Carol, Ulrika And Anthea Makes Three

Carol Vorderman and Ulrika Jonnson both shared a

passion for extreme hardcore sex. They loved

gangbangings and all things anal. They got together

after Carol caught Ulrika taking a rough session with

a couple of well-endowed ‘friends’. They’ve been

pushing the boundaries ever since… and now Anthea

Turner wants in, following her boob job, she wants to

let the inner slut out and Carol and Ulrika know

exactly how to do it…

Like the neverending spaceship in the openening scene

from Star Wars the elevan inch monster cock pulled out

of Ulrikas streched, wet pussy leaving a bit
of a


Ulrika gasped as it came out, hugely erect cock

glistened with Ulrikas cunt juice and was looking for

something else to fuck.

Carol started work on it. She sucked and slurped on

the head, her mouth cleaning Ulrika’s juices off it,

and replacing it with her own saliva. Once she got

going, her head was bobbing up and down as it followed

the eleven inch love shaft almost to the base, then

back up again.

Every time she deep throated it she came up for air

“Mmmmwwwwwaaaawwwwwhhhhhh, slumpph”, then back in


Anthea watched and rubbed herself, she was excited but

also nervous. Unlike Carol and Ulrika, she’d never had

her ass pummelled by anything quite this size before

and knew she’d be treated roughly.

“Ok Anth, you’re about to join the club…” Carol

grinned as Anthea got onto all fours letting Ulrika

part her cheeks to expose her tight puckered poop

shoot fully.

Carol got a mouthful of spit ready and drooled it onto

Antheas almost virgin anus, then she fingered the

hole, frigging and pushing deeper and deeper until she

was knuckle deep. After a short pause Carol pulled the

finger out and signalled for the anal punishment to


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