Casting Couch: Neve Campbell

Casting Couch: Neve Campbell

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Kick-off to
a new series
inspired by Echso. Enjoy.

There was a great old saying when it applied to teenage stars in Hollywood.
“Here today,
gone today.” Sure, a lot of stars blossomed into fame in their adult years. But
far, far more slid by
the wayside and were forgotten as new stars hit it big. Neve Campbell was
finding out how true
that was.

Just a couple of years before, she’d been hot as hell. With “Party of 5” a
hit and the
“Scream” franchise a success, she seemed poised to conquer
Unfortunately, aside
from “Wild Things,” not much else had worked on the Hollywood scene and Neve
“Wild Things” only did so well because of the sex scenes in it. Given her rule
on no nudity, it was
harder than she thought to get movies to work and her career had pretty much
stalled the last year
or so. Neve knew she had to take a chance to get back in the game and hoped this
would be it.

It was a somewhat daring role, the part of a hooker in a new crime drama
and Neve was
considering waiving her “no nudity” clause for it. She knew it would be tough to
play a hooker in
such a gritty film without a realistic portrayal and that meant showing her
body. While she was
weighing the pros and cons of that, Neve did realize that this could be the
chance to not only get a
hit but get good reviews for it too.

Problem was, playing a hooker wasn’t exactly taught at acting school. This
was going to
be a real tough one too, no “Pretty Woman” crap with this. Neve needed to learn
how to play this
role fast and from what she heard, Jim was just the guy to see.

In less than a year, Jim had become something of the “go-to quick” acting
coach for the
young Hollywood set. In his thirties, he had managed to acquire a great
clientele list of hot actors
and actresses who talked about how he had helped them nail critical roles. Neve
had heard about
him from Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had talked about how Jim had helped her get
in a nasty
mood for her part in “Heartbreakers.” So, Neve had made herself an appointment
and driven to
Jim’s stylish L.A. office.

A long-time vet of the business, Neve had gotten used to the types of plush
offices agents
and producers used. She didn’t know acting coaches could get the same lush
layouts but
apparently, Jim did all right for himself. Neve sat on the sofa in the waiting
room, flipping through
a trade magazine, wearing a light blouse and skirt, her shoulder-length black
hair framing her
attractive face. She glanced up as the door opened and Jim stepped out.

Neve had seen his picture but was struck at how he seemed younger in
person. He was a
bit taller than her, with sandy blond hair, wearing a casual suit and tie.
“Hello,” he said, his voice
deeper than she expected as he shook her hand. “It’s good to meet you, I’ve
always been a big

“Thanks,” Neve smiled as the two entered his office. Unlike many, Jim
didn’t seem to
enjoy looking at his terrific view of the L.A. skyline, his curtains drawn. He
came around his large
desk, sitting down, Neve across from him. Jim sat up, his elbows on the table as
he looked at
Neve. “Well, from what I hear, this is a big part for you.”

“Yeah, it is at that,” Neve agreed, nodding. “I mean, I’m still not sure
about the nudity yet
but it could be the break I need to get back on top.”

“Well, I hate to say it but the nudity will probably be necessary,” Jim

“You hate to say it?” Neve said with a slight smile. “Really?”

“Well, no, not really,” Jim laughed. “I’ll be honest, the idea of seeing
you finally showing
the goods would be worth the price of admission alone and that could definitely
help the film

Neve was a bit taken aback. She’d been told that Jim could be a little
forward but didn’t
expect this. That attitude continued through the rest of the conversation that
followed, Jim
throwing in observations like how “Wild Things” would have made another $20
million if Neve
had disrobed on camera with Denise Richards and how a couple of shots of her on
a topless beach
would have gotten the paparazzi talking and increased her chances at more roles.

Despite the sometimes personal nature of the questions, Neve was starting
to like Jim. The
man just had a quality about himself that put Neve at ease a bit and she found
herself opening up a
little. Jim was a really nice guy and Neve was looking forward to working with
him more.

“So, I guess we should get started?” Neve asked, still a bit unsure how Jim
was going to
work this.

