Carmen’s Neighborly Fun

Carmen’s Neighborly Fun-Part One

By Blindside212

This story is ment for people over the age of 18. None of the acts in this story have ever happened to my knolge. I have never met the person in this story.

Actress and model Carmen Electra had had a great summer. Even thug she hadn’t had a big job for months, she had been all over the mags and on TV. She had been invited to all the big parties and all the big movie openings. Now as the summer came to a close she was looking after a house for one of her girlfriends while she and her husband were out of town. The house was huge and had in the back
a massive swimming pool.

Carmen was sitting out on the edge of the pool one fine day and thinking how great her life was. She had fame, money and all the cock she could take. She had made a habit of picking up total strangers at parties and fucking them. She loved having hot, wet sex with men and women. She loved the feeling of a guy’s cock in her tight little cunt and also loved to suck them till they blew all over her stunning body. On this day she was wearing a very skimpy black bikini which was a size too small so to make her huge breasts squeeze together to maximize her already ample cleavage. She sat on a deck chair for a while and just thought about life before getting up and diving into the pool. She swam around for a while and then got out, sat back on the chair and lay back with her eyes closed.

“This is the life.” She thought as she ran her hands over her body stopping to cup her breasts.

“All I need now is a big, fat cock to suck.” She pulled her top off and started to play with her large nipples that hardened under her touch.

Suddenly, she heard a sound off to one side of the pool. She sat up, holding her breasts to hide her nipples and looked around. She could make out something in a crack in the fence to the house next door. It looked like a face.

“Hey!!!” She shouted wrapping a towel around her self and running over to where she had seen the face. By the time she had gotten there however the face was gone. Carmen bent down to look through the whole and saw nothing. She was sure that she had seen a face there.

“Hello?” She said.

“I’m sorry for yelling but you startled me. Are you still there?”

“Yes.” Came a small voice from the other side of the fence. It sounded like a young boy.

“What’s your name?” Carmen asked starting to feel a warm spot between her legs.

“Tim.” Came the voice.

“Didn’t anybody tell you that it isn’t nice to peek into other people’s yards?”

“I’m… I’m… Sorry.”

“It’s O.K.” She said.

“Would you like to come over and have a swim?”

“Umm…” Tim said.

“Come on.” Carmen said with a smile on her face.

“I won’t bite.”

“O.K.” And Tim climbed over the fence and dropped into the yard.

Carmen looked at him. He was about a inch shorter then her and had a mop of sandy hair. He wasn’t all that bad looking for a young guy.

“I’m Carmen.” She said holding out her hand while holding the towel around her self.

“I know.” Tim said with ashake in his voice as he took the hand.

“So you’ve heard of me.”

“Of course.”

“How old are you?” Carmen asked feeling her pussy starting to get wet.

“I’m fifteen.”

Carmen then looked down at Tim’s Trunks and saw that he had a large erection. It looked like he had a big cock for a kid.

“That cause of me?” She asked giving him a bright smile.

“Oh shit!”Tim said attempting to hide the bulge.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. I get that all the time.”

“What?” Tim asked.

“You know… Men getting hard-ons around me. It’s good to know that they like the way I look. Do you?”

“Yes.” Was all he could say.

“Bet you’d like to fuck me wouldn’t you Timmy?” Carmen said moving closer to Tim and making him move back towards the pool.

“Umm” Tim said turning red.

“I bet you’d like to stick that big cock of yours into my tight cunt. I bet you want to put it between my big tits and fuck them. And I bet you’d love to cum all over my face.” She said in a low and husky voice.

“Umm.” Tim said again. He was a few inches from the edge of the pool now.

“Well, if you’re a good boy I might let you.” She said before pushing Tim into the pool.

As Tim splashed around, Carmen went back to her deck chair and put the bikini top back on. She walked back to the pool and jumped in. She swam over to Tim and looked at him.

“Tell me Timmy. Have you ever had sex?”

“No.” Came the response.

“So… You’re a virgin then are you?” She asked feeling her pussy get even wetter.

“Yes.” Said Tim still a bright red.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

” Yes.”

“Would you like to kiss me now?”

“Umm… Okay.” Tim said.

“Come here then.” And with that Carmen moved to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

As they kissed Carmen thought that he was very good at it. His lips were soft and warm and his tongue was nice and soft as well. She broke the kiss and said.

“Mmmm. You’re a great kisser.” Before swimming to the other side of the pool. Tim followed and as he caught up with her she splashed him in the face with water.

“Hey!” He said. They then started a splash fight that lasted until Carmen grabbed Tim around his neck again and said.

“Hold me. Feel my body. Kiss my breasts and feel my tight ass. Do what ever you want to me. I’m your toy.” The two started to kiss deeply again. Tim running his hands over Carmen’s back and then down to her round ass. He cupped her cheeks and squeezed them in his hands.

