Caroline Rhea Goes To College (Version 2)

[Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of the story that already appears on CSSA. For posterity sake, I will leave both versions on the site. Just know this is how the author intended the story to be]

Disclaimer: This is a just a work of erotic fiction. It is not sanctioned by any of the female celebrities that are mentioned in it. In no way, does this story reflect the sexual orientation of these female celebrities. Enjoy.

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Caroline Rhea

Shania Twain

Patricia Heaton

Gail O’


Meredith Vieira

Caroline Rhea Goes To College

(Version 2)

Caroline Rhea looks at her schedule, scanning the white numbers that are on each door.

Finally, she finds room 1205. Caroline looks down at her schedule and rechecks the course name.

“Female sexuality?” she wonders, reading the course name off of her schedule.

Caroline pulls her mini skirt down and wonders if her outfit is a bit to to sexy. She did look good though; a short black mini skirt that showed off her toned legs and a white button down jacket that didn’t quite hide her tremendous cleavage.

Caroline takes a breath and gives her skirt another downward tug. The classroom is nothing special; white walls with chipped paint, matted brown carpet with soda stains on it.

Five chairs are aligned in a crooked circle and four of them are occupied by beautiful woman.

Shania and Patricia are giggling and feeding each other grapes. They give each other sexually charged glances after each grape is swallowed.

“My pussy is just as sweet,” laughs Patricia, playing with the top button on Shania’s blouse. Shania laughs and leans in, cupping Patricia’s left breast in her hand.

“I like your tits,” Shania purrs, her tongue

meeting Patricia’s tongue.

Meanwhile, Gail and Jewel are kissing passionately. Their hands gently cup each others breasts, oblivious to the well endowed visitor that is watching them with a curious look on her face. Caroline feels some moistness between her legs, is surprised that all this girl-girl love didn’t bring out her prudish side.

Suddenly, Caroline hears a coughing sound. She turns around and sees Meredith, clad in a white silk blouse and a short brown skirt. Her thin legs look beautiful, delicately adorned with black thigh high stockings.

Shania, Patricia, Gail, and Jewel all face forward with mischievous grins. They bow their heads as Meredith walks in. The teacher takes her seat at the head of the circle and meets each student with her eyes.

Meredith looks around the circle and her eyes paying special attention to Caroline, who is the only person standing.

“Sit,” she says, pointing to the vacant chair in the circle. Meredith’s mouth waters, admiring the luscious curves of her newest student.

Caroline walks over to the vacant chair, giving Meredith a peek at her tight supple ass as she walked by. The five women are seated, not a sound is made. Only the hum of the air conditioner is heard in the classroom.

Meredith Vieira looks around the circle, cups her hands together, wets her lips with her tongue.

“I’m Miss Vieira, I’ll be your instructor for this course.”


“Today, we’re going to delve into the inner workings of our own sexuality.”

Caroline wonders what the course is all about, what is expected of her. She wonders about her first assignment.

“Ms. Rhea, please stand up.” Caroline gets out of seat and smoothes the wrinkles from her black mini skirt. She looks around the circle, smiling nervously at each of her classmates.

“Now what?” Caroline asks.

“Stand next to me,” Meredith says, rather nonchalantly. She reaches under her seat and pushes a red button. Two pairs of cuffs drop from a panel in the ceiling. They are hooked to a pair of long silver chains.

“What’s this about?” Caroline asks, trying not to sound like a prude.

Meredith saunters over to her student. She looks at Caroline’s ample cleavage and licks her lips. Meredith moves behind Caroline and puts her hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid,” laughs Meredith, sensing the tension in Caroline’s body. Caroline takes a breath and tells herself to relax. After all, she doesn’t want to seem narrow minded.

Soon, Meredith’s hands find their way towards Caroline’s breasts. Meredith lets out a seductive sigh, squeezing the ripe flesh in her hands.

“Stop,” giggles Caroline, trying not to admit that she’s turned on.

“You ever been handcuffed,” Meredith whispers, kissing Caroline’s neck.

Caroline laughs nervously, feels slightly uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to seem like a prude and she want to anger her instructor.

“Lift your arms,” growls Meredith. Caroline lifts her arms and Meredith puts the cuffs on. Caroline’s luscious breasts are on display in front of her classmates and her black mini skirt is riding up her thighs.

“You blond little bitch,” whispers Meredith, her hand moving up Caroline’s inner thigh.

Meredith clears her throat and the ladies come to attention.

“Your assignment…. Is to fuck Miss Rhea,” she purrs, eyeing

her student with a look of pure lust.

With a nod from their teacher, the other students leap from their seats. Shania starts the fun by ripping off Caroline’s white button down blouse.

“No!” Caroline whimpers, as Patricia unhooks her bra. Caroline wants to fight, but it’s no use. Deep down inside, she’s loving all the attention.

“My goodness,” laughs Patricia, admiring the massive cleavage before her eyes. She takes Caroline’s left breast in her hand and then she licks the nipple slowly. Patricia looks up at Caroline to see if she’s enjoying herself. Caroline’s eyes are closed, her crotch is moist. She moans, letting out a pant. After this, she was definitely inclined to try girl-girl sex again.

“I think she likes it,” smiles Shania, suckling Caroline’s right breast, pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Pinch, lick, pinch, lick. Caroline’s nipples are rock hard now. Caroline’s tongue runs her across her teeth as she let out a pleasurable moan.

She had to admit, being dominated felt pretty good. Besides, Shania and Patricia really knew how to suck her tits.

