Carol For England

Carol didn’t enjoy these awards ceremonies and she really didn’t like the after show parties but tonight, with Des working away and the kids staying with her mum, she decided to let her hair down and give it a go. She knew she looked good in a figure hugging black strapless dress, slashed to the thigh revealing her gorgeous legs in all their glory and she swept confidently into the room, glowing with the feeling of all the heads turning to appreciate her. A couple of wines relaxed her further and she was soon mingling with the good and the great of the country and actually enjoying it.

As the evening wore on she found
herself sitting with four very familiar faces, all premier league footballers and, she had to admit, 4 very attractive premier league footballers at that. As the drink flowed the level of conversation deteriorated.

“Your pretty popular among the lads in the dressing room”, on of them said, “Most of us would do you if we had a chance”. Carol laughed, it was a comment she would normally have frowned upon but she was secretly flattered. “Don’t be silly, I’m old enough to be your mum” she said smiling at him, he winked at her, “exactly, an attractive, older, experienced woman, every young guys dream” he said. She felt herself redden and she took another big gulp of wine. One of the others moved over and sat next to her. “He’s right you know, there’s something very fuckable about you”, he put his hand on her thigh and squeezed it gently. “Oi, stop it” she said pulling his hand away rather half heartedly, “I’m not one of those young sluts you lot seem to pick up all the time” He leaned in close to her, “I can see that, you’r far classier”. She was enjoying the attention enormously and flashed a dazzling smile at him as he sank back into the sofa.

“So, Carol, you ever shagged a black bloke before?” piped up Carlton, the 6 foot 2 inch new hero of the England set up. She giggled, “You are so rude”, she replied. “Well, have you?” Carol shook her head, “I can’t believe you lot, your terrible”

“He’d fucking ruin you”, said one of the others, “He’s hung like a donkey, plays like one to”, they laughed and she couldn’t help herself from glancing down at Carlton’s groin, she felt excited and turned on and, although she knew it was wrong, she wanted him, badly. She looked at his face and he was staring straight at her, “seen enough? he said. “Or would you like to see more?” She bit her lip and glanced around, the others were all laughing at her and she felt embarrassed and a bit ashamed. “I think I had better go before I get into trouble” she said. They pleaded with her to stay and she had to admit she wanted too but it was getting late and the wine was having an effect on her. “Sorry lads, maybe another time”. She went out to the foyer and was about to order a taxi when Carlton appeared, “Want a lift?” he said. Her heart was pounding, she couldn’t say no and five minutes later they were in his Ferrari and driving through the empty streets of London. There was an uneasy silence in the car; they both knew what they wanted but neither wanted to make the first move. In the end he simply drove straight back to his apartment and Carol didn’t even protest. “Night cap?” he said as he opened the car door.

As soon as they were inside his flat Carol panicked, “I shouldn’t be here, I really should go home” she stammered. He turned to her, looking her up and down. “You don’t mean that, you want me, it’s obvious”,

