Catfight: Tea Leoni Vs Gillian Anderson

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop Reading

Tia Leoni Vs Gillian Anderson
By Wonder Mike

David Ducovney was really sick of doing the X Files, He
would have quit last season but his movie career has been
a disaster. He would be stuck
playing Mulder for life.

The worst thing about doing the X files was that he had to
work with that bitch Gillian Anderson. He needed a plan to but
her in her place.

David’s wife Tia Leoni felt the same way about Gillian. That
bitch was keeping David away from her, plus she got all the
awards and credit for the series. She had a plan.

Tia had heard rumors that Eddie D had set up some fights
that could be interested. She told David that could be a way
to teach Gillian who’s the boss.

David called Eddie and told him he wanted to set something
up. Eddie told him, he didn’t do guy on girl battles. Tia
was confident she could take Gillian out.

Eddie called Gillian and invited her to a cancer fund
He knew she couldn’t resist. She agreed to come. Eddie sent
private jet to pick her up. Screw his sister.

Gillian was escorted to Eddie’s mansion. She asked when the
dinner was going to take place. David and Tia walked into the

Eddie told her there was no dinner. He explained that she
Tia would battle. The winner would be the one who subdued then
makes her opponent climax.

Gillian was shocked, she told Eddie that she wanted no part
of. She was then hit in the back of the head by Tia’s purse.
She fell flat on her face. Tia ripped Gillian’s business coat
off and squeezed her tits.

Gillian grunted and tried to roll over. Tia was sitting on
her back still fondling her tits. Gillian managed to raise to
her hands and knees.

Tia reached underneath, and pulled Gillian’s skirt off. She
was now in her push up bra and panties. Gillian knew she was
in trouble.

David was screaming screw the bitch. He was always getting
beat up on the show, while Gillian always got to win her
fights. He knew she couldn’t fight.

Gillian was pissed no. She managed to stand up with Tia on
her back. Tia barely weighed 100 pounds so even though she was
taller than Gillian, Gillian had a huge strength and weight

Gillian fell backwards. She landed right on top of Tia. Tia
hit her head on the floor and she was hurt. Gillian ripped the
shirt off of her and exposed her tits. She then started to
twist Tia’s erect nipples.

Tia didn’t really have any breast, but she had huge nipples.
Gillian was impressed. She had to take a quick lick.

David started to sneak up behind Gillian, but Eddie had his
guards stop him. He told him no male on female battles, unless
you are the president.

Tia was laying on her back holding her head. Gillian ripped
her jeans off. She then stuck her hand down her panties and
started to massage her clit.

Gillian then ripped off Tia’s panties. She was completely
naked. She then shoved three fingers into her tight cunt. Tia
started to squirm, Gillian sat on her arms so she couldn’t

Gillian took three fingers from her other hand and slipped
them into Tia’s ass. She was screaming now. She was also using
her hips to hump Gillian’s fingers.
She needed it now.

David screamed for his wife to fight it. She couldn’t move
though. Gillian had her completely under her control.

David turned and yelled "She needs help."
The next thing Gillian saw was stars. She had no idea what hit

When Gillian awoke she saw Tia and Mimi Rogers standing over
her. Mimi was holding a baseball bat.

Gillian was tied to a bench. She was laying on her back with
her feet hanging over the end with her legs spread. Her hands
were tied behind her back underneath the bench. She was

Mimi yelled that she was supposed to have the female lead of
the X files. Gillian always complained about doing the series,
but she wouldn’t quit and give anybody else a chance.

Tia dropped to her hand and knees and crawled over to
Gillian. She told her "I know you want David, but you’ll never
come close to him. She then slipped her tongue into Gillian’s
cunt and started to lick.

Gillian groaned as the warm tongue slid deeper and deeper
into her pussy. Her juices were flowing over Tia’s tongue.

Mimi soon joined Tia, slipping her tongue inside of Gillian
also. That was almost too much for Gillian. She was screaming
at the top of her lungs as the two
tongues cleaned her pussy out.

Tia grabbed Mimi by the hair forcing her tongue even further
inside of Gillian.
Mimi quickly did the same to Tia. Gillian was cumming already.

The two stars pulled their tongues out of Gillian. She
groaned for them to finish the job. They told her they weren’t
finished with her yet.

Mimi pulled off her top exposing her massive tits. Gillian
still couldn’t believe the size of them. The biggest she had
ever seen. Tia couldn’t resist but to take a lick of her

Mimi reached down and slipped two fingers into Tia’s cunt.
It had to be the tightest Mimi had ever felt. She couldn’t
believe she could handle David’s huge member.

Tia started to ride Mimi’s fingers, she was having the time
of her life now. David
had whipped out his 11 inch member and was stroking it.

Mimi pulled her fingers out of Tia. They were white with
Tia’s juices. She then
rammed four fingers into Gillian’s pussy.

Gillian tried to hump Mimi’s fingers, but she could only go
up and down a couple
of inches. Tia knew they had turned Gillian into a complete
slut. Well, a bigger
one then she was before.

Tia walked over and slipped four of her own fingers into
Gillian’s pussy along
side of Mimi’s.

Gillian screamed at the top of her lungs as her pussy was
stretched wider than it had ever been before. Mimi then
slipped four fingers from her free hand inside
of Gillian.

Gillian knew she was going to have the biggest orgasm she
ever had before. Her
to opponents then pulled their hands out of her pussy. She
screamed "NO."

Tia walked away, she told Gillian she would be back to
finish the job. She then
walked over to a box Eddie had set up. She reached in and said
"This will do the

Tia had something hidden behind her back. Gillian couldn’t
see what it was. Tia told her "If you want us to finish the
job, you have to do one thing for us.
Gillian screamed "Anything."

Mimi Rogers stood in front of David, dropped to her knees
and shoved his cock down her throat. Her head was a blur as
she sucked his cock like a vacuum. She then swallowed all 11

Tia couldn’t believe it. She had tried to deep throat David
on many occasions,
but she had never been successful. Mimi did it easily. In fact
Mimi just held her mouth against David’s chest and used her
tongue to lick up and down the shaft of his cock.

Mimi held his cock in her mouth for a couple of seconds.
When she finally pulled it out, it was limp. Mimi walked over
to Gillian, propped her mouth open, and spit David’s load down
her throat.

Gillian swallowed the huge load with one gulp. Tia told her
"Good girl" Now I’ll finish you off."

Tia then showed Gillian what she had pulled out of the box.
Gillian screamed "Yes"
when she saw the lava lamp that Tia was holding.

Tia pointed the lava lamp at Gillian’s pussy. Gillian wasn’t
sure if she could take it but she wanted it bad. She also knew
her pussy had been stretched out like never before.

Tia then just shoved the lava lamp into Gillian’s pussy
without warning. Gillian screamed as it easily entered her.

Tia used both hands to shove it in and out of her pussy.
Mimi joined her by grabbing Tia by the elbows so they could
work it even harder.

Gillian went completely limp as the two girls had the lava
lamp flying in and out like a jack hammer. It only took a
couple of minutes for Gillian to pass out from the orgasm.

Eddie congratulated the victor then they left Gillian
unconscious and still tied to the bench. He told David it had
been awhile since his guards got a bonus.


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