Cash for Kaley

Title:  Cash For Kaley

Author:  Tori

Celebs: Kaley Cuoco

Codes:  MF, cons, oral, anal, fist, WS, rough

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


Gary and his friends had been keeping an eye on the gorgeous blonde standing at the bar for over an hour.  None of them had the courage to go over and talk to her so they just sat there admiring her from their table.  Gary thought she looked just like Kaley Cuoco but his friends told him he was nuts.  There was no way a big star like Kaley would come into a hotel bar alone.  Still, Gary was sure it was her so he stood up, took a deep breath and walked over to her.

“Hi, my friends and I were wondering…..”  The beautiful woman turned and smiled and said, “Yes, I’m Kaley Cuoco.”  Gary turned to his buddies and gave them a thumbs up and said, “Damn it!  I knew it.”  The Big Bang Theory star looked over at his friends and then leaned in and whispered, “Do you want to fuck me?”  Gary’s jaw dropped and then said, without hesitation, “Hell yes!”  Then she said, “It’ll cost you a grand.”  Gary stepped back and thought about it for a second and said, “Wait right here.”  He went over to his friends and said, “Someone give me fifty bucks.”  One of the guys said, “Wait a minute.  She’s going to fuck you for fifty bucks?”  Gary shook his head and said, “Hell no.  A grand but I only have nine fifty in cash.  Come on, cough it up.”  After he got the cash, he went back over to her and said, “Where are we gonna do this?”  Kaley finished her drink and took his hand.  “Let’s go to my room.”  Gary let her lead him past the table and as they walked by, his friends just stared in amazement.  Once in the elevator, Kaley pressed the button to the penthouse and said, “Got a name cowboy?”  Gary cleared his throat and told her his name and then said, “I can’t believe I’m going to the fuck Kaley Cuoco.”  She smiled and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way Gary but this isn’t my first time picking up a stranger in a bar for a hard fuck.”  Gary nodded and said, “Oh sure.  I mean, you can have any man you want but I thought you were married.”  She looked straight ahead and said, “I am but my idiot husband got kicked in the nuts by his horse and can’t get it up and I need a hard cock to keep me from going insane but I’m not giving this away for free.”

The elevator doors opened and Kaley stepped into the penthouse.  She turned to Gary and said, “Well?  Are you coming or not?”  Gary quickly followed her and watched as she reached behind and unzipped her tight red dress.  The sexy actress let it drop to the floor as she walked over to the mini bar and poured herself a drink.  She gulped it down and then turned to Gary and said, “Let’s see the cash sweetie.”  Gary pulled the bills from his pocket and dropped them on the coffee table.  Kaley smiled and then said, “Strip.”  Gary started to unbutton his shirt and then took off his trousers.  It didn’t take long before he was standing there in his boxer briefs.  Kaley took off her bra and panties and came over to Gary in nothing but her six inch stiletto heels.  She took his hand and led him over to the white leather couch.  When she sat down, she opened a small box on the glass coffee table and put the cash inside.  Before she closed it, she pulled out a small vial of white powder and emptied it on the table.  She used a razor blade to cut some fat lines and then rolled up one of Gary’s hundred dollar bills.  As she leaned down, she said, “I just love snorting coke.  It really makes me one horny bitch.”  She quickly did two lines and handed the bill to Gary.  “Go ahead sweetie.  It’ll make you last longer and I really need you to fuck me hard for a long time.”  Gary snorted down a couple of lines and then Kaley did another and then sat back and spread her legs wide open.

She started to rub her bare pussy and said, “You know Gary.  I’m just a fucking coke whore and I want to be treated like one.  Can you do that for me?”  Gary pulled his boxer briefs off and stroked his hard cock.  He watched her shove a couple of fingers deep into the wet hole and said, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you slut and you’re gonna be begging me for more.”  Kaley started to finger bang her pussy and said, “Mmmmmm GOD!  Come on mother fucker.  Get up here and shove that big cock down my nasty throat.”  Gary quickly stood up on the couch and grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his cock down her willing throat.  He started to fuck her mouth and said, “That’s it bitch suck my cock like a fucking whore.”  As he slammed his cock down her throat, he started smacking her big tits with his hand.  He squeezed, pulled and twisted her hard nipples while she choked on the big cock buried in her throat.

After several minutes, he pulled out and said, “Open your mouth cunt.”  Kaley knew what was coming and opened her mouth just in time to catch his hot piss pouring from his cock.  She gulped down what she could, letting the rest run down along her heaving breasts.  Gary started to shove his cock down her throat, pull out and piss some more.  Kaley couldn’t believe how much piss this guy had stored up but swallowed like her life depended on it.

Kaley was having a hard time breathing, so when Gary finally pulled his cock out of her throat, she started coughing and gasping for air.  While she caught her breath, Gary pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs wide open.  He sat down and started to push his fingers into her wet pussy.  Kaley lay back moaning as he frigged her.  She felt him start to push his entire hand inside her and by the time he was wrist deep, she started to cum.  Her juicy pussy opened wide allowing Gary to pump his closed fist deeper and deeper into her gaping hole.  “FUCKING YESSSSSS!!!!!   SLAM MY NASTY CUNT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!” she screamed.  Gary was jerking his hard cock with his hand while he fist fucked the gorgeous blonde with the other.  Kaley came over and over again and Gary’s arm was soon soaked with her girl cum.  Kaley used both hands to hold his arm tight and started to fuck herself on his fist.  Gary could feel her pussy tighten around him and when he finally pulled out, she started squirting and screaming as she came.

By the time her orgasm ran it’s course, Gary stood up looking at the ruined beauty laying spread eagle on the couch and said, “Jesus fuck you’re one nasty cunt, aren’t you?”  Kaley just smiled and then Gary grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the couch, throwing her on her stomach on the carpet.  He got down behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart and said, “Your fucking ass is mine bitch,”  He started to push his cock into her tight hole and when he was balls deep, he pulled her head back and spit on her face.  Kaley started moaning as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her now gaping hole.  She reached behind and used her hands to spread her ass wide open so she could take more and more of his fat cock in her dirt pipe.  Gary put his hands around her neck and started choking her as her rammed her ass.  He choked her hard until she was ready to pass out and then allowed her catch her breath.  Gary continued to choke and assault the blonde beauty for several minutes and then felt his balls tighten before finally releasing his hot load deep in her bowels.  Just as he came, he squeezed her neck tight, causing her to pass out.

When he finished cumming, he stood up and started to piss on her face.  Kaley came too and opened her mouth, swallowing what she could.  Gary emptied his bladder and then wiped his cock off with her hair and sat down on the couch.  He sat back and stared at the messed up actress and said, “I certainly got my money’s worth on you whore.”  Kaley just smiled and said, “You’re a great fuck Gary.  I’ll be here for two more days so if you’ve got the cash, I’ve got the ass.”

The End.

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