Carol Vorderman: Home Alone

Carol Vorderman: Home Alone


Starring Carol Vorderman and Susie Dent
(Female hosts on the afternoon UK Channel 4 quiz show Countdown).

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This story contains scenes of graphic sexual situations. It is a work of pure fiction and fantasy. The content of the story is the product of an overactive imagination. It is NOT meant to be an accurate portrayal of the sexuality of Carol Vorderman or Susie Dent. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental, (Unfortunately).

Not to be read by anyone under 18. If you are under 18 or easily offended, please stop reading. If in doubt, STOP READING and GO AWAY!

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It had been one of those boring dinners, with TV executives talking only about television ratings. Dinners that Carol Vorderman detested but was obliged to attend. So it was with some relief that she climbed into her taxi and headed for home. Anyway, she had an early start the following day in Leeds recording some more editions of Countdown.

Not feeling particularly tired, she decided to take a glass of red wine upstairs and watch TV in bed for a while. Flicking on the bedroom lights, Carol caught sight of her reflection in the full length mirrored wardrobes. “Good choice” she thought, gazing at what she was wearing. A dark blue silk blouse, tight black pencil skirt with a wide patent leather belt that was purposely pulled in just a little too tight in order to accentuate her waist, and of course, those black killer heels. She had decided to be daring that evening and tease the male TV executives by not wearing a bra under her tight fitting silky blue blouse. She wondered if they had been able to see her nipples poking through the silky thin material of her blouse during dinner. The cool silk material of her blouse had rubbed deliciously over them and had pressed tightly against her wonderful 34C cup breasts. At 46, Carol Vorderman knew that she still had a fantastic sexy figure that many younger women envied. But as her last relationship had been over a year ago, she missed having a man between her legs; fucking her, fucking her hard.

Sitting back on her big queen sized double bed, Carol sipped her glass of wine whilst flicking through different TV channels with the remote trying to find something to watch. She had almost given up hope until she caught sight of a lesbian scene on a late night film channel. Whether it was the sight of two beautiful women engrossed in an intimate kiss, she didn’t know, but her eyes lingered as the pair began to undress. Carol felt a rush of warmth and a tingle of excitement as the scene unfolded. This film was beginning to turn her on.

Putting down the wine glass, Carol Vorderman slid off her black patent leather belt and undid the buttons of her silky dark blue blouse. Slowly Carol slipped her hand inside her blouse and she felt the warm soft skin of her very full breasts. She softly moaned as her nipples quickly began to harden again as she gently teased them with her fingers. Her other hand reached under the tight waistband of her black pencil skirt. Carol could feel the moist warmth of her pussy as her fingers rubbed gently against the silky thin satin of her little black nylon bikini panties. She could feel that the thin material of her panties were getting damp with her juices and unable to contain herself any longer, Carol pulled the nylon gusset of her little black panties to one side. She gasped with delight as she inserted first one, then two fingers inside. She began to work her fingers quickly in and out of her grasping cunt in a regular motion whilst teasing the hardening nub of her clitoris with her thumb at the same time. Carol shook and cried out in surprise as she quickly climaxed and her first orgasm of the night surged through her body and out of her hot tight little cunt. Carol’s white creamy cum flowed out of her pussy totally soaking the thin satin material of her little black nylon panties.

“Ohh Yesss!” “Yesss!” “Ohhh..!” Carol Moaned.

She was surprised at how quickly she had cum. But Carol Vorderman needed more, much more. She lay down on her big queen sized bed and decided to fully masturbate herself to another much needed orgasm. Removing her dark blue silk blouse completely, Carol noted how deliciously hard her nipples had become and began to massage and squeeze her breasts.

As she lay on her bed topless, Carol Vorderman arched her back and reached behind her waist in order to unbutton, unzip and slide off the tight black pencil skirt which was now restricting her movements. With her skirt now gone, Carol could feel the air and the cool wetness of her little black nylon panties against her vaginal lips. The thin satin material of her black nylon panties had become totally saturated with her girl cum. She had climaxed in them and now they were sticking to her pussy. So she decided to take them off. Carol hooked her fingers in the thin elastic waistband of her panties and she pushed them off her hips, down her legs and over her feet. She casually tossed them away, noting how damp her little black nylon panties had become.

Naked now except for the sheer black hold-ups and her heels, Carol Vorderman lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. She kicked her heels off and spread her legs wide. Carol moaned softly as she slowly and gently caressed her full breasts again. She worked her fingers down her body, to the neatly trimmed little black triangle of fine hair between her legs. She gave it a few strokes before finding the nub of her clitoris and the entrance to her tight little vagina. She began to gently rub away at it. Carol could feel her blood rushing, her clit was hardening again. Her sexual arousal was moistening her cunt, making her wet, getting her ready. She began probing her vagina gently, first working one finger in and out, then two fingers, then three. Thrusting away, urgently pounding into her tight little pussy. Carol could feel the warm wetness of her tight cunt coating her fingers as she rapidly worked them in and out. With her pussy slick with her milky white juices, Carol slipped the fingers of her left hand out of her tight grasping cunt. She allowed one moist digit to slowly and gently work its way into her anal passage. This new sensation caused more waves of pleasure to ripple through her body.

