Casta Spell

Casta Spell


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Thanks to my
friend Mesmer
Eyes for helping out with the idea. Enjoy.

One would never really think that celebrities would have a lot of time for
the internet. This
was something where people would go to check on celebrities, not the other way
around. And
given how busy many careers were, the sheer time to look over the massive
information highway
of the world wide web was a bit much for some stars. But some found the time to
check things

Laetitia Casta didn’t quite strike people as the type to
be computer savvy.
She was far
from the dumb model, of course, proving her intelligence with her markebility
campaigns that
kept her in high profile both in Europe and abroad. Still, like many models, she
did fall into the
stereotype people had that a model had to be as dumb as she was beautiful.

If that was truly the case, than Laetitia would have had an IQ of 60. The
Frenchwoman’s body was perfectly shaped, highlighted by a round ass and what
some of the sites
on the Internet had termed the best set of breasts in the world. Her face,
surrounded by long
brown hair, was also perfection with a chiseled beauty that added to her fame.

Laetitia was no idiot, however and had found the Internet a great way to
kick back after a
hard day of shooting, both photos and an occasional film in her native land.
With her wealth, it
was easy to get the great system she wanted, a fast modem, media player, all the
needed to make her time online all the easier. She had both a laptop and a
system at her regular
home so she could check things easily and a translator allowed her to understand
some of the sites
that didn’t speak her native tongue.

It didn’t surprise Laetitia that there were quite a few sites on the net
devoted to her. She
knew she had a following that had spread from Europe to America but was amazed
at just how
large it was. Of course, a lot of the sites featured her nude, which didn’t
bother her as much as it
could have. European models had far less hang-ups about such things as their
colleagues across
the pond and the photos she had posed for really weren’t that bad. The ones
taken of her on
beaches or other public places did throw her a bit, though but she had been
through this with
tabloids and realized there was little she could do.

One thing that had amazed Laetitia was the very large collection of sites
devoted to
fictional accounts of meetings with celebrities, most of which revolved around
sex. Again, that
shouldn’t have surprised her, people just loved to imagine themselves with
celebrities and this
gave them an outlet for their fantasies. And Laetitia was very interested in how
many stories there
were about her.

So, here she was, kicking back in New York with a nice hotel room, trolling
through the
net and finding some of the sites devoted to herself. Okay, so it was a bit
egotistic but she kind of
liked seeing all these tributes to her various fans had created.

She was scrolling through a search list of such sites and paused at one in
particular. “Casta
Spell,” she muttered. She let out a small smile at the unique name and then
clicked on the link,
waiting to see what new delights a fan could have designed about her.

The screen blinked for a few moments, surprising Laetitia. She usually had
a better
connection than this to speed things up. Finally, an image came on the screen.
It seemed to be a
screen saver, probably something to show while the site loaded up. It appeared
to be a pattern,
almost a spiral, with shifting blue and green colors that moved about. Laetitia
watched it carefully
for a few moments as music came on the small speaker inside her computer.

Laetitia sat back, watching the strange pattern move about as she tried to
understand just
what she was watching. It was taking a while longer than she thought but she
somehow didn’t
mind, the nice music flowing into her ears combining with the images on the
screen to relax her.
Laetitia just sat in her chair, watching the images flow on the screen, the
circular pattern shifting
about and about, creating a wonderful circle of colors flowing together while
the music played
into Laetitia’s ears.

She could have sat there for a few minutes, maybe an hour, all while
watching the shifting
pattern on the screen and listening to the nice music. Her face had a faraway
expression, her eyes
a bit glazed as she stared at the shifting screen all the while. Suddenly, the
screen went blank but
Laetitia’s face remained the same, a blank as she stared at the computer.

A roll of text came onto the screen. “If you have achieved total
relaxation, call this
number.” Under the number was a little message.

Laetitia’s hand moved to the telephone, picking it up and dialing, her eyes
never leaving
the computer, not even realizing it was a long-distance number. She kept staring
at the computer
as the phone rang and then answered. “Hello?”

“I am under Casta’s spell,” Laetitia whispered in French.

“I’m sorry?” the voice said. “Do you speak English?”

“I am under Casta’s spell,” Laetitia replied in accented English.

“Very good,” the calm voice replied. “What is your name?”

“Laetitia,” she answered. There was a long pause before the voice came,
wavering now.

“Laetitia Casta,” the model said.

“Oh my God,” the voice answered. “Where—–where are you?”

