Carrie Gets Dicked

Title: Carrie Gets Dicked

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MMF, rape, anal, oral

Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at

One of the things Carrie Underwood had always prided herself on was not letting her fame get to her head, and one of the ways she went about doing this was by always finding creative ways to interact with her fans.

It was with that in mind, and the idea in her head to find out for herself what people really thought of her Calia by Carrie clothing line, that Carrie was sitting at a table at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods in Nashville.

Dressed in a dark wig, fake glasses and a black baseball cap to disguise herself, Carrie is also dressed in a pink shirt, white undershirt, and tight white yoga pants with a flower pattern on them, all of which are wardrobe directly from her own line.

What Carrie doesn’t know is that she is being watched by Jay and Chad, the two security guards who are in charge of security for the store, and who have been alerted to a person acting suspiciously on the floor of the store.

“Who’s the hot girl? And why does it look like she’s in disguise?” Jay asked Chad as they started following Carrie around, their cocks growing harder every time they caught a glimpse of her ass in the yoga pants she as wearing.

“Says she’s the in-store rep for Calia from the main Dick’s store. A customer reported hearing her say she “stole clothes right off the rack” this morning,” Chad tells his buddy as they continue their security detail, just waiting for the right moment to bring this suspicious-looking woman in to talk to her.

Carrie had just ushered a customer into a dressing room to try on some of her clothing line and was currently doing yoga poses on the floor to keep herself entertained as she waited for someone else to approach her when Jay and Chad did just that, coming up to her after watching her bend her tight body many different ways in the tight pants she was wearing, which had given them raging hard-ons by the time they walked up to her.

“Excuse me, miss? My name is Jay and this is Chad. We are the security detail at this store and would like to ask you some questions about the stuff you are wearing,” Jay began, getting a feeling in the back of his mind (and his hardening dick) that she looked awfully familiar despite the attempt at disguising herself.

“Yeah, we think this disguise you are wearing is just an attempt to disguise yourself so you can sneak away with all this stuff and steal it once you’re done here,” Chad continued, both of them looking her up and down as Carrie tried to remain calm and think of an explanation for them.

“Alright, look guys. If you take me to your security office, I’m sure we can work all this out,” Carrie told them, not wanting to give herself up yet and thinking the guys looked harmless enough.

“I’m taking lunch,” Carrie said into the official-looking walkie-talkie she was carrying around with her, which was all a part of her disguise to throw people off, as she walked to the security office located in the very back of the store with them.

“There’s a very reasonable explanation for this guys. First of all, I happen to be very close, personal friends with the Calia designer,” Carrie began, stifling a laugh as the guys began to look her over, not sure who she was yet, but thinking since they had her here in their office that they might like to have some fun with her.

“Oh really? And I suppose Carrie Underwood herself would approve of the lengths you’re going through to shoplift her clothes?” Chad told her as Jay came up behind her and slid a pair of handcuffs on her, the gravity of the situation finally hitting Carrie when she felt the cuffs go on her.

“We have you on our security camera saying you stole these clothes right off the rack, so we’re placing you under arrest,” Jay told her, sneering the words into Carrie’s ear as he pressed his dick between her ass cheeks.

“If you really want to know what Carrie would think, why don’t you just take the hat, wig and glasses off so you can ask her yourselves?” Carrie told them, desperate to get out of this situation and get back inside the store.

“Well…hello there…Carrie…” Chad whispered in her ear as he took the disguise off of her, Carrie breathing a sigh of relief knowing they had discovered the truth finally.

“So…are you guys gonna let me go now? This was all just a misunderstanding, after all. I can give you some signed stuff for your trouble,” she told them as she tried to slide her hand out of the cuffs, only for Jay to handcuff her hands together behind her back.

“Oh no Carrie. See…now that we know we have one of the hottest women in the world handcuffed and alone in our office, we decided we’re gonna have a little “fun” with you…” Jay sneered as he ran his hands up and down Carrie’s legs, cupping the area between her legs as Chad came over and pulled off her shirt, and the white undershirt she had on underneath of it.

