Cat Deeley Gets The Cream (Twice)

Cat Gets The Cream (twice): A Cat Deeley Story
by Jimbob

Cat Deeley was in the shit. She had been summonsed to the office of the Producer
of the extremely popular SM:TV Live program that she co-hosted with those two
Geordie gob-shites (and failed musicians) PJ and Duncan. The reason for her
presence was her failure to comply with previous ‘advice’ from Steve Jones (her
producer) regarding her increasingly skimpy clothing. Cat had started out on MTV
and was used to wearing revealing outfits, often the only thing people tuned in
for, the transition from sexy chic to kiddie’s telly
presenter was not going
smoothly. After nearly falling out of her top a few weeks ago she had been
forced to clear all her outfits with her producer before going on air.
Earlier today she had shown a sexy but subtle knee-length skirt and a high-neck
vest top to her boss and he had approved. Before going on however she had got
changed in her dressing room into a skin-tight micro skirt and an equally taught
halter neck top. Due to the tight nature of her outfit she had been forced to
remove her bra and knickers to prevent them showing through her clothes. As she
removed her underwear Cat felt a thrill shoot through her body, she had never
gone on air sans underwear before. Unfortunately this thrill caused Cat’s
nipples to become erect and they remained so 2 minutes later when she went on
air. The look on her co-stars’ faces was a treat and when she came of air she
felt quite pleased with herself.
Not so at the moment in the lift on her way to Steve’s office. Cat had changed
into a pair of denim pedal-pushers and a spaghetti-strap top. She had replaced
her underwear and looked sexy but restrained. As the lift reached the fourth
floor she took a deep breath and stepped out into Steve’s secretary’s office.
‘Hi Cat, saw you on the show, you looked great, don’t think the boss agrees
though’ warned Steve’s secretary. ‘Oh well I suppose I could always go back to
MTV’ replied Cat. ‘Go on in, he’s been waiting…good luck.’ With that Cat knocked
on Steve’s door and walked in. ‘Hi Steve, enjoy the show?’ she asked
tentatively. Steve was stood with his back to Cat wearing tennis clothes. ‘Do I
look like I saw the show Cat, do you think I normally dress like this to watch
you make a slut of yourself on national TV?’ Steve was only 28 and had risen
quickly in the business, he took no shit though and right now he was pissed off.
He turned to face Cat, ‘What’s the matter, your slutty outfit not good enough
for me?’ he demanded. Cat was getting flustered, she had never seen him this
angry before. ‘Look I’m sorry, I, I …I..’ Steve walked right up to Cat, inches
away from her face.
‘I was playing tennis with some very important clients this morning, I went in
to get changed and what did I see on the TV in the lounge, Cat Deeley’s nipples
on full display for the whole fucking country.’ Cat realised that he wasn’t
going to accept just any old apology and decided on a change of tactics. ‘I’m
sorry Steve but I just wanted you to notice me as more than just an employee, I
like you a lot I just didn’t know how to tell you.’ Steve’s head was swimming,
he had not been expecting this, Cat saw her chance and went for it, she walked
right up to Steve and unbuttoned his shirt, she pulled it from his shorts and
lifted it over his head. He had a well-toned body and she bent to take one of
his nipples in her mouth, sucking and biting on it she felt his hands in her
hair. She stood up straight and pulled her top up over her head revealing her
small but firm breasts encased in a black bra. Steve took a moment to stare in
wonder at the perfect cleavage of his young star and reached down to the zip of
her trousers and eased it down. Cat took over and removed her peddle-pushers to
reveal a matching black thong. ‘Now yours’ she declared and with that she got
down on her knees and pulled the waistband of Steve’s shorts, as they travelled
down she pulled his underwear with them and revealed an 8” erection, yes it was
quite long but it was the thickness of it that took Cat’s breath away. Being
quite petite she was concerned whether she would get it in any of her orifices.
She took hold of Steve’s large cock and felt it leap at her touch, she leaned
forward and took at into her mouth. Getting the head of it in she gave herself a
few seconds to adjust to it girth and then slowly began to wank it in her mouth