“What are you waiting for?” Meredith asks, focusing on Jewel and Gail. They were watching Patricia and Shania, but they weren’t participating.

Jewel bows her head and smiles at her teacher. She moves behind Caroline and squeezes her supple ass cheeks.

“Take off her skirt,” Meredith instructs. Jewel nods and pulls the skirt off Caroline’s body. Now, Caroline is clad in only her white panties.

“Her panties,” Meredith urges, with a circular movement of her hands. Gail takes this job, ripping them off in one violent motion.

“You think you can hold out on us!” grunts Gail, her hand slapping against Caroline’s bare ass.

Caroline pants, her tongue licks her lips. She was going to love college, especially if there were more classes like this one.

Seeing Caroline’s bare ass, Jewel and Gail don’t think twice. They spread Caroline’s ass cheeks and then they dart their tongue inside her tight ass. First Jewel’s tongue, then Gail’s tongue. This was a dream, licking the ass of “America’s Sweetheart.” Caroline had made their pussies so wet, her short skirts and her tight sweaters. Now, she

was all theirs.


The class stops and comes to attention. Patricia, Shania, Gail, and Jewel await Meredith’s instructions.

“Caroline’s clit is mine. I’m going to eat her out…. Carry on.”

“OH GOD!” Caroline moans, a pair of tongues suckling her tits and a pair of tongues licking her sweet ass.

“Switch,” Meredith instructs. The ladies nod and change places. Shania and Patricia work on Caroline’s ass, while Jewel and Gail suckle her large breasts. Jewel grabs the right breast, kneading the flesh in between her finger. It felt so soft. Jewel puts the breast in her mouth, wraps her lips around it. She licks Caroline’s nipple, up and then down, biting the edge with her teeth. Gail cups Caroline’s right breast and sticks it in her mouth. The flesh feels so good between her lips, she doesn’t want to let it go. Gail had dreamed about Caroline’s perfect tits and now they were all hers.

Meanwhile, Patricia and Shania are enjoying Caroline’s supple ass. They dart their tongues inside of it, going a little deeper each time. Shania fingers Caroline’s pussy, enjoying the moistness on her fingers.

“Open up,” instructs Shania, putting her damp fingers in Patricia’s mouth. She smiled, enjoying the taste of Caroline’s womanhood

“Oh Jesus!” Caroline bellows, biting down on her lip.

“Her clit is mine,” Meredith instructs. Shania looks over, then nods at her teacher. She spreads Caroline’s ass cheeks, darting her tongue inside them. Patricia smiles, then takes her turn. Her tongue is vicious, determined to make Caroline cum. Patricia thought that Caroline just wasn’t wet enough

“Fuck!” pants Caroline, as Jewel and Gail gently squeeze her tits in their hands. These two knew how to handle her tits. There hands were soft and devious, bringing Caroline to the edge of orgasm and back

“That’s all for today,” smiles Meredith. The students form a line and each one gives Meredith a tongue kiss. Meredith had to admit, Shania was the best kisser.

Meredith closes the door again. She licks her lips, slowly walking towards Caroline. Meredith looks at her naked student, her full breasts. She squeezes them softly, licking one of Caroline’s nipples for a moment. She takes Caroline’s breasts in her hand, kneading the soft flesh between her fingers.

“Jesus,” whispers Caroline, her eyes closing as Meredith slowly licks the space between her big tits. Meredith suckles Caroline’s right nipple, then the left one. Her tongue slides from one breast to the other.

Meredith makes her way down Caroline’s stomach with soft wet kisses. Her fingers gently probe Caroline’s private zone.

“Your assignment is to cum. Cum when I eat you out.” Meredith drops to her knees, then she laps at Caroline’s clit. Meredith’s tongue is slow, then fast, then slow again.

“Cum,” Meredith orders, sticking her fingers in Caroline’s hole. Meredith’s fingers are demanding, but not forceful. Caroline was hers, she was going to cum soon enough.

Meredith goes back to work, lapping at Caroline’s clit without mercy. Her tongue moves fast, then slow, then fast again.

To think, Meredith had thought about giving her teaching duties. As she tasted the sweet snatch of “America’s Sweetheart,” Meredith

could only smile. A woman like Caroline Rhea didn’t come along very often. Curvy, but not fat. And those tits…. Oh my, Caroline’s tits were special.

Oh shit!” Caroline pants, shooting a load of cum soaked juice into Meredith’s mouth.

Meredith rises to her knees and licks her lips. She can taste Caroline’s womanhood on her lips.

“You’re done,” Meredith sighs, unhooking Caroline from the cuffs. She pushes the button underneath her chair and then the toys disappear into the ceiling panel.

Caroline massages her wrists and then she spots her clothes. Her bra and her skirt are fine, but her blouse is button less.

“Mrs. Vieira, I…..” she stammers, catching her teacher before she steps out into the hallway.

Meredith turns and smiles. She closes the door and then she walks towards Caroline. Meredith pulls her student close, grabbing her by the shoulders. Surprisingly, Caroline’s tongue is willing to dance with her teachers tongue. Meredith enjoys the feel of Caroline’s breasts

against her body. For a moment, Meredith’s finger caress the erect

nipples of her student. After they separate, Misses Vieira strokes Caroline’s cheek with the back of her hand.

“You’ll find a blouse in my office” purrs Meredith, walking out

of the room with a naughty little swagger. She can still taste

Caroline’s womanhood on her lips.

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