Cat Deeley Gets The Cream

Cat Deeley Gets The Cream

this is fiction, but we can dream!

beautiful tv presenter cat deeley was every young boys
wet dream. with her slim figure, long brown hair,
perfect long legs and pretty face cat had every boy in
britain wanking his cock each staurday morning when
she was on tv. and cat deeley knew the effect she had
on young boys, and all men in general.

in the hot studio cat could feel the lust coming off
the young boys, and see the awkward shuffling in their
seats as they tried to hide raging hard ons caused by
cat’s body. cat deeley deliberately wore short
and tight tops for these shows, because it turned her
on too, and after every programme cat had to
masturbate in her dressing room to relieve the tension
inside her.

one saturday morning the studio audience was made up
entirely of young boys from inner city london, aged
between 10 and 15, they were hot for cat before she
even arrived on the set. all of them had pictures of
cat deeley on their bedroom walls, and every single
one of them had wanked his young cock dry the week
before just thinking of meeting their gorgeous fantasy
fuck slut.

all morning cat had to deal with sexual innuendo from
the boys, despite the floor manager frequently telling
them to calm down or they would stop the show. this
was live tv and the boys knew that the show could not
be stopped just like that, so they carried on anyway.
cat felt vulnerable yet very turned on at the comments
from the boys. she was a 24 year old woman and knew
she shouldn’t be turned on by 12 year old boys
whispering that they wanted to fuck her, but she was
more turned on than ever in her life!

cat deeley wriggled seductively in her seat, showing
more and more of her shapely long thighs, the boys got
hotter and harder. cat knew that her nipples were hard
and starting to show, but she liked that too.

then one 14 year old boy couldn’t take anymore teasing
and jumped at cat deeley from behind. he grabbed her
arms and pinned them behind her back, while he groped
for her tiny little tits. the studio was in an instant
uproar as cat deeley struggled with the boy and
several men rushed to her defence. however, they
couldn’t get close because the other boys had formed a
protective screen around cat and her attacker. one of
boys even produced a knife and held it to cat deeley’s
throat and told the men to back off.

the young boys closed in as the men watched scared
that cat would be hurt if they intervened. two boys
grabbed cat’s feet and pulled her legs wide open. two
more pulled her arms wide too as cat deeley was laid
back on the floor in the middle of the boys. cat
screamed but was somehow turned on as she felt young
hands all over her body. small fingers wrapped around
her boobs and pulled on her nipples through the
material of her thin top. other mauled her long thighs
and pressed against her crotch, pulling her short
skirt up around her hips.

cat deeley’s top was ripped off and her braless boobs
were revealed to the boys. small but perfectly formed
was the only way to describe cat deeley’s breasts, but
the young boys just wanted to pull and squeeze them.
cat squirmed under their touch, screaming louder as
her boobs were hurt by this rough handling. young
finges worked around her panties, trying to grab the
flimsy material and pull them off, eventually they
succeeded and cat deeley’s pussy was revealed to the
whole studio. amazingly the cameras were still
rolling, no one had told them to stop and the men knew
that whatever happened this film would be worth
millions on the internet!

naked apart from her short skirt wrapped around her
waist cat deeley looked stunning. her legs are simply
the best and she is one of the most beautiful women on
the planet. here she was about to be raped by 150
under-aged boys!

cat heard zips being undone and soon her pretty face
was surrounded by small but rock hard cocks. they
pulled her hair and commanded cat to suck the cocks or
they would cut her, cat deeley opened her mouth and
the boys closed in. the first cock went into cat’s
mouth as others touched her cheeks and she felt them
in her hair. another cock pushed into cats mouth and
the boys started to wank into her. meanwhile she felt
cocks between her legs as three boys almost fought to
fuck her first.

fingers were in her pussy, pulling her cunt lips open
wide as the boys marvelled at her smooth shave cunt.
other boys were now sucking on her breasts, cat was
getting very wet! the first little cock penetrated her
cunt and cat deeley arched her back, trying not to
show too much enjoyment. the cocks in her mouth
started to twitch and cat deeley felt the wash of
spunk hit her throat, she gulped it down like the
whore she really was and the boys knew she was theres!

the cameras closed in as the men realised that cat was
really enjoying this now, they knew they should try to
help but if anything they wanted to join in! the hands
stroking cats perfect long legs were now moving like a
blur, cat started to cum, her orgasm as much a shock
to her as the men and boys. she sucked on young cock
now as fast as she could and cocks were shooting spunk
all over her. the boy came in her cunt, pumping deep
into cat’s womb despite his tender years.

they still held her arms and legs wide open, even
though there was no need any longer. even cat loved it
more this way, she had always fantasised about being
gang-raped and now it was happening. spunk exploded
into her pretty face, stinging her eyes, then another
boy entered her cunt. they half rolled cat deeley onto
her side and she felt cocks rubbing against her bum.
her arse cheeks were opened and she knew what was
coming next. cat deeley felt no pain as her arse was
penetrated for the first time, even though her cunt
was also being fucked hard at the same time.

she wriggled but more in exstacy than pain, cat deeley
was one hot cunted bitch. spunk filled her cunt and
arse at the same time and cat tried to wrap her legs
around the boys. they were in heaven, stroking and
groping cats beautiful body all over. those legs, so
smooth and warm, especially her thighs. they pulled on
her tiny tits ’til they were so sore, but cat just
orgasmed again. young teeth bit her breast flesh, cat
came again.

she was drinking their cum so fast now, cat loved the
taste, as a boy tried to tit fuck her. he wrapped her
little tits around his cock and pumped away, he came
so fast, the first time cat had been tit fucked
successfully, and the boy was only 11 years old! his
spunk hit cat’s chin and she came again! she felt
hands at her cunt again and fists were rammed into her
so deep. cat came again, the men watched jealous that
they were not fucking her too.

the boys got cat to stand up so they could worship her
long legs, she tried but was very wobbly on her feet.
boys crowded round and stroked her thighs up and down,
cat came again. then her legs collapsed and cat deeley
fell to the ground once more and the boys fucked her
some more.

cat deeley came and came and came as the boys filled
her body with their young spunk. when she was full
they covered her too on the outside until cat was
white from head to beautiful toe. her hair was matted
to her pretty face, her body was shaking and tingling,
cat deeley had never been fucked like this before and
she couldn’t wait for the next time! and of course it
had all been caught on film!

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