Carol Vorderman Story

Being one of the wealthiest men in Britain had its benefits. Women loved me,
at least they loved the money, but i needed more. One day an envelope
arrived on my desk containing an unbelievable offer. The covering letter
informed me that all the women in the attached brochure were available for
liaisons and i absent mindedly opened the booklet expecting the usual
collection of over made up, young, drug addled call girls. Immediately i was
brought to my senses, the first page contained a picture of Penny Smith, not
any Penny Smith but the Penny Smith, from GMTV. I read the details and, sure
enough, it was her and, according to
the blurb, she was available for 50,000
quid. I turned the page to find Sophie Raworth smiling out at me, the facing
page contained a photo of Fiona Bruce, both priced at 40,000. I flicked
through pages of familiar faces at differing prices until i found exactly
what i was hoping for. Page 17, 75,000. Available Weekends only,. Carol
Vorderman. The familiar features smiled out at me and i could hardly contain
my excitement. There was a phone number at the foot of the page and i called
it immediately, expecting some recorded message telling me i`do fallen for
another stupid scam but a woman’s voice answered and asked me for my
membership number which appeared on page 1 of the book. I read it out,
“Hello Mr. King”, she said”First time user, who will it be”. I asked her if
it was real and how she could prove it. She told me it was an exclusive club
and that all the celebrities advertised as they couldn’t get dates the
normal way, apparently fame had the same drawbacks as wealth. She asked me
who i was interested in and i told her, “She`s so popular”, she said, “I`ll
get her to call you straight back”. The line went dead and i sat down still
not believing it to be real. The phone rang within 5 minutes, “Is that you
Mr King”, i recognised the voice immediately, it was Carol. “Listen”, she
said “I’m filming at the moment so i cant talk much but come to the Savoy
10pm, Friday, Room 73, we`ll have a good time” with that she was gone. The
phone rang again, it was the girl from the agency, “All sorted sir?”, i
confirmed the details and we arranged payment, the money being no object to
me.”What do i get for my money”, i asked. The girl sounded puzzled, “Why,
anything you want, she`s yours until Sunday morning.Enjoy yourself”
I walked into the plush foyer of the Savoy just before 10, i`d been there
many times before and i hoped i wouldn’t be recognised as i made my way to
the elevator. I had a small overnight bag, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle
of the most expensive champagne i could find. My heart was pounding as i
left the lift and walked towards her room. I swallowed hard and knocked on
the door, “Come in, its unlocked” came the reply. I entered and shut the
door behind me. It was a lovely big room, the bed stood on a raised floor to
the left, in front of me was a sunken seating area and there, in a large
comfy armchair sat Carol Vorderman.She smiled at me, “Hello, come on over,
but lock the door first, we don’t want to be disturbed”. I did as she asked
and approached her, handing her the flowers and the champers, she smiled
“Thanks but there is really no need, i know you paid enough”. I sat opposite
her and drank in the view, she was wearing a white blouse, unbuttoned far
enough to reveal some cleavage, the material was stretched tightly across
her breasts and i had to stop myself from staring at the obvious mound over
her nipples. Her skirt was black and short, she sat crossed legged and her
wonderfully shaped legs were encased in black nylon right down to her toes
which sat in a pair of black high heeled shoes. We talked for a while andi
couldn’t resist feasting my eyes on her thighs as her skirt rode higher each
time she moved. “Why do you do this?” i asked, she smiled back at me, “Its
such a thrill”she said,”Its also easier then trying to meet someone at a
club, its so difficult when everyone knows who you are and besides, i love
it”. She caught me staring at her legs,”All the men love my legs, i bet your
wondering if i`m wearing stockings are`nt you” she teased. I felt myself
going red as she ran her hand over her skirt, pushing it up just enough for
me to see the darker nylon at the top of her stocking, the white of her skin
on her thigh and the black suspender rising up out of sight beneath her
skirt. I could feel my cock hardening as i watched her pointing her toes and
showing off her legs to their best.Then she slowly uncrossed them and parted
her legs slightly, i strained to see up her skirt but she had obviously done
this before and i couldn’t yet see the promised land.She nodded at the by
now obvious bulge in my trousers, “Do you need a hand with that” she said, i
nodded and she rose from her seat and came over to me, she perched on the
arm of the chair and started to kiss me full on the lips, i reacted and soon
we were kissing passionately, i jumped as i felt her hand on my cock,
fumbling around and feeling for my zipper. I ran my hands down over her
blouse, kneading the firm fleshy breasts before slipping my hand inside and
