Car Trouble

Title: Car Trouble

Author: Tori

Celebs: Dove Cameron

Codes: MF, MMF, NC, rape anal, rough, gang, WS

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Hey there Bubba, got your ears on?  Come back.”  Bubba grabbed the mic to his CB and said, “Sure thing Darlene.  What’s shakin?”  Darlene giggled in the mic and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.  Anyway, just got a call about a broke down Camaro out on route 9.  How about you get over there and see what you can do.”  Bubba smiled and said, “Sure thing sweetheart.  I’m on my way.”

Bubba started his tow truck and drove the short distance to the highway and saw the car on the side of the road with the hood up.  He turned on his flashers and pulled up behind the car and was surprised to find a sweet young blonde bending over the grill looking at the vintage 1969 Camaro’s engine.  He climbed down and walked up and said, “You having some problems there little girl?”  Dove Cameron stood up and said, “Yeah, it just died on me.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  Can you help me out?”  Bubba looked over the tiny cutie and smiled.  “Sure thing darlin’.  Let’s take a look.”  As he looked under the hood he immediately saw the problem.  A wire had come loose on the alternator.  He could have easily fixed the problem in seconds but instead he said, “I don’t see anything.  I’m going have to tow it in and put it up on the lift.”  Dove said, “Shit.  I really need to get to Memphis.  Is it going to take long?”  Bubba smiled and said, “Well, the longer we wait, the longer it’s gonna to take.”  Dove said, “OK, you’re the boss.”  She reached into the Camaro and grabbed her purse and then hopped into the tow truck while Bubba hooked up her car.

After Bubba hooked up the car, he climbed into the truck and found Dove trying to call someone on her cell.  “Don’t bother sweetheart.  There ain’t no cell service in these hills.  That’s why everyone has one of these.”  He pointed to his CB and started the truck.  Dove sighed and put her phone back into her purse.  Bubba reached behind him and brought out a plastic gallon jug and said, “Thirsty?”  Dove nodded as Bubba filled a small cup with some water.  “Here ya go gorgeous.”  Dove drank down her water and looked out the window as the truck made its way through the thick woods.  Bubba was keeping his eye on the road when he heard Dove’s head thump against the glass.  He reached over and pulled her head back by her hair and said, “Well now.  You’re just about the sexiest thing that’s come my way.  I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.”  He let the unconscious blonde slump back into the seat as he ran his rough hands along her smooth legs.  “Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmm.  You are fine girl.”

Bubba pulled into his lot and towed the car into the back compound.  He got out and unhooked the car and then quickly reattached the alternator wire.  The Camaro started right up and Bubba pulled the car to the back of the lot and parked it between several other cars.  When he got back to the truck, he heard Darlene calling him on the CB.  “What’s up Darlene?” he replied.  “Did you take care of the car?” she asked.  Bubba smiled, staring at the young blonde passed out in his truck and said, “Sure thing sweetheart.  Just a loose wire.”  Darlene said, “Sounds good Bubba, have a good one.  I’m gone.”

Bubba put the mic down and walked around to the passenger door.  He opened it up and pulled Dove’s limb body over his shoulder and carried her into the garage.  He unlocked a heavy steel door and carried Dove into a large room.  As soon as he entered, the other two girls locked in cages quickly sat up and stared at him.  He carried Dove over to a wooden bench placed in the middle of the room and laid her down next to it.  The other girls just stared as Bubba pulled Dove’s skirt and panties off.  He tore her blouse taking it off of her and after he took her bra off, he tossed the clothing into the corner.  Next, he removed her rings and bracelets as well as the diamond studs in her ears.  The last thing he took off was the gold heart necklace from around her neck.  He put the jewelry into his pocket and then went back to Dove.  He picked her up and laid her on the bench.  He placed her legs on either side, letting her arms hang down in the dirt.

Bubba quickly took off his overalls and got to top of Dove and stoked his cock.  He looked over at the other girls and said, “Fresh meat bitches.  I hope you like watching me fuck this cunt.”  He pushed his hard cock into Dove’s pussy and started to fuck her.  The other girls sat back and watched Bubba fuck the unconscious blonde.  He slammed his cock in and out of her for several minutes and then pulled out, shooting rope after rope of hot cum across her stomach.  When he finished, he went over and opened the empty cage along the wall and pulled Dove into it.  After he locked the cage, he picked up Dove’s clothes and his overalls and left the room, locking the door behind him.

