Caribbean Conversion

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Caribbean Conversion

Natalie Portman flicked through
the channels of her rooms television,
finding nothing of interest. It was a warm Caribbean night, a thick air
not calmed by the air conditioning on full. Natalie still felt her shirt
sticking to her back as she lay back on her bed.
She flicked the television off and sat in silence, reflecting on the
events of the past few days.
Perhaps she had made a mistake on the beach. Her agent had called,
angrily reporting that the pictures of her sunbathing topless were
already on their way around the world. He reminded Natalie that she
had sad that she would never go topless in a film and went on to point
out numerous dangers of the incident. In the end she had hung up and,
given that he hadn’t called back, he must have got the message.
After all, she hadn’t gone topless in a film. She’d just ended up on film.
And there was nothing she could do about it now.
As her public relations advisor had told her, any publicity that wasn’t
bad, was good.
She reached over and took a drink from her glass of water, shuffling so
that her shirt detached from her skin. It was hot enough for her to want
to walk about topless but she decided against it. She never knew who
might be watching her and twice in as many days might be too much
publicity, even if it was good. Instead she simply let the white shirt cling
to her skin, her bikini briefs her only other dress.
She went to the bathroom and splashed her face with water, looking at
her face in the mirror. Her youthful features reflected back at her, a sign
that she could take younger roles as well as older ones.
Of course there was a chance that she would never be seen as anything
other than Queen Amadalia. The plus side of that was that she didn’t look
all that much like the character, at least in regal costume.
"I will not allow my people to die!" she said to the reflection in her best
mock accent before cracking a smile.
The power cut out.
Natalie stood still for a second, wondering if it would flick on soon enough.
"Damn." She cursed as she began to move through the darkness, wishing
that she’d carried some sort of torch. From the main room she could see
the lights outside, meaning that it wasn’t a wide power cut.
She swivelled quickly, just in time to see a blue flash and then…

