Casting Lisa Tragnetti

Title: Casting Lisa Tragnetti
Author: TheBigLove126
Celebs: Alexandra Daddario
Codes: MF, cons, oral
Summary: Alexandra Daddario’s audition for ‘True Detective’

Disclaimer: The following is in no way real. Everything you are about to read came from the mind of the author.

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In March 2013, a little known actress named Alexandra Daddario waited in the lobby of a Los Angeles office building. She was celebrating her twenty-seventh birthday by auditioning for a small role on a new HBO project titled ‘True Detective’. There were no other women in the waiting area auditioning for the role, which gave her a sense of confidence despite a deep feeling of nervousness.

Her agent had informed her of the type that would be looked at for the role. HBO wanted a brunette with a rather large pair of breasts to play the court reporter named Lisa Tragnetti, who would have an affair with Woody Harrelson’s character, Martin Hart. The big sticking point of the role is that it required a fully nude scene where the character’s breasts and bare butt would be seen by the millions of viewers. Alexandra had no issues with the requirements whatsoever and was, in fact, excited about the opportunity.

“This show is gonna be huge,” she told her agents. “If all I’ve got to do is show my boobies on screen, I’ll do it! All the great actresses expose themselves on screen eventually; I might as well do it before they start hanging low.”

Alexandra sat patiently in her chair for about a half hour until a tall, middle-aged blonde man emerged from the main office and looked at the beautiful brunette.

“Ms. Daddario?” he asked, getting her attention. “I’m ready for you know.”

The woman stood up and walked into his office. He stared at her piercing blue eyes as the five foot, eight inch woman walked past him. Before closing the door, he looked her backside up and down. The man was very glad that she had decided to wear a short, white skirt that barely covered her round ass cheeks.

The man sat down behind a desk while Alexandra stood in front of him. He admired the body-hugging black t-shirt that she wore and could determine very quickly that she was not wearing anything underneath it.

“Well Ms. Daddario…or Alexandra…what should I call you?” he asked as his eyes went back to her bright eyes.

“You can call me Alexandra, mister…,” she looked at the name on the desk. “Wilcox.”

“Okay Alexandra, I’m certain that your agent has given you the rundown of the role. Am I correct?” he asked as she nodded. “Good, well you obviously know about the big scene that you are signing up for. You have no problem baring your private areas for the camera?”

“Not at all Mr. Wilcox, I’m proud of my body,” Alexandra said with a smile.

“You should be, you are a very beautiful woman,” he responded with a wink.

“Thanks!” she said with a small giggle.

“Well, obviously to get the role with that scene in mind, I will need to see you in that state just to make sure you have the goods we are looking for,” said Mr. Wilcox.

“Okay sure,” she responded before reaching for the bottom of her t-shirt.

Mr. Wilcox stared in anticipation as her finger grasped the fabric and slowly lifted it up. He felt like his heart would pop out of his chest as the shirt went up her body and reached the bottom of her voluptuous breasts. With one quick motion, the woman lifted it over them and revealed the big balls of flesh to the man.

“Oh wow,” he said as his eyes locked on her nipples.

“You like?” she asked as she placed the shirt on the desk.

“I like a lot!” he exclaimed. “How long ago did you get those?”

“Well, they started growing around eleven and just kept on growing up-”

He cut her off.

“Are you telling me that those are real!?” he asked in amazement.

“Yes sir, these are all natural NYC breasts,” Alexandra responded with another giggle as her hands fell to her side.

“I cannot say I believe you,” said the curious man. “There is no way those things are natural.”

“Come over here and feel them,” she said, shocking the casting director. “See for yourself.”

Mr. Wilcox quickly stood up, having to stop himself from seeming too creepy. He walked around his desk and approached the topless woman.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I could get in a lot of trouble for groping an actress.”

“Just grab them already,” Alexandra said as she grabbed his hands and placed them around her massive flesh mounds.

“Oh my god,” he said as he began to feel and squeeze her chest. “You were not kidding at all. They are as real as anything.”

Mr. Wilcox took a step forward and grabbed her breasts harder, wanting to make everything of the moment. His eyes drifted up and looked back into her amazingly unique eyes. She snorted as soon as he looked at them.

“What?” he asked.

“I guess you’re really liking this, huh?” Alexandra asked.

The man was confused until he looked down and saw that a large bulge had formed in his pants and it was resting against her bare thigh. He released the grip on her breasts and nervously stepped back.

“I am so sorry Alexandra,” he stammered. “That was really unprofessional of me.”

“It’s okay…Mike,” she said as she looked at the nametag again. “I know these thing are special, I’d be offended if you’re dick wasn’t hard.”

