Carrie’s Revenge – Part 3

Carrie’s Revenge – Part 3
Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson
FF, cons
Disclaimer: None of the named Celebrities had anything to do with this story, it is just a fantasy story.

As Carrie continues to straddle Jessica’s hips on the bed, Carrie can feel Jessica’s fingers run along the waistband of her panties, then slowly down along the front, Jessica can feel Carrie’s wetness beginning to seep through her panties.
Carrie leans back even more, moving her arms behind herself, pressing on Jessica’s thighs, holding herself up.

Jessica’s fingers trace
along Carrie’s wetness, lightly pressing more and more, Carrie’s hips begin to move, her legs widening at her touch, Jessica slowly pulls down the front of Carrie’s panties, now seeing the blonds little landing strip, her fingers trace along the strip, feeling the wetness even more.

Carrie’s eyes close as she as she leans her head back, her breathing getting heavier, her fingers now almost grabbing into Jessica’s jeans along her thighs, her one hand slides between Jessica’s legs, pressing her jeans, hoping to feel wetness coming through, Jessica tries to arch her back at Carrie’s touch.

Carrie begins to slide down Jessica’s legs, but Jessica stops her and rolls Carrie off her, now laying beside each other, Jessica leans in, kissing Carrie on the lips, their tongue soon begin to touch, Jessica’s hand runs down along Carrie’s tummy, slowly sliding inside her wet panties and begins to finger her, Carrie’s fingers running through Jessica’s hair, almost pulling her hair as Jessica’s fingers slide in and out slowly, getting wetter and wetter.

Carrie lays back as Jessica begins kissing down her neck, kissing her chest then her breasts, Jessica’s fingers begin sliding in and out faster and faster as Carrie lifts her hips.

Carries hand runs down along Jessica’s back as Jessica begins to lick one of Carrie’s nipples, her tongue circling the nipple slowly at first, then faster as she feels Carrie’s hand slide down, slowly running along the back waistband of Jessica’s Jeans…..

to be continued

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