Catfight: Lucy Lawless Vs Renee O’Conner

This FICTIONAL story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading.

Lucy Lawless Vs Rene O. Conner.

Rene O. Conner was tired of playing the side kick, she
thought she was better looking and a better actress then her
Xena costar Lucy Lawless.

Playing the side kick was ruining her acting career, she had
become good friends with Lucy, but she wanted to be a star.

Rene heard that Eddie D was casting movies, maybe he could
be of some help. She left New Zealand and headed to San

All was quiet on the Eddie front, he would be suspended
officially from his team for a year, and he paid the Million
dollar fine, none of that mattered to him. A million was tip
money, if he ever left tips, the suspension was embarrassing,
but he would get back at the commissioner, just you wait. He
would pay along with his sister.

Rene O. Conner knocked at his door. She told Eddie she
wanted to be a star, he asked what she could do.

Rene told him all about Xena, he told her he couldn’t help.
She told him she would do anything for a starring role, she
told him how Lucy was holding her career back.

Eddie thought she was too short to be a star, and too old to
play a teenager, he told her to strip.

Rene was wearing a brown business suit. She removed her coat
revealing a with silk shirt. Eddie could tell right away she
wasn’t wearing a bra, her headlights were showing.

Eddie told her to remove her shirt, Rene reluctantly did
what she was told, she knew Eddie could make her a star.

She was now sitting on the couch, topless in a brown skirt
that just covered her knees, she had crossed her legs and
folded her arms over her chest. Eddie told her to spread her

Rene didn’t know how far she would go, but spreading her
legs wasn’t that bad, she but her ankles together and bowed
her knees.

Eddie could she her white cotton panties, he told her to
unfold her arms. She dropped them to her sides and rested them
on her thighs.

Eddie walked over to her and placed his hand between her
legs, he started rubbing her cunt and asked her how bad she
wanted to be a star. Rene told him she would do anything.

She slid her panties to one side and slipped a finger into
her box, she slowly
worked it in and out until Eddie added one of his own.

Eddie pushed he ankles apart and shoved two more fingers
inside of her, Rene added two more of her own.

Rene brought her knees up to her chest, Eddie worked his
fingers into her past
the knuckles. Rene started kicking her feet up and down,
trying to get his fingers in even deeper.

Eddie pulled his fingers out of her pussy, she tried to grab
his wrist and stop him, but he was too quick for her.

Rene shoved four of her own fingers into her pussy, she then
took her free hand and shoved two of those fingers into her

She was begging Eddie to fuck her now, he walked over to her
and shoved his cock down her throat. She wrapped her willing
lips around his cock and sucked for her career.

She swallowed his cock whole. She took his cock to the back
of her throat while
she used her tongue to lick up and down.

She was a real pro, even Eddie couldn’t hold on for long, he
grabbed her by her long blonde hair and held her head still.
He shot his load down her throat, she gulped it all down and
asked for more.

Eddie pulled her away from his cock, he asked her if she was
a better Xena, then Lucy. She told her of course she was,
Eddie told her if she could beat Lucy
in a fight and make her climax, he would make her a star, and
give her a million
dollars, She quickly agreed.

Eddie called his guards in they brought in a huge black
stallion with a harness
hanging underneath it, he told her the loser would be strapped
to the harness.

Rene told her she didn’t like that part of the deal, she
wanted to leave. The guards grabbed her and hand cuffed her to
the wall. Eddie told her that Lucy would be here tomorrow.

Rene was awoken by Lucy Lawless being thrown into her room,
Lucy unchained her and asked what was going on, Lucy had been
snatched out of her bed and tossed into the room with Rene.

Rene was still topless, Lucy was completely naked. Eddie
came in and told Lucy about the deal. He showed them the
stallion, Lucy said they could work out a deal, Rene tackled
her from behind.

Lucy was face first on the ground, Rene grabbed her by the
hair and slammed her head against the floor like a basketball.

