Carol Vorderman-Rear of my Year Part 1

CSSA Story Submission.

Title: Carol Vorderman-Rear of my year Part 1.

Content Codes: MF,cons,anal,oral.

Submitted by: Kingsman.

Celeb: Carol Vorderman.

Disclaimer: The following story is unfortunately fiction.It is sadly only the work of the author’s imagination.

Carol Vorderman-Rear of my year Part 1.

During the summer of 2011 I managed to get a temporary job as a maintenance worker in a hotel in my home city of Belfast. Because of the nature of hotel work with guests coming and going at all hours I was required to work a shift pattern and after about three weeks on the job I found myself on the night shift for the first time. I arrived for work one Saturday evening and put my coat into my locker as usual. Before I closed my locker I engaged in a little ritual I had. A short while before I began working at the hotel,the TV personality Carol Vorderman had won the annual Rear of the Year award,and the newspapers had published photos of her posing in tight jeans. Being a  long-time fan of the extremely fuckable Miss Vorderman I cut the pictures out as a keepsake. When I got the hotel job I taped several of the photos to the inside of my locker door,and on that Saturday night before I started work I let my gaze wander over Carol’s mouth-watering backside. The jeans she wore for that photo-shoot never failed to arouse me,and as I left to start my shift I could feel myself harden at the thought of my hands caressing and fondling that beautiful curvaceous bum under that denim.

I went to the reception desk and was told to go to room 69 where the guest had reported a broken light bulb in the bathroom. After stopping off at supplies to pick up a new bulb I headed for room 69 on the third floor. I rapped on the door and waited. After a few seconds the door opened. “Hello,” I said. “I’ve come to replace the …” My voice stumbled to a halt as my heart jumped in my chest. I couldn’t believe who was standing there in the doorway,right in front of me. It was her. Carol Vorderman. The woman whose tantalizing curves I had been admiring only moments before. I felt my knees tremble as my shaking hand held up the box containing the new bulb.

“Oh,is that for me?” she asked,her silky voice sending my heart racing. I couldn’t trust myself to speak. Nodding dumbly,I couldn’t do anything but stare in wonderment at the living goddess standing in front of me. It was as if one of those very pictures in my locker had come to life. Carol was dressed in a tight green T-shirt and jeans. She made no move to let me into the room, instead returning my gaze as my eyes moved slowly from her chest to her crotch. We stood like that for several seconds before I was able to return my attention to her face. My own face reddened under her knowing gaze. She knew exactly what kinds of thoughts were passing through my mind. After what seemed an eternity Carol turned away from the door and walked back into the room. My eyes fixed automatically on her rear end. When I saw the word WIZARD stitched onto the back pocket of her jeans I realized she was wearing the very same pair from her Rear of the Year photo-shoot. Carol walked slowly towards the bathroom and as she did so she turned slightly to look over her shoulder at me. My gaze was still fixed firmly on her bum. Carol stopped. “Are you all right?” she asked quietly. She was still standing with her back to me,her expression coy as she looked over her shoulder. “Your face is very red.” Still not trusting myself to talk,I just nodded. Carol’s mouth widened with a knowing smile as she started for the bathroom again. She knew exactly why my face was red.

Desperate to say something,I swallowed thickly and said in as steady a voice as I could manage, “What brings you to Belfast,Miss Vorderman?”

Carol opened the bathroom door and went inside. I followed her,my eyes never leaving her backside. “Well,I’ve never been here before,” she replied. “I thought I’d spend a day or two sightseeing.” She turned to face me,her arms folded across her chest. She motioned to the box in my hand. “Is that my new bulb?”

I looked at the box. I had almost forgotten I had it. My trembling fingers tugged at the lid as I tried hard not to stare at Carol’s crotch. It looked so mouth-watering in those tight jeans. My eyes briefly flickered up to her face. She was still appraising me with that “I know what you’re thinking” look in her eye. A faint smile was playing around her lips as she walked towards me. “You’re all thumbs,aren’t you?” she said. “Let me help.” She took the box from me and opened it,taking out the bulb. She looked up at the lampshade hanging from the ceiling. “I think that’s too high for either of us to reach,” she commented. Then she looked at me again while my eyes were still wandering up and down her body. “What’s your name?” she asked me.

I swallowed deeply and managed to croak, “Jim.”

“Okay,Jim,” Carol replied. “Can you fetch that chair in front of the writing desk in there?” She pointed through the door.

“Sure,” I said. I grabbed the chair and hurried back to the bathroom with it,my heart pounding in my chest. I positioned the chair under the lampshade. My breath was escaping me in short gasps. I felt like my legs were going to collapse under me. I grasped the back of the chair with both hands. I was afraid I would faint if I let go. I couldn’t believe who was in that room with me. I felt like I was experiencing an extremely surreal dream.