“P-please let me go. D-don’t hurt me,” Carrie whispered as Jay pulled down her pants and pushed her panties to the side, shoving her face into the wood of their desk as both guys disrobed, then used all four of their hands to grab at her tits, pussy and ass, using two fingers each to pry open her pussy lips and finger her, wanting to get her nice and wet before they raped her.

“Do you know how long we’ve wanted your pussy Carrie? We’ve spent long hours in this store during dead time jacking it to pictures of you while imagining it was your cunt wrapped around our cocks. Did you really think we’d let this opportunity slip by?” Jay taunted her as he pressed his dick up against Carrie’s opening and placed the palm of his hand on the small of her back, giving her one quick palm strike to disorient her enough to take the fight out of her as he placed his hands on her hips and slid into her pussy.

“UUUNNNGGGGGHHHH,” Carrie cried out as he gave her another quick, short palm strike, feeling her body relax as her cunt tightened up around his dick.

“SHIT you’re tight. It’s gonna be fun dropping some loads inside of you,” Jay taunted her as Chad looked on, stroking his dick and waiting for his chance to get inside of her.

“You’re hurting me…OHGOD not that…” Carrie moaned as Jay grabbed her hips and pulled them as hard as he could into his, making every stroke of his dick into her pussy hurt as their hip bones collided, her thought of the pain in her body interrupted by the thought of them cumming in her married pussy.

“Like you can stop us Carrie…” he taunted her as he pulled her hair and yanked her head back, making pain shoot through her neck and her arms as he thrust in and out of her, feeling her cunt walls start to have a mind of their own and wrap up his dick even more.

“Cum for me Carrie. You invited yourself back here, so I know you want to. And I’m gonna cum inside of this tight little cunt you have anyway,” he hissed as she came for him, streams of her cunt juice pouring down his dick as he gave her a few more thrusts and buried himself inside of her.

“FUCK NO,” she shouted as Jay let loose inside of her, feeling his warm, sticky cum invading her airtight pussy and spreading through her baby cavity as he held himself inside of her, finally pulling out of her after spraying all that he had inside of her, only for Chad to replace his cock at the entrance to her cunt.

“My turn,” Chad whispered to her as he started to thrust in and out of her, slapping her on the back of the head and yanking her head back with every thrust he made into her.

“This pussy is as perfect as I also imagined it would be Carrie. It’s like it you were built to take loads inside of you,” he taunted her as he drove himself in and out of her, her walls wrapping tighter and tighter around his dick as she began to feel herself on the edge of orgasm again.

“Fuck…get yourself together Carrie…” she tried to tell herself as she felt Chad pounding away on her pussy, the assault it was receiving leaving it, and her, powerless to do anything but react to it.

“Slut. If only your fans could see you cumming like a bitch in heat while we take turns raping you,” Chad taunted her, pushing her face right up against the wood of the desk as he felt her spraying her cunt cream onto his dick.

“UUUNNNNGGGGHHHH,” Carrie moaned softly as he reached around and started squeezing her tits, burying himself inside of her as he started to cum deep into her pussy.

“OH YEAH. You take that load of my babies into your baby factory Carrie. Hope the old man has you on the pill or you’ll be calling one of us daddy soon,” Chad taunted her as he filled her with his seed, flooding her snatch with it until he couldn’t fill it anymore, then pulling out of her as Carrie slumped over the desk, her handcuffed hands digging into her back and making the situation even more uncomfortable for her.

“You know…we should really just fuck her pussy again in this position since she looks so damn good in it,” Jay told Chad as they looked at Carrie’s open pussy, gobs of their cum dripping out of her.

“Or…we could fuck her ass in this position than remove the cuffs and have some more fun with her,” Chad told him as he came up behind Carrie and ran his dick over both her pussy lips and ass cheeks as they decided their next move.

“Time to take your ass Carrie. But don’t you worry. We’ll have more fun with your pussy later,” they taunted her as Chad ran his dick along her ass cheeks one more time and slid into her bowels, Carrie’s sphincter muscles already pulling and grabbing at his cock as he drove it in and out of her ass.

“FUCK! TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! I’ll suck it…or you can put in my pussy again since I can’t stop you from doing it anyway…just not there…” she cried out, her ass being torn up by Chad’s dick as he drove his hips roughly into hers, her anal ring stretching out as he had his way with Carrie’s ass.

