Caroline Rhea Goes To College

Disclaimer: This is a just a work of erotic fiction. It is not sanctioned by
any of the female celebrities that are mentioned in it. In no way, does this
story reflect the sexual orientation of these female celebrities.

Cast: Caroline Rhea, Shania Twain, Patricia Heaton, Gail O’ Grady, Jewel, Meredith Vieira

Caroline Rhea looked at her schedule, scanning the
white numbers on each plaque that was beside each
oak door.

Finally, she found it. Room 1205. Caroline looked
down at her schedule, rechecked the room number and
eyed the name of the course that was printed out in
solid black ink.

“Female sexuality?” she wondered to herself, feeling
self conscious about her outfit. A short black mini
skirt that showed off her toned legs, a white button
down jacket that didn’t quite hide her tremendous

Caroline took a breath, gave her skirt a downward
tug, entered the classroom. Nothing special.
White walls with chipped paint, matted brown carpet
with soda stains on it.

Four chairs were aligned in a crooked circle
and four beautiful woman were occupying each one.

Shania and Patricia were feeding each other grapes
out of plastic containers, groaning passionately
as the sweet taste hit their throats.

Meanwhile, Gail and Jewel were kissing passionately.
Their hands gently cupped each others breasts, oblivious
to the well endowed visitor that was watching them.
Caroline felt moistness between her legs, was surprised
that the scene she was witnessing didn’t bring out her
prudish side.

Suddenly, Caroline heard a coughing sound. She turned
around and saw Meredith, clad in a white silk blouse
and a short brown skirt. Her thin legs looked beautiful,
delicately adorned with black thigh high stockings.

Shania, Patricia, Gail, and Jewel all faced forward
with mischievous grins. They bowed their heads as
Meredith walked in, taking her seat at the head of
the circle.

Meredith looked around the circle, her eyes not bothering
to stop until she saw Caroline, the only one standing.

“Sit,” she said, pointing to the vacant chair in the
circle. Meredith’s mouth watered, admiring the luscious curves of her newest

Caroline walked over to the vacant chair, giving
Meredith a peek at her tight supple ass as she walked by.
The five women were seated, not a sound was made. Only
the hum of the air conditioner was heard.

Meredith Vieira looked around the circle, cupped
her hands together, wet her lips with her tongue.

“I’m Miss Vieira, I’ll be your instructor for this course.”


“Today, we’re going to delve into the inner workings
of our own sexuality.”

Caroline wondered what the course was all about,
what would be expected of her. She wondered about
her first assignment.

“Ms. Rhea, please stand up.” Caroline got out of seat,
smoothed the wrinkles from her black mini skirt. She looked
around the circle, smiled nervously at each of her classmates.

“Now what?” Caroline asked.

“Stand next to me,” Meredith said, rather nonchalantly.
She reached under her seat and pushed a red button.
Two pairs of cuffs dropped from a panel in the ceiling.
They were hooked to a pair of long silver chains.

“What’s this about?” Caroline asked, regretting the
fact that she sounded like a prude.

Meredith sauntered over to her student. Soon, they
were eye to eye. Meredith looked Caroline up and down,
sizing up her ample cleavage. She licked her lips, rubbed
her hands together, gave Caroline’s breasts a gentle squeeze.

“Put the cuffs on,” Meredith whispered, tickling
Caroline’s earlobe.

She laughed nervously, feeling slightly uncomfortable
because of the stern look in her teachers eyes. Caroline
didn’t want to disappoint her teacher and she didn’t
want to seem like a prude. Caroline clamped the cuffs
on each of her wrists and soon, her arms were suspended
in the air. Her luscious breasts were on display in
front of her classmates and her black mini skirt was
riding up her thighs.

Meredith sized up Caroline’s body, then she turned
her attention towards the circle of students.

“Your assignment…. Is to taste Miss Rhea. Start
wherever you wish.”

Shania, Patricia, Gail, and Jewel leapt from
their seats and approached Caroline.

Shania started first, ripping off Caroline’s white
button down blouse.

“No!” Caroline whimpered, as Patricia unhooked her

“My goodness,” laughed Patricia, taking Caroline’s
left breast in her hand. Patricia licked the nipple slowly,
looking up at Caroline to see if she was enjoying.
Caroline’s eyes were closed, her crotch was moist.
She moaned, letting out a pant.

“I think she likes it,” smiled Shania, suckling
Caroline’s right breast, pinching her nipples between
her thumb and forefinger. Pinch, lick, pinch, lick.
Caroline’s nipples were rock hard now. Her tongue
ran her across her teeth as she let out a pleasurable

“What are you waiting for?” Meredith asked, focusing
on Jewel and Gail. They were watching Patricia and Shania,
but they weren’t participating.