Then,I felt Carol put her hand on top of mine. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she purred,her eyebrow raised knowingly as she watched me. I realised there was no point in making any silly excuses for my demeanour. I was in a room with Carol Vorderman,one of the most fuckable women in the world,and she knew perfectly well the effect her body was having on me.

I swallowed again and said thickly, “I’m okay. I’m just a little…overwhelmed to be here with you. You’re a very attractive woman,Miss Vorderman.”

Carol regarded me silently for a moment,her hand still resting on mine. “It’s okay,” she said finally. “Thank you for the compliment.” She squeezed my hand gently and said, “I think maybe I should put the new bulb in,Jim. Okay?” I nodded and let go of the chair while Carol tested it. “I think it’s a bit rickety, actually,” she said. “Could you do me a favour,Jim? I want you to hold on to my waist when I stand on the chair,in case I topple over. Can you do that ?”

My heart skipped a beat at that,then started racing again. I quickly nodded. “Sure,Miss Vorderman. It would be a pleasure.”

Carol put her hand on my shoulder as she stepped up onto the chair. “Jim,you can call me Carol,okay?” she said. She turned her back to me as I put my trembling  hands on her waist. She stretched up and started to screw in the light bulb. I stood beneath her,transfixed by the sight in front of me. Inches away from my face was the most arousing,mouth-watering bum I had ever seen. My heart was pounding so hard against my chest I could almost hear it. My hands and legs were trembling. Above me,Carol looked over her shoulder. “Almost there,Jim.” Then she winked at me,her enticing smile still on her lips. I returned my gaze to her denim-clad backside,my hands inches from it as they clutched her waist.

It was then that I made my decision. I didn’t care if she complained about me. I didn’t care if I lost my job. All I cared about at that moment was closing my hands around that gorgeous ass and squeezing it as hard as I could. I glanced up for an instant as Carol finished screwing in the bulb. “That’s got it,” she said, and looked down at me. “Thanks,Jim. I’ll get down now.” She bent over slightly and put one hand on the back of the chair. My hands were still on her waist. I couldn’t wait another second. I took my hands away and before Carol could step down from the chair I planted them firmly on her backside. I heard her gasp as I gripped tightly,squeezing her bum as hard as I could. Before she could react further I started to run my hands over her lovely rump,kneading and caressing her buttocks firmly beneath my palms. Carol turned her head toward me,her own hands gripping the back of the chair she was still standing on. I didn’t know how she would respond to me,but at that moment I didn’t care. I had Carol Vorderman’s bum in my hands,and until she tore them away from her I was going to enjoy the sensation. Still caressing her,I looked up at her face.

Carol was smiling at me,one eyebrow cocked as she appraised the situation. “I knew you were going to do that,” she said with a slight laugh. “You couldn’t take your eyes off my backside,could you?” She bent over further,lowering her back and raising her bum towards me as my hands continued blissfully to explore it. Carol closed her eyes as a contented smile spread across her face, her hands still gripping the back of the chair. She seemed to be enjoying the experience almost as much as me. Almost. There couldn’t have been anyone in the world at that moment who could be as deliriously happy as me. Dizzy with excitement,I continued to grope and fondle Carol Vorderman’s ass for all I was worth. Leaning forward, I planted a kiss on the back pocket of her jeans then started to lick them. The taste of the denim in my mouth only excited me further,as I knew what delicious morsels were underneath. Carol  giggled as she thrust out her backside even more towards me. “My bum is going to be black and blue tomorrow,” she said,smiling. “But I think it’s going to be worth it.” She started to get down off the chair. I stepped back for a moment,my excitement mounting by the second. Carol turned to face me. I was leaning back against the bathroom wall,breathing heavily. Carol slowly approached me,one hand tucked into the pocket of her jeans,her other index finger tapping against her pouting lips as she looked me up and down. Her eyes bored into mine as she stopped in front of me. “Okay,” she said,and at her next words I almost fainted. “Let’s have some fun.” She took a step back and seemed to be pondering,her eyes looking up as her finger played around her lips. “I know,” she said at last. “Put your hands on my boobs.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. Reaching out,I grabbed her tits through her T-shirt and started to fondle them. She wasn’t wearing a bra,and her ample breasts felt so good. I stepped closer to her and put one hand around her back while I continued to knead one breast with the other. My hand soon found her ass again. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was in a hotel room with Carol Vorderman,groping her tits and ass,and she was letting me do it!

Carol pulled the bottom of her T-shirt out of the waistband of her jeans. “Put your hands up there,” she breathed heavily. I slipped my hands under her T-shirt and moved them up her stomach until they found her breasts. Once again I started working them,my thumbs and forefingers closing around her nipples, massaging them,kneading them,caressing them. Carol’s eyes closed as a soft moan escaped her. She moved closer to me,her hands moving around my neck as she pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue slid into my mouth as my caresses became more urgent,my hands excitedly squeezing and fondling her boobs as her hot lips kissed my face and neck.

