Carmen In The Cold

Carmen in the Cold

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When your face is instantly recognizable and virtually anyone can see what
you look like naked just by turning on the computer, it was hard to get
away for a
vacation and not be bothered.
But so far, Carmen Electra had managed to avoid a lot of hassle, due in no
small part to the location of her vacation.
Carmen figured the last place people might expect a former star of
was at a ski lodge and so far that idea seemed to be working.
The looks she got
from others were pretty much reflections of her beauty, not her fame which
Carmen was looking for. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her body at all.
After doing
several spreads for Playboy and prancing around in a red swimsuit, it was
hard to do that. You were only young and beautiful once and Carmen wanted
to enjoy it while she could.
Carmen had good reason to be happy lately. Her brief appearance in the
surprise hit "Scary Movie" had really relit her career and offers were
pouring in after a long
silence. Carmen had decided to splurge herself on a vacation, give her
some time to work out what she might do next and basically relax. So far,
things had worked out
well. The weather was nice, the snowfall
not too bad but enough to let a comfortable layer of snow for skiers. It
kind of reminded Carmen of the winter-themed shoot she had just done for
"Playboy." Carmen
had gotten some time in on the slopes and was relaxing at the small lodge
when the latest snow storm hit.
Carmen was watching it from a seat at a window near the roaring fireplace
in the main room of the lounge. It was rather late at night so it was
mostly deserted, just
to Carmen’s liking.
She wore a dark pair of slacks and a black sweater, the somewhat laid-back
outfit doing little to hide her shapely form. A white furred snow cap lay
on top of her long
dark brown hair as she sipped at her mug of hot chocolate. She gazed out
at the snow, finding it a strangely beautiful sight that she rarely got to
see being a beach girl.
"So wonderful to see, isn’t it?" Carmen’s attention was caught by a voice
behind her. She looked up to see another woman sit in the chair next to
her. The woman
seemed to be young, in her late twenties, her hair so blond it was almost
white. She looked as beautiful as Carmen with a slightly less voluptuous
but no less attractive
figure. She was dressed all in white, her slacks and sweater seeming to
blend in well with the snow outside.
"I never get tired of it," she said and Carmen could detect the slightest
trace of an accent in her voice.
"You talk like you know about it a lot," Carmen said.
"I do," the woman replied. "I was born in Russia and I grew up in cold
weather. It got to be a way of life for me and I just grew to like it
after a while. I just find the
snow so wonderful to look at, it’s a way of life by now."
She glanced at Carmen and smiled. "Oh and by the way, my name is Vanna."
"Carmen," Carmen smiled in reply. The woman seemed nice enough and she
doubted she knew who Carmen really was.
"I don’t know. I’ve been stuck to beaches most of my life."
"Yes, I’ve seen the show," Vanna said. "Don’t worry, I won’t make a fuss
about it. I understand you want your privacy."
"Thank you," Carmen said. "I’m glad you like it here so much."
"Yes, sometimes I actually do enjoy going on in the snow, naked, and just
lie in it."
"Um, isn’t that cold?"
"Oh, it’s true," Vanna nodded. "I’m used to the cold, it’s all a matter of
mind you know. As I said, I’m used to it."
"I don’t know if I could get used to snow like that," Carmen said.
"It is interesting," Vanna replied. "In fact, I even have a little snow
near my heart." As Carmen stared at her in confusion, Vanna reached into
her sweater and pulled
out a small pendant. She held it up, allowing Carmen to see it was a small
but intricately designed snowflake.
"An old family heirloom," she explained. "Just looking at it reminds me of
the snow. I mean, just look at it, Carmen, just look at the pendant. Look
at the way is
sparkles in the light, the way it sparkles just like snow, just see the
way it sparkles just like snow in the light, Carmen, it sparkles so well
in the light. Sometimes, I just
like to look at it, just to look at it, look at it shining in the light,
look at it shining and I like to believe I’m looking at the snow fall,
just watching the snow fall. I just look
at the pendant and I think of the snow, the nice glistening snow, I think
of how relaxing it is to watch the snow fall, how relaxing it is to watch
the snow fall, I look at the
pendant and I think of the falling snow and I just feel so relaxed, so
very, very relaxed.
"It’s so relaxing, Carmen, the snow falling is so relaxing and watching
the pendant makes you think of the falling snow and you feel so relaxed,
Carmen, you feel
more and more relaxed as you watch the pendant and think of the snow,
Carmen, you watch the pendant and think of the snow and you feel so
relaxed. In fact,
Carmen, sometimes I like to watch the snow fall as I sleep. The snow helps
me sleep, Carmen, the snow helps me sleep and as you watch the pendant and
think of the
falling snow, you feel sleepy, Carmen, you feel very, very sleepy. As you
stare at the pendant and you think of the falling snow, you feel so
sleepy, Carmen, so very
sleepy, Carmen, so sleepy. Think of the falling snow and you feel sleepy,
Carmen, think of the
falling snow lulling you to sleep."
Carmen’s eyes were half closed, fixed to the pendant that spun gently
before her vision.
Vanna could tell her grandmother’s pendant was once again ensnaring
another victim, not that her own hypnotic powers weren’t that bad. The
Playboy playmate was
almost under and Vanna was careful to take her all the way. She slowly
lowered the pendant and was happy to see Carmen’s eyes follow it down.
"Yes, it’s like the falling snow, Carmen, it’s like the falling snow
taking you into sleep, Carmen, a deep sleep. As the snow falls, you just
feel yourself falling into sleep,
Carmen, falling into sleep, Carmen, you’re falling into sleep, just fall
into sleep."
Vanna’s hand lowered all the way and Carmen’s head slumped forward as she
fell into a trance.
"Carmen, you are asleep but you can hear every word I say," Vanna said in
a soft tone. "Think of the snow, Carmen, think of how nice the snow is,
how lovely the
snow is and listen to what I have to say……"

