Carrie On, Shay

Title: Carrie On, Shay

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Shay Mitchell, Carrie Underwood

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral

Summary: Shay Mitchell meets Carrie Underwood in Nashville

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional, consensual story featuring two celebs in a sexual role, Lucy Hale in a non-sexual role and a fictional man. Any similarities to reality are coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me, I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett, no Kardashian, no Upton) and the request is not too detailed (I don’t like planning out stories, I like to write as I go).

“Hey Shay, I need a date to the Opry for a Christmas concert, you in?” the text from Lucy Hale read.

“I don’t know, country really isn’t my thing,” Shay Mitchell responded. “I couldn’t tell you one song other than yours”

“Oh come one, be a supportive friend!” Lucy texted back

“Fine, but you owe me one,” Shay sent.

On the second Sunday of December, Shay Mitchell landed in Nashville, her first time visiting the city. Lucy had a car set up so the girl, dressed in a pair of torn jeans and loose-fitting pink ‘SoCal’ tank top. With her suitcase being pulled behind her, she approached the silver car, tossed the bag inside and headed for her hotel.

It was a short drive to the hotel. Shay parked in the garage, grabbed her bag and started towards the entrance. She was looking down at her phone, not paying attention, when the door flung open, almost smacking her in the forehead.

“Oh god, I am sorry,” a blonde haired, brown eyed woman dressed in yoga pants and a black hoodie said. “Didn’t see you there.”

“It’s okay,” a smiling Shay said. “You look really familiar.”

“I get that a lot,” the blonde responded with a slight southern accent. “A guess a lot of Oklahoma girls look alike. I gotta run before my gig tonight, catch you later!”

Shay waved goodbye as the girl jogged away.

“Nice legs,” Shay thought as she walked past the door and into the lobby.

Shay spent the morning settling in before meeting Lucy for lunch down the street from the Grand Ole Opry. She changed clothes, switching into a tight white t-shirt and a new pair of jeans, no tears to be found.

The Canadian walked down the street on the sunny day, making it to the small diner in under five minutes. Lucy was sitting at a table near the front window, waving as soon as she saw her friend. Shay walked in and sat across from the dressed-up girl.

“Nice dress,” Shay said, commenting on Lucy’s short blue dress under an open denim jacket.

Lucy smiled and slid a cup of coffee over to Shay. The girls made small talk for a few minutes before they were distracted by a jogging blonde running past the window.

“Oh, I met her in the hotel,” Shay commented as she shared a small smile with the woman yet again.

“You met HER?” Lucy asked, sounding surprised.

“Yeah, why is that a big deal?” Shay asked.

“You don’t know who that is, so you?” Lucy asked, amazed that Shay did not recognize her.

“Am I supposed to?” she asked, still unsure what the big deal was.

“Ugh, you disappoint me Shay,” Lucy said, not revealing who the blonde woman was.

Shay shrugged and finished her coffee before the girls each ordered a club sandwich. About a half an hour later, they exited the diner and shared a hug before the shorter girl skipped across the street to the Opry.

“Don’t forget to wear something nice!” she shouted.

Shay nodded before walking back to the hotel. As she arrived back, she yet again was met but the jogging blonde, who reached the front door at the same time.

“Are you stalking me?” Shay asked with a laugh.

“You sure are pretty enough to stalk but no, I’m not,” the blonde said as she held the door open for the clueless girl.

“My friend says I should know you,” Shay said. “Do you know Lucy Hale?”

“Of course I do, she’s a really sweet little girl,” the blonde said. “Nobody SHOULD know anybody, it’s all about wanting to know. I’m Carrie.”

“Shay,” she responded. “I don’t know if you’re famous or not but you seem like a nice woman.”

“Thanks,” Carrie said as they walked into the elevator. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say this is your first time in Nashville, right?”

“How could you tell?” she asked.

“Just a feeling,” Carrie said as the exited the elevator on the same floor. “I live here but I like staying in the hotel on Opry night.”

“You’re going too?” Shay asked, making the blonde laugh.

“You are so cute,” she responded as she approached room 721 and swiped her card. “Hope to see you there.”

Shay had a confused smile on her face as she walked down to room 745 and entered. Several hours later, Shay emerged wearing a red dress that reached her knees, low cut and showing off a lot of cleavage. She pulled a long leather jacket on over it and headed out, not bumping into Carrie for the first time.

The weather had taken a turn, rain now pouring down on the Music City. Shay got in her rental car for the short drive over to the Opry. She luckily found a parking spot close to the front despite the massive crowd already filing in. She spotted Lucy waiting outside, still wearing the same clothes from earlier and ran up to her. They shared a quick hug before walking in.

