Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 1

Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 1

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, fant, cons
Celebs: Carey Mulligan, Natalie Portman
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Carey lay in her bed one night, sleeping.  She had attended an awards show in Los Angeles the previous night, then had to endure a long and stuffy flight home.  By the time she returned to her apartment, she was so exhausted, all she wanted to do was take a shower and go right to bed.  Now, in her deepest sleep, Carey began to dream.

At the event, Carey ran into Natalie; the two were up for the same award, but it ended up going to another actress.  Carey couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous Natalie looked in her dress.

Now, Carey dreamt that her and Natalie were in a steam room, naked and sweaty.  Even in the dream, Carey thought Natalie looked better covered in sweat than she did.  Lying down, propped up on an elbow, Natalie beckoned her over with her finger.

As her and Natalie shared a deep, sultry kiss in her dream, Carey licked her lips in her sleep.  She continued to lick them as, in the dream, she spread Natalie’s pussy-lips, and started to lick the pink inside.

“Oh, God…yessss…” Natalie moaned, as Carey ate her out. “God, Carey, I’ve wanted you for so long…You have no idea how hard it was last night to stop myself from shoving my tongue in your mouth right there on the red carpet…” Shortly after this, Natalie came, whimpering, her brow furrowing.

Now, Carey sat in Natalie’s place, as Natalie squeezed and sucked on her large breasts, then kissed slowly down Carey’s stomach.  In her sleep, Carey’s hand moved between her thighs, as, in the dream, Natalie slid her tongue into Carey’s moist slit. “Oh, God, Natalie,” Carey moaned in the dream and in the real world, “eat me.  Eat my cunt.” In the real, Carey’s fingers got to work on her pussy, as, in the dream, Natalie probed it with her long, supple tongue. “Uhm…” Carey moaned in both realities.

Next, Carey dreamed Natalie was on her hands and knees, Carey kneeling behind her.  Carey slid her first two fingers into Natalie’s anus, eliciting a grateful moan from her.  After finger-fucking Natalie’s ass for a moment, Carey pulled her fingers out, and licked Natalie’s anal nectar from her fingers, then proceeded to lick around the rim of Natalie’s asshole with her tongue, before sliding it into the middle, penetrating it. “Oh, God, Carey, nobody ever eats my ass out!” Natalie then let out a high-pitched whine, as Carey’s fingers in her pussy made her cum again.

In the real world, Carey’s other hand moved to the back of her, as, in the dream, Natalie now began to perform analingus on her.  As Natalie’s tongue caressed her asshole, Carey began to finger her ass in her sleep. “Huh!  Uhm!  Mmm!” Carey whined, in both dream and reality, as Natalie fingered her pussy, while continuing to lick her ass.

Finally, Carey cried out in her sleep, as she came.  She then let out a deep breath, and returned to her peaceful slumber…

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