squeezing them through the material of her bra.I gasped as she pulled my
fully erect cock out of my trousers and started pulling and rubbing it
expertly, it was fast and furious and unbelievably erotic. I managed to get
her blouse undone and was fumbling around her back trying to undo her
bra”she stopped wanking me off for a second, breathlessly announcing that
her bra was a front fastening one before gleefully unsnapping it and letting
her breasts droop forward.She threw her leg over my lap and straddled me as
i kissed and sucked her breasts whilst running my hand up her skirt and
caressing her thighs, she pulled her skirt up to her hips and reached down
between us, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side as she guided my
cock into her soaking wet cunt. I entered easily into her and she went
wild, riding up and down my dick and pushing her tongue deep inside my
mouth, we fucked for only a few minutes before i felt the undeniable surge
of semen start in my balls,”Its alright”, she panted”i`m going to cum too”,
she let out a low guttural groan then threw her head back mouthing a silent
scream as her vaginal muscles gripped my dick and her juices flowed all over
it, i grabbed her by the hair as i shot into her and we humped for a few
more seconds before relaxing and collapsing into each others one
spoke for a while until she climbed off me,”lets go to bed” she said and led
me by the hand to the huge raised bed. i pulled my clothes off and lay on
the bed watching as she let her blouse fall to the floor before slipping out
of her skirt, “leave that: i said as she went to remove her suspender belt.
She looked up at me and smiled a sexy smile, then pulled her panties down. i
stared at her beautifully trimmed black triangle of pubic hair that
glistened with the residue of our come thinking it was the first time id
shagged it before seeing it. Carol climbed up beside me and snuggled in
“What now” she said, i could already feel life returning to my cock and she
encouraged it by wrapping her fingers around it again and coaxing it back to
hardness. She kissed me again and knew exactly what i wanted, i gently but
firmly pushed her head down towards my cock, she didn’t move at first but
the shuffled in to position, her big eyes opened wide and stared at me as
she flicked her tongue around my cock, she disappeared between my legs and
licked my testicles then repapered and took my full length inside her mouth,
“God” i moaned as she gobbled me, her tongue licked and probed and she
sucked up and down the shaft eagerly, i wanted to come in her mouth but it
was too soon and after five minute of oral pleasure i pulled her head away
and dragged her face up to mine, i rolled her on to her back ang gathered
her tits together, pushing my penis between them and fucking her tits until
i felt too knackered to go on, l felt embarrassed at my lack of come and
fell on to my back only for Carol to straddle my chest, she pushed her unt
towards my face”Maybe you can do me a favour” she said virtually sitting on
my face, i sniffed in the dusky aroma of her fanny and prized open her lips
with my tongue, she ground her pelvis on to me and i instinctively pulled
her buttocks apart and slipped a finger up her anus, she squealed with
delight as my tongue penetrated her and my ginger toyed with her bum hole.I
pushed her back’Suck me again: i whispered and she eagerly turned around,
thrusting her ass into my face as she went down on me, i again parted her
fanny lips and licked her until i knew i was going to cum, i grunted out
loud as i fired the first salvo of spunk in to her mouth, i watched
excpecting her to pull my cock out but she didne, she sucked harder until
shed swallowed all i had. when id finished she simply turned around
smiling’Thanks for dinner” she said cheekily. I felt knackered and must have
fallen asleep as the next thing i knew it was 3am. Carol was asleep next to
me with her back towards me. i looked at her body which was in great shape
for a 40 year old mother of two. Her buttocks were stunning, two large firm
perfectly shaped pieces of heaven. I reached down and gentlyrubbed her ass
cheeks, she didn’t stir as i rubbed harder, slightly parting her buttocks
more each time, i inched closer until my rapidly rising dick nestled against
her ass.I pushed her over on to her front and got on top of her, lying
between her legs, she woke up”what are you…” she didn’t have to wait long
for the answer as i pulled her buttocks open and pushed my cock slowly up
her ass. It was tight and slightly hurt as i progressed but she arched her
hips to make it easier for me”gently now” she said as pushed harder, her
muscles relaxed their grip on my shaft slightly and i began rocking forward
and back right up inside her ass. She buried her head in the pillow and
took deep breaths at each stroke, i was in heaven and it wasn’t long before
i came in great juddering waves up her. I lay on her back exhausted for a
while until she reached back and rubbed my head”lets get some sleep now” she
said”we still have 30 hours of your appointment left”

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