Catfight 2: Winona Ryder Vs Sandra Bullock

Winona Ryder vs Sandra Bullock
By Wonder Mike

Eddie was ready for his next catfight, he took a poll of his
guards to see who they wanted. It was a close vote but they called
for Winona Ryder and Sandra Bullock.

Eddie extended an invitation for the two girls to visit. They both
send a lot of time in the Bay area so it was not a problem getting

Eddie escorted the two actresses to his read room. He told them they
were both known as the girl next door but he couldn’t decide which one
he thought was better. He told them of a
contest for $10 million.

They were both interested in what he had to say. Eddie told them
he wanted a no hold barred brawl, the winner takes all. The winner
would be the winner of the fight and the on who made the other climax.

They both decided they didn’t need the money that bad. Eddie told
them he was still casting for Star Wars and the winner could also get
a part in the movie. They discussed it and decided that they both had
careers that were going o k and they didn’t need to embarrass themselves.

Eddie was disappointed so he signaled for the guards to open the door.
In the other room was an elephant. Eddie told them they were not going
anywhere. He told them the loser would be fucked by the beast, or they
both would get it up the ass. They agreed to the contest.

Sandra charged at Winona, she fell flat on her face before she got there.
Winona reached down and ripped off her shirt.

Sandra rolled over and got from underneath Winona. She punched her in the face,
it had no effect. Winona slapped her back.

They both hopped to their feet. Winona grabbed Sandra by the hair, Sandra
ripped of Winona’s dress.

Sandra grabbed her by the breast and started to squeeze them, Winona took a
step back and tripped. Sandra fell right on top of her.

Sandra used her knees to pin Winona’s arms, she then reached down into her
Winona rolled over and would up on top of Sandra.

She grabbed Sandra by the hair and started to bang her head against the floor.
Sandra had enough, she told Winona she quits.

Eddie told Winona she was not subdued yet. He tossed her a pair of handcuffs.
Sandra remembered what was going to happen to the loser and she punched Winona
in the ear.

Winona fell over. Sandra grabbed the handcuffs and tried to tie her to the
bench in the middle of the room. Winona reached up and grabbed her around the
This was it for Sandra, she dropped to her knees and Winona handcuffed her to

Eddie through Winona another pair of cuffs, and she chained Sandra’s other arm.
Then she tied her legs. Sandra Bullock was tied spread eagle and completely

Eddie reminded Winona of the second part of the contest. he told her he had a
of toys to help her.

Winona unbuttoned Sandra’s pants, the guards then came and cut them off. Winona
began to rub Sandra’s pussy. She was surprised at how wet it already was.

She bent down and took a lick of her cunt. Winona loved the taste. She buried
her tongue into Sandra Bullock.

Sandra started to squirm, she was ready for the toys. Winona reached blindly
the box, she pulled out a wine bottle.

She rubbed the neck of the bottle against Sandra’s pussy. She then slid the
up and down her bottle. When she got back down to her pussy, she rammed the
into her cunt.

She shoved the entire neck of the bottle into Sandra, She let out a howl,
This made Winona ram the bottle harder and harder. She had become mad and Sandra
for the fight, she was going to teach her a lesson.

Winona remembered the elephant and she told Eddie it was time, Eddie told her
Sandra hadn’t come yet. Winona shoved the bottle as hard as she could. She
half of it into Sandra.

Sandra was screaming "Yes" "Please do it" Winona pulled the bottle
out, grabbed it with both hands and shoved as hard as she could.
Sandra had an explosive climax.

Winona had won, she wanted to see Sandra really get it now. Eddie
told his men to bring it in.

Two of his men grabbed Winona and stripped her naked,
they released Sandra and threw Winona down in her place and tied her
spread eagle to the bench. Sandra fell to the floor unable to stand.

Eddie guided the elephant by the trunk to Winona, she screamed at was
happening, Eddie took the trunk and stuffed it into Winona.

Winona begged for Eddie to stop as the tip entered her. She told him
that he promised and she had won. Eddie just laughed.

He took the trunk and pushed it deep into her. He got a foot of it into
her when it stopped, it was too wide to go in any further. Winona was screaming
at the top of her lungs, but Eddie saw the juices flowing. He shoved the trunk
another six inches went in.

Eddie started to work the trunk in and out. Winona was getting use to the huge
size of
it. Eddie was working faster and faster with each stroke. He was also able to
get it
in even deeper.

It didn’t take long for Winona Ryder to have an even louder orgasm than Sandra
Eddie fucked her like that for ten minutes. That was when she passed out. He
the trunk out of her pussy. He loved the sight of a wide open pussy, then he
her and left her on the floor next to Sandra. He left them a copy of the video
made and decided that they didn’t deserve any money.


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