Case No: 187, Portman Natalie

Case No: 187, Portman Natalie

It was raining bucket loads as Ms Portman stared through the glass panel in the library door, her flatmate Claire had offered to give her a lift home due to the obscene weather outside. However it was twenty minutes since Claire had gone to fetch her car from the car park. It was almost pitch lack outside, Natalie had been at the library all day as she had a lot of work to catch up on after taking time out from her studies to film Attack of the Clones.

Slowly she opened the heavy door and stepped out onto the step just under the cover of the awning above the doorway. The sound
of the driving rain was almost deafening as it beat the steps that lay in front of her. She was about to step out into the storm when she had remembered she had paid one hundred and fifty dollars for her haircut. However it wasn’t a weekly celebrity indulgence she had had her hair cut especially for her end of year university ball the following day. To prevent the hard rain ruining it she removed her coat and held it gently over her head. She then darted out into the storm beginning the seemingly simple journey back to her apartment.

Natalie had been walking across campus for a few minutes when she stopped for a moment. She turned round looking down the long footpath she had just navigated but the wind and rain made impossible to see more than a few yards from her face. As she turned back around a large clap of thunder made her jump so vigorously that her black coat fell from her hands and onto the wet floor she looked down at her now soaked coat. A flash of lighting then startled her once more and without even picking up her coat Ms Portman began to continue her journey but at a slightly increased pace.

The footpath was flanked on either side by tall thorny bushes. Although the bushes shielded her slightly from the rain it was not enough to stop her white pinstriped blouse from clinging to her chest. She folded her arms over her chest and began to brake into a steady jog. After a few minutes the rain started to let up, only very slightly mind you. However it was enough for Natalie to recognise a junction in the footpath about 50 yards ahead. If she was to turn left off the footpath she would return to a brightly lit road which at this time of the night was packed full of fellow students looking for the ideal bar to spend the rest of day, however it added at least another 15 minutes onto her journey time. If she continued down the footpath she would arrive home in no more than 2 minutes. She was so cold and wet that Natalie decided she would continue to make her way along the footpath. Slowly she jogged towards the junction, she was now looking forward to a piping hot cup of coffee from her brand new percolator.
Boom! All of a sudden Natalie felt a heavy blow into her left-hand side which sent her sprawling into the thorny bushes on her right.

“Jesus Christ!” she said

“Oh I am so so sorry” replied the deep voice

Natalie could feel the thorns poking through her shirt and into her supple skin. She struggled to get to her feat until the man put out an outstretched hand. Slightly reluctantly Ms Portman placed her hand in the large palm of the man. He began to pull her to her feet when all of a sudden his other hand swung down landing a heavy blow to Natalie’s stomach. Again she fell backwards landing heavily on the concrete path. She looked up the rain stinging her eyes, either her vision had become blurred or she was now confronted by three large men. She tried to speak but the punch had forced all the air from her lungs. All of a sudden her fears were confirmed one of the new men planted a swift kick into her abdomen. Natalie could feel her toned stomach muscles convulsing under her see through blouse. The three men towered over the stricken actress, to her it seemed as though they were almost admiring their handy work. Naively Natalie expected the men to rob her and then leave however the original man then proceeded to reach down and grab Natalie by the head. Much to her horror one of the other men then placed a perforated cloth bag over her head plunging Ms Portman into darkness. The placing of the bag was shortly followed by a final heavy blow to the stomach. The was enough to make Natalie pass out.

When She awoke Natalie was still clothed but not in what she was originally wearing. Her shoes were gone and some blue jogging bottoms had replaced her jeans, Her pinstriped top had been replaced by a skimpy low cut vest top. As she tried to move Natalie found that she was in fact bound to a chair. She looked down and saw a large black swollen bruise on her otherwise flat belly. She didn’t need to touch it to know how sore it was. She was also covered in small cuts and scratches from when she was pushed into the thorny bush.

Her surroundings were bleak, she could not see behind her but in front of her were a large horizontal mirror, and a steal door. She began to scream for help but the only response came from the echoing of her own futile SOS.

Behind the one way mirror stood to of the men. They stood silently just watching Natalie struggle against her restraints totally oblivious to the nightmare that lay infront of her. The two men turned as the small door behind them opened. In walked the third man.
“She’s awake J.” said one of the men.

“Good Good.” Replied J. “Shall we begin?”

The Door opened with a loud creek and the three men filed in. Natalie began to bombard the men with the usual sort of questions. Without responding to any of them the man known only as Z firmly forced a red ball gag into Natalie’s mouth transforming her screams into muffled pleas. They made a small injection into the side of Natalie’s neck and then stepped back ad began to laugh. Natalie began to sob. What was it they injected into her blood stream?

After about ten minutes they then proceeded to un-strap Natalie from the chair. As she came free of her restraints it became clear what had been injected into her. The three men had injected her with some kind of anaesthetic that meant she was totally paralysed. The only signs of life was the movement of her eyes, her heavy erratic breathing and the tears streaming down her face.

The three men laid Natalie on her back, her head raised slightly on a pillow. J gently removed the ball gag leaving Natalie’s mouth wide open and her un able to shut it.
“Go for it G!” said J

“I don’t need to be asked twice.” replied G

The man then proceeded to straddle Natalie and kneel down. He unzipped his fly and removed his thick cock. Natalie could do nothing except cry. To her surprise he did not shove his cock in her mouth straight away.

After a short delay G started to urinate on Natalie’s face. G’s piss went in eyes and up her nose until he finally found her mouth. Natalie tried to spit it out but when you cannot move your mouth its not that easy. In the end all she could do to prevent herself from drowning was to swallow as much of the piss as possible.

Suddenly and with out warning G shoved the entirety of his cock deep into Natalie’s throat.

