Cate and Julie’s Equine Adventure

Title: Cate and Julie’s Equine Adventure

Author: Attila

Contains: Beast, FBeast, pedo, Ff, Lesbian, Strap on, Inc

Starring: Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett

Disclaimer: The actions and opinions depicted in this story are merely fantasy. I don’t know the celebrities depicted in this story, but I’m pretty damn sure they do not engage in this kind of behavior. I do not condone this behavior in real life, and if you do, might I suggest that you immediately seek help. Once again, for those out there who fail to distinguish fantasy from reality, this is not real! This is merely fiction!

Spring, 2009

The meadow was pleasantly warm in the spring morning as Cate Blanchett walked up to the stable. She was dressed in an extremely thin version of her Galadriel costume from when she worked on The Lord of the Rings films, and her long golden hair gently blew out behind her. A smile crossed her face as the 44-year-old actress saw that her request had been fulfilled, as standing in the stable was nothing other than a large well-built stallion, lazily munching on some straw and not caring about anything else. Cate felt her heart fluttering in her chest when she saw the beast, as a variety of perverse images flashed through her mind. Images of her sucking on the horse’s cock, images of her rubbing her breasts up and down the beast’s erection, images of her being plastered in layers of horse cum, even images of her letting the stallion fuck her silly.

Her bestiality-filled daydreams were shattered when she heard her phone ringing, immediately snapping her out of her trance. Before she picked up her phone, she was careful to wipe away the drool from the corners of her mouth and to make sure that her costume was not stained with juices from her wetted pussy. Picking up her phone, she saw that the caller id said Julianne Moore.

“Hi Julie!”

“Hi Cate! Liv and I are at the front gate, ready to enjoy our day with you. Can you please let us in?

“Of course sweetie. Before I let you in, can I ask you something?”

“As long as it isn’t too weird”

“It’s not, Julie”

“Ask away then”

“What are you wearing?”

“You’ll see” Julianne’s voice laughed over the phone as Cate hung up and went to the gate, opening it and smiling widely as a blue pick-up truck drove by and parked in front of the stable. Once the truck’s engine stopped, the doors opened, revealing the long legs and beautiful body of Julianne Moore, who had her hair in braids and a smile on her face. She was dressed in a puff-sleeved blouse that she wore off-the shoulder, the result being that she had much more cleavage exposed. Besides the blouse, Julianne wore a patterned skirt, a choker, and heels, all of which made Cate’s mind race with horny thoughts.

Seeing the lust that was practically burning in Cate’s eyes, Julianne smiled a seductive smile and embraced the Australian actress, their faces only mere inches apart as their generous cleavages pressed and rubbed together before the two actresses locked lips. Julianne emitted a muffled squeal when she was surprised by the power and speed of Cate’s tongue in her mouth, while Cate jumped a little when she felt Julianne grab her butt. Both actresses quickly began groping and stroking each other’s bodies, cooing and sighing with pleasure as they explored each other, followed by Cate sticking Julianne’s head in-between her breasts and holding it in there, laughing softly as Julianne spluttered and squealed muffled squeals as she tried to get some air. As Julianne squirmed in Cate’s cleavage, the other door on the truck opened, followed by the appearance of Liv, Julianne’s 7-year-old daughter, who was dressed in an outfit that Cate considered inappropriate to find on a seven year old girl, but somehow made her wetter than before.

Instead of screaming or running away from the spectacle in front of her, Liv just stood there, her mouth agape and her eyes bugging out of her head as Cate let Julianne take her head out of Cate’s breasts, causing the redhead to gasp for air before shrieking in surprise upon seeing her daughter suddenly next to her.  “Mommy, what was she doing to you?” Liv asked, causing Julianne to blush as Cate knelt down in front of Liv and told her that she and her mother were engaging in what was known as breath play. This got Liv’s attention, and she asked if she could sit on Cate’s lap and explore her body, since she admitted that she had a crush on Cate after seeing The Lord of the Rings. Cate was a little surprised at Liv’s request, but since she did not want to come across as rude, she said “sure” in her lovely Australian accent, prompting Liv to jump into Cate’s lap and begin to play with the older woman’s breasts, while Julianne danced erotically in front of Cate, occasionally shooting seductive looks at the other actress in order to make her feel hornier.

Cate’s eyes rolled back into her head when Liv slipped her hand into the part of Cate’s outfit that was near her pussy, the young girl’s fingers ripping an orgasm out of the older woman. Julianne, upon hearing Cate’s shrieking orgasm, stopped dancing and then got up behind her daughter, slipping her fingers into her outfit and stripping her nude before rubbing her nipples. Liv had never felt such pleasure before, and she too began to moan softly, causing Julianne to switch tactics, replacing her fingers with her lips as she sucked on her daughter’s nipples, while Cate spanked and groped The Big Lebowski star’s ass and pussy. Soon, all three of them were moaning helplessly, orgasming again and again before Cate called it off, and began to strip while singing to her two guests, who watched with wonder as the Australian tossed her outfit off and pranced about, wearing nothing but the diadem and jewelry worn by her character in The Lord of the Rings.