“Oh…we WILL be fucking, and cumming in, your pretty, tight little pink pussy again Carrie…but not until we both cum in this luscious ass and make you suck our cocks after,” Chad sneered as he drove his hips into hers, squeezing her tits and twisting and pinching her nipples as he held himself in her ass.

“Cum for me,” he taunted her when he took one of his hands and started rubbing her pussy, humiliating Carrie even more by him knowing that she was cumming for him again, several squirts of her love juice coating his fingers as he thrust into her ass one last time and came deep in her ass.

“OHGOD…” Carrie moaned as he filled her ass, feeling his fingers entering her pussy and scooping up her sex fluids as he finished firing his cum into her ass and pulled out of her.

“I hope you still have some ass for me Carrie baby,” Jay taunted her as he slapped the back of her head and drove his dick deep into her ass without any warning, making Carrie scream out in pain and whimper over and over again.

“Please! Not my ass anymore! I’ll give you as much of my pussy as you want! Just stop tearing up my ass!” she begged them as she buried her head against the desk, the hands on her hips tightening their grip as Jay thrust into her ass over and over again, finally feeling her start to cum for him again as he kneaded her tits and gave her nipples a healthy twist.

“Nice to know we’re on the same page. But we’ll decide when that happens,” he taunted her as he pushed himself into her ass one last time and started quickening his strokes into her, a thin trickle of her cum running down her cum-stained legs as she came for him against her will again.

“I was hoping you were going to cum for me,” he taunted her as he thrust one last time into her ass and started to cum into it, grunting and laughing as he filled her bowels with his seed, finally pulling out of her after giving her all he had, Carrie slumping to the floor below once she no longer had one of them holding her up.

“I’m taking these cuffs off. But that’s only so you can use those hands to help suck us off,” Jay told her as he menaced her with his baton, threatening to break every bone in her body with it if she failed to comply.

“O…kay…” she whispered to them, suddenly realizing that her physical wellbeing was in danger as she took Jay’s cock into her mouth, wrapped her hands around it and started to suck on it, almost gagging from the stench of it having been buried in her ass seconds earlier.

“OHGOD…you sure know how to suck…sucking and fucking must be how you keep yourself from being more than just another disposable tomato,” Jay taunted her, intentionally using the word he knew would set her off as she opened her mouth and tried to bite his dick off.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you slut,” he warned her, yanking her head back and jamming his cock to the back of her throat as he slammed his hips into her face and roughly fucked her face.

“MMMPPPPHHHHHH,” she moaned from around his dick as she wrapped her hands around it trying to keep him from having as much control as he wanted.

“Gonna cum Carrie. Keep sucking while you swallow it or this baton goes into your ribs,” he commanded her, Carrie shaking her head yes as she started to bob her head up and down on his dick, doing as she was told and sucking on his dick even as he started to cum down her throat, nearly making her choke on it as he pulled her hair and snapped her head back.

“OH YEAH. Best blowjob ever. Just like you have the tightest pussy and ass we’ve ever had,” Jay taunted her as he quickly exited her mouth, Chad just as quickly sliding his dick into her mouth, beginning to slam his hips into her face without a care at all for her personal comfort as he quickly positioned himself at the back of her throat.

“Damn Jay. This bitch really does have the best EVERYTHING,” Chad replied as Carrie shot bullets at them and worked over his dick with her mouth, just hoping to keep them happy enough to not suffer any more trauma beyond the rape.

“Look at me all you want Carrie. You’re at our mercy until we decide we’re through with you,” Chad sneered in her ear as she sucked away on his dick, groaning in pain every time he snapped her head back to force himself deeper down her throat.

“Gonna cum cunt. Do the same thing to me that you did to Jay while I do,” he warned her as he drove his hips into her face one last time and held himself there as Carrie moved her sore jaws over his dick as best she could, sighing in relief when he started to pump his cum to the back of her throat.

“SHIT…YEAH…swallow my load so I can get ready to dump another one in your pussy,” he told her as she sucked away on his dick, pulling away from him when the last of his load shot down her throat.

