Carol’s Punishment

Carol Vorderman had made some dangerous enemies with her constant attacks on Internet porn. Some of the underworlds most influential porn barons had seen their profits dip and they were not prepared to sit around and let it continue. A group of men were sitting around in an office watching Carol on GMTV announcing another campaign against their biggest earner. “OK John, that’s enough, get me Alex on the phone, now”.

I was sitting in my local when the mobile rang. I recognised Johnny’s voice immediately; I had done him a few favours before and had been rewarded handsomely so I needed little persuasion to pop down to the
seedy office his boss kept down in Soho. The proposition was a very juicy one and it took me all of 10 seconds to agree to take the job on.

The good thing about working for professionals like these was that all the preparation was done for you. All I had to do was turn up at the appropriate time and place and do what I was being paid for. As usual I employed my trusted sidekick Tom, he had never let me done on any of our previous jobs and I knew he wouldn’t on this one. So it was that a week after the initial phone call we were sat outside a remote restored mill house near Maidenhead, it was nearly 7pm and just getting dark when we saw the Jag turn into the front yard. The familiar figure of Carol Vorderman climbed out of the car and made her way towards the front door, I turned to Tom and smiled, “Time for work mate” I said.

Carol had been working in London on yet another TV show. Tonight, for the first time in months, she was looking forward to a quiet night in. Since her divorce she hadn’t spent a lot of time at her family home but her ex had called to say he was taking the kids away and could she keep an eye on the place for a couple of days. Her current boyfriend, Des, was abroad working for the Daily Mirror and her Mum had gone to stay with Carol’s brother. Tomorrows recording had been postponed which meant at long last she could take it easy, she had bought a bottle of wine and had decided to have a nice long soak in the bath with the stereo on and a couple glasses of her favourite tipple. As she approached the front door she took her mobile from her bag and switched it off, “there”, she said, “no one can disturb me now”. Little did she know just how wrong she would be.

She placed the key in the lock and turned it, the door swung open and she took a step inside when suddenly she was thrown forward into the hall, it happened so quickly she didn’t have time to scream, not that anyone would have heard it if she had. I was now on top of her, pinning her to the floor whilst Tom shut the door and checked around to make sure no one was there. Carol tried to struggle free but I was far too strong for her. She was terrified and started to weep, “cut it out sweetheart, you haven’t had anything to cry about…..yet” I said, leering at her.

Tom ran back into the hallway, “Its clear” he said, we dragged her into the large living room and dumped her on the lush carpet. I stepped back and looked at her, she was prettier then id imagined, nice sharp features and well defined cheekbones with rosy red lips. Her body was slim and attractive and her legs shapely and appealing in her black tights. “You’ve been a bad girl Carol, we are here to teach you a lesson you will never forget”. I fell on to her, yanking her blouse apart, she screamed and swung her arms about wildly but Tom quickly pinned them down allowing me to haul her skirt down to her ankles. She was wearing sexy black matching lingerie, a wonder bra that forced her nice breasts into a very impressive cleavage and a tiny pair of briefs beneath dark tights.

“Please don’t do this, I`ll give you anything please let me go” she begged, I grinned at her. “We’re going to get exactly what we want anyway,” I said. I Took hold of the waistband of her tights and briefs and, with one movement, tore them from her. I couldn’t help but take a look at her neatly trimmed black triangle of pubic hair. Lastly I took hold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly before pulling them out of their hideaway. The material of her bra still supported them making them look firmer then they actually were with large, dark pink nipples staring invitingly up at me.

I pulled my trousers and pants down, my cock already stiffening in anticipation of raping the brainy celeb. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw my erection. “Before I fuck you a message from some important people”. I said, gripping her hard by the chin. “Leave the porn alone, this is just a warning, carry on with your stupid little campaign and you wont live to see Christmas”. She looked up aghast as I yanked her legs apart. “No, please” she screamed as I pushed two fingers into her. I worked them around her tight cunt, frigging her roughly until it moistened up a little. I pulled my fingers out and ran them across her luscious lips then bent forward and kissed her, enjoying the taste of her juices on her own mouth. As I forced my tongue into her I began pushing my rock hard cock against her crotch, “Wider” I snarled. She was too terrified to disobey and instinctively spread her legs, gasping as she felt me penetrate her. I pushed straight up her, as far up as I could go, holding my dick in place whilst toying with her nipples. Her mouth hung open wide as I continued holding my tool in place for 20 seconds or so before I finally relaxed and started thrusting up and down her instead, each forward thrust brought a gasp from her which grew louder as I got rougher. I now had a handful of tit in one hand and a mouthful of nipple, It didn’t take long before I felt my balls tense, one last hard shove and I came deep inside her, filling her fragrant cunt with my warm milky spunk. It felt fantastic and I remained up her for a few minutes, watching her cry silently as the enormity of what had happened to her hit home. I eventually pulled out, thanking her as I did. Carol lay still as Tom released her arms. She still didn’t move as he began undoing his trousers. “On your front darling”, he ordered. She didn’t move so he took hold of ankles and twisted her over. “Look at that ass” he drooled. It was indeed a great ass, large but incredibly firm. She screamed as Tom knelt between her legs then she tried to get away but I quickly pushed down on her and Tom’s weight pinned her to the carpet. He placed his hands on her hips, lifting her slightly off the floor. “nooo” she shrieked as she felt his cock nuzzling against her ass hole. I had to hold her tightly as Tom worked his knob into her ass. Carol cried at the sharp pain and disgust she felt at being buggered. Tom had to go slowly until her asshole stretched enough for him to complete his journey up her anus. He grabbed her long hair and yanked her head backwards, “You going to be a good girl from now on?” he whispered into her ear. I Looked into her agonised eyes and felt wonderful. Tom took a few strokes before he grunted a shot his load into her ass. Carol whimpered as his sperm filled her hole, just when she thought he had finished he took one last long hard push, she screamed in agony and he laughed out loud, finally he pulled out and stood up looking down at her. A little dribble of cum seeped from her behind as the TV star lay still and humiliated on the ground. I let her go and she rolled into a ball.