"Hey! Ow!" she exclaimed as she hit a wall. "What the hell?" The pressed
her hands against the wall, trying to figure out what was going on. There
was a dim blue light but otherwise everything was dark. She seemed to be
crouched on the floor of a tiny cubicle. Not a cubicle, she realised, a cylinder.
She cautiously rose to her feet, feeling the smooth surface of the walls. As
her eyes adjusted to the light she made out more of the cylinder. It was about
seven feet tall, wide enough for her to stand comfortably but little room to
move. There seemed to be no apparent entrance or exit and not clue as to
how she had come to be here.
"Hello?" she called out, knocking on the wall. "Can anyone hear me?"
When there was no reply she wiped her brow. Obviously there was no air
conditioning, humidity soaking the air. Sweat dripped from her forehead
and over her chest.
She winced at the realisation that her clingy shirt wasn’t clinging anymore.
In fact it was absent altogether. She was still wearing her bikini pants but
that was all.
She banged against the wall again.
"Escape is impossible Queen." A hissing voice came from nowhere.
"What?" Natalie shivered despite the heat. "What do you mean?"
"There is no way out of the control chamber. You will not be release until
your will is converted. Then we will rule your world."
"Rule? What?" the actress wondered what was going on here.
"You are Queen Amadalia. Once you are converted, we will rule."
"Are you nuts? That’s just a movie. Let me out of here!"
"Amadalia, your protests are in vain. Commencing conversion."
Natalie heard a hum and looked up. From the top of the chamber a number of
tiny blue spheres appeared. They moved like insects, descending and
hovering in front of her. She couldn’t make out what they were, simply orbs
of light.
Suddenly the four orbs hummed. Jet of light burst from them, strafing the
sweaty skin of Natalies breasts. She squirmed and twisted, trying to get away
but the orbs followed her, shooting their beams at her bosom. Each time the
light hit, Natalie felt a surge of warmth on her skin. If not for the fear she felt
it would have been a nice feeling. Natalie pressed her back against the wall,
covering her breasts with her hands. The orbs still pulsed blue light at her,
hitting her chest above and below her bosom. Even without the direct contact,
Natalie could feel the constant warmth flooding through her.
"Stop!" she pleaded, hoping that someone would listen.
"It is useless to resist Amadalia."
"I’m am not Amadalia!" she protested, trying to twist out of the way of the
hovering globes.
Obviously the source of the voice didn’t listen. The only reply was for another
two globes to drop down, also shooting light at her chest. Natalie swallowed
in fear, feeling the warmth increasing. Beneath her hands she could feel her
nipples becoming erect.
Looking for some comfort, all Natalie saw was another orb, larger and green.
It hovered down, not stopping at her chest but descending further.
"No!" she protested, crossing her legs, trying to stop what was about to come.
The green orb sent a wave of light into her crotch.
Even through the fabric of her briefs she felt the warm tingling shoot through
her. The orb fired again, then again, pulsing a rhythm of green light into her.
Natalie crossed one arm over her chest and slid her hand down to cup her
crotch, stopping the green light from hitting her. As a result, more of her chest
was now exposed and another two blue orbs appeared, increasing their treatment
of her bosom. Natalie squirmed, trying to change position as much as possible
but finding it useless. If she cupped her hand closely, the green orb shot at the
surrounding flesh and if she spread it out, some of the head slipped through
her fingers. Pressed tightly, Natalie knew she could feel a wetness forming that
had nothing to do with the sweat that layered her skin. Another green orb
dropped, speeding up the pulse on her sex.
Natalie whimpered, wishing her body wouldn’t betray her like this.
She flicked her wet fringe from her eyes, watching as two red orbs hovered down,
stopping before her face.
As Natalie watched, a stream of red light shot directly into each of her eyes. It was
so intense that even closing her eyelids had little effect. She twisted her head but
the orbs simply followed, flooding her vision with light.
The pulsing red signals burned though her just as the blue and green ones
continued to do. Almost instantly Natalie felt the overwhelming impulse to open
her eyes. She strained to keep them closed but she was unable to resist.
She snapped her eyes wide open and found herself unable to close them as
pulse after pulse of the red light shot into them.
Now there were other sensations bombarding her. She felt her bodies desire
for arousal being slowly matched by that of her mind. She knew it was the
red lights, she tried to fight it, but it was no use.
"Succumb to the conversion Amadalia." Hissed the voice once more.
Natalie knew she wasn’t Amadalia but she was succumbing anyway.
She felt her arm slipping away from her chest, sliding to her side.
Immediately the blue orbs took the advantage pulsing wave after wave of
blue energy into her flushed breasts and erect nipples.
Natalie found herself breathing faster and harder as the pulses drove into her.
The hand between her legs slid aside, allowing the twin pulses of green to
shoot at her. The even worse betrayal came when both hands, now by her
sides, slowly slid her briefs down so that the green pulses shot directly into
the mop of dark wet hair.
Natalie shook suddenly, feeling a surge of warm heat flow through her. Only
once the mind blowing wave had receded did she realise that she had
experienced an orgasm. And now that the orbs were offered unresisting
access to her body there would be nothing to stop another.
Though she could no longer see past the pulsing red which flooded her
mind, Natalie could hear and feel the hum of more and more orbs dropping
green and blue, pulsing at her breasts, at her crotch, igniting fires of
delight within her.
The very walls of the cylinder began to pulse, bathing her in a blue glow
which stimulated every inch of her skin.
Natalie stretched her arms to the sides, pushing her breasts and crotch
forwards so the orbs could pleasure her more. Her lips opened in an
enraptured smile, quivering slightly as she came yet again.
She gazed into the red pulses, ready to accept any commands they
had to offer.
She wasn’t a queen but she knew the pleasure she was receiving was
certainly fit for one.

Natalie rolled over on the bed and opened her eyes. She was in her room.
It wasn’t her room it was another in the hotel.
In the middle of the floor was a strange looking cylinder, connected by
cables and wires to a computer. She sat up, realising she was wearing
her shirt and briefs, soaked through with sweat.
"How are you feeling?" asked a young woman in a bikini as she walked
over and sat beside the confused actress.
"I.. I don’t know." She replied.
"You feel good."
"I.. feel good." Natalie agreed.
"You don’t need that shirt."
Natalie nodded and peeled it off, exposing her perky breasts. She gazed
at the woman, her mind clouded with confusion.. and desire.
The woman smiled back, knowing what the response of the young
actress would be, reprogrammed by her treatment. Making Natalie
confused was all part of the process. It had worked and now Natalie
was in her hands.

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