As they made their way towards the stage, Lucy stopped near an office and introduced Shay to her friend, a tall, tanned man wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans.

“This is Frank,” Lucy said. “The guy I had been talking about. The one that thinks you’re cute.”

Shay had heard for weeks about this man that had a massive crush on her. With her stereotypical assumptions of the south, Shay had figured that Lucy was joking with her and making him seem to be more attractive than he actually was. She had pictured a fat hillbilly with grease stains on his shirt, talking with an unintelligible southern drawl. Instead, the man she had heard about looked like a model and sounded straight from California.

“Hello Shay,” Frank said. “Big fan.”

“H-hi,” she said, catching her breath. “I’m Shay.”

“I know, I just said your name,” he responded with a chuckle.

“I’m sorry, um, wow that was embarrassing,” she said, her face turning red.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a bit,” Lucy said as she scampered off. “I’ll be in the second row, seat five.”

“Yeah yeah, sure,” Shay said, fanning her away without looking at her. “I hope this doesn’t sound too direct but you are REALLY good looking.”

“That was very direct but I like direct,” he responded, grabbing her hand and gently caressing it. “You seem on edge. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s taking the edge off.”

Shay looked away and laugh before feeling herself being pulled. Frank led her through the crowd, eventually reaching a ladies bathroom off in the back of the building. He knocked to make sure the coast was clear before pulling the enamored girl inside. He kicked the door closed and immediately started to kiss her. Shay pulled back and looked at him with concern.

“What if someone walks in?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, this room is for staff only and they are all super busy right now,” he assured her before walking her over to the row of sinks, picked her up and sat her butt down on the marble.

Shay started to kiss him back as she felt the zipper of her jacket being ripped down. Frank pulled the leather outerwear off and threw it over a stall door behind him. His hand disappeared under her red dress, finding no panties stopping him from rubbing against hot, soft flesh.

“No panties?” he asked between kisses.

“What are those?” she joked before pulling his shirt up and off, dropping it in the dry sink.

“No hair either,” he commented.

Frank fingered the actress and model for nearly two minutes before the pressure of his cock constrained in his tight jeans was too much to handle. He backed away and allowed Shay to unzip and pull down his jeans. She marveled at the bulge in his underwear. A drop of drool fell from her lower lip as she pulled the briefs down, exposing a thick seven inch rod of man meat.

“Wow,” she said as she grabbed hold of it, feeling the pulsations of his heartbeat through his member.

Frank smirked before grabbing her by the arm, pulling her off the sink and turning her around. He lifted her dress up past her ass as she lifted a leg up, resting a knee on the counter.

“Normally I’d want a blowjob first but you are so damn sexy, I just want your pussy,” he grunted as he pressed the throbbing head against her rapidly moistening entrance.

Just as Frank pushed forward, inserting his entire length inside of her, the door to the bathroom opened and in walked that pesky jogging blonde. Shay and Frank stared at her as she noticed what was going on. The man started to pull away when Carrie raised her hand.

“Carry on, don’t stop on a count of me, the main bathroom is busy,” she said, spotting Shay’s lower half with the cock half-exposed.  “This one is pretty busy too, looks like.”

Frank and Shay looked at each other as Carrie walked past them and opened the stall door. Shay continued to stare back at Carrie, who placed her makeup bag on the floor and hiked her own long, red dress up, sitting down on the toilet without closing the door.

“Do what you were doing, I like to watch,” she said as she started to pee while staring at them.

Frank shrugged his shoulders and started to fuck Shay very fast. The girl eventually turned back forward looking in the mirror and seeing the blonde staring at her. She noticed her hand was on her pussy, rubbing it more than holding it in place to pee. Shay closed her eyes and let the man’s massive cock take her to heaven. The girl rocked back in forth as Frank slammed himself in and out of her, making her cunt as damp as possible.

Shay felt Frank’s rough hand pull one of her breasts from her dress, allowing it to swing with each forward thrust. She reached up and cupped it, taking it a nipple between two fingers and squeezing it.

As the couple fucked each other hard, Carrie sat up and flushed before grabbing her bag and resting it on the sink next to them. She looked over at the bare breasts and giggled as she saw the self-pinching taking place. The blonde ran her hands under the faucet for a few seconds before stopping and looking for a paper towel dispenser. Failing to find one, she leaned over and grabbed Shay’s breast with one hand while pulling the other out. She grabbed and rubbed each breasts, using them as towels to dry her hands.