“How you feeling slut?” I said, “Had enough yet, bet your fucking loving it aren’t you”. Tom walked over and helped himself to a swig from a whiskey bottle on an expensive looking drinks cabinet. “Get up. Take the bra off, I want to see those titties drooping and flopping around some more”. He snarled. Carol was feeling defeated now and knew she couldn’t resist. She slowly dragged herself to her feet, reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall on to the floor. Her tits flopped forward apologetically. Tom walked up to her and took hold of them, pushing them upwards then squeezing then tightly, tweaking her nipples until they stood proud and erect. I watched, fascinated feeling life returning to my knob. I let him enjoy himself for a while before interrupting. “Come here” I ordered her. As she walked over I watched her breasts swaying invitingly, she stopped in front of me. “On your knees” She winced and dropped down, knowing exactly what was going to happen next. “Go on, suck it” I ordered. She sighed then reached out and took my cock in her hands. She felt sick but opened her mouth then bent forward and took me inside. It felt great as her warm, moist mouth clamped onto it. I placed my hand on the back of her head, pulling her closer and pushing my cock deeper into her throat. She tried desperately not to gag and found herself pushing her tongue over the tip of my penis in an attempt to stop it going to deep. I moaned in ecstasy as she licked it, she opened her eyes and looked up, realising that she was doing a good job and desperate for her ordeal to end she decided she had better make it a good job. She sucked, licked and slurped on my cock whilst stroking my balls with her right hand, it felt amazing and I couldn’t hold back any longer, my first jet of spunk flew back her throat but she didn’t stop. I kept coming until I had nothing left and Carol swallowed every drop. She felt ashamed but was sure she had done the right thing. I pulled out and grinned at her, “your fucking good at that, had loads of practice I presume, must be the only way you keep getting all those shit TV programmes I suppose”. Tom had watched closely and wanted more of the same, he walked over and grabbed her roughly by the hair , she turned her head towards him and he stuffed his dick roughly into her mouth, she felt disgusted knowing that 30 minutes before he had been hard up her ass but she did as she was told and sucked him off anyway. Tom fucked her face for 5 minutes before pulling out and coming over it. She flinched, shutting her eyes tightly to avoid spunk getting in them, he rubbed his knob all over her face until he was satisfied.

Carol lay a dejected figure on the floor. Tom and I helped ourselves to drinks and a few little odds and ends from her house. As I was looking through her handbag I found her mobile phone. It was one of the newest camera phones and I started taking pictures of her with it. “Any more campaigns from you and these will end up all over the internet” I said before an idea hit me. “spread em wide” I said. She looked up at me, “go on, do it” I yelled. She parted her legs but I wasn’t satisfied, “wider bitch” . She gasped and opened her legs further, I bent down and took a photo of her cunt then grinned, “lets get a closer look at that lovely fanny of yours”, I pushed the phone against her cunt lips, “Come on now Carol, spread your lips for me”. I made her stretch her own lips, inserting the phone as she did, she shivered as the hard case slipped into her damp hole. I pressed the buttons and took a couple of pictures of the inside of her cunt, “these will be worth you keeping quiet about tonight’s little encounter”. We looked at the photos and laughed, I was surprised at the quality of them, especially the ones of her insides, “thought id need a flash!”

I wanted to fuck her again but I needed to humiliate her too, I decided I would fuck her in her own bed and frog-marched her upstairs, she lay on the bed as I straddled her. ” this time Carol I wont stop until you orgasm-I don’t care if you fake it but it had better be good” I rammed my cock up her, knocking the breath from her. I quickly worked up a steady rhythm, banging her hard and making the bed creak with each thrust. Carol started breathing heavier, “that’s right, do it” I said, encouraging her to react more, I took a mouthful of breast, chewing and sucking on the nipple whilst reaching around and fingering her asshole. Carol tried concentrating on the act of sex, not who was doing it to her and was shocked to find herself dampening and getting aroused. I began fucking her harder, enjoying the sight of her tits flopping about. Her eyes were clamped shut and her cheeks were flushed, little grunts emanated from her mouth, growing with intensity which each push. Finally she gasped loudly, her body tensed and her eyes opened wide. I didn’t know if she was faking it or not but it was a bloody good performance. I felt her fanny muscles grip, then release my cock, it felt superb and I pumped ferociously into her. After a last few strokes I pulled out and stood up. I got dressed and turned to her, she was still breathing heavily, deeply ashamed at what she had done despite her having no option.

“Remember, this is just a warning. Next time there won’t be a happy ending”.

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