Carrie’s New Life In Hell

Title: Carrie’s New Life In Hell

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MF, nc, oral, anal, viol

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

To most people from the outside world looking in on her, Carrie Underwood would seem to have the perfect life.

But to me, she was living a disgusting lie of a life, since for as long as I could remember, I’ve always felt that she belonged with me, and I was going to spare no expense making that happen, even if that belief was really only the product of my own warped mind.

And it was that belief that led me to the depths of my personal hell, and which was leading me to the decision I made to do something about the constant taunting I believed in my own mind that she was doing to me by flaunting her perfect life and her perfect marriage in front of me every day.

I had no real reason to feel this way other than the fact that she had gotten everything she had ever wanted in life and I had never gotten anything I’d ever wanted in mine, but the minute I came up with the idea to kidnap her and keep her as my own, it became my mission in life to make hers a living hell.

In order to carry out this plan, I spent the weeks before her show in town buying up anything that I deemed essential for what I was about to try and pull off, and also shelled out a fair amount of cash to the security guards at the building she was in town to perform at with the promise that they would get lost when I told them to.

“Time’s up Carrie. Soon you will belong to me, and now you’re going to give me everything I deserve in life, whether you want to or not,” I hissed as I rubbed one out to one of her sexiest photos in the windowless van I was waiting inside of, telling myself not to blow since I would have the real thing soon.

And I didn’t have to wait too long before I got my chance to pounce on her, since I soon saw her climb off of her bus and start heading for the inside of the arena she was to be performing in later.

Only she never made it inside, since I quickly grabbed my botte of chloroform and poured some out onto the rag in my hands as I jumped out of it to follow her.

“Have a good game baby. I’ll be checking the score during my costume changes like usual,” she said into the phone, obviously talking to her unworthy husband, which I was going to be rectifying soon.

“I love y-MMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH! MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!” Carrie moaned out, her loving goodbye to her husband broken up by my rag-filled hand wrapping around her mouth and forcing her to breathe in the chemicals as I pulled her closer to me.

“Say goodbye to him forever cunt,” I icily whispered to Carrie as her fright-filled eyes started to get heavy, eventually snapping shut as she breathed in enough of the chloroform to send her under.

“Let’s get you in here and have some fun with you Carrie. I own this pussy now, so I might as well get to know it a little better,” I whispered to her as I threw her in the van and removed her tight black yoga pants, pulling her shirt over her head and ripping away her bra and panties as I started running my dick along her lifeless cunt lips.

“This rape is just the beginning of our life together Carrie. And soon you will see there is no escape for you,” I taunted her as I slid into her and started thrusting away, having my way with her tight pussy as she slept off the effects of the chloroform.

“So tight. I’m going to enjoy making this pussy my personal cum dump,” I taunted her as I roughly moved in and out of her, throwing her legs up on my shoulders as I drove myself inside of her, feeling her tight cunt start to cling to my dick as she softly moaned in orgasm for me.

“This is going to be easier than I thought,” I said to myself as she started to cum on my dick, my mouth attaching itself to her nipples and sucking away on them as I gently forced her legs around my waist and started hammering into her.

“OH YEAH. Take that dick Carrie. It’s not like you’re going to have a choice, anyway,” I told her as I sucked on her tits and buried my dick up to my balls inside of her, her walls continuing to squeeze at my dick as I started to cum in her.

“FUCK! It feels so good to finally cum inside the only pussy I’ve ever wanted,” I moaned, holding myself inside of her and filling her with several more loads of my cum before pulling out of her and reaching for my bag of tools.

“This is so you don’t go anywhere if you wake up along the way,” I taunted her as I grabbed some rope and tied her hands together over her head, while also tying her legs together as far apart as they could go as she laid there unconscious in the back seat.

“Honey, we’re home,” I taunted her as I pulled into my driveway, Carrie beginning to come to and realizing her current predicament.

“Where am I? What are you going to do with me you bastard!” Carrie shouted when she saw the bonds holding her down, kicking and screaming as I picked her up and placed her over my shoulder to carry her inside.

“Shut up cunt! You are my property now Carrie! And make no mistake about it, that’s all you are to me is property, and specifically three holes to pleasure myself with whenever I feel like it,” I told her as I tossed her onto the bed in my bedroom, climbing on top of her as I untied her legs and slid into her again.

“What do you want from me? What did I ever do to you?” Carrie moaned as I started thrusting in and out of her pussy again, feeling her tight walls already starting to clench around it again as I began to sap her around.

