Capture Of Natalie Portman Part 2


By Mr. Sarc

(Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba)
(FF, Mf, MMMf, BDSM)

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity between this story and reality is an
amazing coincidence, or means I am psychic. Events depicted herein
came out of my brain, and sadly have little relation to my real


Natalie, bound to her Fuck Bench, awaited her fate with fear,
anxiety, and another feeling, one she felt ashamed of…she felt a
strange excitement…NO! I am not like that, she told herself over
and over again, she had always been such a good girl,
the embodiment
of what a girl should be…

Jessica Alba struggled against her bonds, her hair lustrously draped
on the bench as her ass wriggled, her grunting through her gag made
Natalie feel even more…”intrigued”…her eyes beautiful, wide and

Nicole did not struggle at all…indeed, she seemed unafraid, and
smiled at her 2 fellow captives, almost mocking them. She knew she
had “Seniority” over those 2 little girls, and would get her
opportunity to use them for her own amusement so long as she pleased

Then the door opened, and in walked the “guests”…

The light was switched on, and the men, numbering at 9, dressed in
smart suits gathered. Master and Mistress entered the room. Master
stood in front of the 3 bound sluts…”Do feel free to use these 3
toys as you see fit. They are fully accessible and most pleasing.”
Mistress, dressed in a purple gown, lead the men over to the 3
helpless females. The first man chose Jessica Alba for his use, not
hesitating to shove his fingers into her pussy, making the Dark
Angel star hump involuntarily, whimpering into her gag, while her
violator patted her cute derriere.
Nicole was already being groped, and relished the attention as her
clit was licked skillfully by the man who had chosen to use her
body…he preferred the tall Nicole to those petite cuties Natalie
and Jessica.
The sounds of licking and fingering were loud and clear, Nicole’s
juices copious, Jessica’s whimpering and humping entertained the
observing men.

Natalie waited, then Mistress suddenly unbound her from the bench
and sat her in the lap of one of the men, a large, muscular black
man, who immediately gripped Nat’s boobs and squeezed and groped
them aggressively. “Let’s share Her!”
The 5 remaining men gathered round and groped Natalie’s nude,
helpless body all over, one ramming his finger’s into Natalie’s
honeypot, the others licking her legs and examining her…
Nicole and Jessica were now well into the process of being fucked,
and boy were they being fucked. Their asses back and forth, pounded
relentlessly , in and out, in and out, in and out…no end to it,
their pussies on fire, their bodies reduced to sexual toys.

Natalie’s initial fear soon receded as her body was pleasured iin
just about every way, she surrendered to the sheer enjoyment, sheer
ecstacy of being opened, ravished, teased, stuffed, fingered,
licked…you name it, they did it to her.
His huge cock, when Natalie was sat upon it, made her body sing, as
she was stuffed and stretched, feeling so female and feminine as she
was pumped relentlessly by her male “owner”. After fucking her for a
good while, he had her get down on her hands and knees, another
man’s cock before her, and without hesitation, she sucked cock like
a true slut, licking cum hungrily, as another man fucked her from

Mistress was now fucking Jessica with her strap-on, dominating the
little brunette, pulling her hair and pounding her mercilessly,
while Nicole was sucking cock and having her ass stuffed with a

But it was Natalie who got the Lion’s share, the men all took it in
turns to fuck her, suck her, finger her, there was just no end to
it, the pleasure was infinite, her body electified with sexual
energy. Nicole could see the attention Natalie was getting, and was
not happy to have the limelight taken away from her, but she knew
the rules meant she would have Natalie at her mercy very, very

Master congratulated Natalie, as the actress squealed “OH GOD!!
F…FUCK ME!”…Master smiled, “That’s the spirit, my little
sexpet!” Natalie writhed and humped and stretched, her legs spread
wide, as her impaled body exploded in orgasm after orgasm, cumming
like a volcano, her juices everywhere, mixed in with the hot cum
that filled her honeypot…she felt so slutty, so full of pleasure,
being fucked like a machine.
She came and came and came, until she could withstand no more…

She collapsed and lost consciousness.