“you pretentious‚Ķ.”, she never finished the sentence, he bent forward and kissed her, she resisted for a millisecond and then responded, they kissed long and passionately, tongues probing each others mouths. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her breasts and grabbing handfuls of buttock. He pushed her back, pinning her against the wall pulling her dress up and she gasped as he thrust his hand between her legs, cupping her crotch. Carol pushed against him, eager for him to carry on, she felt his thumb on her gash, nudging and probing her, she was already getting wet and she wanted to know if what the others had said about him was true. Without warning he sank to his knees and pushed his face against her crotch, nuzzling in and pushing his tongue against it, she put her hands on the back of his head, pulling him closer, his hands shot up her dress and yanked her panties and tights down to her knees, thrusting his face back into her neatly trimmed bush, she groaned as his tongue slipped along her lips and flicked over her clit, he didn’t wait there long. He rose to his feet and looked at her with a wicked look on his face, she slipped her hand between them and pulled his trousers open, allowing them to fall to his ankles, “My god” she whispered as her eyes alighted on the biggest cock she had ever seen, it was at least 8 inches long and so thick, she wrapped her fingers around it and gently stroked it, he lifted her dress again and pushed forward, lifting her slightly off the floor whilst staring into her eyes, she guided the monster to the mouth of her cunt where he took over, pushing into her slowly, she opened her mouth to gasp but no noise came out, it felt incredible, she thought she would burst as he went further and further up her, stretching her in a way that she hadn’t felt since she had her kids. She was pinned back against the wall and he had lifted her clear off the floor, her legs were wrapped around him as he started slipping up and down her, at first it hurt but as her vagina grew accustomed to the size of his cock and she began to enjoy it more and more, he got quicker and quicker and each thrust made her gasp louder, he was so strong that he was virtually sliding her up and down his cock. She felt wonderful and was completely lost in the experience, she felt the first ripples of an orgasm deep inside her and gripped him tighter with her legs, he pushed hard up her, shoving his dick as far into her as possible, she shrieked in ecstasy and couldn’t stop herself from coming in torrents, Clinton grunted and his eyes rolled back into his head as he began pumping his come deep into her, the two of them climaxed hard and long, Carol had never felt anything like it. After he pulled out they stood there panting, “Man”, he said, “that was fucking amazing, you older babes are so good”, she was surprised and secretly please with the compliment. “You’re not bad yourself” she replied. He nodded, “so, you wanna stay?” he asked, wild horses couldn’t have dragged her away.

He showed her into her bedroom and he sat down on the bed, “I like a lady who puts on a show, he said, “do a strip for me Carol, make it as sexy as you can”, he laid back hand on his knob, Carol smiled seductively at him and started swaying sexily, pulling at her dress, lifting it enough to show her cunt then letting it fall back in place, she ran her hands over her boobs then turned around and thrust her large ass out at him, he was stroking his tool as he watched her perform, she turned to face him again and reached behind her to unclasp the dress, as she released it her breasts lopped forward, she wasn’t wearing a bra so she held the material in place, teasing him for a few seconds before finally letting it drop and revealing her naked body. She felt slightly embarrassed at her saggy 43 year old body being ogled at by this muscular sportsman but he seemed to be enjoying the view and his cock was already springing back to life. She wanted that huge dick back inside her and she walked over to the bed to rectify the situation, he watched her breasts as they swayed in time with her walk, she climbed up beside him and ran her nails down his chest and over his stomach, rolling her fingers around his pubic hair then down over the long shaft of his hardening prick, she stroked it, mesmerised by its size, she bowed her head and kissed the tip, licking up and down its length, flicking her tongue over the eye, she took the very end of it inside her mouth, gently bobbing her head up and down, his foreskin riding up and down with each movement. He had to admit it felt good, his liking for older women had never failed in the past and this wasn’t to be the exception. She worked on his cock for 5 minutes, bringing it to full erection, she couldn’t take her eyes off it and decided it was time to climb aboard. She threw her leg over, straddling him, a look of eager anticipation on her face, reaching down she fed the monster between her legs, this time she was in control, she eased it inside her and groaned loudly as she lowered herself on to him, she reached forward and grasped the head board and started sliding up and down the shaft, selfishly satisfying herself whilst ignoring him completely. He reached up and took hold of her breasts, groping and squeezing them firmly, pushing them together, he pushed his head forward and managed to get both nipples squashed together enough to insert both into his mouth, he slumped back after a few seconds and placed his hand on her arse, trying to dictate her pace but she was having none of it and continued at her own frantic speed. She didn’t hear the door open, too lost in her oncoming orgasm to be distracted by the outside world. Carlton heard it though and smiled to himself, he looked over and saw Lee’s grinning face, he indicted with his hand to hold on, the old lady was working the oracle on him and he wanted to empty his load up her before the rest of the fun began. He arched his back so he was deep inside her, “My God” she panted, “I’m, I’m going to‚Ķ..aaarrrggh” she shrieked as she began to orgasm wildly, for the second time that night she lost it, wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her, Carlton didn’t care about her orgasm, he had been pumping up her for a few seconds already but she seemed totally oblivious to it, the two of them thrashed around for a while longer before her shrieks of delight died away and she finally opened her eyes and acknowledged he was part of the experience.