Alexandra reached out and grabbed at his bulge, softly rubbing it between her fingers. Her eyes were focused on mound as the man stood completely still. The last thing he expected when this no-name actress walked into his office was that she would have her hands just two pieces of fabric away from his cock. The touching only made his erect cock even harder.

“How big is it?” she asked, looking up at his sweating face. “It feels really big.”

“I…it’s…um,” he stuttered in a nervous fluster.

“I’ll check for myself,” she stated as her fingers quickly unzipped his jeans.

The actress reached into the hole of his boxers and pulled out his stiff seven and a half-inch cock. He gasped as her warm hand touched his throbbing meat.

“Oh god,” she said in amazement. “This thing is pretty big.”

“Uh…um…thanks Alexandra,” he nervously said.

“And thick too,” she said as hand started to stroke up his shaft.

Mike was in a pure state of shock. This beautiful, curvy twenty-something girl was stroking his cock in the middle of his office with no reluctance at all. In fact, she was the one instigating the whole thing.

Alexandra looked him in the eye as she stood up straight in front of him with her hand out of view, stroking him faster by the second.

“Does that feel good?” she asked with a smile.

“You have no idea,” he said with a chuckle.

Alexandra smiled and pushed her head forward, locking his lips in a soft, passionate kiss. Her tongue met his and danced in his mouth, twirling around and swapping saliva. He put his hands on the back of her head and pulled her in closer until he could feel her large breasts pressing against his chest. They made out for about a minute while her hand kept working hard on him. Once they broke the kiss, she put her lips to his ear and whispered.

“Get naked for me,” she whispered before pulling her head away from his, smiling with her lower lip between her teeth.

With no hesitation, Mike began stripping his business attire from his body. Alexandra, now with her hand off of his cock, pulled her white mini-skirt and black, lace panties to the ground. She kicked them off, along with her flip-flops. Once she was fully stripped, she lowered to her knees as his khaki pants hit the ground.

Alexandra grasped his underwear and tore them down to his feet. Before he could completely step out of them, her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and she began to suck him off. With one hand at the base of his shaft, she bobbed her head forward, taking most of his member into her mouth. She closed her eyes as the head of his penis hit the back of her throat.

Mike grabbed her by her long, dark hair and softly thrusted forward. He loved the feeling of his ultra-sensitive head bouncing against the back of her throat. She released the grip that her hand had on his cock and gave him full control. She stared up at him as he increased the force of his thrusts into her mouth. Within a few seconds, he was able to force all seven and a half inches into her oral opening, with the head lodged tightly into her tight, hot throat.

“That doesn’t hurt does it?” he asked as he pulled out.

“I have no gag reflex, baby,” she said with a sultry smile.

Mike smiled back and put his cock back in her mouth. He forced as much of it down her throat as possible and held it for several seconds. Her nose began to run, her eyes started to water and her face turned red but the corners of her mouth indicated a smile. After a few seconds, he pulled out completely to let her breathe. There was a long, thick strand of saliva still connecting the two. She took a few deep breaths before sucking the spit back into her mouth.

“Again!” she yelled.

Alexandra happily took his cock deep in her throat again, this time allowing him to hold it in for around fifteen seconds. She started to rub her hot clit as she felt the veins in his cock pulsate against her stretched esophagus. Once he pulled out, she stood up and gave him another kiss while rubbing herself.

“My pussy needs attention,” she softly said as she pushed papers on his desk out of the way enough for her curvy ass to sit down.

Before Alexandra could plant her butt on the wooden desk, she felt Mike’s tongue dart between her hot, wet lips.

“Ooh,” she moaned as the inside of her pussy lips were sensually massaged.

Alexandra threw her legs onto his shoulders and arched her back as she her body happily reacted to the oral invasion. She bit her lower lips and let out a high-pitched squeal as she felt a finger begin to rub her throbbing red clit.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as her body jerked from the very pleasurable touch.

Mike’s tongue danced around inside the actress’s pussy while his finger stimulated her clitoris. It was a very rare occurrence that this man would get the chance to make love to a woman as beautiful as Alexandra, so he wanted to make the most of his opportunity.

The man’s tongue and finger switched positions. He roughly put his finger up her swampy cunt, fingering her like a madman. His tongue was moving at a mile a minute as it circled around the throbbing love button. The fingers on his free hand brushed its way through the wispy patch of pubic hair that was becoming damper with her feminine love juices and sweat.

Alexandra gripped her hands on the piles of paper on the desk as she felt herself getting very close to an orgasm. Her eyes were shut tightly and her teeth clenched as her moans and groans were getting louder and closer together.

“Rrrrrr,” she groaned. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Every muscle in her body suddenly tightened up as she threw her head back and screamed. Her eyes shot open and she panted hard as an intense orgasm spread throughout her body. Her legs started to kick with each wave of pleasure that hit her.