“That a boy.” Carmen purred in his ear.

“I want to make you a man today.” Tim started to kiss her neck and then started moving down to her chest.

“Ever seen a pair of breasts for real?” She asked as Tim looked at them.

“No.” He said.

“Well here you go.” Carmen said before reaching behind her back and undoing the bikini top, letting it fall away from her huge breasts.

Tim’s jaw dropped as her breasts fell into plan sight. Her nipples were hard and red.

“Like them?” She asked giving them a small shake.

“Yes.” Was all Tim could say.

“Touch them.” Tim reached out a shaking hand and cupped one of her breasts. It was soft and very warm. He ran his thumb over her nipple and Carmen let out a soft moan.

“Oh yes. That is good.” She said as Tim took the other breast in his other hand and started to massage them.

“I love a man who likes to play with my tits.” Carmen said in a low voice.

“I like them to rub my nipples and kiss my soft skin. Sometimes, I can cum from just having my tits touched.”

“Can I kiss them?”

“Sure you can.” Tim Bent down and took Carmen’s left nipple in his mouth. He kissed and nibbled on it while Carmen egged him on.

“That’s it baby. Lick those tits. Try to make me cum here in the pool.”

“Tim kissed and licked her breasts until her body tensed up and she threw her head back.

“Oh god!!! I’m cuming!!!” She grabbed Tim’s head and stuffed it between her breasts as she climaxed.

“That was so good Timmy.” She said after she had stopped shaking.

“Now it’s your turn.” And without waiting for a response she stuck her hands down the front of his trunks and grabbed hold of his cock. It was even bigger then she had thought. At least eight inches and had a very fat head.

I’m gonna make you cum Timmy.” She said as she started to jack him hard.

“I want to make you blow your load right here in the pool like you made me cum. Come on baby, let me feel you’re hot cum shoot out of your big, fat cock.”

“Oh god!!!” Tim shouted as he hit climax. Carmen felt three or four jets of heat shoot out of his cock.

“How did that feel?”

“Good.” Tim said in a small voice.

“I guess I should go now.”

“But I haven’t fucked you yet. I said that I would make a man out of you and I intend to.” Tim just looked at her.

“Come inside and I’ll show you how to give it to a woman.” Carmen said before swimming to the edge of the pool and getting out.

Tim followed and the two grabbed towels and dried off. Carmen made a point of showing Tim her body as she dried her breasts and legs.

“Now remember Timmy. You can touch me anywhere and at any time you want.” Tim stood there for about five seconds before walking over and kissing her hard on the mouth.

“That’s the way.” Carmen said giving his still hard dick a quick squeeze through his trunks.

“What ever you want.” She led Tim into the house and into the lounge room.

“Take a seat and I’ll be right back honey.” She said with a wide smile on her stunning face as she sat Tim down on the couch.

Tim didn’t know what to do. Here he was about to have his first fuck with one of the hottest women on the planet. He looked around the room and noticed that the large screen TV in the corner was on. It looked like the DVD player was on and there was a disc in the drive. He picked the remote up off the table in the middle of the room and hit the play button. A picture came up on the screen of a woman with breasts that were even bigger then Carmen’s. She was kissing a man who was holding her huge tits and rubbing them hard.

“That’s it baby.” The woman said.

“Feel my big tits.” After a few more minutes of this the woman pulled back and sank to her knees. She unzipped the man’s pants and pulled out his huge cock.

“I’m gonna suck you dry baby.” She said before slipping the head of the cock into her mouth. She started to suck and slurp on the cock hard and fast. She sucked so hard that her cheeks hollowed with the effort. The man grabbed the sides of her head and thrust his cock down her throat.

“Take it bitch!” He shouted as the woman gagged on the cock.

Suddenly Tim felt a pair of arms reach around him and a soft voice in his ear saying.

“Now that’s the way to give head. Hard, fast and sloppy.” Carmen had come back into the room. She kissed Tim on the cheek and walked around to stand in front of him. She had dried her hair and it looked amazing. She was wearing a white dress that showed off her body fantastically. Her breasts were on display and the bottom of the dress just covered her round ass.

“Like?” She asked seeing Tim’s eyes bulge.

“Yes.” Tim said. On the TV the woman was still gagging on the cock down her throat.

“I’m going to cum!!!” Said the guy.

“I love this bit.” Carmen said turning to face the TV. The man on the screen pulled his cock out of the woman’s mouth and burst all over her face. Cum landed in her hair, in her eyes and in her mouth.

“I just love when a guy cums on my face. It feels so good to have that hot, sticky load on my skin.” She lifted the dress and Tim got a good look at her ass. She didn’t have any panties on and she moved her legs apart as she slipped a finger into her pussy.

“Oh yes.” She moaned as the woman on screen started to rub the cum into her skin.

“I wish I was that hot slut.” Tim just sat there as Carmen started to fuck herself with her finger.

