Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 3

Title: Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 3

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Brighton Sharbino, Emilia Jones

Codes: ff, oral, exh, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Brighton and Emilia sitting on the couch. “So, what are your names, and how old are you?” the producer asks.

“I’m Brighton, and I’m thirteen, although I will be turning fourteen this summer.”

“And what about you?”

“I’m Emilia, and I turned fourteen a couple months ago.”

“Oh, you’re British.”

“Yeh, my family moved here a few years ago.”

“So, are you two friends?”

“Oh, the best of friends!” Brighton says, putting her arm around Emilia.

“Now, I understand my talent scout found you two at the mall.”

“Yeah, she came up and asked us if we were interested in making a movie.”

“Did she explain the kind of movie it is?”

“Uh, yeh,” Emilia says, “she said it was a beaver picture.”

“Okay, so, right off, I should explain what will happen, should you be hired on.  We will be fudging both of your documentation, so, on paper, you will both be eighteen years old, and you will be presented in your videos as ‘barely legal’.”

“Cool,” Brighton says, “does this mean I can smoke now?”

“Uh, we’ll talk about that later.  So, are you two ready to begin?”

“Yeah,” both say in semi-unison.

“Okay, why don’t you both stand up, and take your clothes off?”

“Okay.” Both stand up, and start to disrobe, with shots of their boobs, butts, and pussies, as each is exposed.  They then stand there, completely naked, facing the producer.

“Ow…turn around.” Both turn their backs to him. “Nice!  Those are two of the most perfect butts I’ve ever seen.  Okay, sit down.” Both sit. “Okay, now I’d like to see you two perform.”

“Um, what do you want us to do?” Emilia asks.

“Well, you’ve both seen a lesbo scene, I take it.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Just…do what they did.”

“Okay.” Brighton and Emilia face each other, lean in close, and, in our first close-up, share an open-mouthed kiss.

“Oh, that is hot!” As they shift around, we briefly see their tongues wrestling between their mouths. “Wow.  Have you two…ever done this before?”

Brighton turns toward him. “Once or twice.” As she says this, Emilia sucks her earlobe.

“Oh, my God!” the producer says, and Brighton giggles. “Brighton, can you turn your back to her?  I’d like to see her feel you up from behind.”

“Okay.” Brighton turns around, and Emilia starts feeling up her little boobies, while continuing to suck and nibble her earlobe. “Uhm…” Brighton moans, closing her eyes, as Emilia rubs her nipples with her finger-tips.

We now see Emilia leaning back against the couch arm, as Brighton kisses her chest.  In another close-up, we see Brighton kiss Emilia’s nipples, then lick and suck them.  She then kisses down her stomach. “God, this is making me so hard…” Finally, Brighton kneels between Emilia’s thighs. “Yeah…lick her pussy…” In yet another close-up, we see Brighton start to lick the outside of Emilia’s hairless twat, then slide her tongue between her lips.

“Oh…oh…ooh…” Emilia moans, brow furrowed, lips pursed, as Brighton moves her tongue up and down inside her juicy slit.  Back in the close-up, Brighton spreads Emilia’s pussy-lips.

“Finger her pussy, Brighton…” Brighton inserts her middle-finger upside down into Emilia’s hole, and then starts directly licking her clit.  Emilia immediately responds by writhing on the couch, and moaning louder and more breathily.  Brighton licks around Emilia’s clit in slow, rhythmic circles, and Emilia starts to buck her hips.  Finally, letting out a high-pitched whine and arching her back, Emilia cums.

Brighton is now leaning back on the couch, with her legs spread, and Emilia kneeling in front of her.  In another close-up, Emilia holds Brighton’s lips open, and licks inside her moist, pink cunt, tongue moving up and down like a paintbrush. “Oh…Oh, God…” Brighton bites her lip, and leans her head back, as, back in the close-up, Emilia now licks around the rim of her pussy-hole, while rubbing her clit with her thumb.  Before long, Brighton’s hips start to gyrate, and she begins to moan louder. “Oh!  Oh, my God!  I’m gonna cum!” Suddenly, Brighton’s whole body spasms, and she lets out a loud, hoarse cry.

“Wow!” the producer says, as Emilia sits back down next to Brighton, “That was fucking hot!  I can’t wait to see you two with a couple of guys.”

“Oh,” Emilia says, grinning, “are there going to be lads?”

“Of course!” the producer laughs, and the two girls giggle.

“Oh, boy, I can’t wait!” Brighton says, voice going up a couple octaves. “So, we got the parts?”

“Oh, definitely.” Brighton and Emilia again giggle, and give each other little pecks, as the scene fades out.

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