Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 4

Title: Casting Couch Cooze: Scene 4

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Kat Dennings, Abigail Breslin

Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, exh, con

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Kat sitting on the couch, naked, legs crossed, filing her nails.  The producer presses the intercom. “Send the next one in.”

Abbie walks in, and immediately greets both of them. “Hi, my name is Abbie.”  Kat smiles and offers her hand, which Abbie takes in hers, then sits down.

“Well, we got that out of the way,” the producer says, “I suppose my next question is: What’s your interest in the adult industry?”

“Well,” Abbie says, “I’ve had so many guys, not to mention women, tell me, with my body, I should do porn, but I never understood why, until a friend showed me a video with this redhead who was at least as big as me.”

Kat grins, and says “Was her name Christina?”

“Uh, yeah, I think that was it.”

“Yeah, Christina Hendricks!  I’ve done a couple of lesbian scenes with her.”

“Abbie,” the producer says, “this is Kat Dennings, one of the stars of this movie we’re doing, along with Ms. Hendricks.”

“Really?” Abbie says, “Wow, my friend will just die when I tell him.  But, yeah, he sent me this video of Christina getting fucked, and it made me so wet, I actually stuck my hand in my panties and fingered my pussy until I came.”

“Wow!” Kat says, “Wish I could’ve seen that!”

“Well,” the producer says, “you certainly came to the right place, Abbie.  We’re making a BBW movie, and, even with your clothes on, I can already tell you’re a perfect fit.”

Abbie blushes. “Thanks.”

“Speaking of which, why don’t you take those clothes off?”

“Okay.” Abbie stands up, and unbuttons her shirt, then takes it off, revealing her big tits, barely restrained by a black bra, then undoes and pulls down her jeans, under which her shapely ass is covered by black panties.

“Oh, baby!” Kat says, then reaches over and slaps Abbie’s ass.  Abbie then reaches behind her back, and releases the hooks, the two ends snapping like rubber bands as she lets go of them.  She takes the bra off, and then slides off her panties.

“Wow!” the producer says, “Turn around baby, lemme see that ass.” Abbie does so, and the producer whistles, as she sits down. “Okay, before we go further, I want you to be aware of what will be going on in this movie.  Are you open to doing lesbo scenes?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“How about anal?”

“Anal I’m cool with.”

“Alright, that’s good.  Well, Abbie, now I’d like to see you in action, which is why Kat is here.”

“Hey, pass me some oil, would ya?” Kat says, “Those titties of hers are begging for a rubdown.” The producer pulls a bottle of baby oil out of his desk, and tosses it to her. “Hm,” Kat then whispers to Abbie, “back to me.” Abbie turns away from her, as Kat opens the bottle, then pours it on Abbie’s tits.  We then get a shot of Abbie’s tits, as Kat rubs the oil in, making them shiny.

“How about a little lip action?” the producer says.  Abbie turns her head, and her and Kat share a very tongue-heavy kiss.  Back in the shot of Abbie’s boobs, Kat rubs around her nipples in circles with her fingers, then starts to squeeze and fondle Abbie’s tits, causing her to moan and bite her lip.

“You like having your titties played with?” Kat whispers in Abbie’s ear.

“Oh, yeah,” Abbie sighs.  After a brief pause she then asks, “How about you?” Kat snickers.

The two have now traded places, and we see Abbie pour the oil on Kat’s tits, then, in a shot of them, rub it in. “Ohhh…” Kat moans, as Abbie kneads and fondles her tits. “You’re so good with your hands.  You haven’t worked as a masseuse, have you?”

Abbie chuckles. “No, but thank you.”

“Hmm, you’re welcome.  Can’t wait to see you giving a handjob.” Abbie now out and out laughs.

We now see Abbie leaning back on the couch arm, as Kat, kneeling in front of her, kisses her inner thighs.  We then get a close-up, as Kat starts licking the outside of Abbie’s pussy. “Ohm…hmm…” Abbie moans, tilting her head back, and feeling herself up.  Back in the close-up. Kat slides her tongue inside Abbie’s juicy slit.  Looking down, Abbie lowers her hands, and spreads her own pussy-lips.  Again in the close-up, Kat laps up Abbie’s juices, then licks around her clit in a circle. “Oh!  Oh!  Mm!” Abbie again bites her lip, as Kat uses her tongue to bring her off.  Finally, Abbie lets out a high-pitched whine, as she cums.

Kat now lies on her back on the couch, as Abbie, kneeling next to it, fingers her pussy.  In another close-up, we see Abbie pull her fingers out, and spread Kat’s juices all around her pussy.  She does so a couple more times, until Kat’s pussy is shiny with nectar.  Abbie then starts to lick it all up. “Mmm, baby, you’ve eaten pussy before, haven’t you?”

“I never said I didn’t,” Abbie smiles, and Kat laughs.

Back in the close-up, Abbie buries her tongue inside Kat’s pussy.  Kat starts to writhe under her, moaning and purring, squeezing her tits hard.  Again in the close-up, Abbie has her lips around Kat’s clit, and is sucking it, while again fingering her hole. “Oh, fuck!  Oh, fuck, I’m almost there!” Suddenly, Kat’s whole body jerks, and she lets out a loud, throaty groan. “Ohhh!”

Kat is now on her hands and knees on the couch, as Abbie kneels behind her.  In another close-up, Abbie squeezes and fondles Kat’s cheeks, while licking her asshole, moist from her pussy-juices dripping onto it. “Oh, God…” Kat groans, smiling, “I love when someone eats my ass right.” Back in the close-up, Abbie is now fucking Kat’s ass with her middle finger. “Oh, God!  I love that!”

Abbie then pulls her finger out, and sucks it. “Oh, my God!” the producer says, then starts laughing.

“What?” Kat asks.

“She just sucked her finger, right out of your ass!”

Kat laughs. “You know, something tells me this one’s in!” Her and the producer then laugh.

Abbie is now bent over the couch arm, with Kat kneeling behind her.  In another close-up, Kat has her first two fingers in Abbie’s ass, and is fucking her hard with them. “Oooh!  Uh!” Abbie wails as Kat assaults her asshole with her fingers.  Back in the close-up, Kat bites Abbie’s fat cheek, then slaps it with her other hand.  She finger-fucks Abbie’s ass harder and faster, and Abbie starts slapping the couch arm, until, finally, she lets out a shrill cry, as she again climaxes.  Again in the close-up, Kat pulls her fingers out, and licks them.

“Is she inspiring you already?” the producer says, chuckling.

“What can I say, I like a little nastiness myself.”

Abbie gets up on her knees, and her and Kat suck each other’s tongues, as the scene fades out.

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