Carrie’s Revenge – Part 1

Carrie’s Revenge – Part 1
Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo
Authur: kcruzfm
Story Codes: FF, cons
Disclaimer: This story is fiction, the named Celebrities had nothing to do with this, this is just a fantasy story.

With the football season coming to a close soon, Jessica Simpson decided to spend the Saturday night with Tony Romo for dinner before he had to go back to the team Hotel and to meet the teams curfew.
Tony and Jessica ate their dinner, Jessica drinking wine more and more, though Tony drinking water since there was a game the next day.

Carrie underwood knew of the Resturant because Tony has taken her there before when they were dating, though she didn’t expect to see him there with Jessica, she sat alone in the corner watching them eat and watching Jessica drinking.
After a while Carrie watched as they got up and Tony helped Jessica to her hotel room. Carrie soon followed but stayed behind far enough not to be noticed.
She see’s as Tony leaves and returns to the team hotel, leaving Jessica by herself for the rest of the night.
Carrie walks to the room door about to knock, but tries the door knob to see if it may be unlocked, which it seems to be unlocked, she peeks in, seeing Jessica stumbling around the room, seeing her still in her new blue jeans and thin white blouse, watching her trying to kick off her shoes, falling back onto the bed, her arms flying over her head, she looks like she has given up on getting undressed.
Carrie slowly slips into the room, stands next to the bed, looking down at Jessica her feet touching the floor, but her body stretched across the bed, Carrie can tell That Jessica attempted to unbutton the bottom buttons of her blouse, but stopped at only 3 buttons, exposing her tummy and belly button.
Carrie lightly sits on the bed along side the sprawled Jessica. Though Jessica looks like she is dead, her tummy goes up and down as she breathes.
Carrie lays beside Jessica , Carrie rolls on her side, and continues looking at Jessica.
Carrie moves her hand over Jessica’s tummy, but not touching it, then her finger begins lightly touching Jessica’s belly button, making little circles inside, feeling Jessica breathe, she stops to see if it wakes Jessica, but it doesn’t.
Carrie circles her finger more and more inside Jessica’s belly button lightly, she see’s Jessica begin to move, but only to stretch more, her tummy sinks in as it tickles, but she doesn’t wake.
Carrie runs her fingers lightly along Jessica’s tummy, then slowly begins to unbutton the rest of the buttons of Jessica’s blouse, her fingers run along Jessica’s sides and ribs, opening the blouse more, exposing Jessica’s black bra.
Now Carrie can see what Tony see’s in her, her breasts are much bigger and very nice.
Carrie runs her fingers lightly along Jessica’s cleavage, feeling Jessica breathe.
Carrie’s other hand slowly unbuttoning her own blouse, so her tummy touches Jessica’s side.
Carrie’s other hand tracing along Jessica’s bra, soon Carrie hears Jessica beginning to wake up, she looks into her eyes as they open slowly.
Jessica begins to move slowly and see its Carrie beside her, oh, Carrie what are you doing here? Jess asks with glazed look and speech.
Carrie giggles and says, I saw you come back up to your room and you had problems getting in, so i helped you, ” knowing that wasn’t the truth” with Jessica still feeling the effects of the wine, felt much better knowing she helped her, not thinking about how Carrie use to date Tony and how the tabloids have mentioned it over and over.
Jessica giggles and feels silly that she had to be helped, Carrie giggles with her.
Jessica’s hand reaches down and runs through Carrie’s hair as Carrie remains laying beside her, her hand resting on Jessica’s tummy her fingers lightly tickling in time with Jessica’s fingers running through her hair.
That tickles but I like it, its so soft Jessica says in her drunken speech, Carrie circles more and more inside her belly button, feeling her breathing faster at her touch.
Jessica’s hand slides down along Carrie’s back, reaching down, slowly lifting the back of her unbuttoned blouse, caressing her back softly, oh that is nice too Carrie says with a giggle.
Carries hand runs along Jessica’s tummy,lightly touching her ribs, counting them one by one.
Jessica’s hand going up under Carries blouse along her back more and more, lifting it from behind as her fingers caress her back.
Carrie can feel Jessica’s fingers unhooking her bra along her back, Carries hand runs up along Jessica’s tummy, slowly caressing her black bra, they both begin to breathe faster, then start to giggle as they both feel silly, though Jessica is the only one that had been drinking.

…To Be Continued

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