“Please…you’ve done enough. Just please let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone what happened in here,” Carrie begged them as Jay stood her up, ran his dick over her pussy lips and pushed into her as he wrapped her legs around his waist.

“How about we help you do some of that yoga we watched you do earlier while we fuck this snug little pussy of yours one last time?” Jay hissed as Chad lifted one of her legs as high in the air as it could go, using his muscular frame to hold it against her face as Jay started thrusting in and out of her, driving himself deeper inside of her than he had been before as Chad overpowered the blonde stunner, allowing Jay to bottom out inside of her with every stroke he made into her.

“UNGH…UNGH…UNGH…” Carrie grunted from both the searing pain her leg was in while being put in that position and the rough way Jay’s dick was tearing through her pussy.

“I bet I feel really good inside of you right now don’t I Carrie? I bet you can feel every inch of my cock ripping apart your tight cunt because of how deep I am, too. God I can’t wait to cum inside you again,” he taunted her as he thrust in and out of her, her walls clinging to his dick and putting the squeeze on it as her leg started to shake from the pain of being held over her head for so long.

“Cum for me, you slut. I bet you secretly wanted to be raped by us. That’s probably why you volunteered to come back here with us,” he told her as he pounded on her snatch, her walls getting tighter and tighter around his dick as her eyes rolled back in her head, her cum starting to paint his dick again as he grabbed her hips and forced himself to bottom out inside of her.

“J-just cum in me so you can let me go…” she softly whispered, her juices freely flowing over his dick as he held it inside of her, gave her a few more thrusts, and started sucking on her tits.

“Cumming…” he hissed as he shot another load of his cream into her, thick, sticky streams of his cum flowing deep into her pussy as he drained his balls into her, finally pulling out of her and laughing at her as she hit the floor, unable to stand on either leg after the position they had just had her in.

“Get up slut. Time for you do the splits on my dick,” Chad sneered as he grabbed a handful of her hair and tossed her across the room, laying down on the floor and watching as Jay brought her over and forced her legs into the splits position.

“UNGH, UNGH, UNGH…” Carrie cried out as Jay wrapped his arm around Carrie’s waist and drove her down onto Chad’s dick over and over again, Carrie moaning in pain every time her pussy opened up for him and her outstretched legs had pressure put on them.

“GODDAMN. This is the tightest I bet your pussy has ever felt Carrie-cunt. And it’s mine…ALL MINE…” Chad hissed as he thrust his hips up into her, driving his dick in and out of her as she started to bawl her eyes out at the mental, emotional and now physical pain that she was being wracked with.

“FUCK it’s gonna feel good cumming in you again…” Chad whispered into her ear as he raped her, her walls continuing to have a mind of their own as they wrapped around her dick, her eyes rolling back into her head as her legs started to shake with muscles spasms.

“UH,” she moaned softly as she came for him, a pencil-thin trickle of her cunt juice running down his dick as he thrust into her for all he was worth, burying himself inside of her as she went limp and finished shooting her cum out onto his cock.

“We own this pussy now Carrie baby. And in case you think otherwise, look up at that camera and say cheese,” Chad calmly told her as he started his final assault on her pussy, Carrie’s eyes crossing and her head going back as he started to cum in her.

“FUCK…YEAH…” Chad hissed as he dumped the contents of his dick into her pussy, Carrie crying out in panic when she put two and two together.

“You…you…got all of this on tape, you bastards!” she shouted out as Chad’s cock shot into her one last time and he pulled out of her, kissing her on the lips as Jay sucked on her tits.

“That’s right, our little country cunt. And if you so much as say one word about this being rape, we’ll have this security video out so fast you’ll still be spinning your head around from it when your husband hits you with the divorce papers,” Jay taunted her, blowing her a kiss as she struggled to her feet, desperate to get away from them.

“Oh…there’s just one more thing…now that we have you under our control, you better come in here and let us have our way with you every time we see you in this store or the tape will go public then, too,” Chad whispered as they rubbed her pussy and sent her on her way with explicit instructions on what to wear the next time she showed up there as they locked up the tape for safekeeping.

“See you around Carrie,” they taunted her as she wordlessly left their office and the store, the wheels already spinning in her brain to find some way to get herself out of this situation, and save her career and marriage in the process.

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