Carrie’s Revenge: The Finale

Carrie’s Revenge: The Finale
Starring: Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson
FF, Con
Author: Kcruzfm
Disclaimer: None of the named Celeb’s had anything to do with this story, it is only a Fantasy


As Jessica continues to lick Carrie’s nipple, Carrie’s hand running up and down along Jessica’s back lightly, Jessica’s hand sliding down along Carrie’s tummy, sliding inside her panties, Carrie’s breathing getting faster as Jessica’s fingers run along Carrie’s wetness, Carrie’s arching her back,
allowing Jessica to slide down the wet panties.

Jessica begins to finger Carrie, her fingers getting wetter, sliding in and out more and more, Carrie stretching her arms over her head, stretching her body, her legs begin to widen at Jessica’s touch.

Jessica kissing down Carrie’s tummy, slowly licking Carrie’s belly button, her tongue slowly making circles inside, Carrie’s breathing turning to moans as Jessica’s tongue circles deeper inside Carrie’s belly button.

Carrie reaching her one hand down, cupping Jessica’s breasts, her fingers circling Jessica’s nipple in time with her tongue inside her belly button.

With Carries legs spread wider, Jessica begins rubbing along Carrie’s clit, driving Jessica wild, Carrie’s fingers grabbing Jessica’s breasts harder, pinching her nipple.

Carrie’s hand sliding down along Jessica’s tummy, sliding inside her panties, fingering her, so they are fingering each other.
Jessica kisses down from Carrie’s belly button to her wetness, her tongue slowly flickers along her clit, Carrie grabs Jessica’s legs, pulling them over her, putting them into a 69 position, Carrie slides Jessica’s panties down and begins flickering her tongue along Jessica’s wetness.

Jessica’s fingers parting Carrie’s lips, her tongue flickering faster and faster along her clit, Carries hands grabbing Jessica’s butt, pulling her in more and more.

moments go by, Carrie begins sucking on Jessica’s clit causing Jessica to cum, soon Carrie feeling Jessica sucking on her clit, causing her to cum just as much.

They catch their breath and lay beside each other, holding each other, caressing each others breasts til they dose off. When Jessica wakes she is alone, thinking she may have only dreampt the whole thing.

After her shower, Jessica see’s a heart traced out in the steamed up mirror with CU and JS was here in the middle, now Jessica knew it was real……….


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