Rene was determined to win the battle, she took her hands
and started to rub Lucy’s ample breast, that was a mistake
though, Lucy managed to roll over so she was looking up at
Rene, she then threw her off. Lucy told Rene they didn’t have
to do this, Rene charged her again.

Lucy was ready for her this time though, she side swiped her
and tossed her to the ground.

Lucy than sat on Rene’s chest and used her knees to pin her
arms down, Rene was helpless.

Lucy decided to end this, she reached under Rene’s skirt and
shoved two fingers
into her cunt.

Rene was grunting and groaning, Lucy spun around and pulled
of Rene’s skirt, she then buried her face into her pussy.

Rene was screaming, there was no way she could beat Lucy,
she was bigger stronger and had more coordination, plus nobody
could eat pussy like Lucy Lawless.

Rene spread her legs wider, she had given up when all of a
sudden Lucy stopped, Rene reached up and shoved 4 fingers into
Lucy’s pussy, Lucy rocked back onto Rene’s hand and started
fucking it, Rene slipped her thumb inside of Lucy.

Lucy sat back until she had Rene’s hand buried past the
wrist into her pussy, Rene shoved four fingers into Lucy’s

That was it for Lucy, she fell back and her juices came
squirting out of her cunt, she had lost.

Eddie was confused, Lucy stood up and walked over to the
stallion, she took one look at it and knew she had to have it.

She dropped to her knees and grabbed the horse by the cock,
she started licking up and down the shaft until it sprang up
to it’s full two feet in length, her
mouth was watering as she shoved the tip down her throat.

Lucy had 7 inches of the massive cock rammed down her throat
when two guards grabbed her and pulled her away, Eddie told
her she didn’t deserve his stallion, two guards grabbed Rene.

Rene was kicking and screaming as they strapped her onto the
harness. They spread her legs and let them hang to the floor.
Eddie ordered Lucy to help if she wanted her turn.

Lucy grabbed the horse cock and shoved it into her friend,
Rene screamed as the horse bucked and buried 10 inches of cock
into her.

Rene thought she was going to be split in two, Lucy pulled
on the harness, it pulled Rene up so she took another 4 inches
of cock.

Rene couldn’t believe how stretched her cunt was, she would
never be satisfied by a man again.

The horse bucked forward again, he managed to shove his
entire two feet inside
of the blonde.

Rene screamed again as the stallion pulled his cock out half
way and then rammed it back in as had as he could.

Rene’s eyes rolled back into her head, she was on the verge
of collapse, the stallion started thrusting harder and harder
with each stroke, Rene finally passed

Lucy unstrapped her friend and begged for her chance, Eddie
told her she could have the ride.

Lucy started to climb into the harness when Eddie told her
one minute. He had one of his guards lay on his back in the
harness, he told Lucy to lay on top of him.

They were back to chest, the guard shoved his cock into her
ass, Eddie pulled up the harness and shoved the horse cock
into her pussy.

The guard thrusted up into her ass, that forced the horse
cock even deeper into her pussy. The stallion thrusted forward
as Eddie pulled up the harness again.

The entire cock was buried into her cunt, Lucy let out a
cried, She was lifting her hips up and down, fucking the two
cocks impaling her. The guard began thrusting harder and
harder into her ass.

The guard could take no more of that tight ass, he was
cumming, Eddie gave him a glass and he shot his load into it.

The guard crawled from underneath Lucy, she wrapped her legs
and arms around the stallion, she was humping up onto it as
hard as she could.

Lucy finally wore out the stallion, it was cumming, Eddie
grabbed the glass and filled it with the spunk.

Eddie grabbed the mixture of Horse and human semen and
handed it to Lucy, he told her to open wide, he poured the
liquid into her mouth.

Lucy walked over to Rene, rolled her over onto her back and
spit the juice into her mouth until it came dripping out the
corners of her lips.

Lucy than thanked Eddie and asked when she could have
another appointment, Eddie told her "We’ll see."


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