“Hope you don’t mind,” she said as she paid special attention to the nipples, using them to dry between her fingers.

Shay looked at her with a mixture of shock and lust, unsure exactly what to think. Carrie finished drying her hands and went to apply her lipstick. Shay watched as she rubbed an excess of makeup on her lips.

“Damn, too much,” she said as she turned to Shay.

Carrie grabbed Shay’s face with both hands and pressed her lips to hers. Both girls stared at each other for a few seconds before closing all eyes and enjoying the kiss. When Carrie pulled away, Shay’s lips were a brighter shade of red while hers were at the level she had hoped for.

“Well, I’m ready now,” Carrie said as she started to walk out of the bathroom, slapping both bare asses on her way out.

Shay did not know what to think, or she would not have if she was not busy still feeling his veiny cock slide against her ultra-sensitive pussy. Carrie’s actions had turned her brain upside down and contributed to a very wet, very pleasurable orgasm that flooded her newfound lover’s cock. Having already been horny for the Canadian piece of fuck meat he was inside, Frank was ready to explode as well.

“Hungry?” he asked as he pulled out of Shay and took her to her knees.

Shay opened her mouth and closed her eyes, feeling the mushroom shaped head rest against her tongue. Seconds later, a torrent of warm baby batter shot against the back of her throat and stained her tongue. She moaned deep as she tasted his sweet, salty sex treat. She wrapped her lips around the spasming head and gently sucked the remainder of his cum out of him.

Once she was done, Shay stood up and gave the man a kiss before grabbing her jacket. She watched as he dressed back up himself, smacking his ass once the jeans were back on.

“That was weird but fun,” she said.

“Absolutely, we should do that again some time,” he said as he handed her his phone number.

Shay shoved the paper against her breast in the dress and kissed him once more before leaving to find Lucy. After forgetting the seat number Lucy had told her, Shay eventually found her little friend and sat down next to her.

“Have fun?” Lucy asked.

“Oh yeah,” Shay said, the smile physically unable to disappear.

“You’re just in time,” Lucy said as the show began.

Not caring at all about country music, Shay was rather bored throughout the entire show. She did not know of or care about the likes of Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan. It was not until the main event that her attention was gained.

“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome multi-time CMA Entertainer of the Year and Opry member, Carrie Underwood!” the P.A. announcer said.

Shay’s eyes almost popped out of her head as the blonde jogger, the girl who had groped, kissed and watched her having sex in a bathroom was walking up onto the stage, wearing the same red dress from earlier.

“Oh my god!” Shay thought to herself.

The Canadian stared in amazement as the super star singer showed her talents off, singing various Christmas songs in her best voice. Lucy nudged Shay and pointed, mouthing, “Told you, you should know who she is”.

Shay and Lucy were sitting directly behind Carrie’s husband, something Shay did not know, making her think Carrie was looking at and blowing kisses to her the entire time, which she would later find out to be true.

Once the concert was over, Carrie hurried of backstage and Shay clapped harder than anyone in the building. She did not realize this and was a bit embarrassed when Lucy looked at her like she was insane.

“I guess you really like her,” Lucy commented.

Shay smiled before the girls left the audience. Once outside, they shared one last hug before separating, Lucy to head to her apartment while Shay went to her car. The short drive back was filled with a mindset that Shay could not explain. She wondered why Carrie had done what she had done in the bathroom. Was she just having fun? Is she bisexual like she was? Shay could not answer. She sat in her car after parking for nearly two hours, trying to rack her brain. Eventually, she got out and headed back inside the hotel.

After getting out of the elevator, Shay stopped in front of room 721. She contemplated knocking but was unsure if anyone was in there. She started to walk back to her room but as she was about to swipe her card, she marched back to Carrie’s room and knocked. She waited for about fifteen seconds before sighing and starting to walk away. She stopped in her tracks when she heard the door open. She slowly turned around to find Carrie standing in the doorway wearing a long, loose black t-shirt that went down past her ass and cute white socks that went up to her knees.

“You’re Carrie Underwood!” Shay said.

“Took you long enough, Shay Mitchell,” Carrie said as she put her hands behind her waist.

“You know me?” she asked.

“I’ve seen every episode of PLL twice babe, I know EXACTLY who you are,” Carrie said as she stepped aside. “Want to come in?”

Shay smiled for a second before walking in to Carrie’s hotel room. She looked around the room, seeing an open bottle of wine on the end table.

“Nice roo-” Shay started before freezing, seeing that Carrie had pulled the t-shirt off and was standing before her in just a pair of silky pink panties, the socks and a smile.