Julianne was the next to strip, her breasts flopping around as Cate plunged a long-fingered hand into Liv’s tight little pussy, causing the young girl to shriek and squeal before tickling Cate’s nipples. As the lesbie pedophilic lovers continued to enjoy each other’s bodies, Julianne had removed all of her clothing except for her choker, and then she dropped onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Cate Blanchett and Liv, the morning sunshine making her skin look like freckled ivory. Liv, upon seeing her mother crawling towards her, jumped off of Cate’s lap and rushed over to Julianne, tugging on her breasts and making the redheaded actress moan and scream in delight.

“Mrs. Blanchett?”

“Please, call me Cate. What is it, Liv?”

“Do you have anything that can make me and my mommy enjoy each other at the same time?”

“I believe I have something that might work. Stay right there!”

Without another word, Cate bounded into the stable, returning a few moments later with a large double-dicked strap-on dildo, which she then fitted onto Liv before telling the young girl to fuck Julianne with all the energy Liv had. Cate then watched as Liv began humping and thrusting into her mother’s pussy and ass, all the while Julianne was shrilly screaming and squealing at the top of her lungs, tears flowing like rivers from her eyes as Cate entered the stable, reemerging with the stallion she had been admiring earlier. As mother and daughter fucked like they had never fucked before, Cate knelt down under the stallion and began to play with its penis, her eyes bugging out of her head when she saw how big it really was. Without another thought, Cate popped the stallion’s penis into her mouth and began to suck on it, her hands jerking it rapidly as the stallion began to whinny and neigh loudly, implying that he enjoyed the Australian actress sucking on his penis.

When Liv saw Cate sucking away at the horse cock, she stopped fucking Julianne and took of the strap-on dildo, walking as if in a trance to where Cate and the horse were. Once there, she knelt down besides Cate and began to lick at the horse penis above her head, relishing in the taste while imagining it entering not only her body, but Cate and her mother as well. Cate soon pulled the horse’s penis out of her mouth, leaning down to kiss Liv and let the young girl taste the horse’s pre-cum as Julianne walked up, and without another word laid down on the stump beneath the horse and guided the beast’s penis into her dripping pussy, moaning in delight when it entered her. “OOH! OOH! AAAAAH!” Julianne screamed as the horse thrust deep inside of her pussy, causing her to flail her arms about and grab onto Liv and Cate’s naked bodies, her fingers digging into Cate’s right breast and Liv’s left butt cheek as the horse continued to thrust wildly.

Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Julianne’s body before Cate slid her off of the stallion’s penis and slid the penis, all lubed up with Julianne’s pussy juices, deep into her own dripping pussy. Her fingers gripped the stump tightly as the horse mounted her from behind, her screams filling the air as loudly as Julianne’s screams had, and while Cate enjoyed being the stallion’s bitch, Julianne put the strap-on dildo on her self, and began to fuck Liv rapidly, Liv’s lips locked with her mother’s as Julianne felt her daughter’s cherry pop and heard Liv’s muffled cries. The three of them continued to fuck for what seemed like hours, until Liv experienced her first orgasm, and Cate had fallen off of the horse’s cock from the sheer amount of orgasms she had endured, yet still the horse had not cum.

Cate and Julianne exchanged a glance, and when Liv had calmed down after her orgasm, she was surprised to have her nose pinched by her mother, while Cate shoved the stallion’s penis into Liv’s little mouth. Liv screamed when the penis clogged her mouth, and the vibrations from her scream caused the horse to start cumming a great torrent of hot, sticky, and thick horse cum. Pulling the cock out of Liv’s mouth, both Cate and Julianne laughed like maniacs as torrents upon torrents of horse cum covered the three participants in this bout of bestiality, incest, and debauchery.  When the horse had finally stopped cumming, Liv’s eyes were plastered shut by the cum, and when she stumbled away from Cate and her mother, she had no idea that her naked and unprotected backside was exposed to a horny pig who had smelled the sex in the air and decided to investigate.

The next thing Liv knew, she was being pressed into the ground by the front feet of the pig as its penis penetrated her tiny little pussy and began to fuck her harder than her mother previously did. She struggled and flailed about in an attempt to escape from her new animal partner, but the pig was too powerful for her in her weakened state, and since she had been blasted with so much horse cum, her screams were merely strangled-sounding gurgles in her throat. The pig continued to fuck her for a good twenty minutes until it shot its load deep into her pussy and cervix, and then it trotted back to its sty, leaving Liv to crawl and stumble back to where her mother and Cate were. When she returned, she heard her mother and Cate moaning and gargling as they cleaned the horse cum off of one another, before they saw Liv and the pig cum dribbling out of her pussy and down her legs.

“Do you need mommy to clean you up?” Julianne said as she and Cate began licking, slurping, and gulping down the horse and pig cum that was all over and dribbling from Liv’s body. When Liv was all cleaned up, the three of them all got into a nearby shower together, washing themselves off and kissing each other, even as they dried off and dressed. Giving one final kiss each, Cate watched as Julianne and Liv piled back into Julianne’s truck and drove away, while Cate sighed with delight at the debauched day she had just had.


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