Casting Couch: Katie Holmes

Casting Couch: Katie Holmes


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Thanks to
Echso for the nice
pics. Enjoy.

Hollywood was a town that thrived on competition. Although there were nice
people and
many actually did get along with one another, they could be quite nasty fighting
it out for an
important opportunity. The very term of the casting couch came from starlets so
eager for a part,
they’d sleep with anyone to improve their chances, a practice that continues
today, especially with
the media-hungry land Hollywood has become.

One of the hottest parts
going right now was a new mobster drama, the
script getting
major buzz and talk that getting a big role in it would cement any rising
career. And there were
plenty of young actresses who were willing to forgo any public talk about their
morals in order to
get the role of a young hooker.

Katie Holmes wasn’t quite to that level of desperation but it was a
possibility. She really
wanted this part, it would be just the thing to elevate her out of the “teen
actress” mind set people
thought of her. It was easy to see why they thought that. With her attractive
looks, nice smile,
long dark hair and easy-going manner, she was often seen as the “nice girl” in
various projects,
which had helped her land the female lead on “Dawson’s Creek.”

As with any teen-centric show, “Dawson’s” was losing steam as the kids grew
up and
Katie knew she had to find something to break her image. She’d taken a chance
with a role as a
wild girl in “Disturbing Behavior” and had decided to go topless for “The Gift”
in an attempt to
break the image for good.

However, Katie was still thought of as a teen actress and was hoping the
role could help
her get the big time roles she wanted. With “The Gift” scene still fresh in
people’s minds, she
knew she could flash it if she had to, which was a requirement here. All she
really needed to do
was find a way to really play the sex scenes, which was what brought her to the
plush office.

From what Katie had heard, Jim was the guy to see about getting the skills
to play the
role. The acting coach had gotten a lot of press in the last few months since
setting up his office
and there were quite a few actresses who had nailed tough roles because of him.
Rumor had it
that he had actually met with a few of the actresses out for the role but
apparently, he was open to
anyone who could pay, he didn’t play studio politics. So, Katie had gotten
herself an appointment
and was waiting for him.

She wore a simple dress, a somewhat muted outfit but she liked it, feeling
in a somewhat
“wholesome” mood today. She brushed her long hair aside and glanced at her
watch, hoping the
guy wouldn’t be running too late. Her concern was unfounded as, exactly on time,
the door to the
office opened and Jim stepped out.

He was younger than Katie expected but in a good way, she supposed and his
smile set
her at ease as he shook her hand. “Miss Holmes,” he nodded. “A pleasure to meet
you, come on
in.” He led Katie into the nice office, allowing her to take a seat across from
his desk, sitting on

the other end and giving her a nice smile. “So, what can I do for you?”
“Well, you’ve probably heard of the new movie coming up,” Katie said,
mentioning the
title. “I’m kind of shooting for the hooker role and…..”

“And you want to know if you can hack it,” Jim nodded. “Well, that’s
normal, that’s to be
expected, I’ve had a couple of actresses asking that same question.”

“And what did you tell them?” Katie said, hoping she could ease into things
a bit.

“Well, I told them they needed to relax,” Jim said, looking at her and
Katie was struck by
the depth of his blue eyes. They were so calming, like actual pools, as they
locked right into her
own eyes, holding her gaze steady. “They have to relax is the first thing they
have to do, they just
have to relax is all, Katie, they just have to relax there, like you are, Katie,
they just like to relax,
just like you are now, they just like to relax, just like you are, very relaxed,
Katie, very, very
relaxed, so very relaxed, Katie, so very relaxed…..”

Katie found herself blinking even as she stared deep into Jim’s eyes,
letting his orbs stare
into hers, his unblinking gaze holding her tight. She felt a dullness wash over
her, a sudden wave
of fatigue covering her mind as she kept right on staring into Jim’s brilliant
eyes, the blinking
increasing as his voice washed into her ears, laying on her subconscious but not
quite connecting
with her conscious mind.

“Sleepy, Katie, they always feel sleepy, just like you’re feeling sleepy,
Katie, so sleepy, so
very, very sleepy. You’re feeling so very sleepy, Katie, you’re feeling so very,
very sleepy, your
eyes are so heavy, so heavy, Katie, so very, very heavy, so very heavy, Katie,
your eyes are so
very heavy. You’re so sleepy now, Katie, so very sleepy, you want to sleep,
Katie, you want to go
to sleep, you want to just close your eyes and go to sleep, Katie, just close
your eyes and sleep,
just sleep, Katie, just sleep….”

Katie’s eyes fluttered shut and her head slumped forward as she fell into a
trance. Jim
looked her over, pleased to see that, as usual, young actresses made such
terrific hypnotic
subjects. He hoped that the rest of his plan would be as easy as the induction
as he began to coach
Katie in his own special way.

“No, no, no!” Jim sighed, shaking his head as he paced the room. He was
naked, his cock
hanging semi-erect as he walked about, looking at Katie. They were in Jim’s
apartment, which
was a very swank affair, with a large bed and entertainment center, which looked
like a miniature
studio. There were several 60″ TV sets placed on one wall, a row of video
cameras to choose
from and an open space in between that featured a nice plush bed.