The clomp of boots was the only sound in the snowy field, the layer of
white made all the brighter by the sun striking it. Carmen didn’t really
notice, she was just
intent on walking. She couldn’t explain why she was doing this. She had
simply woken up this morning and gotten this indescribable urge to go out
dressed like she
was. Carmen tugged the white fur coat tighter
around her as her boots clomped through the snow, her body not seeming to
notice the cold wind brushing against her exposed legs.
Carmen’s mind ran over her dreams, the thoughts of her and another woman
invading her dreams yet strangely satisfying her. Carmen couldn’t explain
those dreams
anymore than she could explain why she was here. Her eye caught sight of a
large cabin not too far away and as if her legs had a mind of their own,
she headed
towards it. Without knowing why, her fist was
rapping on the door, waiting.
The door opened and Carmen was faced with a naked Vanna, her tight breasts
already ready, her blonde patch dripping wet. She held up the pendant and
Carmen’s eyes instantly went blank.
"You don’t need that coat anymore, Carmen," Vanna said. "You don’t need
the coat anymore, you can take it off."
"Take it off," Carmen repeated tonelessly as she slipped the coat off. She
was naked underneath, the nipples on her breasts pointed in the cold, her
pussy touched
by a couple of snowflakes.
"Come on in, Carmen," Vanna ordered. "Come on in and I’ll help make you
The Russian led the entranced Carmen into the cabin. After ridding the
starlet of her boots, she took Carmen into the main room, lying her down
on the plush
carpet. She lay herself on top of Carmen and slowly kissed her. Carmen
answered back, her hands moving down Vanna’s back, the fingers trailing
down the spine as
her tongue mixed with Vanna’s. Vanna broke the kiss and moved down to
Carmen’s incredible breasts. She pushed them together and let her mouth
encircle both
nipples, suckling on them as she kneaded the two tits together. Carmen
moaned softly under Vanna’s hands as she felt her new mistress suckle on
her breasts with glee.

Vanna broke off her licking of Carmen’s breasts and instead turned the
hypnotized actress over. Having gone at Carmen’s breasts, Vanna went at
the other unique
feature of Carmen’s body. She gripped her cheeks tightly, kneading them in
her hands as she brought her face down to Carmen’s pussy. She slowly slid
her tongue into
Carmen’s lips and began licking at it. Carmen
groaned and slid herself slightly on the rug, her breasts pushing into the
shag as Vanna lapped away at her from behind, her hands still rubbing at
Carmen’s ass as she
licked away. Carmen’s arousal was on full blast, her body feeling anything
but cold as Vanna went to work on her. Soon, she was coming onto Vanna’s
waiting tongue,
her ass licked at by the hypnotic Russian.
Flipping Carmen onto her back, Vanna sat herself, her buttocks on Carmen’s
heavy bosoms.
"Lick me, Carmen," she hissed. "Feel my heat." Instantly, Carmen’s tongue
began lapping away at Vanna’s whitish pussy, the juices flowing already.
Carmen’s hands
rose onto Vanna’s body, squeezing her pert breasts as she continued to
lick away at
Vanna’s pussy. The snowflake necklace bounced in between Vanna’s breasts
as she felt Carmen go at her, her tongue
sliding all around Vanna’s pussy as she licked away. Soon, Vanna was
coming onto Carmen’s face, staining her mouth with juice that was
hurriedly licked away.
Vanna lay on top of Carmen, kissing the woman deeply.
She knew Carmen would remember nothing but a wonderful dream when she
awoke fully dressed in her room later on.
In the meantime, Vanna intended to make sure that winter would always feel
like a hot time to Carmen from now on.

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