“I agree,” Jim said, looking right at her and Neve for the first time
noticed his deep and
brilliant blue eyes. They seemed to suck her in, the bright orbs suddenly
seeming like two deep
pools that brought in all of Neve’s attention. Jim was talking but Neve didn’t
really hear him
suddenly, she just kept staring deeper and deeper into those brilliant eyes of

“Deeper and deeper, Neve,” Jim said in a deep and authoritve tone. “Deeper
and deeper
into my eyes, so deep, Neve, so very, very deep. You’re feeling sleepy, Neve,
you’re feeling very,
very sleepy right now, so very sleepy, Neve, so very sleepy. Your eyes are so
heavy as you stare
deeper and deeper into mine, deeper and deeper into my eyes, Neve, deeper and
deeper into my
eyes now, deeper and deeper into my eyes, so deep, Neve, so very, very deep.
Deeper and deeper,
more and more sleepy, very sleepy, Neve, so very, very sleepy. Close your eyes,
Neve, close your
eyes and go into a nice, deep sleep.”

Neve’s eyes blinked, fluttered, then shut, her head slumping forward as she
fell into a
trance. Once again, Jim’s little “gift” for instilling a deep hypnotic trance
quickly came to the fore
here. He looked over Neve, who appeared to be deeply asleep. “Can you hear me,

“Hmmm,” she muttered, nodding dully. Jim was certain the little tricks he’d
been secretly
dropping during their talk had taken hold and after a little more deepening, he
knew Neve was
ready for his unique coaching style…….

Neve’s apartment was a pretty good place to come home too and Neve hoped
she could
keep it. The session with Jim had gone okay, she guessed. It was just a little
weird that it ended so
suddenly, Neve surprised Jim hadn’t tried any coaching right there. Well,
hopefully, the movie
would still go well.

She was coming out of the shower when the telephone rang and she picked it
up. “Hello?”
A strange chime came over the line and Neve’s eyes shut fast as she sat
down on the bed.
“I’m ready for my audition,” she whispered into the line.

“Get dressed for it,” Jim said, snapping closed his cell phone as he drove
down the streets
towards Neve’s apartment building. The sun was starting to set as he pulled into
the parking lot,
swiftly parking his car and stepping out of it. He quickly moved up the
sidewalk, heading towards
Neve’s building. He took the elevator to her floor, using the spare key she had
unknowingly given
him to open the door, making his way to the bedroom where Neve was waiting.

She was lying on the bed, wearing a thin black slip, a black boa around her
neck, staring
blankly out at Jim as he shut the door behind him. He immediately undressed,
peeling off his
clothes as he took her in, her long and slim legs on display, her breasts
visible under the dark top.
“You’re a hooker now, Neve,” Jim said in a commanding tone as he slid off his
pants. “You’re a
hooker, a big slutty hooker.”

“Slutty…..hoooker……” Neve repeated dully.

“You want nothing more right now than to have sex with me any way I want.”

“Any way… want……”

Smiling, Jim slid onto the bed, moving up onto Neve and bringing her in for
a long and
slow kiss. Neve closed her eyes and answered him, back, her tongue roving inside
his mouth as he
pushed down her slip, the straps sliding down her arms. He moved down as her
round breasts
came free, the nipples pushing at his face. He licked one slowly as he brought
her back up for
another kiss, his tongue reaching into her mouth and licking her deeply.

Jim went back, pushing down the rest of Neve’s slip to reveal her entire
youthful body.
She was incredible, her chest nice and round, not overly slow but still good,
her belly sunken and
her legs wrapping around Jim’s waist as he led his cock towards her pussy. He
slid it in, Neve
moaning as she felt him enter her and start pumping, easily working himself in
and out of her
pussy. He bent down, licking at her breasts, loving the moans she let out as she
felt him go at her,
his cock pushing further and further into her snatch. Neve’s moans were growing
as she pushed
herself against Jim, her breasts in his face, tongue raking over them as she
went at him harder and
harder. She threw her head back on the pillows, letting out a long and loud cry
as she felt him
come inside of her, shaking her entire body with ecstasy.

Jim slid out and sat himself back, looking down on the quivering Neve.
“Very good, Neve,
very good. Now, I think a hooker should give her john a great blowjob.”

Immediately, Neve was moving up and onto him, her mouth encircling his rod,
down on it hard, tickling the penis with her tongue as she went down on him. Jim
sighed as he felt
her suck him off. He reflected on the great part about his job. No, not the
obvious perk of having
a hypnotized beauty sucking him off and thinking it was part of her role. No, it
was that, since
there were so many projects out there that were so competitive, there were a
bevy of actresses for
a role. And Jim was ready to teach each and every one the finer points of
“improving” their
acting. He wondered if Katie Holmes was still open for adult roles. Maybe he
could help her nail
it too.

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