Capturing Larissa

The rain is pouring outside. But I don’t
notice it. I am fixated on the image in front of me. After months of plotting,
and days of sleeplessness, the plan worked. I saw Larissa at a club in LA. Very
teeny bopper type of club. It was a “Hi How are you”, a pill in her Diet Coke,
and a 10 minute drive back to my place. Larissa, after coming to, was following
my orders to the tee.

“Get undressed” and “go sit over there” were my words. She quickly obeyed, and
now we are here.

Alex was already taking her clothes off.

“Alright, lay down on your bed…. I’m going to hogtie you,” I said excitedly.
“Okay,” said
Alex, nervously getting into place.
“Spread ’em,” I said, touching her legs.
“Okay,” said Alex in her cute shy voice.

I squatted down between her legs. She braced her knees on her thighs, and I
reached over her buttocks for her hands and tied her wrists in a crossed

With her hands bound, Alex Mack felt that her entire body weight was resting on
her breasts and thighs.

“Alrighty,” I said. I was guiding Alex’s ankles up to vertical, where I tied
them crossed, too. I folded Alex’s legs until her feet touched her cute ass, and
then tied her hands to her ankles.
Larissa or…. ‘Alex Mack’ was hogtied.

I took a couple scarves and blindfolded and gagged her. I tied her big toes
together with a shoe string. “Mmph rrmph sssth stttth” was all I could make out
from Alex Mack’s gagged mouth. I assume she was begging me to leave her feet
alone. “What Larissa? You say you have ticklish feet? What if I tickle Alex
Mack’s feet? Huh?” I said wiggling my fingers inches from her pink cute soles.
The ‘NNNOOOOOOOO’ that emerged through Alex Mack’s gag was very clear. My
fingers made contact with the smooth sensitive skin of the bottom of Alex’s
foot. She immediately bucked and gasped, but had no place to go. I casually
danced my fingers up and down both feet bottoms, from her heels to her toes, and
back down, causing Alex to giggle hysterically through her gag. I glanced down
and watched her bare ass jiggle. The toned buttocks that I had dreamed about for
years were now fully developed, and right in front of me. She looked so tasty, I
decided to have a taste.
I began to lick Larissa all
over her body.

