Capture Of Natalie Portman – Part One


Part One

by Mr. Sarc

Any similarities with real individuals are purely coincidental
(however much we’d like them to be sluts), as are any events or
other coincidences.

(Natalie Portman, Elisha Cuthbert, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, Ff,
Mf, Fff, BDSM, fist, oral, anal, enema)

An actress was relieved to find an out-of town Hotel after finishing
a promotional tour…she needed to escape, to disappear for a few

Natalie Portman relaxed in her hotel room, wearing only a white
satin pyjama top, which exposed her legs and much of her
with her navy blue panties visible underneath. She was sitting
upright in bed, watching a film on the TV, her legs casually apart,
long hair tumbling upon her shoulders, as she sipped the wine she
had been given by the maid. That was nice, Natalie thought, a free
drink, and so nice to be pampered…

Little did Natalie know that she was being monitored on CCTV by 2
women, one a petite feminine blonde (the maid who gave her the
drink), the other woman a tall, domineering Red-Head with a stern
glare. The man, a powerful, tall, muscular figure, towered over both
females, the blonde being rather submissive towards him. The Red
Head spoke: “She will soon be our little toy, our pet!” The man and
blonde smiled, “She is a most delicious one, an excellent addition
to our Collection”…

Natalie was feeling tired, drowsy…”I’ve had a long…day…” she
could feel herself losing consciousness, sliding onto her back, legs
teasingly spread, with her pyjama top riding up a little, exposing
her panties, one arm behind her head, the other on her belly.
Natalie Portman was asleep, and helpless…

The blonde maid stepped into the room, wearing her very short skirt
and tight shirt and tie, with high heels. She walked to the bed,
and checked Natalie was really unconscious, then she set about
straddling the actress and unbuttoning her pyjama top, then
squeezing Natalie’s juicy breasts; she was unconscious, alright, and
completely at their mercy..

The Red-Head entered, smiling at the blonde and unconscious Natalie,
“She is very cute! Turn her over, Sally, I want to see her ass!”
“Yes, Mistress”, Sally obeyed quickly, turning Natalie onto her
belly, then lifting her ass into the air for the Mistress’
inspection…”A superb bum…succulent and round…soft…”
Natalie’s panties were quickly pulled down, exposing her pussy and
ass. The Mistress’ hands approached Natalie’s pussy…”No…we will
open her up later, when she is conscious”.

And with that, the now nude Natalie Portman was strapped to a
trolley (face down, her hair dangling), and “wheeled” through the
empty corridors (for there were no real guests), and down a long
slope, into the “Toy Chamber”, where 3 semi-naked men, and 4 corset
and stocking clad women, awaited.

On the orders of the Mistress, Natalie was strung up, arms and legs
spread wide, her most intimate parts on display. The “Staff”
examined her, the men touching her pubic hair, the women spreading
and squeezing her butt cheeks. “You will all get your turn on the
new slut”, the Mistress assured them.


The Master shot his cum into Jessica Alba’s mouth, as she, bent
across a bench with dildo’s pounding her pussy and ass, swallowed
submissively, then collapsed…”Natalie will awaken soon…must not
be late!” declared the Master, as he left Alba to the relentless
cruelty of the dildo’s, as the maids stuffed a ballgag into her
pretty little mouth. Master handed Jessica’s leash to the senior

The Master left the “Fuck Room”, and proceeded down the dark
underground corridor, to the “Toy Chamber”, where the trussed “Star
Wars” beauty would awaken.

Natalie Portman opened her eyes to find herself unable to
move…where was she…pitch black…but she could hear
breathing…she realised that she was naked and spreadeagled,
humiliatingly exposed…she begun to panic, whimpering like a little

Then the lights came on…

“Hello Natalie, welcome to your new life!” She saw a tall man
standing before her, making her feel even more small and helpless.
“You will please many men and women, my delicious slut!”

“LET ME GO!” Natalie cried out, struggling fruitlessly against her
bonds…”Please, let me go! I won’t tell…” The man
interupted…”You are my prize, and I am your owner…disobedience
will be punished, do as you are told! Sally…educate the slut!”


Natalie cried as a cane struck her bare bottom!




“I will…AARGH!”