She choked violently as the cock forced its way deep into her throat. She had never given a blowjob as she had always found the concept rather unhygienic. It was not long before G’s moans had risen to screams of pleasure. Natalie’s eyes had begun to sting from the salty tears she was crying. Then after what seemed like an eternity G plunged his entire cock as deep as possible into the young starlet’s throat. With his stomach pressed against her face and his balls rested on her chin G shot his load right into Natalie’s throat. She had no choice whether to swallow, as it was all she could do to stop herself suffocating.

After laying flaccid in her mouth for a short time G removed his limp penis and dismounted the violated woman. It was then that Nat began to feel a little feeling returning to her face. She mustered up the strength and courage to try to discourage her attackers.

“People will be looking for me,” She said meekly, “My roommate Claire was expecting me!”
“Ah yes…Claire, now lets see!” replied one of the men.

He walked over to a TV and wheeled it to the foot of the bed where Natalie was situated. He then proceeded to turn on the monitor. When the old screen eventually warmed up Nat was horrified by what she saw. What the black and white television depicted was her roommate blind folded and tied to a wooden chair in an empty room!

“What the…If you hurt her you’ll pay!” Balled Natalie

“We have no reason to hurt her, just make sure you don’t give us one!” said Z

With that Z turned off the monitor and turned to face Natalie. Natalie pleaded silently just shaking her head left and right. A smile then crept across Z’s face.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet baby, not a thing!”

All three of the men then broke out into fits of laughter as tears once again began to fall from Nat’s eyes.

With that Z, the only black member of the gang than straddled her in the same way G had earlier. Slowly he unzipped his fly and pulled ut his phenomenal cock. To be fair Nat had only ever seen three cocks, her long time boyfriend Jake’s, Ewan McGregor had wasted know time getting his lad out on the first drinking binge of the episode 1 cast and now G’s. Regardless of this the sheer logistics of reproduction implied that a dick of such a size would be somewhat impractical. Nat quickly shut her mouth clenching it shut. Z chuckled and simply pinched Ms Portman’s nose. After a few minutes of futile resistance Natalie succumbed and opened her mouth wide just to suck in some oxygen. Unfortunately she was not given the chance as Z thrust his enormous member deep into Nat’s mouth. Nat’s head shot backward and the bulge created by the phenomenal penis could be seen pulsating under the taught skin of Ms Portman’s neck. After a minute or two Natalie began to choke, still Z kept on relentlessly fucking her face. All of a sudden Natalie’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started turning blue!

“Hey Z man get off her!” shouted J “She’s gonna pass out. This isn’t part of plan!”
Z ignored his colleague’s instructions and carried on pumping. Just as Z was about to shoot his load a hand on his shoulder pulled him back just enough for his dick to come sliding out of Natalie’s mouth. All of a sudden Natalie jerked into life her chest heaved as she took in a huge breath of much needed oxygen.

Z turned and stared directly into J’s eyes. Without saying a word he then turned and looked at G. G nodded.

“J’s right man, just finish up and we’ll get on with the mission.”

With that Z turned around and started jacking off directly in Nat’s face. It didn’t take long for him to start shooting his load all over the contours of Ms Portman’s face. It went in her hair, her eyes, and even in her mouth but she managed to spit most of it out leaving it cascading slowly down her chin.

Quickly Z leaped off the bed and zipped up his black trousers.

“Bring in the Sample” instructed Z.

All of a sudden the large metal door opened up and a new man, wearing nothing but a ski mask and a pair of black boxer shorts, walked into the room. Just as the feeling was starting to return to Natalie’s prone body the three dressed men began removing Nat’s clothes until she was totally naked. She put up what little resistance she could but was no match for the overpowering strength of the three men. The men then proceeded to tie Natalie’s limp limbs to the corresponding bedposts.

Nat was now spread eagle and totally vulnerable. The man in the ski mask slowly moved towards the bed.

Without saying a word the man straddled Natalie’s taught body. He looked nervous as Nat looked questioningly into his eyes. Then silently and without warning the man penetrated Natalie violently causing her to wince in pain. She turned her head to the side breaking the eye contact. The man continued to buck back and forth relentlessly pummelling Nat’s pussy. This was the final degradation. Throughout Nat’s ordeal she had never felt so totally violated. What puzzled her most was that the man didn’t even seem to be taking any pleasure from the event.

The pain was really starting to get to Natalie now as she yelped with every violent thrust. Luckily for Natalie the pain didn’t last much longer. It was not long before the man was shooting load after load of hot come into Natalie’s abused body.

An hour later Natalie was dressed and the feeling in her limbs was back to full strength. She was tied to the chair again but this time there was no gag in her mouth. The three men returned to the room.

“Are you feeling better Ms Portman?” asked G

“Fuck you!” she shouted!

“Why me?” she asked a little more subdued.

The three men looked at each other until Z said…

“Why not…it can’t heart.”

“We are part of a top secret government agency. Our current mission is to locate, capture and impregnate a select list of women.

“But why?” asked Natalie.

“It’s a well known fact that beautiful men and women make the best spies. So using the sperm of some of our best agents and the eggs of the most aesthetically pleasing woman we hope to create a generation of super spies.” Said Z.

“Well you’re not gonna get away with this I don’t care who you work for!”

All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light
Natalie stood up and looked around. Her clothes were soaked through and she had a splitting headache. Surely she hadn’t been out cold all night. She remembered falling over. She must have banged her head really hard. She began to walk slowly back to her apartment. What a night, Anything could of happened to her whilst she laid there. What she didn’t know was it had, she just couldn’t remember it. Something tells me she might get a bit of a reminder in around nine months or so!

Agent L, signing out.

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