Carrie’s Revenge – Part 2

Carrie’s Revenge – Part 2
Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson
FF, cons
Disclaimer: This story is total fiction, the named Celebrities had nothing to do with this, this is just a fantasy story.

As Carrie lays beside Jessica, both of their blouses unbuttoned, Carrie can feel Jessica’s hand along her back, unhooking her bra, Carries hand caresses over the front of Jessica’s bra, her fingers tracing along Jessica’s cleavage, feeling her breathing faster.

Jessica’s hand running up and down along Carrie’s back, pulling her closer, Carrie’s tummy pressing
along Jessica’s side as she begins to slide on top, throwing her leg over, now straddling Jessica’s hips.

Jessica looks up as Carrie leans forward, looking down at Jessica, Carrie holding herself up, her hands at each side of Jessica’s face.

Jessica reaches up and runs her fingers along Carrie’s tummy inside her unbuttoned blouse, Carrie’s head leans back as she feels Jessica’s fingers run up under her unhooked bra, caressing her breasts, Jessica’s fingers lightly circling Carrie’s nipples, feeling them getting harder.

Carrie’s Blonde hair hanging down onto Jessica’s face as Carrie now looking into Jessica’s eyes, Jessica’s fingers still caressing Carrie’s breasts.

Carrie sits back up her fingers drag along Jessica’s cleavage slowly unhooking her bra in the front, now exposing her huge breasts, Jessica stretches her hands over her head as she feels Carrie beginning to caress her breasts.

I know why Tony is so attracted to you Jessica, your breasts are amazing and im in love with them too, Carrie says with a giggle.

Jessica reaches down, sliding Carries unbuttoned blouse off her shoulders, sliding her bra off her arms… oh Carrie your breasts are beautiful too Jessica say’s as she cups Carrie’s breasts.

Carrie lean’s back, allowing Jessica’s hands all over her breasts, Jessica’s fingers lightly tickle down along Carrie’s tummy, making little circles in her belly button, Carrie’s tummy sinks in as it tickles, she leans back even more, not wanting her to stop, Jessica’s finger slowly circling deeper inside Carrie’s belly button.

Carrie can feel Jessica’s hips moving under her, slowly lifting as Carrie presses down slowly, Carrie looks down as can see Jessica’s fingers tracing along the waistband of her jeans.

Carrie doesn’t stop Jessica as she begins to unbutton her jeans, Carrie’s breathing getting heavier as the buttons of her jeans slowly open, Jessica’s fingers slowly trace along the front waistband of Carrie’s panties, Jessica giggles as her fingers trace back and forth lightly pulling on the waistband……..

To be continued

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