Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 4

Carey’s Night Trips, Chapter 4

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, inc, fant, cons
Celebs: Carey Mulligan
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Her body burning up, covered in sweat, writhing on the sheets, Carey whimpered in her sleep, “Owain…please…make love to me…please…”

In her dream, Carey and her older brother, Owain stood naked, in the dining room of the house where they grew up, passionately kissing, Carey slowly stroking her brother’s rock-hard cock. “Oh, God, Owain,” Carey murmured in both the dream and for real, “I want you…I’ve always wanted you…I don’t care how wrong it is…I don’t care that you’re my brother…That just makes me hotter for you…” Carey then started slowly kissing down her brother’s chest, pausing to lick and suck on one of his nipples, then continued, until she was on her knees in front of him.

In the real world, Carey began to lick and suck on the dildo, as, in the dream, she did the same with her brother’s cock.  Carey licked and sucked on the head, then slid her lips up and down the shaft, and, again in both worlds, diddled her twat, turned on by the sounds of her brother’s grateful moans.  Taking the cock out of her mouth, she licked up the underside of the shaft, while looking sultrily into Owain’s eyes, before flicking her tongue on the tip, and continuing to suck him off.

Carey now found herself lying on the dining room table, with her legs spread, as Owain kneeled before her, stroking her moist twat with his fingers, then started to slowly lick her, holding open her pussy-lips to get at the juices inside.  With every tongue-stroke, Carey’s body twitched, the sensation of pleasure shooting through her body like an electric shock.  The twitches turned to jerks as Owain continued to eat his sister’s pussy.

Lying on the sheets, soaked in sweat, sucking air, heart going a mile a minute, Carey suddenly cried out, “Oh, God, Owain, I can’t stand it anymore!  Fuck me!  Please, fuck me!”

In the dream, Owain slid his cock into Carey’s pussy, and began to thrust into her, causing her boobs to bounce.  As her brother fucked her, Carey lifted herself up onto her hands, so she and Owain could look each other in the eye.  Her brother’s cock moving in and out of her in long, deep strokes, Carey felt a powerful orgasm slowly building up in her. “Oh, Owain!” Carey moaned in the real world, while fucking herself with the dildo, “I’m almost there!  Don’t stop!” Carey fucked herself harder and harder with the dildo, wheezing vocally, heart ready to explode, nipples painfully hard from the thick layer of sweat covering her body.  Finally, screaming like she was being murdered, Carey came.  As she lay there after, in the dream, her brother pulled out, and came all over her, which she rubbed into her skin, and licked off her fingers.

At this point, Carey was physically exhausted, and her body temperature was dangerously high, but she was so deeply into the dream now, she simply could not stop…

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