“I want your life bitch! And pretty soon you’re gonna help me get it!” I shouted at her, backhanding her and hitting her right under the eye with a stiff palm strike as I drove myself in and out of her.

“OW! You bastard!” she cried out in pain, unable to even grab her aching face due to her still being tied up as she started to cum for me in spite of her current predicament.

“Cum for me Carrie. Cum for your master,” I told her as she threw her head back, her hips sliding into mine as she came for me, followed a short time later by me thrusting in and out of her a few more times and cumming deep into her pussy for the second time.

“OHGOD! Please don’t hurt me anymore!” Carrie moaned as I erupted deep inside of her, spewing my load deep within her before pulling out of her and tying her legs back up as I walked over to the video equipment I had set up in the room.

“See this Carrie? All of this is going to ensure no one comes looking for you, or thinks that anything is wrong at all,” I told her as she screamed at me and fought desperately to get out of her bindings as I scribbled off a note onto a piece of paper and zoomed the camera in on her swollen face.

“Read it Carrie. You’re my property now and you will do as I say if you want to survive,” I warned her as she read the words on the paper and yelped in disgust, turning her head away from the camera as I untied her.

“NEVER! I’LL NEVER READ THIS YOU SICKO! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE MY LIFE!” she shouted, trying to push me away as I forced myself on her and threatened to rape her on camera.

“Bad dogs get treated badly. Read it,” I told her, slapping her around as I started recording, Carrie shakily beginning to read the lies I had wrote for her to read.

“I-I a-am h-here to announce that I am divorcing my husband. I know you all think we have…had…the perfect marriage, but this shiner on my eye is proof that he beats me. And he has since the day we got married,” Carrie read, fighting back tears as she read the words that were effectively ending her life as she knew it and making her my toy for the rest of her existence.

“Keep going,” I mouthed to her as I walked over in front of the camera and encouraged her to take off her wedding ring as I put my arm around her and acted like I was the new, loving, man in her life.

“B-but I-I already met someone new who loves me the way I deserve to be loved, and I will be marrying him soon,” Carrie said into the camera, forcing a smile as she promised to be back on the road soon right as I forcibly put the ring I had bought for her on her finger and cut the feed off.

“And now that you belong to me forever, the fun can really begin Carrie…” I hissed as I climbed on top of her and started having my way with her again.

“And trust me when I tell you I will treat you the way someone like you deserves to be treated,” I hissed as I went in and out of her again, Carrie banging her fists on the bed as I forcefully maneuvered her legs into various positons around me.

“OHGOD, OHGOD, he’s probably going to kill me now,” Carrie whispered as I thrust in and out of her, feeling her tight cunt walls wrapping around my dick as she started to cum for me.

“I would never kill off such a beautiful creature as you Carrie. It’s much more fun for someone like me to have my way with you,” I told her as she closed her eyes and tried to wish me away, moaning softly as I started to cum in her pussy again.

“On your knees cum dump,” I instructed her, pulling her to her knees by her hair and forcing her mouth onto my dick, giving her no choice but to blow me.

“MMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH,” she moaned as I wrapped my hands around her head, making it hard for her to breathe as I forced her mouth onto my dick again and again.

“YEAH. Your mouth feels almost as good as your pussy does Carrie,” I taunted her as I drove my dick to the back of her throat and held it there, feeling her struggle against me as I came down it.

“Let me go you freak! Wasn’t ruining my life enough?” she shouted at me, trying still to push me away as I grabbed her hips and aimed my dick for her ass.

“I told you I was going to have your life Carrie. And now I do. You’re married to me now, as far as they’re concerned. How I treat you is no concern to them as long as they know I’m not beating you,” I told her, pointing to the window to signify the outside world as I slid into her back door.

“And that means your life will be a living hell now. Cause I own you. Mind, body and soul. Till death do us part,” I taunted her as I started to rape her ass, grabbing a hold of her hips once more and thrusting in and out of her ass with great force.

“Someone please help me…” Carrie softly whispered as I came deep in her ass, reaching around and squeezing her tits as I filled up her bowels with my cum.

“No one is going to help you because no one really cares about you, my little cum dumpster. All they care about is this hole between your legs that every single one of your fans would kill for the chance to fuck just once,” I taunted her as I ran my dick along her pussy…MY pussy…and held it there.