“Nice performance”, the voice from behind her made her jump; she fell off Clinton and tried desperately to cover herself with the bedding. The three other lads from earlier were now all inside the room, “Chill out Carol, its us, we are team mates, we share everything”, she was confused and looked at Clinton to see what he would do but he just beamed. “She’s fucking good man”, he said, “She loves it”. Carol looked back at the others, not sure what to do or say, “Lose the sheets darling, let’s have a look at what’s on offer”. It was Lee that was speaking, he walked towards them and Carol felt nervous and very excited by the goings on, she looked down and let the sheet drop, Lee stretched out a hand and lifted her breasts, weighing them up, stroking them, She bit her lip as he tweaked her nipples, the others came over too and the sheets were pulled off her, she didn’t feel at all nervous as they started working on her, she lay back and felt one of them fingering her soaking wet cunt, Lee was sucking her nipples whilst the other, “was it Tommy?” she thought to herself, stood beside them, watching and waiting, trousers round his ankles, all the time Carlton was lying there, propped up on one arm egging the others on. “Shit, I gotta do it” said Tommy, the other two let him through, he twisted her over on to her front and pulled her over the edge of the bed so she was kneeling, over the edge, he didn’t hang around, she felt his cock slide easily up her, it was a bit of a let down after Carlton but she wasn’t complaining, he gripped her ass cheeks tightly and took short, sharp jabs up her, one of the others lifted her head and slid beneath her so his cock was in her face, she didn’t need a second invitation, slipping it into her mouth and working her tongue and lips around the sturdy shaft, she had never had two cocks at the same time before, it was wonderful, the cock in her cunt was doing a good job and the harder he fucked her the more she gobbled the one in her mouth, she hadn’t seen Carlton get up and leave and was totally blind to the fact that he was standing yards away, video camera in hand, filming the whole show. Not that she would have cared at that moment, she was aware that there was going to be an eruption of come soon but wasn’t sure where it would be, the tightening grip on her hips and the groan of pleasure from behind her was the only indication of who had come first, she didn’t feel a spurt of come inside such was the dampness and elasticity left from Carlton, she opened her eyes and looked up at the face of the youngster who was close to coming in her mouth, she took hold of his shaft and began tossing it gently whilst sucking furiously, he gripped the back of her head and let flew, the warm salty fluid jetted into her mouth, Carol gasped and swallowed hungrily, her wrist was now working overtime on him, encouraging him to give her everything he had. When he had emptied his load down her she slowly pulled him out, paused for a while with the tip still in her mouth then released it, licking her lips as she did so. He grabbed her hair into a bunch and wiped his dick over her face, she twisted her head, enjoying the feeling of warm cock nuzzling against her cheeks and nose.

A few minutes later everyone was naked, Carol was surrounded by firm young bodies and had to pinch herself to prove she wasn’t dreaming, she looked straight into Carlton’s camera lens and smiled. Allowing him to pan down her body. She turned around and looked at Lee, “What are you waiting for” she said, spreading her legs wide. Lee glanced at the gleaming cunt and nodded, “lets go lads ” he said, climbing onto the bed and laying flat out, Carol instinctively went to mount him but he stopped her, “turn around, face Si,” he said, nodding at the lad she had just gobbled off., she twisted around and Lee immediately grabbed her by the hips, pulling her back onto him, she squealed with delight and tried to sit on him again but he grabbed her hair, yanking her straight, “Listen Carol, do as I say, just relax and let us do the work”, she murmured her approval, then gasped out loud as she felt his cock pushing against her ass hole, contrary to popular belief she had never been a big fan of anal sex but tonight she was game for anything and she braced herself for penetration, it was easier then she thought and his knob was soon easing up her back passage, then Si positioned himself in front of her, she looked at his young features and he grinned back, holding his cock in his right hand he shuffled forward, she didn’t know what to do but Lee pulled her back wards, jamming his cock into her anus and opening up her cunt, Si shifted closer and guided his cock towards her pussy, she panicked slightly but Lee whispered encouragement and she breathed heavily as Si’s cock pushed into her pussy. It felt strange, it wasn’t comfortable but thanks to the earlier proceedings her cunt was sufficiently stretched to cope and, as the two of them worked together on her, she started groaning louder at the incredible feeling of double penetration, just as she thought she would burst she felt Tommy’s cock pressing against her cheek, she turned her head and took him deep into her throat, it was too much for her and she almost feinted at the intensity of the massive orgasm that raced through her, Tommy’s cock slipped from her mouth and she pushed down hard onto Lee, Si also slipped out and attempted to get back in but she was writhing around too much and he gave up and watched the amazing site of the 43 year old TV star being fucked in the ass by the 25 year old England captain. “Hope your getting all this “he said to Carlton, who gave the thumbs up, “Another Retirement fund” he said, tapping the side of the video camera. Carol went limp as her climax passed but Lee wasn’t finished, he was deep in her ass and pounding away, he managed to get her face down into the mattress, buttocks stuck into the air and he fucked her until he reached the point of no return, flooding her anus with wave after wave of come.

