Catfight: Christina Ricci Vs Racheal Leigh Cook

This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you
are underage or easily offended. Stop reading

Catfight: Christina Ricci Vs Rachael Leigh Cook

By Wonder Mike
(FF, FHorse, cons, beast)

This was the most miserable year Eddie had ever had. Not only could
he lose his team, but he was also losing the Super Bowl.
The thought he had everything under control, running the Browns
out of Cleveland so he could get rid of Carmen, but it all went south from
there. He only hoped his sister didn’t sell his team.

He got some revenge on those dirty birds by having a couple of them humiliated
arrested, but it was an empty feeling.

He made arrangements to free up the big guy after his term was over, The H bitch
would have a skiing accident March 27, 2000.

The big guy was ecstatic. He gave Eddie a Federal grant. After all he told
the people there was a $20 billion surplus. He was going to keep 10 for himself
but Eddie had been such a help He gave him 10 Billion instead as long as he used
it for the right reasons.

Eddie knew just what he wanted. He would arrange a series of contest to amuse
himself and the big guy. He sent out the invitations to Christina Ricci and
Rachael Leigh Cook. He sent a plane and Limo to greet the two young girls. The
were taken to his mansion.

He escorted them to his special room. He explained what he had in mind.

In this suitcase he said. Is $10 million. We will have a contest and which ever
one of you wins will get the prize. The other will be humiliated.

Christina asked what the contest was. Eddie told her it would be a fight to
the other. The winner will be the one who subdues then causes the other to have
an orgasm.

Rachel wasn’t sure if she wanted to go through this. But $10 million was too big
a prize to sneeze at. She asked how much time did they have to think about it.
Christina tackled her from behind.

Rachael didn’t know what hit her. She was face first on the ground. Christina
ripped off
her shirt.

Chris held her head down against the floor and asked Rachel if she had enough.
Rachael was mad now and she wanted to kick so but.

She managed to roll over underneath Christina, but Chris was too strong for her.
Rachael couldn’t get her off. Christ started to rub Rachael’s breast.

Rachael managed to get her arms free and she ripped open Christina’s shirt. Her
breast popped out. They where huge, Eddie couldn’t believe how well this was
going. Eddie pulled out a pair of handcuffs and tossed them toward the girls.

Christina reached for the handcuffs, that was the opening Rachael needed. She
punched Christ right in the nose. Christina went down in pain.

Rachael jumped up and kicked her in the stomach. Christina was on her hand and
knees. Rachael slapped the cuffs on one of her wrist. She put the other end on a
bar on the wall. Christina was now down to one free arm. She managed to land a
to Rachael’s knee though.

Eddie told the girls he had some toys and weapons the girls were free to use.
Rachael went over to the box and grabbed a baseball bat. She reared back to
crack Christina across the head. Christina was slumped over. Rachael approached
her slowly. As she reached Christina she was kicked right in the throat. Rachael
was down and hurt. Eddie tossed the handcuff key over to Christina and she freed
herself. She then kicked Rachael in the back of the head. Rachael was finished.

Christina dragged her over to the bench in the room. He handcuffed her arms and
legs to the legs of the bench. Her legs were tied wide open.

Christina was now ready for the second part of the contest. She cut a hole in
Rachael’s jeans between her legs, She than began to rub her pussy. Rachael began
to moan. Christina then slid three fingers into Rachael’s cunt.

Rachael arched her back into her air and tried to close her legs, they were tied
open though. Christina rammed her fingers faster and faster into Rachael. She
saw Rachael’s eye roll back into her head, she was close to winning. She reached
down and grabbed the baseball bat that Rachael was going to use on her. She took
the barrel and rammed it into Rachael.

She had the bat by both hands and she was shoving it as hard as she could into
her vanquished foe. Rachael was panting faster and faster, until she let out a
scream. She had lost.

Eddie declared Christina the winner untied Rachael. He helped her to her feet
and then he signaled the guards. They charged over and grabbed Christina, She
didn’t know what was going on. Before she knew it, she was tied to the bench in
the same position Rachael had been in.

Eddie told Rachael, Christina would get the money, but you can have your
revenge. He told Rachel she had a couple of choices, she could pick the toy box
to use on Christina, or she could choose door number 1 or door number 2.

The guards all yelled out there choices. Rachael was getting madder and madder
at Christina by the moment, she finally chose a door.

The guards opened the door and brought in a stallion. Rachael was pleased at her
choice. She guided the stallion over to Christina, she would teach that bitch a
real lesson.

Rachael stroked the stallion cock, it sprung out to two feet long, it was
thicker than her arm. She guided it to Christina’s box and yelled "Take this
bitch." She than stuck the cock into her pussy.

Christina let out a scream as the first 2 inches entered her. The tightness of
her cunt caused the horse to thrust. He buried a foot of cock into Christina.

She was begging for Rachael to stop it. Rachael just laughed, she was enjoying
the show. She slapped the stallion on the rear and it shoved another 6 inches
into Christina.

She was yelling at the top of her lung now. Her juices were flowing though and
the horse was able to thrust in and out of her pussy now. Rachael reached down
and shoved 2 fingers into Christina’s ass.

Rachael grabbed a spur and stuck it to the horse. It shoved another 4 inches
into Christina. She passed out. The stallion didn’t stop though. Since she
passed out and stopped screaming the horse just fucked her harder and harder.

The stallion fucked her mercilessly for another 10 minutes before it finally
shot it’s load deep inside of her. Rachael gave Eddie a high five and left. She
may have lost the battle but she won the war. This turned out better than Eddie
had hoped.


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