Katie sat on one sturdy TV, a video camera held in her hand, recording
Jim’s pacing. One
of the big surprises when Katie had done the topless scene for “The Gift” was
that her breasts
were far bigger than even her flashiest of outfits had hinted. They were on
display here, full, firm
and pointed as she looked at Jim. She wore a pair of tight leather shorts (Jim
didn’t want the
sweat stains of her bare ass on the TV set) and high hells, her dark hair
flowing behind her and
that was it.

After hypnotizing Katie back at the office, Jim had installed his usual
litany of post-
hypnotic suggestions and triggers before waking Katie up with no memory of being
asleep. He
had waited for Katie to take care of her activities for the day, then called her
phone and given her
the trigger to come to his apartment immediately. Once she had, another trigger
had her naked
and ready for some hot sex.

“What did I do wrong?” Katie asked in puzzlement. Jim had spent about an
reprogramming Katie’s mind, implanting deep suggestions to set up this little
meeting and it was
paying off. Katie found nothing odd about the fact that she and Jim had been
spending the night
making love all over his apartment and filming it, accepting it all as
“coaching” for her part and
was ready to do whatever it took to get the part.

In answer, Jim pointed at one monitor, which was showing a replay of their
encounter just
a few minutes before, with Katie lying on the bed, naked, her hand digging hard
at the bush
between her legs, her face in utter ecstasy as she withered on the bed.

“See what you did wrong?” Jim said, pointing at Katie. “You were supposed
to finger
yourself gentry, then grab hold of me. Instead, you fingered yourself so hard
that you nearly
forgot all about me before you came.”

Katie nodded, making a note to her entranced mind. “How was my blowjob?”
she asked in
a normal tone.

“I’m sorry,” Jim smiled. “I can’t quite remember. Why don’t you do it
again? Here, give
me the camcorder.”

In a few seconds, the monitors were showing a shot looking downwards as
Katie, on her
knees, took Jim’s member into her mouth, sucking on it hard, keeping her eyes on
the camera as
her lips ran up and down the hard shaft. Jim managed to keep the camera steady
despite his
growing arousal at Katie’s great cock-sucking, tickling his penis with her
tongue as he moaned,
trying to hold it in as good as he could, but it was hard, the way Katie was
doing it. Finally, with a
grunt, Jim let loose, Katie swallowing every drop of his cum erupting into her
mouth, washing it
down her throat and obviously loving it.

“Well,” Jim said as soon as he could get his voice back. “I think you did
it very well
indeed, Katie. Maybe we should try another regular fuck.”

Katie slid her mouth off his cock and looked up at him. “On my back or
riding you?” she
asked normally.

“Oh, I think I want to lick those tits of yours while I do it,” Jim smiled,
setting the
camcorder down so it, as well as the others spread around the room, could catch
every movement
as he pulled Katie up and moved her to the cushions, pushing her down and lying
on her. He
picked up her nice, slim legs and spread them apart, leaving her pussy wide
open. Katie moaned
as she felt him enter her, his hard rod squeezing into her tight passage and
immediately beginning
to push in and out of her.

Katie closed her eyes and groaned, her long black hair waving behind her as
Jim continued
his hard and strong thrusts into her snatch. His face went to her breasts, still
a little red after the
intense massaging he had given them when he first saw them. They were just so
gorgeous, nice
and pointed and he began to alternate between them, kissing each nipple and then
taking turns
suckling on each breast for a few seconds, loving how it made Katie gasp in

Katie was giving her all, trying to work herself against Jim, matching his
thrusts with her
own, working her pelvis in conjunction with him. Her legs hooked around his
waist to hold him
in, her nails raking down his back as he kept kissing and kneading her tits,
pumping at her hard.
Katie was doing just what a hooker would do, giving her john all the pleasure he
wanted and
loving the pleasure he gave her in return. Her ecstasy was building, she could
feel it just as she felt
him starting to grow inside her. He buried his head in between her breasts,
licking the soft valley
and then erupted, shooting his cum into her. Katie let out a long and loud
shriek as she orgasmed
with him, then relaxed a bit as the pleasure overtook her.

Jim slowly slid out of her but kept licking and kissing her breasts,
rubbing them until the
pointed cones were as erect as possible. Damn, Katie’s “audition” was the best
of the bunch,
maybe she really could play this role. Jim knew the role would have to be filled
soon enough so
maybe it was time to let one of his clients nab it. It would only increase the
word of mouth about
him to get him more attention. And then, he could do to those actresses what he
was doing for
Katie, as he started to push his cock in between her tits. He could let them act
out anyway they
wanted and they wouldn’t remember it. But, he grinned as he watched on the
monitor his tit-
fucking of Katie, Jim would always have their auditions on record, to relieve
scenes many a man
would love to enjoy. And women unaware of how far they truly went to get a role.

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