Jewel bowed her head and smiled at her teacher Meredith.
She moved behind Caroline and squeezed her supple ass

“Take off her skirt,” Meredith instructed.
Jewel nodded and pulled the skirt off Caroline’s
body. Now, Caroline was clad in only her white panties.

“Her panties,” Meredith urged, with a circular
movement of her hands. Gail took this job,
the panties shredding between her fingers.

Seeing Caroline’s bare ass, Jewel and Gail
needed no prodding. They took turns, spreading
the ass cheeks and then darting their tongue inside.
First Jewel, then Gail.


The class stopped and came to attention. Patricia,
Shania, Gail, and Jewel awaited the word from their

“Caroline’s clit is mine. I’m going to eat her out….
Carry on.”

“OH GOD!” Caroline moaned, feeling a pair of tongues
suckling her tits and a pair of tongues licking her
sweet ass.

“Switch,” Meredith instructed. The ladies nodded
and changed places. Shania and Patricia worked on
Caroline’s ass, while Jewel and Gail suckled her
large breasts. Jewel grabbed the right breast,
kneading the flesh in between her finger. It felt so soft.
Jewel put the breast in her mouth, wrapped her lips
around it. She licked Caroline’s nipple, up and then
down, biting the edge with her teeth. Gail cupped
Caroline’s right breast and stuck it in her mouth.
The flesh felt so good between her lips, she didn’t
want to let it go.

Meanwhile, Patricia and Shania were enjoying
Caroline’s supple ass. They darted their tongues
inside of it, going a little deeper each time.
Shania reached under Caroline’s legs, felt moistness
between her fingers.

“Open up,” instructed Shania, putting her damp fingers
in Patricia’s mouth. She smiled, enjoying the taste
of Caroline’s womanhood

“Oh Jesus!” Caroline bellowed, biting down on her lip,
feeling Shania’s soft fingers as they brushed against
her blond pubic hair.

“Her clit is mine,” Meredith instructed. Shania
looked over, then nodded at her teacher. She spread
Caroline’s ass cheeks, darting her tongue inside them.
Patricia smiled, then took her turn. Her tongue
was vicious, determined to make Caroline cum.
As far as Patricia was concerned, she wasn’t wet enough.

“Fuck!” panted Caroline, as Jewel and Gail gently
squeezed her tits in their hands.

“That’s all for today,” smiled Meredith. The students
left their positions and formed a line. Each one gave
their teacher a tongue kiss as they left. Meredith
had to admit, Shania was the best kisser. Her tongue
was gently and patient, but oh so willing to explore
Meredith’s mouth.

When all the students had left, Meredith closed the
door again. She licked her lips, slowly walking
towards Caroline. Meredith looked at her naked student,
her full breasts. She squeezed them softly, licking
one of Caroline’s nipples for a moment. Meredith made
her way down Caroline’s stomach with soft wet kisses.
Her fingers gently probed Caroline’s private zone.

“Your assignment is to cum. Cum when I eat you out.”
Meredith dropped to her knees, then she began to lap
at Caroline’s clit. Meredith’s tongue was slow, then
fast, then slow again.

“Cum,” Meredith ordered, sticking her fingers
in Caroline’s hole. They were demanding, but not
forceful. Her student would cum soon enough.

Meredith went back to work, lapping Caroline’s
clit without mercy. Her tongue moved at one speed
and that speed was fast.

Oh shit!” Caroline panted, shooting a load of
cum soaked juice into Meredith’s mouth.

Meredith rose to her knees and licked her lips.
She could taste Caroline’s womanhood.

“You’re done,” Meredith sighed, unhooking Caroline
from the cuffs. She pushed the button underneath
her chair and the cuffs with the attached chains
disappeared into the panel.

Caroline massaged her wrists and then she saw
the remnants of her clothes. Her bra and her skirt
were fine, but her blouse had no buttons anymore.

“Mrs. Vieira, I…..” she stammered, catching
her teacher as she was about to step out into
the hallway.

“Go to my office and find a blouse.”

“How did you….?”

Meredith turned and smiled. She closed the door
and then she walked towards Caroline. Meredith
pulled her student close, grabbing her by the
shoulders. Surprisingly, Caroline’s mouth and tongue
were receptive. Meredith liked the uncertainty
of Caroline’s tongue, the feel of Caroline’s breasts
against her body.

Mrs. Vieira cupped Caroline’s cheek with the back
of her hand, then turned to leave.

“You’re an excellent student,” smiled Meredith,
still savoring the taste of Caroline’s womanhood
on her lips.

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