Carol lay there exhausted but Si wasn’t satisfied, he slipped between her legs, “NO, don’t “she said but he ignored her and was soon sunk to his nuts up her crotch, she couldn’t react anymore and he simply fucked her, nothing flash, just a good hard stuffing but, instead of filling her cunt, he whipped it out at the last moment and splattered her ass cheeks.

She lay there panting, tired and sticky with come. She heard the lads laughing and joking and smiled to herself, “not bad for an old girl” she thought to herself. Carlton plonked down beside her, she felt his semi stiff cock nudging her hip, “Finish me off Carol, then you go – understand?”, she looked up and nodded, reaching down for his cock she began to lightly stroke it, he pulled her up onto the bed, rolling her onto her back then straddled her, cupping her breasts together he started fucking her tits, the tip of his monster dick brushing her face each time he pushed forward, Lee appeared beside them, he knelt by her face and started wanking himself off, pointing his cock straight at her face, then Tommy started to do the same from the other side, she didn’t know which way to turn as Si knelt down above her and, aiming his cock at her, started masturbating himself. Carol closed her eyes and grimaced, she knew what was about to happen and wasn’t looking forward to it, the four of them stroked away furiously, as she waited she felt Carlton’s hand between her legs, she opened them to let two fingers in and, as he did so, she felt the first splatter of come on her face, Tommy pumped the contents of his nuts all over her face, whooping with delight as he did so, Lee was next, pressing into her cheek he oozed his come against her before pulling back and gleefully spraying his spunk all over her beautiful features, Carlton pressed up against her mouth, “open” he said and she did so immediately but, instead of pushing his cock into her mouth he ran it over her lips, she licked it longingly and, with a grunt of satisfaction, he came powerfully, thick white spunk jetting over her closed eyes and over her forehead into her hair, he aimed lower and the second jet splattered against her nose then dripped down into her mouth, she licked her lips as she tasted his come, and gagged as he finally shoved his tool deep into her throat where he drained the last remnants of salty substance into her, he pulled out immediately just in time for Si to shoot his load down over her face, spurts of come flew down over her chin and down onto her chest, he pushed forward covering her cheeks until he too was empty. She was covered in the thick gooey substance, it trickled all over her face, great globs of goo in her hair, everywhere, it started to dry quickly and she could feel her face tightening as it hardened, wiping away spunk from her eyelids she opened her eyes, Carlton was filming again, for the first time she felt ashamed, “Turn it off, please” she begged but he ignored her. The others were spread around the room watching. “You’d better go now” Lee said, “We’ve finished with you”.

She wasn’t sure what to do, “But, I can’t go like this, I need to wash or” they were ignoring hr now, Carlton had put the camera away and was getting dressed, the others chatted amongst themselves. Slowly, carefully, Carol stood up, she felt sore and dirty but they didn’t seem to care, she walked around the flat, putting on her clothes, trying to rub away the mess on her face with anything she could find before eventually slipping out the door and into the night.

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