“But it belongs to me now, and no one else will ever have it. And I will continue to fuck, and humiliate, you any way I see fit once you return from the road Carrie,” I told her, making her smile a little at the thought of having a little bit of normalcy returning to her life for a while.


“Get in here cum dump. I only let you leave to go make us…ME…some money,” I berated Carrie as I saw her looking around outside, no doubt hoping to make a break for it instead of returning to her life in hell after a few weeks of freedom on the road.

“And also so no one suspects anything unusual is going on,” I continued, dragging her around the house by her hair when she refused to cooperate with me.

“Bad dog! Get on your hands and knees and bark for me!” I told her, reminding her that I owned and controlled her as she did as she was told.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you like the bitch you are. And you’re going to bark like a fucking bitch in heat for me while I do it,” I told her as I stripped her and ran my dick along her cunt lips.

“BARK BITCH!” I yelled at her as I started thrusting in and out of her again, pounding on her cunt as she started to weakly bark for me.

“A-ARF! ARF! ARF!” she cried out, hanging her head in shame as I fucked her pussy, feeling it wrap tightly around my dick as I berated her for her poor effort to please me.

“Like a bitch in heat, bitch!” I told her, yanking on her hair and snapping her neck back as she gave it another try.

“AROOOOOOOO!!!!! ARRRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!” she howled as I thrust in and out of her, bucking her hips back into mine and cumming for me right as I shot another load into her.

“No, no, no Carrie. You will stay on your hands and knees like a pet doggy for me until I tell you otherwise today,” I icily told her as she tried to make her way to her feet, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her back to her hands and knees as she complained about being hungry.

“Does the doggy want something to eat? Here,” I taunted her as she crawled around on her hands and knees over to the food bowl I was placing just over her head, finally sitting it down in front of her to let her see the dog food inside of it.

“You can’t be serious,” Carrie protested as she tried to craw away, only for me to place it in front of her again.

“Doggies eat out of the bowl,” I told her as I ran my dick along her ass cheeks, sliding it into her ass and beginning to pound her pooper again as she lowered herself to doing what I told her to do, eating dog food out of a bowl while her ass got pounded.

“UH, UH, UH, UH,” she moaned out in disgust and pain as I drilled her ass, the sunlight coming through the curtains in my living room and shining off of the wedding ring she wore that used to represent the best part of her life but now represented the worst.

“MMMMPPPPPPHHHHH,” she moaned as I came deep into her ass, defiantly swallowing down the dog food as she crawled over to me and begged for something to drink.

“Does my little doggy want something to drink?” I taunted her as I walked over to the refrigerator and came back with a bottle of cheap whiskey, forcing her mouth open and pouring the whole bottle down her throat in one motion.

“It…burns…” she whispered as she held her throat, looking like she wanted to gag from the sheer volume of alcohol poured into her system at once.

“That’s the problem with the cheap stuff Carrie. It’s really too bad you’re not good enough for the finer things in life,” I taunted her as she held her stomach and groaned, losing the ability to hold it down.

“If you hurl, you’re cleaning it up. With your hair,” I told her as she ran for the bathroom, a gagging sound coming from her mouth before she made it.

“CLEAN IT UP!” I yelled at her as I grabbed her hair out of the pony tail I was making her wear at all times when in my presence and told her to get to work.

“P-please. D-don’t make me do this. I assume you love me at least a little, since you made me marry you,” Carrie pleaded with me as I told her to do as she was told, making her almost puke all over again at the thought of using her beautiful head of blonde hair to clean up the mess she had made.

“This has nothing to do with love Carrie. I just wanted to own you. Which I do now. SO DO AS I SAY!” I sneered, causing her to cry out in pain when I took several strands of her hair and forced them to the floor.

“You stupid cunts have no idea what it means to actually serve your husbands. Lucky for you, now you know from firsthand experience,” I hissed at her as she took the tips of her hair and cleaned my floor, covering her mouth so that she didn’t wretch again at the smell of her own vomit.

“I hate you,” she softly said to me as she glared at me, still on her hands and knees as she wiped the vomit-stained strands of her hair out of her eyes.

“I know you don’t mean that. You are my wife now, after all,” I told her, my tone with her temporarily softening to give her a false sense of security.

“Go clean yourself up,” I whispered to her, a smile crossing her face as she began to think I was lightening up on her, only to scream out in horror when she felt me come up behind her in the shower.

