been even came
close to Paris, Paris the city of romance, The City on The Seine. Once again
caprice had found time in an overflowing schedule to visit the city of her
dreams and this time she had a couple of days to spend without the
interference of her ever intruding career. Even Caprice had to admit that
without the modeling and the money that came with it she would probably be
waiting tables and not stood behind a huge picture window in a Paris
apartment sipping chilled Chablis looking out at the illuminated splendor of
the Eiffel Tower. Caprice smiled and 
sank quietly into a soft chair to
continue dreaming her dreams. The apartment was indeed wonderful. Expensively
and tastefully decorated some of the paintings obviously originals must have
cost the owner a fortune, Yet he was still willing to allow her to stay here
even though they had never met. The let had been arranged by her managing
company when a last minute hole had fortuitously appeared in her shekel.
Caprice had expected to be under siege from the owner and his friends all
eager to meet her. Nothing so far had interrupted her relaxation the only
contact with the owner was an arrangement of flowers with a note telling her
to enjoy her stay and this well chilled bottle of Chablis that had been
considerately left for her. Caprice poured herself a second glass. The wine
was heavenly she had tasted nothing quite like it before. Emptying the glass
she lead back in the chair and closed her eyes. soon she was sleeping

Paul continued to watch the monitor in front of him, zooming in closer he
watched the gentle rise and fall of Caprices breasts. He moved the camera up
and down taking in every detail of her gorgeous body and recording the view
for posterity. It was time to move now. he had things to do and a place to
go. Paul had always been rich it was just an accident of birth. In every
other way he was average. Average height, average build, average looks and an
average intelligence. The only other thing that Paul had in abundance was
imagination and he had that in spades. With money and his imagination he had
always been able to buy his dreams into reality. he knew that he was very
close to his latest dream and he didn't intend to waste time in getting

Paul had spent millions buying and decorating the apartment and thousands
more fitting the hidden cameras and video equipment in every room. Even
before the apartment, buying Caprices management company and collecting all
the personal information he needed had not been cheap. But these expenses
would have come to nothing without the knowledge he had recently purchased
from a Russian scientist that couldn't even afford to eat in his native
Moscow. All these things were about to be put to a very good use indeed.

Caprice failed to hear the door open in the wall beside her. She didn't feel
the man lift her arm and check her pulse and she didn't feel the hypodermic
needle as it pierced the skin at the base of the skull. Paul wasn't
surprised. The drug in the Chablis was something he had used before always to
good effect. Paul lifted Caprices limp body over his shoulder and carried her
through the door in the wall. The door closed behind him and he gently
lowered Caprice onto a leather couch in the centre of the room. He loosely
strapped her to the couch although he knew that for Caprice movement of any
kind would be impossible due to the presence of the Russian sorbed drug
coursing through her veins. Paul attached an I.V. to Caprices arm and left
the room.

As the liquid from the I.V. began to take effect Caprices eyes began to open,
her eyelids fluttering as she struggled to break through the drug induced
haze that was making even the tiniest movement impossible. Caprice looked
through heavy eyes into the darkness. Her mind was a blank and as hard as she
tried she could remember nothing. She could sense danger and was afraid. but
if Caprice had known what was about to happen that fear would have tuned to
pure terror.

Paul began typing into the keyboard in front of the monitor as he did so the
darkness in the room receded and Caprice was bathed in a pool of light. the
light which was all the colours of the rainbow began ebbing and flowing across
her prone body. Even from his televised vantage point he began to feel a sense
of relaxation as he watched his plan unfold. Paul typed some more and suddenly
the colours were accompanied by sounds that seemlessly danced around the room,
the two separate mediums becoming one bringing the drugged Caprice to a state
of total relaxation.

The sounds and music made Caprices fear subside until it was less than a
distant memory. She lay there in a state of relaxation so deep that it was
beyond sleep, so deep that Caprice was aware of nothing it was as if she had
been imprisoned in a single moment of time waiting for the next tick of the
clock. The clock ticked. Instead of music there were words, words that Caprice
not hear and then came the pictures that she could not see and together they
began to sink deeply into the helpless mind of the beautiful model, Slowly and
subtly changing her forever.

Paul new that everything was going to plan and in a few hours he would have
the woman he desired. He switched of the monitor and left the room. He
entered the study and sat down, picking up the phone he dialed a familiar
number and began to issue instructions.

Caprice opened her eyes slowly and yawned. Daylight issued across the Paris
skyline, she couldn't believe that she had slept through the night and in a
chair. But in all honesty Caprice could never remember being so relaxed and
this was after a night fully dressed in a strange but very comfortable chair.
She stood up and stretched noticing the empty bottle of Chablis on the table
beside her. no wonder she had slept so well. Caprice moved towards the
Bathroom. Strangely the shower was already running, she opened the cubicle,
Paul stood there naked and hard. Caprice jumped back startled. Paul stepped
forward from the shower smiling Caprice spoke "Darling I had no idea you were
arriving so early. Why didn't you wake me?" Paul smiled once more and took
her gently in his arms and whispered gently in her ear " I am sorry mon
cherie. But you know how much I like to watch you sleep" They kissed
passionately and retreated into the shower. For Caprice making love in the
shower with Paul had always made her hot and today was no exception.



In shock news today Supermodel Caprice Bourret has announced her retirement
and her engagement to Billionaire industrialist and the owner of this T.V
Station Paul DeVries. Miss Bourret was unavailable for comment but in a
telephone interview with Mr DeVries last night he said the romance had begun
very recently and whilst staying at his Paris apartment he had asked her to
become his wife and after a good nights sleep she had been only too happy to
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