Carrie Gives an Encore (Part 3)

Title: Carrie Gives an Encore (Part 3)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Cassadee Pope

Codes: FF, cons, oral, toys

Summary: Carrie and Cassadee continue the tour

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way real.

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One week after she left her favorite city of the tour, Boston, Carrie Underwood sat in her hotel room after another performance. Now in Philadelphia, she was exhausted after a long performance at the Wells Fargo Center. The crowd had been so energetic that she treated them to a half hour encore performance, making this the longest show of the tour she had done. The whole time on stage, tonight and every night over the past week, her mind had been focused on a person she had gotten very close to while in Boston…no, not Jed…not Mike either…she was thinking about Cassadee Pope.

That night in Boston, to Carrie, was a million times better than her first experience years earlier for the simple fact that she was able to play a sexy prank that led to a fantastic night for three other people. The twinkle in Cassadee’s eyes as they all were leaving was burned into Carrie’s memory while also causing a burning sensation elsewhere. The entire night while Carrie was in bed with Mike, she was imagining Cassadee between her legs. She imagined Cassadee sticking a dildo in her. She imagined Cassadee holding her close as they slept. She did not want to be with Mike that night, she wanted to be with her opener.

As Carrie sat in her hotel room relaxing, down the hall Cassadee was walking out of her own hotel room. She was wearing a long red coat, long black boots and a black and white cotton beanie, as it was a very cold night in the Pennsylvania city. As she started downstairs, she received a phone call.

“Hello?” she answered. “Hey Tom, I’m just heading out for the bar…wait, what? What do you mean you don’t feel like it!? We’ve been planning this for weeks, I’m only here for another day…well fuck you then!” she screamed as she shut the phone off and stormed back to her room.

Cassadee was about to open the door and angrily stomp her way back in when she looked over her shoulder and saw the door to Carrie’s hotel room. The two had not really spoke much since the Boston incident and she thought that her blonde mentor was mad that she had gotten to spend that night with Jed. Cassadee took a deep breath and headed over to the blonde’s door, knocking softly. Seconds later, Carrie opened the door wearing a long tanktop and, to Cassadee’s eyes, nothing more.

“Hey Cass, what’s up?” she asked.

“I just wanted to see if you were up to anything at the moment?” Cassadee asked.

“No, just watching TV,” she responded as she looked her opener up and down. “Going out? You look really cute in that.”

“Thanks. I was going out but I got cancelled on,” she explained. “I was really looking forward to a good long night with my friend Tom.”

“’Good long night’? I think you can tell me what you mean…you were ready to get fucked tonight, am I right?” Carrie asked as Cassadee slowly nodded her head. “When was the last time you got any?”

“Boston,” Cassadee softly responded.

“Me too,” Carrie said with a smile. “I’ve been thinking about Boston a lot today. In fact I just got done ‘thinking’ about it about twenty minutes ago,” she said with a wink.

“Thinking about Jed?” Cassadee asked, which was met with a shake of the head. “Oh of course, Mike,” she confidently said as she was met again with a shake of the head. “Then who?”

Without answering, Carrie grabbed Cassadee’s hand and slowly pulled her into the room. She quickly locked the door and turned around.

“I was thinking about you, you naïve little cutie,” she said as she stepped forward and planted a deep kiss on the younger woman.

Cassadee was shocked at first but as she felt Carrie’s soft tongue twirling around in her mouth, she quickly relaxed and started to kiss back. Their tongues twisted around each other as their moist lips locked tightly together. Once they broke away, Cassadee had a look of surprise on her face.

“Didn’t see that coming?” Carrie asked. “You let me sniff your fingers after you rubbed yourself in Boston and you weren’t expecting a kiss?”

“I…I thought you were mad at me,” Cassadee said.

“Why would you think that, sweetheart?” Carrie responded.

“You haven’t really talked to me since then…and I took Jed to the hotel room, I thought you thought I stole him away,” she explained, still looking surprised.

“I’ve just been busy Cass, I could never be mad at you,” she said as she grabbed the shocked girl by the hand and sat her down on the bed next her. “I’ve been thinking about you since that night,” she continued as she raised her fingers to Cassadee’s nose. “Can you guess what I did?”

Cassadee giggled as she smelled Carrie’s hand, remembering that she had said the exact same thing in Boston. Taking a deep whiff, she inhaled the sweet scent of Carrie’s vaginal juices. She grabbed hold of her hand and pulled the fingers into her mouth before slowly sucking every last molecule off of her. She felt Carrie’s other hand begin to massage her soft boots, sliding them up under her coat. Feeling an odd fabric covering her crotch, Carrie slowly pulled out.

“What are you wearing under there?” she asked. “It felt leathery.”