“MY pussy. And I’ll fuck it anytime I damn well want to,” I reminded her as I pushed her up against the shower stall and threw her legs around me, sliding into her pussy and beginning to take what was mine again.

“MMMPPPPHHHH. MMMMPPPPPHHHH,” she moaned as I sucked on her tits and battered her pussy again, quickly feeing myself approaching orgasm again.

“I’m sending you back out on the road after this Carrie. But no one will help you. Or care. Cause as far as they know, I’m just the “knight in shining armor” who saved you from an “abusive” marriage, and I know you value your beliefs enough not to change that perception of us,” I told her as I hammered into her pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around it as I came inside of her, a flood of my sperm shooting into her tight, wet cunt as I held myself inside of her.


“Ah, so my fuck toy has returned for more,” I taunted Carrie when she showed up at my door after the last round of shows, satisfied with the reports I was hearing that she was living a perfectly normal life while out on the road away from the hell I was putting her through.

“And it appears as though your tour is now over, so we’ll have more time to get to know each other now,” I told her as I cornered her, kissed her neck and started sucking on her tits.

“Get the fuck away from me! I can’t take this anymore!” she shouted at me when I had her assume her position as a dog and kneel before me on her hands and knees again, openly defying me once again.

“You know, that toilet bowl in there is a mess Carrie. Make yourself useful and clean the rim of it. With your tongue,” I commanded her, her eyes bulging out of her head at the thought of such a disgusting act.

“I am not doing that!” she shouted at me, trying to fight up to her feet as I grabbed her by the hair and threw her down the hall.

“Maybe this will change your mind, you little bitch!” I told her as I forced her into the bathroom and held her head underwater as I flushed the dirty toilet, giving her a swirly.

“You bastard!” she hissed as I did it a second time, laughing in her ear as I gave her another swirly, finally bringing her head back above water as I went behind her to fuck her pussy again.

“CLEAN IT WITH YOUR TONGUE. And I am going to fuck what I own again while you do it,” I told her as she held her head inside the toilet bowl, starting to lick the dirty, crusty rim of it as I started fucking her cunt.

“UGH. Oh God this is disgusting…” she moaned as I shoved her head into the bowl, dunking her head underwater occasionally as I fucked her, then laughing in her ear as I watched her go back to work on cleaning the bowl with her tongue.

“You’re going to love what I have in store for you next then,” I taunted her as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, her tongue still working overtime at cleaning up the toilet bowl as I held myself inside of her and erupted into her pussy again.

“FUCK,” she moaned at the feeling of my vile cum invading her perfect pussy again, flopping her hands around as I held her head underwater again.

“Drink the toilet water Carrie. Lap it up and drink it like the pussy you are. Cause that’s all you are to me is a pussy to fuck,” I scolded her as I began to thrust in and out of her again, her tongue dipping into the bowl and lapping up some of the water as she did her best not to spit it out.

“If you vomit into the bowl, so help me God I’ll dunk your head into the vomit water,” I warned her, causing her to shake from head to toe as she thought about such a disgusting act being performed on her.

“UGH,” she moaned, one of her hands going to her mouth and covering it up as she struggled not to succumb to her gag reflexes.

“Drink it, cum dump,” I softly hissed in her ear as I grabbed a hold of her hips and spilled another thick load of my baby seed into her chamber, coating her womb in my life-giving fluid as I held myself inside of her.

“Oh no, no, no. Please. Not like this,” Carrie told herself as I erupted into her again, the reality hitting her that she was most likely pregnant and therefore tied to me forever, since I had already successfully ruined her former life for her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, Carrie. Soon we’ll have a little one on the way and you’ll have to live out the rest of your days with me like this, because I know your fans would look down on you otherwise,” I told her, sneering in her ear as I made her drink some more water out of the toilet bowl.

“Now go clean yourself up. And this time I won’t fuck you. At least not in there. Because I want you to come out in these and do a nice, sexy little striptease for me on the stripper pole I just had put in while you were gone,” I told her as I showed her the skimpy, see-through shirt and shorts I wanted her to wear.

“I think I’m going to be sick…” she whispered when she saw the words written on the shirt, spelling out “fuck toy” across her chest, while the shorts spelled out “cum dump” right over where her pussy lurked underneath of them.

“Do it now,” I whispered to her as she took off to the shower, rushing out a few minutes later and wearing the demeaning clothing I had given her to wear.

“You better not have anything on underneath of them either,” I taunted her, knowing the answer already since her pokey nipples were showing through the shirt and her pussy was visible through the shorts.