Sometime later, Dove began to regain consciousness.  She opened her eyes and looked over and saw Bubba fucking a young teen in the ass.  He had the girl bent over a bench as he slammed his cock deep into her gaping hole.  He looked over and saw that Dove had her eyes open and smiled.  After he came, he made the girl crawl back into her cage and then turned his attentions to Dove.  “Open your mouth bitch.”  Dove was having a hard time focusing but her natural instincts made her open her mouth.  Bubba pushed two pills into her mouth and then made her drink from a water bottle.  After he made sure she swallowed the pills, he reached through the cage and pulled her closer to him by her hair.  Dove didn’t resist as he shoved his filthy cock into her mouth.  He face fucked the gorgeous starlet for several minutes before he pulled out and covered her face with his load.  When he let go of her, she slumped down onto the dirt floor and laid there.  The pills he gave her were taking effect and she soon felt like she was floating, unable to move.  A few minutes later, she passed out again.

Dove had no idea what was happening to her as Bubba spent the next several hours fucking her in the ass and pussy.  Every so often, she came close to consciousness, only to fall back into her semi-comatose state.  Bubba took advantage of the compliant beauty and fucked her until he couldn’t fuck her any longer.  By the time he pushed her back into her cage, his cum was pouring out of her well-fucked holes.

When she finally woke up, she struggled to pull her worn out body up off the dirt and sat back against the cage.  She looked around, taking in her surroundings and then saw the other girls looking at her.  “Where am I?” she asked.  One of the girls said, “Shhhh, quiet or he’ll hear you.”  She ran the back of her hand along her dried out lips and said, “What’s happening?”  The girl came as close to Dove as she could and said, “I recognize you.  You’re Dove Cameron, right?”  Dove shook her head and then looked down at the dried cum on her body and said, “Oh my God!  Did he rape me?”  The girl nodded and said, “What do think?”  Dove felt sick and leaned over and threw up in the dirt.  After several minutes of dry heaves, she sat back up and started to cry.

Suddenly, a small slot in the door opened and Bubba yelled, “You whores shut the fuck up.”  The girls looked up and waited for him to come in.  When the slot closed again, they all sighed in relief.  The girl next to Dove said, “I’m Jill, over there is May. I call her May because that’s when he brought her down here.”  Dove looked at the other girls and said, “How long have I been here?”  Jill said, “About two days, I think.  You don’t remember a thing, do you?”  Dove thought for a second and said, “It’s all a blur.  All I know is, I hurt all over.  What did he do to me?”  Jill shook her head and said, “You don’t want to know.”  Dove looked over at May and said, “I think I remember seeing him fucking you in the ass.”  May looked away and didn’t say a word.  Jill looked over at her and said, “She hasn’t spoken since he brought her down here.  He rapes her every day, sometimes twice a day and always in her ass.  She stopped screaming a long time ago.”  Dove felt sick again but choked it down and said, “How long have you been here?”  Jill said, “I don’t know, what month is it?”  Dove said, “August.”  Jill said, “Five months then, give or take.”  She thought for a second and then said, “That’s not the worst part though.”  Dove said, “What could be worse than this?”  Jill said, “Listen.  A couple times a week, he takes one of us upstairs and sells us to his friends.”  Dove started to cry again and said, “Oh my God.”

They sat in silence and then the door opened and Bubba came in.  He stripped off his filthy overalls and walked over to Dove.  He opened the door and grabbed her by the hair and said, “Get out here bitch!”  Dove crawled on her hands and knees as he dragged her over to the bench.  He made her bend over the bench and spread her legs.  Dove said, “Please, I have money.  I’ll pay you whatever you want, just don’t rape me again.”  Bubba laughed and said, “I don’t need your money bitch.”  He spread her ass cheeks apart and spit on her bruised asshole and before Dove could say another word, he shoved his cock balls deep into her bowels.  “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.  “STOPPPPPP PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  YOU’RE TEARING MEEEEEEE UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!”  Bubba held her down as her slammed his cock in and out of her ass.  He sodomized the Disney starlet for almost ten minutes and then pulled out and forced her to her knees.  “Swallow it cunt” he demanded.  Dove kept her mouth closed so Bubba pinched her nose, leaving Dove no choice but to open her mouth.  He shoved his cock between her lips and fucked her throat until he finally came, keeping his cock in her mouth until she swallowed all his nasty cum.  After wiping his cock off with her dirty hair, he pushed her back into her cage.  He locked the cage and went over to Jill and opened her cage.  Jill crawled out and over to the bench.  Bubba had her lay on the bench and spread her legs.  Dove and the other girl watched as Bubba fucked Jill’s pussy.  After he came inside of her, he went over to May and made her suck his cock.  May sucked his cock and balls until he pulled out and covered her face with another load.  When he was finished, he picked up his overalls and left, closing the door behind him.

Over the next several days, Dove was repeatedly rape by Bubba.  He used the others girls too but he focused on his new prize.  It didn’t take long before Dove submitted to Bubba and stopped fighting the inevitable.  One day, Bubba came in and looked at Dove.  “I’m having a little party tonight and you’re going to be the guest of honor.”  He unlocked her cage and tied a rope around her wrists.  After he pulled a black hood over her head, Bubba pulled the naked actress out the back door and through stacks of junk cars until he got to an old trailer.  He opened the door and pulled her inside.  Bubba untied the rope and took the hood off her and said, “Here she is boys, a genuine TV star.”  The men stood up and gathered around Dove.  “Time to pony up.  That’s a hundred apiece.”  The men reached into their pockets and handed Bubba the cash.  As soon as he counted it he said, “Have fun.”  Bubba looked at Dove and said, “Time to earn your keep bitch.”  Bubba turned and left Dove alone in the trailer the men.