Cassadee pulled Carrie’s fingers out of her mouth and stood up in front of her. Slowly, she unbuttoned each of the twelve buttons on her coat from top to bottom. She pulled the coat open and smiled wide as Carrie saw the slutty black leather bra, corset and panties she had been wearing.

“You really were looking to get fucked tonight!” Carrie exclaimed as she stared at the sexy outfit being modeled in front of her.

Without saying anything, Cassadee throw the coat down and pushed Carrie down on the bed. As she did so she realized that her thoughts were correct, the tank top was indeed the only thing her friend had been wearing. She crawled on top of her and straddled herself on her stomach. With Carrie looking on, she reached behind her back and undid the leather bra and corset, pulled them off and threw them across the room. She stretched her arms high above her head and gave Carrie a perfect look at her 34Bs.

“Wow,” Carrie said as her eyes locked on the breasts in front of her. “I never got to see those, those are nice boobs.”

“Thanks,” Cassadee responded. “Now let me see those puppies again.”

Cassadee reached down and tugged hard at the tank top covering Carrie’s breasts. She lifted herself up and yanked the shirt upward. Carrie threw her arms up and let the younger girl undress her. As Cassadee leaned forward to roll the shirt over her arms, Carrie pulled her down and gave her another soft, sensual kiss. The brunette allowed herself to fall forward and lay flat on Carrie while she ran her hands through her beautiful blonde hair.

As the girls made out for several seconds, they rolled over across each other many times. They were finding their way farther up the bed when Cassadee felt something next to the pillow against her shoulder. Without breaking the kiss, she reached back and immediately felt the rod shaped, hard rubber object. She gently pushed Carrie up with her free hand until she was being straddled by her blonde lover.

Carrie looked confused at first until she looked up and saw Cassadee’s palm wrapped around the ten-inch pink dildo she had been playing with earlier in the night. Her eyes were locked on the toy as Cassadee slowly brought it to her face. With her eyes staring up at Carrie, she slowly began to kiss and lick the thick head of the toy. Eventually, she started to insert the toy down her throat as she felt the extreme heat on her stomach which came from Carrie’s soaking wet cunt.

“Taste good?” Carrie asked.

“It’s okay…it could use a fresh coating though,” she responded with a devilish grin after pulling the dildo out, leaving a thick string of saliva following.

Carrie quickly grabbed the toy from her hands and slid down her body. She knelt down in front of her steaming hot pussy and spread her legs wide. After spitting a large wad into Cassadee’s cunt, she grabbed the toy and slowly slipped the head between her red hot lips. Cassadee grasped the sheets on the bed, arched her back and moaned as she felt the thick rubber slide inside her.

The combination of saliva and her flowing juices helped the entire toy slide into Cassadee. Carrie was amazed at how easily the ten-inch object filled into her friend. She looked up at her face and saw the intense look of passion on her face. Cassadee’s eyes glistened as she stared upwards at the ceiling while her mouth was wide open, panting out heavy breaths as the toy began to increase its pace in and out of her.

Carrie started to get rougher with the dildo. What started as a gentle screwing had quickly become a rough fucking.  She started moaning and panting herself as she put all of her energy into pleasuring Cassadee. It was not too long before Cassadee’s body began thrusting back against the toy and beginning to feel it bump against her cervix.

“Holy shit!” she yelled as the head hitting her cervix was the last bit of pleasure she needed for her to hit her breaking point.

Carrie yanked the toy out of her and immediately pressed her lips against the beat-red pussy and started flicking her clit with her nose. Cassadee screamed out as her hands gripped the sheets tighter than ever, her ass lifted off of the bed and she coated the Carrie’s face in her feminine juices. Spraying from her pussy was a large volume of the potent and passionate pussy potion. The blonde women opened her mouth and laughed as she felt the warm liquid cover her.

Cassadee panted as she came down from the high of her orgasm while Carrie continued to softly lick up every last bead of liquid that surrounded her bright red pussy lips. After finishing her cleanup, Carrie slowly slid up the sweaty body of her young lover until their lips touched. Cassadee cooed as she tastes her juices on the older woman’s mouth.

“Taste good?” Carrie asked once again with a naughty smile.

Cassadee did not respond with words but instead grabbed her shoulders and flipped her onto her back. She started kissing her blond friends body as she slid down. She stopped to give each nipple a nibble before going down farther. Once she reached her crotch, she reached to her side and grabbed the slick toy. She gave her friend’s pussy a quick kiss before rising to her knees. She held the toy down from her own crotch, pretending it was a real cock.

“Ready for it?” Cassadee asked as Carrie nodded in approval.

Cassadee lifted Carrie’s leg up with her left hand while holding the dildo in her right. She quickly shoved the thick, slippery rubber rod into Carrie’s waiting cunt. She stared down at her sexy lover as she fucked her as fast as her hips would allow. Carrie grabbed her own wavy blond hair and swung her head around as the intense pleasure spread throughout her. She pulled and tugged at it with each thrust, moaning in unison.

