Carry On Dick

Usual Warning don’t read this if you’re under 18 or offended by this sort of material etc etc

Carry on Dick feat Barbara Windsor

By randy m

Codes: mF, cons, mast

The year is 1974 and I’m 17 years old and have managed to wangle a small production role on the new Carry On film that was in production, “Carry on Dick” there was only one reason that I wanted to be on set and she went by the name of Barbara Windsor.

Barbara Windsor was a regular of the “Carry On” films this was to be the fifth in which she appeared. Barbara had a very simple role to fulfil she was the eye candy
for the men to drool over and dream about and more often then out her part would require her to get her tits out in a comedy situation in order to keep the male half of the audience happy.

She was a petite lady only 4 11″ high but her small frame only caused her best assets, her breasts, to look even bigger.

I remember when she first caught my eye in “Carry On Spying” where she wore a red sequined dress that pushed her breasts together to create an impressive valley of cleavage, I couldn’t remember of times I’d wanked off while watching that video or her appearance in “Carry On Camping” where her bikini top flew off to reveal her massive breasts underneath.

So here I was outside her dressing room, I knew she was busy filming a scene at that time so I decided to go in for a quick look around, I pushed the door aside and stepped in to find quite a plain room.

There was a make up table with mirror on one side and a sofa as well as a rail full of costumes on the other.

But only one thing caught my eye and that was the chest of drawers that sat ahead of me because lying on top was a complete set of sexy black underwear bra, panties, garter belt and stockings all of which had obviously been worn.

Even the sight of these made me hard so I slipped the bra into my pocket and picked up the panties which where made from a smooth satin.

My cock was so hard and I needed a release so I pulled my flies down and started to wank myself with the panty covered hand it was sheer bliss but the silence was suddenly broken by a voice coming from the doorway

“Can I help you with that?”

I turned round to see Barbara Windsor herself standing in the doorway she was wearing a white top and blue skirt, the white top had split all the way down the middle revealing her gorgeous breasts for all to see.

Barbara sank to her knees in front of me and grabbed hold of my still rock hard cock and started to wank me off.

“I bet you’ve dreamt about this for a long time haven’t you? I know loads of men who watch my films masturbate thinking about me and I love it, it makes me so horny”

I couldn’t hold on for much longer and she knew as much

“Are you about to cum?” she asked

“Yes” I replied

“Shoot your sticky load all over my tits!” she said

And that I did my first shot landed on her left breast, I aimed my cock at her other tit and covered that one in my spunk as well before hosing down the rest of chest with my man seed.

Once I had finished Barbara brought her hands up to her breasts and started to smear my spunk all over her tits, this sight filled me with a strange sense of pride and also had the effect of making my cock rock hard again almost instantly.

“Ready again?”

I nodded

“Well I’ve got little treat for you”

With that Barbara tore off what remained of her top and lay down on the floor

“Put your cock between my tits”

I did as was told and Barbara pushed her breasts together against my penis I started to slide back and forth in her cleavage the feeling was fantastic with plenty of lubrication provided by my own spunk.

I looked down and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of my fantasy females tits combined with the slapping noise of my balls hitting the underside of her breasts made me shot my load on an upward stroke this caused my spunk to land all over Barbara’s face giving her a lovely facial with sperm all over her cheeks, nose, mouth and hair.

It was a lovely sight and just looking at her with the whole upper half of her body covered in spunk from the facial and tit wank started to make me hard again.

“Are a virgin?” she asked

“Yes” I replied

“Well I can’t let you leave without fucking me can I?”

She then removed her skirt and simple white cotton panties and got her hands and knees.

She turned round to me and said


“Do you know it is always been a fantasy of mine to be a bloke’s first”

This was all the encouragement I needed and I rammed my cock in to her super tight pussy the feeling was bliss.

Barbara was moaning I could tell she loved it

“Faster I’m going to cum” she shouted

So I sped up my pace as she started to moan as she experienced her orgasm, I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock even more and knew I would cum soon.

With one final thrust I shot what felt like gallons of spunk deep in to her cunt.

As I pulled out Barbara collapsed on the floor exhausted I got up tucked my cock back in to my boxers pocketed the knickers from earlier and walked towards the door

“I’ll see tomorrow love, I need a good seeing to at least once a day” Barbara said

And with that I left knowing that I could hardly wait until tomorrow.

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