“Want me to do that to you baby?” She asked suddenly.

“Umm… Ummm…” Tim said.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Carmen said before pulling her finger out of her cunt, walking over to Tim and sitting on the floor in front of him.

“Let’s see that big cock of yours.” Tim pulled down his trunks and Carmen gasped as his tool sprang to attention.

“Looks tasty.” Carmen said taking it in her left hand and giving it a quick tug.

“Very tasty.” She then kissed the head with her full lips and let it slip into her mouth.

Tim shuddered as Carmen licked the tip of his cock with her fat tongue. She started to take more and more of his cock into her warm mouth until he felt the tip hit the back of her throat. She looked up at him, winked and then sank down on the last three inches of his cock. Tim felt his cock sink down the actress’s throat as she started to gag and splutter. Carmen slipped two fingers from her right hand into her wet pussy and started to frig herself as she sucked on Tim’s rock hard cock. She bobbed her head up and down as she began to suck harder and faster. Spit started to dribble out of her mouth and she began to make loud slurping noises. Tim looked like he didn’t know what to do with his hands so Carmen pulled her hand away from her pussy and lifted it up to her hair. She grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled it very hard. She looked up at Tim and did it again. Tim took the hint and after she removed her hand he reached out with his own. He took a hand full of hair in each hand and pulled softly. She shook her head and grabbed one of his hands with her free right one and pulled up hard.

“Like this?” Tim asked before yanking hard on her hair. Carmen moaned loudly through a mouth full of cock.

Five minutes later Tim was fucking Carmen’s face for all it was worth. Spit was flying everywhere and her slurping was so loud he thought that people outside could hear it.

“God I want you!!!” Tim shouted as Carmen twisted her head around his cock. She stopped sucking, pulled it out of her mouth and said.

“Want to fuck these.” Before pulling the dress off her breasts.

“Yes.” Was all Tim needed to say. Carmen knelt up and placed Tim’s cock between her huge tits and squeezed them together.

“I’m gonna make you cum. I’m gonna make you cum.” She said in a singsong voice as his cock slipped between her breasts.

“Oh fuck!!!” Tim said after a minute.

“I’m going to cum again.”

“Do it then! Cum all over me!!!” Carmen shouted. Tim grunted and burst. Carmen let his cock go and grabbed it in her hands, jacking it very hard as his load spurted out. It landed everywhere. After the first three shots Carmen stuffed it into her mouth and deep throated it again. Tim took her hair in hand again and rammed his still spluttering cock into her face.

After he had finished cuming Carmen licked his cock clean and let it drop out of her mouth. She then sat back on the floor and scooped up all the cum that she could off her body and proceeded to lick it off her fingers.

“Yummy.” She said.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes.” Tim said as he watched.

“Well then.” Carmen said standing up and holding out her hand.

“Come with me and I’ll give you something to like even better.” Tim took her hand and she led him into the bedroom. She sat him down on the bed and took the dress the rest of the way off. She stood there naked. Her breasts heaving and her pussy lips swollen.

“Want this?” She asked reaching down and pulling her pussy lips apart a bit.

“Yes.” Tim replied. Carmen walked over to the bed and lay down.

“Get on top of me.” She said as Tim looked at her stunning body. He lay on her and kissed her on the lips.

“I don’t…”

“Shhh.” Carmen said holding a finger to his lips.

“I’ll show you the ropes.”

Under Carmen’s instructions Tim slid his cock into her wet cunt and started to fuck her slowly.

“That’s it Timmy.” She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Faster! Harder! Ram it into me!!!” Tim started to pick up the pace and soon was pumping her hard.

“Oh god!!! That’s it baby!!! Fuck Carmen hard!!!” She shouted. Tim kept on going for a few more minutes before Carmen said.

“Let me fuck you now.” She rolled the two of them over while Tim’s cock was still inside her and sat up on top of him. She started to bounce up and down on his tool as she shouted.

“Fuck yes!!! Give me that cock!!! Let me feel it all the way in my hot cunt!!!” She grabbed her tits and started to twist her nipples.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” Tim shouted.

“Cum in my pussy!!!” Carmen screamed. The two hit climax at the same time as Tim shot his load deep into Carmen’s pussy.

“That was so good.” Carmen said as she lay on top of Tim and kissed him.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Fuck yes.” Was all he could say.

They spent the rest of the day in bed. Carmen sucked Tim off a few more times and they had sex twice more before Tim said he had to get home.

“I hope that I will see you again.” Carmen said as she walked Tim to the fence where he had first seen her.

“If you’d like.” Tim said.

“Oh I would.”

As Tim jumped back over the fence Carmen heard a phone ring. She had left the portable phone next to the deck chair.

“Hello?” She said as she picked up the phone.

“Hey Carmen… It’s Jenny. What’s up?”

“Have I got a story to tell you.” Carmen said.


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