Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 2

Title: Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 2

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Camren Bicondova

Codes: Ff, oral, anal, exh, con

Disclaimer; This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Maggie sitting on the office couch in a terry robe. The producer presses the intercom. “Send the next one in.”

Cammy comes in, and immediately squees on seeing Maggie. “Oh, my God, Maggie!” She runs over and sits down, while glomping on to her. “I have seen so many of your movies!”

“Oh, really?”

“Well, they’re my brother’s, but I borrowed them.”

“Oh, you ‘borrowed’ them?” Maggie smiles.

“Yeah, when he wasn’t looking.” Maggie laughs at this.

“Excuse me, Miss,” the producer says, “what’s your name?”

“Oh, Camren. Camren Bicondova. But you can call me Cammy.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” Maggie says, again smiling.

“Yeah,” the producer adds, “goes perfectly with yours. Gyllenhaal and Bicondova. Maggie, why don’t you tell Cammy what we’re doing?”

“Well, so, they’re doing this movie, where veterans like me do lesbian scenes with fresh young faces like you. Kind of a lesbo-cougar thing.”

“So, I’d be performing with you?”

“Yeah, why else would I be sitting here with you?”

“Oh, my God, that is so awesome!”

The producer again speaks, “Cammy, why don’t you stand up and take your clothes off?”

“Okay,” Cammy says, then stands up and starts to disrobe. We get shots of her chest and ass as she takes off the respective undergarments.

“Ooh, tight little body.”

“I know,” Maggie says, “especially that ass.” She punctuates this by slapping Cammy’s butt.

Cammy then sits down, as Maggie takes off her robe. “Okay, you ready to start, sweetie?”

“Oh, man, my heart is racing!” Cammy says, holding her fist to her chest.

“Oh, believe me, sweetie, you’re not the only one. Come here…”

Maggie pulls Cammy closer, and, in our first close-up, they lock lips. The two rub their hands over each other’s bodies, as their kiss gets more passionate.

“Wow,” the producer says, “she really loves you, Maggie!”

Cammy starts kissing Maggie’s neck, on the opposite side from the producer. We then see another close-up, as Cammy brings her mouth next to Maggie’s ear, then whispers, “Maggie, can I tell you a secret?”

Maggie turns her head toward her so the producer doesn’t see. “What?”

“I’m not eighteen yet. I lied about my age, because I wanted to meet you.”

Maggie stifles a grin. “That’s okay sweetie. I won’t tell. Do you know how to eat pussy?”

“Of course. I told you, I’ve seen your movies.”

Maggie almost laughs. “Okay, go.”

Cammy starts kissing down Maggie’s chest, then, in another close-up, she squeezes Maggie’s tits, and starts sucking her brown nipples, making them hard, and leaving them wet from her saliva, as she flicks her tongue on them. “Uhmmm…” Maggie purrs. Cammy then gets down on her knees. In yet another close-up, Cammy starts to lick the outside of Maggie’s hairy cunt, then slides her tongue inside her juicy slit. “Oh!” Maggie moans, brow furrowing and biting her lip. Back in the close-up, Cammy holds open Maggie’s lips, and licks up her juices from the pink interior. Maggie then looks down, and sighs, “Lick my clit, sweetie.” Again in the close-up, Cammy flicks her tongue on Maggie’s throbbing clit.

“Hey, Maggie,” the producer says, “flip over. I wanna see her eat your ass.”

“Hm, okay!” Maggie smiles, then turns over. Without missing a beat, Cammy spreads Maggie’s cheeks, and starts licking her moist, quivering asshole. “Oh, I love this girl!” Maggie moans.

“She in?” the producer asks.

“Oh, so in!”

“Okay, I wanna see you eat her pussy, Maggie.”

“Hm, yeah,” Maggie says, getting up, “Now it’s time to show you how it’s done, sweetie.”

We now see Cammy leaning against the couch’s arm, as Maggie kneels in front of her. In another close-up, Maggie has her tongue buried in Cammy’s young, shaved pussy. “Oh…Uhm…” Cammy feels up her small titties, and bites her lip. Back in the close-up, Maggie holds open Cammy’s pussy and licks all around inside, while fingering her with the other hand. “Oh! Oh, God! Mm-MMM!” Cammy lets out a high-pitched whine, as Maggie makes her cum.

Minutes later, the two sit together. “So, did I hear you guys say I’m in?”

“Yeah,” Maggie smiles, “In fact, we may even have you perform with some of the other vets.”


“Oh, yes!”

“Okay,” the producer cuts in, “we got a dozen more girls we gotta see. Cammy, can you be here 9 o’clock Monday morning?”

“Oh, totally!”

“Okay, pick up your clothes, and we will see you Monday.”

Cammy starts to get up, but Maggie stops her, and gives her another kiss, before letting her go. The scene fades out as Cammy leaves.

Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 2
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