Carrie’s Night Out

Title: Carrie’s night out

Author: Titus

Codes: mf, gang, nc, rape, anal, spank, oral, viol,

Celeb: Carrie Underwood

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Carrie finished her another show and walked down the stage, to the dressing room. She was surprised that none of her stuff awaited her there. She entered the room, to find that there was total mess inside. To her shock, she saw her helpers being all tied and gagged. Before she was able to say something, something struck her head fro behind. Darkness engulfed her.

She returned to her senses when she was carried by some men her through the dirty and dark corridor. Piece of rag in her mouth prevented her from screaming. They reached room with metal doors and tossed the helpless singer inside. She fell on the floor and soon after the men started to rip her clothes apart, wasting no time for simply undressing her. She struggled, but she couldn’t fight against five strong and horny men. Very soon she was naked, save to her red heels only. They positioned sexy singer on her fours, holding her tight, while two of them took their belts and started to swat her sexy, round ass hard mercilessly. Another guy brought the mic to her mouth and started to record her pathetic cries, saying it’ll be her new hit song. Painful swatting took few minutes and her ass was all cherry red at the end, covered with marks of the belts. Carrie sobbed in agony. But it was just a beginning. They undressed their trousers, revealing their huge dicks ready for action.

Carrie protested, but it was fruitless. Very soon she was nailed – one cock in her pussy, another one in her ass and third in her mouth. She moaned in pain and discomfort, having her tight holes painfully stretched by the big, stiff manhoods. Her hands were brought to the two other cocks, forcing her to give them the handjobs. Carrie cried as she was triple fucked in the most brutal way. Very soon, two loads landed on her hair and face, dripping down on the floor. Guy in her ass came too, along with a man that fucked her mouth. She had to swallow his cum while the warm semen filled her rectum. Finally, her pussy get it’s load too. Carrie was in shock, because she wasn’t on the pill, so there was a big chance she’ll be pregnant.

Guys switched their places, taking turns on her. Carrie had to accept lot of semen loads inside her, it was sloshing inside her stomach and dripping from between her legs and ass cheeks. Their cum made her blond hair all messy and sticky. To double her humiliation, one of the rapists shoot his cum right into her nose holes, making her cough a lot. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and started to retch with a cum that she had to swallow. Rapists laughed, watching their victim on her fours, vomiting with the semen.

They finally lifted her up and carried to the wall. She saw the big poster of herself. They made her kneel in front of it and told her to smile. Numerous pictures were taken, often with a dicks around her head or in her hands. Carrie was terrified, because such material would destroy her image if released in public. Who’d believe she was forced to do it, while she was still smiling? At the end of the session she had to suck a dick while guys took countless of pictures. Then they carried her to the small room when they used a hose to clean her a bit. She trembled when the cold water was washing over her. But she managed to clean herself from most of the filth that covered her body.

She just hoped that it’s the end of her torment. She was wrong. They sat in the line and Carrie was placed on her knees again. She had to approach each of her rapists, kissed his boots and tell him that she is so happy that they fucked her tonight. They told her to be creative and name herself properly, or they’ll punish her hard. So, despite her ultimate disgust, she was saying things like „This filthy slut is grateful that you fucked her so hard, master“ or „This cheap cumdump wishes to thank your for letting her suck your great cock“.

After this „ceremony“ Carrie got permission to dress back. But her new clothes had barely anything to do with the old ones. They gave her wore fishnet stockings and panties with zipper between her legs. Black micro skirt that barely covered half of her round ass. Low cut blouse revealed her belly and solid part of her boobies. She looked like a cheap streetwalker now. More pictures were made and she had to pose for them in the lot of suggestive poses.

Finally, they packed Carrie to the car and drove her through the city. She had to sat on the back sit of the car, between two guys. They took their chances to play with her sexy body more, giving her a lot of groping. Finally, car stopped and Carrie was unceremoniously kicked away outside. She quickly rose on her feet and looked around. It was worst part of the city, hometown of thugs, gangs, pimps and whores. She could feel already lot of eyes on her. Carrie could guess that it won’t be easy to return home…

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