“…Obey”, she whimpered, sobbing, lowering her head…

“Good! Obedience will be your purpose in life, Natalie. You will be
dressed to please us, humiliated to please us, tortured to please
us…indeed, you will be a sex toy, an object to be used and abused
as we choose…gag her!”

Immediately, one of the women stuffed a ball-gag into Natalie’s
mouth, “Little girls should be fucked and not heard!” laughed the

Natalie tried to struggled against the maids, but they soon had her
bent face-down over a bench with the front low and the rear high,
thus Natalie’s bottom was raised as she was strapped to the bench,
her pussy and ass cruely exposed.

Natalie cried as the Master told the red-hed mistress to “open her
up”. She was helpless as the mistress forced her pussy lips open and
inserted her fingers, probing hard and deep, violating Natalie, as
the others gathered to watch.

“MMNnnnnffff!” Natalie screamed through her gag, as mistress
stretched her little pussy, splitting the nymph-ike actress
open…Natalie writhed as a fourth finger stuffed her innocent cunt.
“See how her pussy is stretching like a slut’s cunt” said the
dominatrix as she violently finger-fucked Natalie.
She turned to a maid, Karen, and instructed her to sit under the
bench (there was a seat below the section where Natalie’s butt was
strapped) Karen (a shot-haired blonde) quickly found the bench-hole,
located directly under Natalie’s crotch…

Natalie felt so humiliated, so violated, yet…yet the pounding did
feel nice in a way…NO! She tried to restrain her urges…

“UnnnHFFFfff!” Natalie felt a tongue on her…clit…”Oh God!” she
thought, I can’t control…OH!…OH!” Natalie’s body began to spasm
and buck, responding to every thrust and lick.
Master lifted Natalie’s head, telling her that “You are being
“cuntrolled”, give in!” Natalie’s face was contorted in pleasure as
all she could think about
brain was now between her widely spread thighs.

Now, Natalie was being fisted, her cute little pussy now spread
beyond her imaginings, as the Mistress pounded and pounded and
pounded relentlessly.
Natalie was reduced to being a hole, a receptacle, a cunt, to be

The soaked wet pussy facilatated the intense fist-fucking,
pussy-juice dripping down Natalie’s legs, as Karen’s licking made
her clit throb.

On and on the “cuntrolling” went, until Natalie came, spasming, her
juices pouring from her fucked-cunt.

“Excellent!” Said the master, as Natalie collapsed on the bench. And
with that, the thoroughly fucked and exhausted actress was carried
off and taken to her new quarters…

Natalie was placed inside a walled-in four poster bed, with
luxurious silk and satin, pillows, etc. However, she was not
free…chained spreadeagle on the bed, a ball-gag in her mouth, nude
and exposed, except for the collar fitted to her neck shortly after
her inaugural fucking, she was a most beautiful sight…

Master looked at the CCTV camera screens, all viewed from his
prisoners “bed-boxes”…the cameras directly above his beautiful,
spreadeagled captives…nude, their pussies shaved and on display.

Bed 1: Nicole Kidman (Senior Slut)

Bed 2: Monica Belluci

Bed 3: Elisha Cuthbert

Bed 4: Jessica Alba

Bed 5: Natalie Portman

Bed 6: Maid Karen & Maid Emily

Bed 7: Maid Sally & Maid Lisa

Natalie was an exquisite addition to the collection of toys…Master
pondered who of the 4 other sluts would make the most interesting
“pairing” with Natalie for her lesbian education (as Senior Slut,
Nicole fucked and sucked Monica into submission; the French slut
completely surrendered to Master soon after being conquered by
Nicole), of course, Mistress will have plenty of thorough
examinations and tests to carry out on Natalie, and the men will be
eager to fuck the pretty new toygirl.

As Natalie lay there, helpless, spreadeagled and aware that her
nubile, violated body was being observed, she resolved that she
would not give in…she would NOT give in!

At 9am the next day, Karen and Emily slapped Natalie awake, attached
a leash to her collar, and led her on all-fours to a dog bowl,
whereupon Karen filled the bowl full of milk and cereal, which
Natalie was then ordered to eat without using her hands. Natalie
felt utterly humiliated, that her dignity was destroyed. Then
Natalie felt Emily’s gloved fingers on her bum…then…”ooOH!!!”
cried Natalie,as Emily’s fingers pushed into her pussy.
Natalie was ordered by Karen to finish her breakfast while Emily
finger-fucked her delicously, making Natalie moan and whimper, her
hips humping Emily’s probing fingers, which were now wet with
Natalie’s pussy juice.