“Strip for me. And you better wrap them goddess-like legs of yours around the pole nice and good for me, too,” I directed her, going over to turn on the recording equipment and record the striptease she was about to give me.

“Shake that ass that I’m about to fuck when this is all over with,” I told her as she started to wrap her legs around the pole, humping it like I knew she wanted to be humping the dick of the man she used to call her husband as she gradually shed the flimsy clothing she was wearing.

“Someone’s a horny little sperm dumpster, I see,” I taunted her as she shot daggers at me and wrapped her legs around the pole, sliding up and down on it and so concerned with her own wellbeing that she didn’t notice me recording her.

“FUCK YOU! I’M ONLY DOING THIS CAUSE YOU’RE MAKING ME!” Carrie shouted as she rode the pole a little longer, spreading her long legs as far as they could go and inadvertently giving me a nice view of her spread-apart pussy lips as she finished her strip tease.

“Just in case you ever decide to leave me, I have all my bases covered,” I told her as I showed her the striptease on my computer monitor, causing her to break down and start crying, every ounce of fight she had left in her quickly starting to go away.

“Cry Carrie. Cry. Women with bodies like yours were made for one thing, and now you’re going to live out the rest of your days using your body for nothing more than pleasuring a man just like God intended,” I told her, spitting on her and throwing her on the bed as I straddled her and helped myself to more of her pussy.

“Please God. Please give me a sign how to get out of this,” she cried out as I buried myself within her pussy and thrust in and out of her, her back arching and her legs wrapping around my waist as her body began to get used to the constant pounding it was receiving.

“As far as you should be concerned Carrie, I AM YOUR GOD NOW!” I bellowed as I blew another load in her cunt, holding her down, sucking on her tits, and forcibly making out with her as I filled her up again.

“On your hands and knees doggy,” I sneered in her ear as I pulled out of her, threatening to release the tape of her stripping routine for me if she refused.

“Does the doggy want to eat? Well then the doggy better beg me!” I told her as she got on her knees and held her arms out in front of me like a dog would do with its front feet, beginning to whine for me like a begging puppy.

“ARF! ARF ARF!” she cried out, hanging her head down and refusing to look at me as I placed her food bowl in front of her with a fresh batch of dog food.

“That’s a good dog who deserves a treat,” I told her as I patted her on the head, smiling down at her as I stood over her and started pissing all over her.

“Open your mouth because piss is all your getting to drink today Carrie,” I told her as I rained the piss down her throat, causing her to cry out in pain when a stream of it landed in her eyes.

“YOW! It stings you monster!” she shouted as I shot another stream of it into her eyes, causing her to cover them with her hands as I filled her mouth up with it.

“You see that cage over there in the corner Carrie? While you were on the road finishing up your silly little tour for the people who you aren’t even good enough to breathe the same air as, I bought it for you. Because THAT is your new home, and I will let you out only when I need you to sexually serve me in some way,” I told her as I grabbed her hair and used it to mop up some of the pool of urine she was sitting in, taunting her the whole time about how worthless she now was to anyone but me.

“And I would give you a pregnancy test, but why bother? We both already know you’re carrying my child now, don’t we?” I hissed as I blew her a kiss and filled up her bowls with dog food and toilet water, her only source of nutrition for the coming night.

“LOOK AT ME YOU COWARD! I DID EVERYTHING YOU TOLD ME TO DO! LET ME GO!” Carrie shouted out into the distance, her cries falling on deaf ears as I watched the news reports about me, the “mysterious” new man in her life who had “saved” her from a life of hell, trickle all over the entertainment shows.

Little did they know how wrong they were, or how much her life was a living hell now, thanks to me taking ownership of her.

“Look at that Carrie! I am a GOD to those people! Your fans love me for “saving your life” and they don’t even know who I am! I told you I was going to have your life, and now I do. But that doesn’t mean I’m letting you go anytime soon,” I told her as she rattled the bars of the cage she was locked in, trying to escape.

“If I were to do that, I would have to go back to the life I had. And why would I want to do something like that?” I asked her as I came up the cage and looked her in the eyes.

“You’re mine Carrie. ALL MINE. I’M NEVER LETTING YOU GO,” I told her as I showed her the ring I wore to match the one on her finger, crawling over to the bed and shutting off the lights as I called it a night.

The first night of the rest of Carrie Underwood’s new life in hell.

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