Finally Carol stepped away from me and pulled her T-shirt off over her head. She shook her hair loose and stood there in front of me,topless. For a moment she just let my eyes feast on her gorgeous body,her full,pert boobs that just begged to be squeezed and fondled,her slim waist and supremely lickable stomach. Then Carol took my hand in hers and led me out of the bathroom. “Sit on the bed,” she said. I did,and Carol stood in front of me,putting her arms around my neck,pulling me closer to her. Needing no prompting,I buried my face in her cleavage as my hands encircled her waist,my fingers once more closing around her backside,squeezing and caressing her buttocks as I kissed and licked her boobs,my tongue sliding over her nipples with an increasing hunger for her body. I didn’t want my hands to ever let go of her ass, I wanted my mouth to suck forever on those tits.

After a few moments Carol’s hand grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head away from her chest. She smiled down at me as my hands continued to stroke and fondle her rear. She laughed slightly and shook her head coyly. “I think you’ve got a bit of a thing for my bum,” she said,running her fingers play- fully through my hair.

“Oh,yes. I have,” I said hoarsely.

Carol regarded me silently for a moment,then said, “So what would you like to do next?”

It wasn’t a difficult question to answer. I had been obsessed with Carol Vorderman’s bum for years,and the Rear of the Year pictures I had seen had driven me into a near-frenzy. For me there was only one answer. “Carol,” I said slowly,my voice shaking with excitement. “I want to fuck you in your bum. It’s all I can think about.”

Carol absently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before resting her hands on my shoulders. “You know,” she said, “Every boyfriend I ever had wanted that. Do you know what I said to them?”

I shook my head. My hands were still clamped firmly to her rump as I gazed up at her. “I always tell them, ‘Okay,you can on one condition. First you have to stick your tongue up my ass and lick me out. You have to lick me clean and keep your tongue wedged in there until I tell you to stop.’ No-one wanted to take me up on that offer.”

I didn’t hesitate. “I’ll do it,” I said. “I’ll do anything for you,Carol.”

Carol smiled and gently stroked my cheek with the back of her hand. She took a step back from me,removing my hands from her rear and holding them in hers. “Would you like to take my jeans off?” she said.

I nodded. I reached out for her and unfastened the button on her waistband. Wanting to savour every moment of this,I slowly pulled down the zip on her jeans and peeled them away from her crotch. Underneath,Carol was wearing red silk panties. My eyes were locked onto them as I slid the jeans down her legs,her hands resting on my shoulders as she stepped out of them. For a moment I sat back to enjoy the vision in front of me. Carol Vorderman was standing in front of me dressed only in a pair of silk panties. Under my trousers my cock was as stiff as a poker. Carol could see it throbbing. She smiled,then turned her back to me. “Take them off,” she said,running her fingers around the top of her panties. My hands shaking, I peeled them off slowly,savouring every inch of her beautiful bare ass as it revealed itself to me. I let the panties drop to the floor and Carol kicked them away before turning to look over her shoulder at me. She leaned forward over the small desk next to the bed where I still sat. “Well,then,” she said huskily. “If you want to put your dick in my bum,you know what you have to do first. So off you go.” Looking around at me,she grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and spread them wide. I could see her anus. It looked so inviting. My eyes moved down to her cunt,so juicy and moist. But that wasn’t what I wanted. Not yet. I slid off the bed and kneeled on the floor behind her. My hands slid up her legs as Carol’s hands continued to keep her cheeks spread for me. I didn’t hesitate. As Carol had told me,fucking her ass came at a price,a price I was more than eager to pay. I started to kiss and lick her bum cheeks,my tongue sliding over every inch of that delicious flesh until her entire rump glistened with my saliva. Then,starting at her pussy, my tongue started probing along her crack,licking every part of her bum until I reached her anus. My tongue slipped out of my mouth and into her rectum. Carol let out a squeal as she shuddered with pleasure. I thrust my tongue deep into her ass,my hands clenching her buttocks as I clamped my lips firmly to her fleshy rump. Then I moved one hand underneath her and started to rub her cunt with my fingertips. Slowly I slipped first one finger then another inside her wet pussy. Soon I had three fingers buried deep inside her,each one probing her as my tongue was still probing her ass. Carol was stretched over the desk, her hands gripping the edge of it as I worked on her vagina with ever increasing speed. Her moaning got louder as I continued to slurp at her back-side,my tongue and fingers exploring her holes.

Carol lifted her head up and let out a gasp,her eyes closed in ecstasy. “I’m going to fucking come!” she panted. “I’m almost there. Go faster. Faster!” Frantically I plunged my fingers into her cunt as far as they would go while my tongue licked and my mouth sucked on her ass. Carol reared up and screamed as she came,her legs and bum quivering as the orgasm shook her. My fingers continued to dive in and out of her pussy as she collapsed forward onto the desk,panting breathlessly.