whilst running her tongue all over the head.
Steve began to moan as Cat’s expert ministrations brought him to the very edge,
Cat could feel his excitement and took her other hand to his balls and massaged
them, using her long fingernails to gently tickle them. As Steve looked down at
the sexy beauty moving up and down on his cock he could see the thin material of
her thong stretched tightly up the crack of her arse. This view was too much for
Steve and let fly with a torrent of cum that Cat struggled to swallow. She
gasped for breath, went back down and licked up what was left. As Steve
recovered Cat stood up and reached behind her back unfastening her bra, she let
it fall to the floor revealing a pair of breasts that looked so firm that Steve
could feel his cock stirring already. He reached out and took hold of one of
Cat’s perfect tits, squeezing it hard and twisting the nipple, Cat gasped with
pleasure as Steve reached down and felt Cat’s wetness through her sodden thong,
he peeled it off and brought it to his face, inhaling deeply. Looking down Steve
could see Cat’s mousey patch of pubic hair and ran his fingers from the top of
it down to her slit. Cat moaned as Steve ran his finger the full length of her
slit, reaching her erect clit and rubbing it hard. He slipped two fingers into
Cat’s cunt and felt her muscles tighten round them. He lifted her up and placed
her on his desk, legs spread. Cat’s sopping sex was waiting for his hard cock to
fill it up; she didn’t have to wait long. He placed the head of his cock at her
slit and ran it the full length until reaching her opening and thrust into her
hard. She moaned in delight at the sudden invasion as Steve began to thrust into
her with increasing vigour. As he thrust harder and harder he looked down at
Cat, her body covered with a sheen of sweat and her firm tits barley moving in
spite of the movement the rest of her body was experiencing. ‘Go on fuck me
hard, do it to me…oh that’s so good’ Cat was in heaven and she could feel her
orgasm approaching. Steve had already cum though and was nowhere near. With a
few more thrusts Steve had Cat cumming and she screamed as convulsions wracked
her body, Steve could feel her cunt squeezing his cock hard as her cunt juice
flooded over it. As Cat recovered, breathing hard, Steve reminded her ‘This is
supposed to be punishment, you’ve enjoyed it so far.’
With that he pulled his cock from her sopping cunt and turned her over on his
desk her arse faced him and he ran his finger down her crack, seeking out her
puckered hole. As he found the hole he pushed hard and his finger moved past her
sphincter into her tight ass. If he had thought her cunt was tight he simply
wasn’t prepared for the pressure on his finger. Cat gasped at this new invasion,
she had never taken it up the arse before but it didn’t seem she was in a
position to argue. Steve took hold of his cock, still glistening with Cat’s girl
cum and reached down to her cunt, getting his fingers good and wet he started to
move them into her arse. Cat gasped as she felt two then three fingers slide
past her ring and into her anus. As Steve moved them in and out he felt her
sphincter loosen up, he removed his fingers and placed the head of his cock at
her rectum. She braced herself for what was coming and tried to relax her arse
muscles as much as she could. With that Steve thrust forward and the head of his
cock slid into her rectum, Steve left it there for a few seconds, partly to let
her get used to his thickness and partly to let his cock adjust to the
unbelievable tightness it was experiencing. Slowly Steve started to move his
cock in Cat’s arse. The friction was unbelievable and Cat moved her right hand
down to her clit and began to rub it as Steve increased the pace of his fucking.
Soon he was pummelling the full length of his cock in and out of Cat Deeley’s
arse. She moaned as her fingers and Steve’s cock combined to cause her orgasm to
approach rapidly. Steve knew it was futile to resist his oncoming orgasm and
increased his pace as he felt his cum moving down his cock. With that he
exploded into Cat’s bowels just as she came, screaming with pleasure her pussy
and arse muscles contracting as she let loose with another load of cunt juice.
As Steve pulled out of Cat’s arse he breathed heavily, ‘Let that be a lesson to
you’. She laughed at the rebuke, ‘Just wait until you see next weeks outfit.’


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