“Agghhh!” “Agghhh!” She gasped.

As her arsehole got used to the intruder, Carol’s right hand returned to her pussy. She jammed four fingers back inside her hot wet cunt and began to frantically wank herself off again. Carol Vorderman frigged herself desperately, her pussy muscles gripping and releasing on her fingers. Meanwhile her thumb was busy rubbing away at her slick clitoris which was fully engorged with blood and was as hard as a pea. She was breathing heavily now and getting hotter by the second. Soon Carol felt the familiar sensations. Her orgasm was beginning to build. She continued to furiously rub away at her clit. At the same time she raped and fucked her cunt and arse with her fingers. As Carol lay there frantically masturbating, an image of her close friend Susie Dent popped into her head. She didn’t know why, but she imagined it was Susie wanking her off. It was Susie’s fingers that were rubbing her clit, fucking her, raping her, about to make her cum. At this thought Carol’s eyes flew open. She suddenly lost control of her body as an intense orgasm overtook her and Carol Vorderman climaxed long and hard.

“Ohhh!” “Ohhh Susie!!” “Uugghhh!” “Uugghhh!!” “Uuuggghhhh!!!”

It took a few minutes for Carol to come down and recover from the high that last orgasm had given her, but she wanted more. She felt really dirty and wanton now. Reaching inside her bedside cabinet, Carol took out a silver, metallic vibrator. It had been bought for her as one of those joke presents. She had occasionally used it when her two children were away staying at their father’s place. But now she was here all alone. This was definitely the time to use the thing for what it was intended for, and fuck herself hard for as long and as loud as she wanted.

Parting her lips, Carol slid the vibrator slowly into her mouth and sucked on it gently. She wanted to make sure the thing was fully lubricated and she noticed the red circle left by her lipstick when she took it out. Twisting the base, the vibrator hummed as Carol flicked the tip around her erect nipples before slowly working her way down her naked body, across her taut stomach into her tight wet vagina. Carol Vorderman felt like a complete wanton and dirty slut as she lay back on her bed and spread her legs wide. If only little Susie could see her now…

Parting her slick vaginal lips with her left hand, and holding the metal shaft in her right hand, Carol screamed in delight as the electric thrill of the vibrator touched her clit. She held it there for what seemed like ages. She held it there until her widespread legs stiffened; until she shook, arched her back, bucked her hips wildly and came uncontrollably hard in another long, creamy, gushing orgasm. Her white hot creamy cum blasted out of her pussy, trickled down her inner thighs and between her outstretched legs. It formed a dark distinct wet patch on her blue expensive Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Carol Vorderman moaning with pleasure shook uncontrollably during her long climax as she came and came for several minutes.

“Yyess!” “Yesss!” “Ohhh!” “Uugghhh!” “Uugghhh!!” “Uuggghhhh!!!”

Turning over now, on all fours, Carol reached behind her back and pushed the vibrator ever so deeply into her very tight pussy. Gripping the shaft tightly in both hands, Carol worked it in and out of her cunt furiously as she fucked herself hard with it. Her fabulous 34C cup breasts were hanging free as she lowered her body onto the bed so that her nipples brushed against the sheets. This created another delicious sensation as Carol Vorderman pushed herself back and forth onto the vibrator. But what she really needed was a man, any man, or even better, little Susie Dent fucking her with a great big strap-on. But for now this artificial metal prick, slick with her juices would have to do. Carol could feel her pussy walls gripping and releasing on the vibrating metal cock as she slammed it in and out of her cunt. She fucked herself hard with the thing over and over again and shook as she came and another glorious orgasm soon ripped its way through her body and out of her pussy…

“Ohhh Yesss!” “Fuck Me Susie!!” “Ohhh!!” “Uuugghhh!!” “Uuugghhh!!!”

Taking the hard steel vibrator from her soaking pussy she slid it between the cheeks of her arse. She gasped as it slipped easily and ever so deep into her tight pink little arsehole, already lubricated from her earlier fingering. Burying her face deep into her pillow, she moved her free hand down her stomach and thrust four fingers into her aching grasping cunt. Feeling the vibrations of the hard metal prick as she worked it in and out of her arse, Carol’s creamy white pussy juice bathed her four fingers as she fucked herself furiously with them. She could feel her hot secretions flowing out of her tight wet creaming cunt and down her inner thighs, once again staining her expensive blue cotton bed sheets. Carol Vorderman cried out as she reached her climax. She came long and hard and exploded in one final, earth shattering orgasm…

“Ohhh My God!” “Yesss!” “Uugghhh!” “Uuugghhh!!” “Uuugghhhh!!!”

Carol Vorderman now spent, collapsed exhausted on the bed. Her multiple orgasms had left her totally drained. She let the vibrator slide from her arse as she rolled onto her back. Drenched in sweat and cum, Carol could feel her juices coating her fingers as she put them inside her mouth. She sucked her own sticky white cum off her fingers while making a mental note of that TV channel. “I’ll have to watch it again soon.” Carol Vorderman thought to herself, before she fell into a deep, contented sleep.

The End (for now)

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