I stood up and watched her for a moment as she lay draped over the desk,her eyes closed,sweat soaking her face and back. She continued to moan softly as my hands found their way back to her bum cheeks,and I started to caress her again. Carol had told me her ass was mine after I had tongued her,and I decided to waste no more time. I unzipped my trousers and slipped quickly out of them,throwing them onto the bed where the rest of my clothes soon joined them. I stood behind Carol,my cock harder and stiffer than I had ever known it to be. I couldn’t help marvelling at the situation I found myself in. Here I was in a hotel room with the gorgeous Carol Vorderman who was stark naked and bent over in front of me. I knew there were thousands of men who would give their right arm to be where I was at that moment.

I started fondling her bottom again as I gently started to rub the tip of my cock against her anus. Slowly I pushed myself against her,my hands gripping her hips as my member slid slowly inside her. Carol reared back,her ass bucking against me as her anus was spread open. I put my arms around her and grabbed her boobs as my cock found the rest of its way into her. I felt dizzy with pleasure as I started squeezing her tits again. Then my hands slid around to her back and down her hips. For a moment I just stood there,looking down at Carol bent over in front of me,and at my own body pressed firmly against her backside. My cock was wedged tightly inside that exquisite rear,and I wanted to savour every delicious second of it. Carol continued to moan softly as I massaged her hips and rubbed myself gently against her buttocks. I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed. I was truly in a state of ecstasy. Then,I knew it was time to have her. Slowly I began to thrust at her,my cock barely moving, its length lodged so firmly in her rectum. Gradually it began to loosen as it rubbed against her anal tunnel.

Carol lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at me,her hands still gripping the edge of the desk. She licked her lips as a small smile spread across her face. She said almost in a whisper, “I think I could get to like this.” She moaned again softly as she rested her head against her arm. Her eyes closed, her contented smile growing wider. At the same time I thrust myself against her violently,slamming her body against the desk as I began to build up a rhythm,my cock firmly embedded in her ass. Briefly I thought back to those pictures in my locker. I had lost count of the number of times I had gazed at the backside in those photos,wondering what it would feel like to run my hands over it. Now my penis was inside that very same bum. That very same woman,Carol Vorderman,was being fucked in her ass by me!

It wasn’t long before I felt myself starting to come. I bent over Carol and thrust myself at her harder and faster. By now Carol was a gibbering wreck,her eyes barely open as the sweat dripped from her face onto the desk. I reared up and got ready for the finish,my hands gripping her hips ever tighter as my pelvis slapped loudly against her bottom. I looked down to watch her bum cheeks quivering as I smacked against them again and again. Then I felt myself come. With one final thrust my orgasm tore through me,my cock emptying itself deep into Carol Vorderman’s backside. I almost collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath as the orgasmic effects faded away. I could feel my cock still trickling its juices into her as I finally stood up and eased myself gingerly out of her bum. A string of cum stretched from the end of my knob to her anus. I wiped my cock off on her cheeks and sat down heavily on the bed. Carol stood up slowly and turned around,her hand massaging her backside as she faced me. Her face was red and dripping with sweat,her hair clinging to her forehead. She leaned back against the desk,giving me a full-frontal view of her naked body. I decided to feast my eyes upon her trim pussy while I waited to get my breath back.

Finally Carol recovered her own breath. She swept her sweat-dampened hair back from her forehead and looked at me. She smiled,pointing at my now very limp cock. “Congratulations,Jim,” she said. “That’s the first dick that’s ever been inside my ass.” Carol applauded lightly. “Well done.”

“It was a pleasure,” I said,returning her smile. I reached around for my clothes and started to get dressed. Carol continued leaning against the desk,her finger absently stroking her pussy as she watched me. “Aren’t you going to get dressed?” I asked her.

Carol shook her head. “It’s late. I’m going straight to bed when you leave.” She regarded me silently for a moment as if considering something,then she said, “I’m here until Tuesday. Why don’t you come back before then?”

I needed no persuasion. “Yes,I’ll be back. How about Monday evening. I’m off then.”

“Fine. And if you’re a good boy I’ll consider giving you a blowjob.” We laughed as Carol walked me to the door. Before she opened it she kissed me gently on the cheek. “See you on Monday,Jim,” she said as she playfully groped my crotch. She squealed as I returned the gesture,my finger slipping briefly inside her pussy.

Carol opened the door and I left. After my shift ended the following morning I sat in the locker room,gazing at the photos on the back of my door. I still could not believe what had happened to me that night. It was all like a very intense dream. A dream that was far from over,as I was to discover on Monday.

But that is another story.


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