Dove stood face to face with the men and watched as they all stripped out of their clothes.  The men started to stroke their cocks getting hard for their turn with the young starlet.  Dove felt someone behind her push her to her knees.  She looked around and then the men started wooping and hollering.  One by one they came up and made Dove suck their cocks.  Soon she was getting her face fucked, choking and gagging as they shoved their meat down her throat.  After a few minutes, one of the men got down on the floor and pulled her on top of him.  He impaled her wet pussy with his cock and started to bang her hard.  Another guy got behind her and shoved his cock up her ass as she sucked the other cocks in front of her.  Several hours later, the men left and Bubba took Dove back to her cage.  Dove was exhausted and fell asleep immediately.

Every few days, Bubba would take one of the girls out of their cell and take them to the trailer.  By the time they were brought back, they had been fucked repeatedly.  Several weeks after she was first taken by Bubba, Dove was led up to the trailer and told to wait.  She sat down on the filthy, cum stained couch preparing herself for another round of sex.  When the door opened, a man in a police uniform came in.  Dove felt a rush of relief come over her and she quickly ran over to the cop and put her arms around him.  “Oh thank God!  Please help me.  I’ve been kidnapped and raped by a lunatic.  He’s got two other girls in the basement.  Help me!”  Dove heard Bubba laughing and then the cop said, “You’re right cousin, she is one hot little piece of ass.”  Dove sank to the floor and started to cry as Bubba shut the door to the trailer and pulled Dove by her hair over to the couch.  “Get up here bitch” he said.  Dove got on the couch and watched the cop take off his gun belt and hand Bubba his handcuffs.  Bubba turned Dove around and cuffed her hands behind her back and then spread her legs apart.  He reached down and picked up the cops night stick and shoved it in her pussy causing her to scream out loud.  Her screams were soon muffled when the cop shoved his cock into her mouth.  He held onto her head and skull fucked the blonde beauty as Bubba defiled her with the baton.  The two men took turns fucking Dove in her ass while the other one fucked her pussy with the night stick.  Dove had stopped screaming by the time the cop pissed all over her face.  Bubba also emptied his bladder in her mouth, leaving her no choice but to swallow the rancid liquid.  The worst came when the cop pushed his entire fist into her well fucked ass.  By the time he was buried wrist deep, Dove had passed out.

When she finally woke up, Dove found herself back in her cage.  Jill came over and whispered, “Hey, you OK?”  Dove looked up at her and said, “No, I’m not OK.”  Jill was getting ready to say something when Bubba came in.  He took May out of her cage and said, “Let go bitch.  Party time.”  Dove closed her eyes, thankful it was someone else being taken to the trailer.  As soon as the door closed, she looked at Jill and said, “We’ve got to get out of here.”

The next day, Bubba came in and opened Dove’s cage.  She crawled out and as soon as Bubba turned his back to her, she stood up and kicked him in the balls.  Bubba immediately dropped to the floor, grabbing his crotch.  Dove kicked him in the balls a second time and ran out of the room.  She saw an open door and ran out into the junk yard.  She had no idea where she was going but she ran through the stacks of cars.  She turned down one of the aisles and saw her Camaro parked between two old junkers.  Dove opened the door and was surprised to see the keys in the ignition.  She quickly got in and the car started right up.  She put it in gear and pulled out the way she came.  She spotted an open gate and just as she floored it, Bubba came running out in front of her.  She didn’t hesitate for a second and hit Bubba head on, making him slam into the windshield before sliding off into the dirt.  Dove drove down the dirt road until she found blacktop.  She eventually got on the highway and pulled into the first State Police Station she found.  It took the cops almost an hour to calm down the naked actress to the point where she started making sense.

When the State Police raided Bubba’s garage they found Bubba still lying unconscious in the dirt.  He had a broken pelvis and several broken ribs.  Jill and May were taken to the local hospital and treated along with Dove.  The newspapers and media showed up later that day and soon the story was out.  The missing Liv and Maddie star had been found and news of her ordeal was the top story for weeks.  During the search of Bubba’s garage, the investigators had found several unmarked graves behind the junk yard.  Bubba and his cousin, who was the local sheriff, were held for trial as were over a dozen other men.  Dove Cameron testified at the trial as did Jill and May, who’s real name was Julie.  The girls spent days on the stand reliving the nightmarish life they were forced to endure.  Bubba and his cousin were sentenced to life in prison and the other men all got long sentences for first degree rape.

The End

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