“I was really hoping you would stop by,” she said as she walked up to Shay, pushing her bare breasts against her body. “I thought about you and that dude during my entire performance. I was so fucking wet!”

Carrie grabbed the shoulder straps on Shay’s dress and pulled them down. She reached down the dress and popped each breast out before pressing her chest against them.

“Seeing you being fucked like that, it made this little Oklahoma girl want a crack at you myself,” she said in a soft, sexy tone.

Carrie pressed her lips against Shay’s again, this time allowing her tongue to join in on the fun. Shay returned the favor and swirled her tongue inside the thirty-two year old’s mouth, tasting the leftover wine on her breath. The girls made out for nearly two minutes, Shay losing her entire dress in the process. The Canadian woman was completely nude while Carrie was in very little. The younger girl grabbed her new lover’s panties and pulled them down, showing her freshly trimmed cunt.

The girls broke away and Carrie walked past her, sitting on the bed. She spread her legs wide and fell backwards. Shay walked up to her and fell to her knees. Resting her hands on Carrie’s thighs, she moved her head forward until she could smell the musky scent coming from her genitals. Their eyes met as Shay poked her tongue out and tickled the outside of her cunt lip.

“Ooh yes,” Carrie said with a sharp ‘s’.

Shay’s tongue explored every inch of the outside of Carrie’s pussy before it began to head inward. Carrie held onto the sheets as the warm, slimy tongue plunged deep into her pussy. She could feel the breath out of Shay’s nose shooting onto her slowly-growing clit. Already, the blonde was starting to squirm around a lot.

Shay’s hand went up, caressing the country star’s tight stomach. They continued as far north as they could go, just coming shy of her breasts. Slowly, Shay rose up and crawled on the bed. Eventually, she spun around and was hovering her own damp opening over Carrie’s hungry lips. She slowly lowered down and instantly felt the older woman moaning loudly into her most sensitive area, causing her to jump for a second before settling in.

Carrie was at a high level of arousal, amazed that she had not orgasmed yet. She was trying to hold off to experience this lesbian action for as long as possible and her body was responding well. She was as close to orgasm as a woman would be without exploding and this lasted for nearly five minutes.
Shay’s body was not responding as well. Within a minute of Carrie moaning into her, she gave her new friend a drink of her sweet, succulent cum, which was happily lapped up and swallowed. Carrie had her fingers all over the spasming sex in front of her face, feeling her lips, her clit and her insides while her tongue followed close behind. Her entire face and hands were messy with cunt juice and she could not be happier.

Finally after five minutes of having her pussy assaulted by an experienced and talented bisexual tongue, Carrie’s body could not hold back anymore. Shay pulled away and rubbed her clit like her life depended on it, forcing the older woman to spray upward a jet of cum directly up the girl’s nose. Shay coughed at first but positioned her mouth over the geyser of a pussy below her, gathering every possible drop of cum that Carrie could produce.

Once Carrie was done, Shay clamped her lips over the pussy and gently kissed it for several minutes, Carrie doing the same to hers. Shay had another orgasm from this, causing her to buck her hips into Carrie’s face, eliciting a laugh.

Shay rolled off of Carrie and cuddled with her but keeping a finger at her pussy. She wanted to give the blonde what she had received herself: a second orgasm. Two of her fingers made that a reality. Within two minutes, Shay’s wrist and hand were drenched in fresh, warm cum evacuating from the woman’s love cavity. They made outs passionately again, both falling asleep in the process, Shay’s two fingers still deep inside Carrie’s cunt.

The next morning, Shay awoke with Carrie walking out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her soaking wet body.

“Morning, sexy girl,” Carrie said. “I found this on the floor.”

Carrie handed her the piece of paper with Frank’s phone number on it to her nude lover. She turned it around to see a fresh phone number added.

“Is that your number?” Shay asked.

“Consider that you ‘sex slip’, two numbers, two eager lovers,” Carrie said as she dropped the towel and started to dress casually. “I really wish I could stay and spend more alone time with you hot stuff, but I’ve got a flight to catch.”

“I had a lot of fun, Carrie,” Shay said as she stood up and gave her blonde lover a deep kiss. “Next time you’re in L.A., give me a call.”

Shay sent a text to Carrie, giving her the right number.

“Oh I will,” Carrie said as she pulled her jeans up. “But until then,” she stopped before grabbing her panties and socks from the night before. “Wear these when I see you again.”

The girls shared a kiss before Carrie left, leaving a naked Shay alone in the hotel room. Almost ten minutes later, Shay came out of the room, panties in hand, dripping of fresh cum.

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