(Since I’m busy doing Larissa / Alex Mack, let’s have a 3rd person describe the
scene, shall we?)
Look at that lucky bastard? How did he get the gig of doing Larissa while I tell
the readers what is going on? Anyways, this guy was good. He began to kiss
Alex’s neck, causing goosebumps to cover her naked body. He licked her neck, her
belly, and her breasts. Larissa’s tits were amazing. Salty puffy nipples. They
looked untouched. Pure. He sucked Alex Mack’s left nipple into his mouth,
nibbling it with his teeth, then the right one. His tongue flicked over the pale
titties causing Alex to moan and pant unwillingly. The man teased and licked her
nipples, blowing air on them, until Alex Mack’s nipples were reddened and hard.
The man moved on to licking other parts of Larissa. He made sure to lick her
salty arm pits, smooth and smelling of roses. His tongue flicked over each
underarm, which made Alex giggle and wince a bit. He licked her feet, tickling
them. He sucked each individual toes for 5 minutes each, watching Larissa’s face
contort and gasp from her ticklishness. The man sucked on Alex Mack’s soles and
heels, making little hickies as Alex’s toes curled up from the sensation. He
started licking
his way up her legs, and when he reached her dream pussy, she gasped. Alex
raised her ass the best she could against the bonds, trying to get the guy’s
tongue into her pussy all the way. After only a few seconds of licking, the guy
was up behind her on the bed. She saw a shadow of a huge erection on the wall.
The guy stuck his nose between her legs and licked again. Alex arched back,
offering her pert little ass and her pink, virgin pussy to
the man. he pressed his nose against
her anus, simultaneously licking her sex with his long tongue. Alex gasped
loudly as her butt hole was entered by the man’s nose briefly. She quivered as
the man lapped up the tender folds of her pussy. The man knew exactly what to do
and mounted her immediately. His plunge hit the mark, popping Alex’s cherry in
one stroke. She cried out at the pain,
then held her breath. He began his rhythmic pumping. Just as Alex Mack’s pussy
began to adjust to the new feeling,
she seemed to feel him grow again. The man completely filled Alex’s virgin pussy
and kept fucking hard. His thrusts went on and on, and she felt the first orgasm
welling up. The man’s cock was ready to blow inside of his dream girl Alex
Mack… until Alex some how stood up and headed for the door. The guy, in a
state of shock, fucked nothing but air for 4 or 5 thrusts before he noticed what
had happened. His eyes raced around the room. Scissors. Cut rope. Naked
Larissa’s ass going away. Larissa running out the door down the hall. Before he
understood the situation, that Alex secretly cut herself free, the guy was
already giving chase to Alex Mack. The sight is a man with a half hard cock,
running around his house, gaining on a naked Larissa, or a naked Alex Mack in
the stalker’s eyes. Larissa ran and ran, finally reaching the front door. She
opened it, not noticing how close the man was behind her, and heard the rain.
The sound of the rain made her feel safe. She saw freedom. She smelled the air.
She heard…. *cling*cling*cling*. The chain was on the door. Then, she saw a
hand slam the door shut. Her body went limp in defeat as the man picked up Alex
Mack and brought her back to the room.
Tossing Alex on the bed, the man tied
rope to the wrist webbing and stretched it over to a leg of
a heavy dresser, securing it. He captured one leg with another piece of webbing
and secured it to a bedpost. He lassoed the other leg and tied it to another
pulling the rope tight. As he stretched her legs wide, Alex’s pelvis rotated up
and her vagina protruded out. The man looked down at Alex’s writhing body,
swollen pussy, milky white ass. His erection
returned. He knelt
down behind her and stroked up and down Alex’s pussy
lips with the head of his cock. She struggled and called
him names, but that only egged him on. He plunged into
her young starlet pussy. It was hot, wet, and slippery. Very tight. He pumped
for a few
minutes then withdrew from her vagina and placed his
cock up against her anus.

“No, stop! Don’t! Don’t! No, please! Don’t…”

The man pushed, and as soon as the head of his dick passed her
sphincter, he slipped all the way in. He arched his back
and tensed his whole body. He had never fucked an
asshole before, and he liked it. And since he was so un-
fond of Alex Mack, and the act pleased her so little, the stranger was
thrilled at what he was doing. In and out, he pumped her
bum for ten minutes, then he pulled out, entered her vagina for a few
strokes, and continued working her anus over. She
whimpered, cried, pleaded, but to no avail. Twice more he
had to dip his dick into her pussy for more lubrication. Then pushed his penis
up against Alex’s brown hole. Two quick, strong thrusts and it was too late.
The guy had buried his massive schlong in Larissa / Alex Mack’s ass. Pumping
slow, then fast, then slow again trying to prolong the pleasure for himself, the
man fucked Larissa’s ass as long as he could. Alex Mack was being slammed over
and over, her pale buns spread wide and lewdly. The ass pumping that had gone
for the last half an hour continued, and not with just
renewed vigor, but with much stronger thrusts. Finally the man orgasmed, filling
Larissa / Alex Mack with warm semen.

After several minutes of his spent dick resting up Larissa’s ass, the man
started to feel guilty and let his cock plop out. Larissa was rather quiet
except for the high moan she let out once her anus was voided from a lack of
cock. She almost seemed used to it, upset that her butt was now empty. The man
untied Alex Mack, saying “you are free Larissa”. He closed his eyes in shame. He
heard Larissa get up, putting her feet on the ground. Then he felt a warm
sensation on his spent penis. His eyes opened to see Larissa playfully licking
his penis like a lollipop. “Ohhhh. Wh-wh-what are you doing? You don’t have to
stay,” the man sighed. “Who says I want to leave?” Larissa said with a smile.
She engulfed the man’s rod, sucking it to hardness again.

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