Cat Fight: Jessica Alba Vs Katie Holmes

Catfight: Jessica Alba vs. Katie Holmes

In the battle of who was the hottest young starlet on television,no two
candidates were as determined as Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes.Each of them
believed that they alone were number one,therefore they had a built in hatred
of each other. When Jessica won an award for most promising young star,Katie
flipped her lid.She vowed revenge,determined to make Jessica pay for winning
that award over her.She new that Alba was planning on attending a fundraiser
that next week,and plotted her plan for that night.

The fundraiser was in full swing,and Jessica was having a
good time.She had
had a few drinks,and was feeling no pain.Her ride home had mysteriously
disappeared,so she decided to go outside and hail a taxi.She new that the
tight satin mini-skirt she wore would attract a cab instantly.She made her
way outside,trying not to look drunk.As she waited for a taxi,she felt a tap
on her shoulder…”Hello Jessica…how are you”?.Alba twirled around to find
Katie Holmes standing there,decked out in a snug halter top and a pair of
extremely short shorts.She grabbed Alba by her hair and began to drag her
into a nearby alley,Jessica was too startled to resist,she felt herself being
dragged,helpless to stop it.Holmes tossed her against a brick wall,pinning
her against it…”its payback time bitch”she bellowed.Suddenly,Alba came to
her senses,pushing Holmes back and onto the ground.”How dare you”Katie
screamed,as she charged after Alba .The two hot vixens began to wrestle;Alba
grabbed Holmes hair and yanked her head back.Katie fell on her back,knocking
the wind from her.Noticing her chance,Jessica jumped on top of of
Katie,straddling her,pinning her shoulders to the ground.”Ill teach you to
mess with me little girl”Jessica warned.Finding a piece of twine laying in
the alley,Alba quickly spun Katie on her back and tied her hands behind
her.”No..No..please..not that”Katie pleaded,but it was to no avail.Jessica
spun Holmes again on her back,an sat down on her legs,admiring her vanquished
foe.”My my,you are very pretty Katie”;let me get a good look at you.Jessica
started to rip the sides of katie’s halter top,exposing her perky breasts.Her
nipples were already hard from Jessica”s touch.Alba lowered her head down and
began sucking on each nipple;Katie moaned with pleasure.jessica slih her body
down lower;”lets see your sweet little pussy now”she cackled,and slowly
started to peel down Katie’s very tight shorts.Holmes trembled as she felt
her nude body being exposed to her main rival;she was both embarrassed and
excited.Jessica ran her long fingernails along Katie’s inner thighs,getting
close to but not yet touching her throbbing pussy.

Alba reached into her purse and produced a long,black dildo.Holmes eyes
widened ,shocked that such a big dildo could fit in a purse.”This is for you
Katie”Jessica gloated…”Im going to make you one of my sex

Tears began to roll down Katie’s face…”please Jessica,Im so sorry,just
let me go…please”.Jessica bent over to wipe away Katie’s tears…”Im
sorry,but its too late…dont worry,you will love this”.Alba strapped on the
dildo,and quickly lowered herself into Holme’s tight pussy.”Oh my God”katie
yelped.Holmes back began to arch,as wave of pleasure filled her as she felt
the massive dildo enter her.Alba began to rock back and forth,grinding deep
inside Katie’s wet pussy.”Im going to cum now”Katie screamed,and with that,an
immense wave of pleasure overtook Holmes.She was being raped and fucked by
her most hated rival,and she was loving it.

Alba continued to fuck Katie all night.Orgasm after orgasm;by
morning,Holmes could barely walk,But she didnt care;she had just had the best
sex of her life.She was now Jessica Alba’s sex slave forever.And she was glad
of it.

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