Nicole and Jessica were cleaned by the maids, then taken back to
their beds and tied down for the night. Jessica was dazed by her
immense fucking, and could not stand up if she wanted to…Nicole,
however, as she lay tied and spreadeagle on her bed, seethed with
fury that she was “out-fucked” by little Natalie…dark designs
lurked in her mind, for she was Senior Slut, and knew the
priviledges that came with that.

Natalie did not wake up in her bed, nor was she spreadeagle. She was
lying on a bed, yes, but not hers…this was luxurious, an ornate
4-poster bed, in a romantic, candle lit room…she was dressed in a
tiny white lace teddy, frilly and feminine, with a big bow, just
above her bottom, nylons on her legs, and a cute collar around her
neck, with her name engraved on it in gold letters. She was free,
not bound, not leashed…she sat up in the bed, bemused by the
luxury and freedom she now found herself in. She left the bed, and
went to a cabinet, sure enough there were drinks there, and she
drank some orange juice, as she explored her strange new location.

Natalie looked gloriously feminine in her teddy and nylons, so sexy
and cute, as she strolled, curious yet also apprehensive…she
looked upon herself in a mirror, and noted that she looked “hot to
Opening a cupboard, she saw clothing, but it was all lingerie, all
of it, it seemed, specifically chosen for Natalie…Babydolls,
Bustiers, Thongs, French Knickers, Transparent Panties, Corsets,
Slips, all very revealing, all chosen to make Natalie a sexual
object, an object of pleasure both aesthetic and sensual.
For some reason, she did not mind that…a few days ago she would

Then, the door opened, and in walked the Master, a smile on his
face, dressed in dressing gown, approaching Natalie…
“Do you like this room, my pretty?”


“Say “Yes, Master”, he said, sternly.

“Yes, Master”, replied Natalie, feeling ashamed.

“Good. If you had repeated that error, I would have had to have sent
you to the Mistress for your punishment…”

Natalie looked fearful…

Master smiled…”Don’t worry, little one, you will not be punished
this time, but there will not be a second reprieve…understood?”
Natalie nodded and appologetically responded “Yes, Master”
The Master was firm, powerful, masculine, such that Natalie would
not dare disobey him…but he was also, in a peculiar way, kind and
loving…almost fatherly. Natalie felt she needed him, but she could
not explain why.

“You are indeed a good little girl, and one with such a delicious
body…it’s wrong for that to be covered up…still, that tight
outfit you wore in Attack OfThe Clones was a step in the right
direction…and this little teddy is a definite improvement…”
Master circled his captive, continuing to comment on her…”Your
tits are just the right size, your face a beautiful vision, your
eyes majestic…your legs and thighs so pleasing and slender, your
bottom juicy and succulent, and your crotch entices…” Master
smiled as he enjoyed every inch of Natalie Portman’s nubile, sensual
body. Natalie enjoyed all this attention…the eyes examining her,
appraising her, she was delighted that she pleased him, she kept
thinking about pleasing him…

“You are a fine specimen”, he continued, “you have the potential to
be one of my finest sluts…you are the kind of girl every man wants
as his plaything, his cute little toy, his fuck-pet. Natalie, do you
know how many men lust after you? Do you realise that so many men
look at the sexy pictures of you in magazines, and they want you,
your body, they want to have you. You tease them, but deny them your
body, denying them pleasure. That is a terrible thing Natalie…you
have been a bad girl, but you can redeem yourself!”
Natalie felt so ashamed, letting so many boys down…
“You were put on this Earth to please men, my little kitten…and I
shall make you into the finest of sluts!”

Natlalie Portman nodded, and said, “Yes, Master”. Master folded his
arms, his eyes narrowing…

“Natalie, I want you to kneel on the floor, with your hands over
your head…”

He placed a card on the floor in front of her…It had writing on
it, a list of rules…

“Read it”, the Master said firmly, as Natalie balked at some of what
she would have to say…she paused, but fearing punishment, and
displeasing her Master, she began to read the card, as Master stood
behind her, petting and stroking her hair…

And so, she began to speak the words written for her…


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