Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 2

Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 2

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, fant, cons
Celebs: Carey Mulligan, Scarlett Johansson
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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About an hour later, Carey again started to dream.  She was again in the shower, but it was during the day.  Carey closed her eyes and tilted her head back, as she soaped up her breasts and ass.

She then lay on her bed, hair still wet and body steaming from the shower, breathing deeply.  Suddenly, Scarlett appeared, straddling her.

“Carey, I’m going to eat your cunt now.”


“But I want you to hold still while I eat you.”

“Please…do it…”

Scarlett moved down, and slid her tongue inside Carey’s steamy slit.  In the real world, Carey again started to finger her pussy.

“Huhuhuh…” Carey breathed vocally as Scarlett ate her out.  As Scarlett’s tongue went deeper, Carey started to whimper, and move her hips.  Suddenly, Scarlett stopped, and pushed down on her stomach.

“I said don’t move, Carey.  I want you to cum without moving.”

“I can’t!” Carey whined.

“Then I’m going to have to put my finger in your ass.”

“Please, don’t stop!”

In the real world, Carey again moved her other hand between her cheeks, and started fingering her ass, as, in the dream, Scarlett inserted her middle finger the very same hole, while continuing to eat her out.  Not long after, a long and intense orgasm washed over Carey, causing her to let out a loud, shrill cry.  Scarlett then pulled her finger out of Carey’s asshole, and licked the juice off.

As Carey lay there, heart racing, but still asleep, she unconsciously reached under her pillow, and pulled out a long, thick dildo.  In the dream, Scarlett was suddenly wearing a strap-on, with the dildo on the end.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Carey?”


“Beg me.”

“Please, fuck me!”

In the dream, Scarlett inserted the dildo into Carey’s pussy, as, in reality, Carey inserted it into herself.

“Oh, God!” Carey moaned in the dream, and in the real world, “Fuck me, Scarlett!  Fuck me!” The dildo moved in and out of Carey’s twat, causing Carey to grimace and whimper.

“Yeah, how does that feel, you little slut?” Scarlett growled, as she thrust into Carey, causing her titties to whip up and down.

“Oh, God, harder!”

Speeding up, Scarlett continued to fuck Carey, hard enough to make the bed squeak, until Carey screamed, in both realities, waking some of Carey’s neighbors in the real world, as she again came.

Scarlett pulled out the dildo, detached it from the strap-on, and sucked it, licking Carey’s pussy-juices off it.  In the real world, Carey sucked the dildo herself.  As Carey moved the dildo in and out of her mouth, a new dream formed in her head…

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