Cath Scoffield – Bitch On Heat

yet more wishful thinking with the best boobs on the

cath scoffield was rarely satisfied, the session with
the elephant being an amazing exception, but the busty
slut was always on the look out for more extreme ways
to keep the orgasms flowing. one sunny afternoon she
was sitting in her favourite comfy arm chair with her
ample thighs spread wide over each arm watching the
boys from the local school on their way home. this was
a daily ritual for cath, gently teasing her body at
first, stroking her inner thighs and cupping her
massive 42HH boobs through her dress, feeling the
nipples growing bigger and harder
as she watched the
boys. slowly her fingers would slip inside her panties
and probe her juicy pussy, maybe tweaking a nipple
with the other hand. as the heat built up inside her
cath would pull her panties aside and ram a dildo
inside herself, only an 8 incher to start with,
although that would be enough for most women, but cath
wanted to be stretched all the time and often ended up
with 2 or 3 very big vibrators inside her at once.

today cath turned her thoughts to what the boys would
do to her if they saw her, or if she invited them in?
no time like the present so the horny bitch went over
to the window and leaned forwards so her huge chest
almost fell out of the dress and she hitched up the
dress so her big shapely thighs were revealed too. it
took about 2 seconds before the first boy spotted
cath, “fucking hell, can you see the size of those” he
shouted to his mates. soon 5 teenage boys were
gathered outside cath’s window, gawping at her show.
cath didn’t have a front garden, her window opened
right onto the street, so the boys were literally
inches from her. they made lead suggestions to cath,
asking if her boobs were real. cath grinned, licked
her lips and told them to come in and find out!

2 of them ran straight round the side of the house and
found the back door open, cath called them inside.
they found her in the front room playing with her
boobs with one hand and stroking her pussy with the
other. “only 2 of you, i need far more than that, go
and get your mates, all of them” she said. gobsmacked
the boys ran back out and returned with 5 other boys,
now there were 7 of them and cath. “come and get me
then you horny young things, i bet you’re all still
virgins”. she never found out, but they were on her
within seconds. their hands pulling at her dress,
ripping it off as they pushed her to the floor. cath
didn’t expect this kind of assault but loved the
feeling of helplessness that rushed over her. soon
cath was naked, her bra and panties ripped off too,
the boys mauled her tits and cath screamed out in pain
as one of them bit her left nipple almost clean off.
both her boobs were being sucked now, very hard, and
her thighs were spread wider thanwas comfortable. she
felt a cock being pushed into her pussy, not big by
cath’s standards, but big enough. another was pushed
into her face and she sucked it into her mouth.
another boy straddled her chest and squeezed her tits
around his cock. meanwhile the cocks in her mouth and
pussy were thrusting faster and faster, soon both boys
shot their load into cath and she came too. as a
sticky load shot into her cleavage the boys pulled
away and the second wave moved in. cath was turned
onto her stomach and pulled up onto her knees. 2 boys
fought for cath’s mouth and in the end she took both
of them in together, while another got behind her
beautiful big curvy arse. “bum the bitch” cath heard
someone say, and he did. she felt his cock force into
her anus, filling her bum with schoolboy meat right to
the hilt. cath scoffield was fucked senseless like
that for over an hour, every hole violated and filled
with hot sperm, but she wanted more. cath urged the
boys to get on their moblie phones and tell more
friends to come to fuck her. 26 more boys arrived in
the next few minutes, aged between 14 and 16, they
were eager to try out this gorgeous woman who was old
enough to be their mother. cath found every inch of
her magnificent body groped and squeezed by the boys.
her pussy took two cocks at once, they even rammed two
into her bum together at one point as she urged them
to fuck her harder. they pulled on her tits, sucking
and biting her nipples. they spread her legs wide and
fucked her with every household object they could
find. a cucumber from the kitchen, a broom handle, her
phone, and a tenis racket handle were all rammed into
cath’s pussy.

cath scoffield was one screaming orgasm as the boys
continued to fuck her. slowly but surely they tired
and even cath’s expert mouth couldn’t keep them hard
for long. she went upstairs and returned with her
favourite toy, the sybian orgasm machine. like a
saddle with a built in vibrating cock the sybian took
cath to heights no man could manage. with it’s double
headed attachment cath could keep herself in ecstacy
for hours on end, what man could do that? she mounted
the machine infront of the boys. they couldn’t believe
she wasn’t totally fucked out by now, but as the
machine throbbed inside her cath climaxed again. the
sight of the beautiful curvy babe on the sybian
stirred some of the boys’ cocks again. they gathered
round cath as her whole body seemed to vibrate and
wobble on the machine, and she urged them to wank off
over her. they rubbed their cocks on her face and
tits, and through her short brown hair. she grabbed
one in each hand and wanked them towards her face.
others joined in, pointing their cocks towards cath.
some boys were so tired they couldn’t stand, but they
crawled over to her and groped her soft curvacious
thighs, pulling her harder onto the machine. cath
scoffield came and came as the boys showered her with
their spunk, over 20 loads landing somewhere on her
body. not long after the boys left cath to the machine
and her dirty fantasies, but they would return and
this time they’d bring enough friends to satisfy her,
if that was possible!

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