Karen was now also behind Natalie, observing Emily’s skilled
finger-humping, and enjoying the beautiful sight of Natalie’s ass.
Karen held a huge 9 inch dildo, and a chastity belt.

“She’s lubed”, announced Emily, “Excellent!”, replied Karen, as
Emily moved aside and Karen positioned the dildo close to Natalie
Portman’s juicy little pussy…”Nat…it’s time for you to get
aquainted with your new friend!”

Natalie sobbed as Karen eagerly pushed the huge phallus all the way
into Natalie’s honeypot, all the way in…inexorably…unstoppably
stuffing Natalie, stretching her, opening her. Emily lifted Nat’s
head…”You’re gonna learn to enjoy being used…you are here to
please…get used to the big cock, it’s going to spend alot of time
with you.”

“There!” Said Karen, “Stuffed good and proper! Now to make sure you
stay stuffed…”

Karen fitted the chastity belt around Nat’s waist, T-Shaped and made
of PVC and metal, the belt went between her buttocks, and up her
crotch, locked in place by a key…then the dildo, poking through
the pussy access hole of the chastity belt, as locked in by a tiny
padlocked clamp, which was extremely tight; unbreakable, in fact.
The ring inside the crotch panel of the chasity belt had been placed
on Natalie’s clit…causing her to yelp.

One hole remained in the chastity belt…the butt-hole.
Karen held Nat’s butt-cheeks apart while Emily fetched the

Natalie squirmed, moaning as she struggled to adjust to being filled
and used, with her clit now tingling….her ass being opened.
Nat heard the sounds of fingers being prepared, and a light object
being held by Emily…

“NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Natalie squealed as Emily first inserted her
lubed fingers, then the object, into Natalie’s

“In goes Mr. Plug!” said Emily, as the 2 girls giggled while Natalie
received her first anal stuffing…thankfully, the plug wasn’t too
big, but Karen said “we’re breaking you in, little girl, but soon
you’ll be taking bigger plugs…” Click! The Plug was locked in
place, and Natalie was now ready for her first walkies.

She was lead by her 2 Maids, pulled by her leash, crawling on all
fours, to the Mistresses’ Room…and there was Mistress, with Elisha
Cuthbert, also on a leash, on all fours, “Elisha is a very fine
bitch”, said Mistress…the ballgag prevented Elisha from
speaking…her eyes locked with Natalie’s.

“Karen, Emily…excellent work!” Said Mistress as she examined
Natalie’s chastity belt, “Nicely stuffed!” Mistress patted Nat’s
head, then told Karen and Emily they would be rewarded with a severe
fucking from the men…”Cock!” they shouted in gleeful unison,
Mistress gave them a pair of cards, each card had printed on it:
“I have earned the right to be Fucked and used by the Men, as they
see fit. If I obey the Men, I may request they eat my Pussy in
return. Above all, I must be used and fucked, and must suck all of
the Men’s cocks.”

Karen and Emily departed, leaving Mistress with her 2 pets, Elisha
and Natalie, both leashed, both in chastity belts, both stuffed.
Mistress lead Elisha to Natalie’s rear, and Elisha immediately began
to sniff Natalie’s stuffed bottom…”This is how you will greet each
other when you are Bitches…Nat, sniff Elisha’s bum.” Natalie was
lead by her leash to Elisha’s pert butt…awkwardly pressing her
nose against Elisha’s rump. “Sniff! Good manners, Natalie!”
Natalie’s own bottom was spanked sharply. Natalie began to sniff
more firmly…Elisha whimpered…Natalie’s face in Elisha’s butt,
Elisha bucking as Natalie sniffed.

“That’s enough!” Shouted the Mistress, who then led Natalie and
Elisha into another room…

It was a medical room, with, at it’s center, a gynaecological
chair…Natalie was terrified!
Mistress released Elisha, stripping her nude, then ordered the nude
Elisha to help her strap Natalie to the chair for her examination.
Elisha was still wearing her ball-gag as she strapped Nat to the
chair, while Mistress unlocked the chastity belt, and removed the
dildo and butt-plug. Nat felt so empty without the dildo and plug,
it didn’t feel right…”What am I thinking?!” Natalie thought,
alarmed at her feelings…”I must get out of here!” she vowed to

“The dildo is very wet…now, I wonder why that is? Your pussy is
drenched, like a fuck-hungry slut. You are a beautiful little
fucklet, Natalie, and today you are going to be given your first
examination, so we can make you into the best fucktoy around.”