“New York,” she answered.

“Laetitia, I want you to listen to me very carefully now,” the voice said,
getting its calm
tone back. “Just listen very carefully because I’m about to give you some
important instructions
now, some very important instructions that you must follow to the letter.”

“Yes, to the letter,” Laetitia whispered and listened to the voice speak.

Laetitia didn’t understand this. She didn’t understand why she had gotten
this sudden urge
to cut her New York trip short and catch the first flight to Cleveland of all
places. Or why she had
gotten the urge, immediately upon landing, to take a taxi to a small suburban
house a few miles
outside of town. And she certainly didn’t know why she had only packed a small
bag with some
sexy underwear and nothing else.

Paying the driver, she headed up the walk. It was so strange, she felt like
she knew where
she was but she knew for a fact she had never been anywhere near Cleveland
before in her life.
Shaking her head, Laetitia walked up the drive and to the door, ringing the bell
and waiting for an
answer. It wasn’t long in coming as the door opened to show a slightly
overweight man in his
thirties, dark hair greasy and unshaven, wearing a loose shirt and jeans and
smiling as he saw
Laetitia standing there.

“Hello,” Laetitia said. “I….um…..don’t really have any idea——”

“Casta spell,” the man replied and Laetitia’s bag fell from her limp hand
as she stared at
the man, her face now blank. “Come in with the bag,” the man commanded, letting
Laetitia inside.
She followed him upstairs, her face still blank, the programming kicking in with
her as she did.

The man couldn’t believe his good luck. He’d set that site up a while ago
with the wild
idea of maybe getting the woman standing here but didn’t really have any true
hopes. So, he’d had
a program set on the web to unleash a powerful hypnotic effect on any woman who
upon it, with a number set to call him afterwards. Some commands and a quick
plane ticket and
the webmaster soon had a very delightful woman to spend time with him before
being sent back
with no memory.

But now, he had the big one, the woman he’d been wanting to snare ever
since setting the
sight up, the woman he considered the most beautiful on Earth. Laetitia Casta,
right now, right
here, right for him. All that passed through his mind as he led her into the
bedroom, turning to
face her. “Laetitia, from now you, you’ll call me Master.”

“Yes, Master,” Laetitia whispered.

“Undress, Laetitia.”

“Yes, Master.” Laetitia pulled her sweater over her head. As commanded, she
was topless,
her amazing breasts flopping free to his amazement. She slid her slacks down to
show her naked
tuft and stood waiting for instructions.

Master didn’t wait long, moving to Laetitia, his mouth immediately going
right to her
breasts, burying his head in that amazing cleavage, licking her tits hard as he
embraced her.
Laetitia moaned, pressing her body against her Master, pulling his head to her
breasts as he
started to lick and suckled at them, his hands reaching down to squeeze
Laetitia’s ass hard,
eliciting a moan from the Frenchwoman.

Moments later, the man was on his back, naked, able to see the wonderful
sight of
Laetitia’s breasts bouncing in his hands as she rode his hard cock, thrusting
back and forth on it.
The programming he had done ensured that Laetitia was now his loving slave,
emphasis on the
loving as was proven by the wild way she rocked on his rod. He pinched her
nipples hard,
pressing her tits together and squeezing the amazing tits together as he did.
Laetitia’s eyes were
closed, moans coming from her mouth along with the odd saying in French, all
indications of just
how incredibly arousing this experience was for her. She arched herself back,
her breasts thrusting
in her Master’s hands as he let himself loose in her.

A few moments later, Laetitia was on her back, licking at the tip of her
Master’s penis as
he pushed it at her face, gorging herself on the hard cock. Master broke it
away, moving it down
to her breasts, pressing her tits together around his hard cock as he started to
drive it forward on
her chest. Laetitia moaned as she felt the terrific tit-fucking her Master was
giving her, his hard
cock trailing along each nipple, leaving a light trail of cum on it as he worked
at her. With a grunt,
her came, unloading himself onto Laetitia’s waiting chest, covering her tits
with semen, which he
then rubbed into her gorgeous soft flesh.

As Master moved down to kiss her breasts again, he realized he’d have to
let Laetitia go
soon, she was too high profile to stay with him long. But he’d make sure she’d
want to pay a
return visit soon. Or better yet, to send him a ticket to wherever she was and
then forget it. And
of course, there was always the chance of her going online and finding that site
that could put her
under its special spell.

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