Mike put his lips to her pussy and sucked up as much of her love potion as he could while his finger was still moving at an amazing pace. His entire mouth and chin were coated in a thick layer of her feminine cum as he lapped up the running juices.

“Oh my fucking god!” she yelled while pounding her fist on the desk. “Holy shit!”

Once her pussy stopped spasming, Mike pulled his wet mouth away and soaked finger out of it and stood up. He leaned over the desk and shoved his tongue into her mouth, allowing her to taste her own juices while they kissed. He groped her breasts again as they made out. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds before Alexandra pulled away.

“Fuck me,” she casually said while still breathing heavily for her orgasm.

Without saying a word, Mike grabbed his cock and pressed it against her soaking wet pussy. He looked her in the eyes as he pushed forward; entering her tight, slick pussy. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight as she felt her vaginal walls stretch around his thick manhood.

They both grunted and groaned, enjoying every second of their spontaneous sexual adventure. He put his hand on her hips and pulled her lower body towards him with each slam into her. She slid easily on the mixture of sweat and cum that she had left on the desk from her orgasm.

“Damn…it…this…is…great,” she panted.

Alexandra tilted her head up and nibbled on his chin as her hand ran through his short blonde hair. She softly begged for him to fuck her harder, following her plea with a harder bite. Mike loved the feeling of her teeth against his skin, fueling the extra force that she so dearly wanted.

Mike’s hands slid down her hips until they were on her ass. He gripped her cheeks and started to lift her off the desk. Carrying her with his cock planted deeply inside her, he took a few steps back and started bouncing her up and down on himself. Her hands went to his shoulder and she assisted in the bouncing, bouncing herself on him. They alternated control of the situation, loving every bit of it.

Every time Alexandra forced herself up, Mike tried to catch a nipple in his mouth. It did not take long for her to figure out the game and would occasionally slow down to feel his warm breath and saliva on her rock solid nub.

After a few minutes of standing sex, both Mike and Alexandra wanted something different. She pulled herself off of him and got to her feet. She planted a hand on the desk and bent over. With her other hand, she gave it a lick before rubbing her already-soaked cunt. She slowly looked over her shoulder and gave him a naughty look. Her mascara was running down her cheek as she glanced at his cock before drawing her eyes to her own lower end.

Mike walked up to her and pushed his cock back into her waiting cunt from behind. Instead of wrapping his hands around her waist, they went for her shoulders. He dug his fingers into her shoulders and instead of fucking her at a rapid pace, he went with slow, hard slams into her pussy. Each thrust into her was met with a loud grunt in response.

“Do I…nuh…have the…nuh…job?” she asked between grunts.

“If you let me cum on those beautiful tits of yours,” he responded as he gripped her shoulders harder.

“Cum…oh…my tits…mmm…Mr. Wilcox!” she screamed as another orgasm hit the excited woman.

The feeling of the muscles in her cunt contracting around his cock was enough to send Mike towards the finish line. He gave her a few more hard thrusts before he pulled his soppy cock out of her vibrating cunt. She turned around dropped to her knees; taking her breasts in each hand and holding them up like a target as the older man took aim.

“Paint ‘em, baby,” she said with a giggle and smile.

Mike gave his cock a few more pumps before thick ropes of pearly white cum shot onto Alexandra’s waiting chest. The second shot went high and caught her on the chin, eliciting a laugh from the woman. The next several shots of heavy cum hit their target, coating her big breasts in a sticky white glaze.

After the final bits of cum fell, Alexandra lifted her breast up to her mouth and slowly licked his seed off of it. He watched in amazement as the stunning beauty cleaned as much of his cum off of herself as she could. When she was done, she scooped the bit on her chin up and swallowed that as well before standing up.

“Congratulations, you are going to be Lisa Tragnetti,” he told her as grabbed some tissues to clean the remaining cum off.

“Thank you Mr. Wilcox,” she said as she flashed him a smile.

Mike sat down on the couch in the corner and watched as Alexandra slowly pulled her skirt back on, followed by the t-shirt. She left her panties on the floor as she started to walk to the door.

“Don’t you want to take those,” he said as he was getting dressed himself.

“Consider it a keepsake,” she responded.

Alexandra blew him a kiss before exiting the room and heading out. She passed by Mike’s secretary, who stopped her and pointed at her face.

“You have some…stuff on your chin,” the short blonde pointed out with a sexy grin.

“Oh, thanks sweetie,” Alexandra responded before scooping it up on her finger and holding it out for the woman. “Go ahead.”

The young blonde slowly sucked the leftover cum off of the actress’s finger. When she was done, she happily walked away and sat back at her desk. Alexandra left the building with a smile that just could not be removed.

The End.

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