“Oh yeah baby, you like it?” Cassadee asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Carrie squealed.

“Better than your hubby?” she asked as she lifted herself up to get more leverage.

“Better!” she yelled.

“Better than Jed?” Cassadee asked as she let go of the toy for a second to slap Carrie’s breast.

“Better than everyone!” she screamed in response.

Cassadee fucked her for a few more seconds before pulling the toy out and watching Carrie’s body convulse in orgasm. Her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as she moaned softly. The grip she had on her own hair relaxed and her hands fell to the side of her head.

“That was amazing,” Carrie whispered.

“Yeah…but I’m not finished,” Cassadee said as she grabbed Carrie’s hips and flipped her over.

Using her natural instinct, Carrie rose up to her hands and knees while Cassadee put the tip of the toy to her pussy. Slowly, Cassadee let the toy slide into Carrie once again. The older woman pushed herself back against the toy while her young lover remained still.

Cassadee repeatedly slapped Carrie’s bare ass, switching hands and leaving both of her cheeks bright red. For several minutes, Carrie was in control of the fucking while the younger woman kept slapping her.

Finally, Carrie pulled away from the toy and rose to her knees. She wrapped her arms around Cassadee and embraced in a long, sensual kiss. The toy fell to the bed and Cassadee embraced Carrie as well. Both girls fell to the bed as well and lay on their sides, never breaking the kiss.

After several minutes of kissing, Carrie pushed away and rolled off the bed onto her feet. She dug through a bag on the floor while Cassadee tried to see what she was doing. Suddenly, she heard a loud vibrating sound which brought a shiny smile to her face. Carrie held up a foot long, vibrating, double-sided, plastic dildo.

“Lay down,” she commanded.

Cassadee slowly dropped to the bed and spread her legs to Carrie. The blond crawled onto the bed and pressed one end of the dildo against the wet, waiting lips of her lover. She lay down herself and rested the other end against her own lips. Holding up three fingers, Carrie counted down. Once her final finger fell, both girls thrusted forward and each took six inches of the vibrator up their already-abused pussies.

Both girls planted their hands on the bed and lifted themselves up. They both thrusted hard against each other until the toy was out of sight. The girls roughly scissored each other, making sure to feel the full effects of the powerful vibrator. The white vibrator remained hidden as the girls’ pussies remained locked together. Both women stared into each other’s eyes as their hips went in every direction.

Suddenly, both girls pulled back and thrusted against each other hard. They did this for the next few minutes, each feeling extreme heat in their cunts. Carrie froze in place and lowered her head, keeping her eyes locked on Cassadee’s. Her body shook as her second orgasm of the session washed over her.

Not giving her any mercy, Cassadee continued to thrust as hard as possible against her orgasming cunt. She was in a world of her own as she almost threw her back out rocking back and forth against the toy. She went so fast that the toy slid out and hit the bed but she did not care. The simple feeling of her pussy touching Carrie’s was enough to push her over the edge.

Cassadee pushed her pussy against Carrie’s and threw herself forward. She rested her head on Carrie’s breasts as she experienced a bigger orgasm than before. She moaned hard with tears running down her cheeks as the massive orgasm took over her. Carrie cradled her head in her arms and held her close to her chest as her young lover was overcome by pleasure.

Carrie lay down, keeping Cassadee’s head pressed close to her chest. She felt soft kisses on her right nipple as the orgasm of her friend died down. Cassadee was still moaning and sobbing as she kissed her blond friend’s rock hard nipples.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Carrie asked.

“I’m better than okay,” Cassadee whispered through tears. “I love you Carrie.”

“I love you too Cassadee,” she responded as she pulled her friend’s head up and planted a soft, sensual kiss on her quivering lips.

Carrie reached down and switched the vibrator off before rolling it off the bed. Cassadee rested her head back on her chest while her hand went down to her friend’s crotch. She rubbed Carrie enough to get her finger wet. She covered Carrie’s right nipple in the slick juice and softly circled her tongue around to clean it off.

“Taste good?” Carrie asked a third and final time.

“Best taste ever,” she answered, finally giving Carrie the answer she wanted to hear.

“We have a few days off of the tour in a few days…you thinking what I’m thinking?” Carrie asked.

“Jed?” Cassadee asked.

“Jed!” Carrie responded. “We’re going to get you in your first three-way.”

“I think I love you more now!” Cassadee laughed.

“You can ‘thank’ me in the morning babe, I’m exhausted,” she responded with a laugh.

“Good night lover,” Cassadee whispered before kissing her on the lips.

“Good night lover,” Carrie responded as she hugged Cassadee tight and pulled the damp sheet over herself and her lover.

To be continued…

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