Natalie Portman was stretched and opened by the Mistress, who kept
her open using a speculum, and proceeded to thoroughly examine her
violated pussy, remarking on it’s wetness and it’s excellent
potential for cock satisfaction…Mistress examined every inch, and
Nat’s body squirmed and writhed under the scrutiny…Miss Portman’s
clit was tested for sensitivity with various devices (electric
tweezers, vibe, tongue, fingers)…the results were excellent, as
Natalie was forced to cum against her will repeatedly. Mistress
noted that “Miss Portman’s clit and pussy can be used to effectively
control her; they have and will betray her, easily overwhelming her

Miss Portman was exhausted and humiliated, as the Mistress opened
her rectum and gave her an enema, filling her ass with warm water,
then making her shit into a bag. “Nice clean ass!”

Then the nipple clamps, electro-testing of nipples (very
successful), leg spreading (testing her flexibility). She was made
to watch a video of Master fucking Monica Belluci, and this, too,
made Natalie wet…her will was breaking…she was unable to control
herself…the Mistress dominated her, making her cum whenever she
chose, and cum she did, again and again and again.

Maid Sally and Maid Lisa arrived, dressed in their french maid
outfits, their stockings visible, their skirts ridiculously short,
their cleavage on display.

“Yes, Mam!”

Natalie was released from the chair, but her arms were then bound
behind her back, and her leash reattached. Mistress said that the
chastity belt would not be needed, and grinned slyly…
“Girls…take her to the Slut Room and package her for our
guests…she must be ready for our guests!”

Lisa announced that Jessica (Alba) and Nicole (Kidman) were already
in the Slut Room…Mistress smiled and told Natalie, whose eyes were
full of despair “Now you will be used by men, it is what girls were
made for…to please men.”

Lisa and Sally nodded, and then led Natalie by her leash to the Slut
Room…as she walked, Sally groped Natalie’s bottom and Lisa played
with her hair…”Such a pretty toy!” Exclaimed Sally…”I wish she
was mine!”, said Lisa…

Natalie sobbed, but the maids laughed at her…
“Crying about being fucked? Are you mad? Me and Lisa live for
fucking! As Mistress says, females were created to be fucked by our
Male Masters…”

“Blessing us with their mighty, supreme cocks!” Lisa interrupted…
“God…to be his slut, what an honour…” Sally continued…

Natalie thought of cocks and somehow felt happier…her pussy felt
so empty, so abused…she was not a slut, no, of course not, she was
a nice girl, not a dirty slut!

Natalie’s mind kept returning to cocks and fucking, no matter how
much she told herself not to be a slut…those orgasms did feel
good, she admitted, and perhpas it wasn’t so bad afterall…she
remembered how when she looked at Ewen McGregor, she thought of him
bending her over and fucking her, pounding her…but doesn’t every
girl fantasize?

She hated men regarding her as “pure”, she would often
“crotchwatch”, and enjoyed the sights and smells of sex, one man who
she wanted to fuck her was just too polite, and she never tasted his
cock. But, no…this did not make her a slut, Natalie kept telling

Finally, they reached the Slut Room, and their, in all their nude
glory, were Nicole and Jessica, both strapped to “Fuck-Benches”, and
Natalie’s Fuck Bench was next to Jessica’s…she was quickly bent
over by the Maid’s and strapped to the Bench, her legs spread open,
her ass raised and head lowered (just like Jessica and Nicole)…
Sally smiled and said to Natalie, “Nothing can prepare you for this,
surrender…” with that the Maids left Natalie to her fate.

For what seemed like forever, Nicole, Jessica, and Natalie waited,
strapped to their Fuck Benches, in a darkened room, with lights
above each of them, highlighting their nude bodies, an array of
drinks and food at the other end of the room, and a whole load of
equipment (whips, cane’s, clamps, dildo’s cucumber’s, you name it)
on the tables…

They waited and waited, helpless and bound…

Then, the footsteps approached…


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